The Ultimate Guide To Top 10 Casino Games

The market for online casinos in the US has been flourishing since the day it was legalized. Online gambling sites are the perfect opportunities for US gamblers to exercise their skills from the comforts of their home. There are plenty of reasons why people prefer the best online casino sites over their land-based establishment. Many brick and mortar gambling arenas have now introduced their online version to attract a larger section of gamblers who are preferring to go online. Whether it is the convenience of playing or remarkable bonuses and promotions, players have been attracted to real money online casino games for a long time now.

It goes without saying that if you want to play for real money, online gambling sites are way too better than the land-based ones. If you refer to the numbers, the US online gambling industry’s market value is worth USD 59.6 billion as of 2020. The global pandemic has indeed affected the business to some extent, but the industry has been able to bounce back.

With numerous online casino games for real money to play, it often becomes challenging to choose the best one. In this US online casino games review, we are going to talk about the top 10 US online casino games and everything else you would love to know.

How To Choose An Online Casino For Playing?

Welcome And No-Deposit Bonuses: It is a quality deciding factor for gambling sites. You need to ensure that your concerned site has it. These bonuses enhance your winning, and you cannot find them on land-based casinos.

Safety: You cannot compromise your safety and privacy. Ensure their safety terms and conditions. The platform should use secured payment methods.

Licensing: Each online casino is licensed with gaming authority or jurisdiction. Ensure their veracity by checking it. Make sure they have a legal license to operate in a particular jurisdiction.

Player’s Feedback: Word of mouth has always remained a preferred way to get reviews regarding a gambling platform. Check the player’s feedback to understand the credibility. You can visit the site ad check reviews or check the casino reviews.

Jackpots: Over the years, sites have increased this feature on their platform. Jackpots have the power to reward you incredibly. Make sure the site has jackpot offers.

Loyalty Program: You cannot imagine a casino site without a loyalty program. Ensure that your site has an impressive reward system for loyal players. It is also known by the name VIP rewards.

Software: Plenty of reliable software providers have been offering their services to gaming sites. NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’N Go are some of the best examples of providers.

Top 10 US Casino Games You Need To Know


Table games have always been a part of the casino, and the same goes for their online version. Blackjack is a classic card game that is played between the players and the dealer. Cards are counted as their numbers; face cards are considered ten and ace as either one or eleven. There are different blackjack variants, including Double Exposure, 21 Duel, Double Attack, Blackjack Switch, Live, etc.


Yet another table game that has taken its land-based craze online is baccarat. It is played between two bankers and the player. You need to bet on the hand that will be close to 9. There are different types of bets you can place, like a Perfect Pair. Live baccarat is the most popular version where you can interact with a live dealer instead of a machine.


It is an amazing table game that totally depends on your luck and wagering style. There is a spinning wheel with numbers, a ball is thrown into the middle, and you need to bet on a number. Online sites use a random number generator to get the number. You can find different variants of it like lightning roulette, double ball roulette, live 3D roulette, and so on.


Craps is a classic betting game, where you need to bet on the result of the roll or pair of dice. There are different varieties of bets available for craps making it popular among the players. This game’s origin is to be found in the United States and has been a popular game in the Las Vegas streets. It is basically a dice game that allows you to bet on the outcome.


You cannot imagine casino games without poker. Online poker has become the most favorite card game for gamblers. You just need to enter the type of poker you need to play, the stakes, and the number of players, and there you go; you can have an exciting poker game right in front of you. Caribbean Stud poker, 3D live poker, Texas hold’em are some of the best variants.

Slot Machines

These are different version of gambling games that are meant for sheer entertainment. Though they are categorized under gambling, there is no actual gambling involved. You don’t play for real money; instead, you make in-app purchases and avail virtual coins to play these games. These games are based on different themes to make it more entertaining for the players.


It is yet another wheel game that is divided into 52 sections and two multiplier sections of 2X and 7X. You need to bet on the number where you think the wheel will stop. The best way to win DreamCatcher is to bet on smaller numbers; this way, you can cover 70% of the game. You can avail of a few lucky spins as well to increase your winnings.

Casino War

It is a type of card game where players need to draw and show their high cards to win. Casino War is considered the simplest form of card game in existence. Players will get an equal portion of the card deck, and they have to turn one card at a time. So far, plenty of platforms have introduced this card game to bring back prominence.

Wheel Of Fortune

You will never find a dearth of spinning games on the gambling platforms. Yet another spinning game is the wheel of fortune. As the name suggests, it totally depends on your fate, whether you can win big or not. You need to pick among three options, spin the wheel and call the consonant, or solve the puzzle or buy a vowel. You can keep spinning if you miss the letter. It is an interesting game that can keep you engrossed.

Sic Bo

It is a dice game variant where you need to wager on the dice. You can win when three dice show the same number. It is a game based on your luck and probability strategy. You need to place your wager smartly that can provide you maximum returns with minimum investment. Check the game’s license before investing in it as there are many offshore sites that have been tempting players with offers.

What Are The Best Strategy and Tips To Play?

Manage Your Bankroll

It is the first tip that you should keep handy while playing on an online casino. You must know how to manage your money and how to wager it.

Choose High Payout Games

You need to choose the best payout online casino games that magnanimously reward you.

Make Use Of The Wagering

Don’t take the wagering requirement as a burden, instead look at it as an opportunity to win more. You need to use your wagering skills.

Know When To Stop

Casino games can be really tempting, but the key to your success is to know when to put a halt to your temptations.

What Are The Best Casino Bonuses You Can Expect?

Welcome or Sign Up bonus

It is the most popular bonus offer provided to the players for registering at the platform. The welcome bonus is a free bonus that is a major no-deposit offer. Major casinos like SugarHouse, Golden Nugget, Caesars, etc. have this offer.

Deposit Bonus

After you sign up at the platform and make your first deposit, you can avail deposit bonus against your payment. A 100% deposit bonus is the most favored one.

Loyalty Program

As the name suggests, this promotion is meant for consistent players of the platform. It is a reward-based system wherein you need to play more games to attain points.

Free spins

It is a specific bonus for slot games having spin games. You can get free spins to play more on the platform. You can use these free spins to play slot games.

How To Play These Games on Mobile?

Online casino games are available on mobile devices. With the help of software providers, these games have become highly intuitive due to their amazing interface. All you need to do is download the dedicated app from the app store of respective operating systems like Android, iOS, or Windows.

Luckily, all the trusted casino sites in the USA have their individual apps for the players. You can make the most of these applications by playing on the go. It is much more comfortable and convenient than the desktop version; you don’t need to sit in front of your screens when you have the scope to relax and play on your mini-screens.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online Casino Games

Now that we have talked about the top 10 US online casino games, it is essential to learn whether it is worth the hype or not. Here are the pros and cons of playing casino games that will help you make a decision.


  • The variety of games is probably the significant takeaways of these online games.
  • The comfort and convenience you get from playing on top rates casino games are certainly unparalleled.
  • Bonuses and promotions are unique features that you will only find on online gambling sites. They simply enhance the gaming experience.
  • Online gambling sites have better odds than land-based ones. Also, they provide massive jackpots compared to a brick and mortar establishment.
  • These games are highly safe and fair for players. They are licensed by gaming authorities and have a reliable software provider.


  • Some sites have been scamming players, making this a drawback for the players.
  • Players get addicted to these games and become regular gamblers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play online casino games in the US?

Yes, you can play these games on trusted casino sites in the USA. Make sure that you have attained the age eligibility to start playing on the gambling platforms.

What is the best online casino in the US?

There are plenty of names that you can consider, like Caesars, Golden Nugget, SugarHouse, DraftKings, etc.

How old should I be to have the right to gamble?

The minimum age eligibility to start playing on the gambling sites is 21 years old. You must be careful of the offshore site that might allow younger players.

How do slot free spins work?

Free spins are exactly what they sound like. You can win free spins on the slots without the need for betting real money. However, you are eligible to win real money for the outcomes.
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