Online Blackjack in the US Guide

One of US casinos best-known and commonly played real cash casino games is blackjack. As one of the oldest gambling games that originated in Spain in 16th century, it is a casino staple in table and card games. Various reasons make it a favourite with the most obvious, its low house edge of less than one per cent. Over 140 countries and most online casinos offer this hugely popular card game. It is a table game with highest winning potential when you stick to its basic strategies, its rules, and play with a cool head.

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Playing Best Online Blackjack USA

Live Three Card PokerBlackjack online gambling hardly needs an introduction in the United States when looking at this top classic table game. The game’s objective is beating dealers without going over 21. Racing towards 21 is the aim while the big bonus is to get Blackjack which is being dealt 2 cards only which is an Ace as well as 10 or a picture card. These 2 cards give players Blackjack which is the highest hand. We are looking at blackjack tips, strategy, and how to choose the best website to play blackjack for real money.

Online Blackjack Across The US

Players that look for legal blackjack online will find that there are currently only 3 states where blackjack online is legal. These are Pennsylvania, Delaware as well as New Jersey.

How to Choose an Online Casino For Gambling on Blackjack

  • Welcome and no-deposit bonuses: When choosing a USA casino offering blackjack make sure you look at bonuses. These include no deposit bonuses as well as matching bonuses. When blackjack is your game of choice you must read terms and conditions as most casinos allow players to play only slots with bonus funds. You do get casinos that allow bonus play on table games like blackjack. Even when you decide to play slots to increase your bankroll with bonuses, make sure you check for low wagering requirements too.
  • Safety and Security: Choose only an online casino that offers SSL encryption and high-tech data encryption that will keep banking as well as personal information like id numbers, addresses, etc safe. to ensure a secure gaming experience.
  • Licensing: Casinos offering blackjack will be licensed by a governing body like Malta or Curacao, etc. furthermore will it also have a license from state licensing boards, for example, Pennsylvania Gaming Board.
  • Players feedback: When players have great playing experience, they like to tell others about it and the same goes for a bad experience. When you read reviews about online play it is very good to hear what other players experienced as that will be a good way to gauge if that casino is fair and if you can expect payouts and what its wagering limits are.
  • Jackpots: Does it offer jackpots as this is a sure way to potentially increase your bankroll. Especially when tournaments are offered you want to look at jackpot amounts and how a casino splits its jackpots.
  • Loyalty Program: A top casino rewards its players in more ways than only bonuses. You deserve to be rewarded for time and money spent on an online casino from the moment that you register.
  • Software: Who provides the casino with its gaming software? There are a vast number of industry-leading developers providing games. If you play live blackjack, ensure that top software provider Evolution Gaming is on board. Other developers with top blackjack games include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and many more.
  • Payment methods: The best place to play blackjack online offers adequate banking methods with fast withdrawal as well as multiple deposit options including cards, e-wallets like PayPal as well as Neteller etc. Variations of Online Blackjack games The game that everyone love comes in different variants each of which is tweaked to have different gameplay and rules. Top online variations include:

European Blackjack

Cards are dealt differently in European blackjack. In standard blackjack players get 2 cards from the start. In European player gets only 1 face-up card which makes it a tougher game to win. European and American blackjack are remarkably similar with slight differences that include, American blackjack is played with between 6 – 8 decks of cards while the other uses only 2 decks. You can also double down on any pairs of cards in the America version as well as double down on most hands.

Spanish 21

Another popular blackjack that you will find increasingly at online casinos with one major difference. Here you do not have 10 cards in the deck. Your winning chances decrease when playing Spanish 21 as the dealer has the advantage.

Double Exposure

Players have an increased winning chance in this variant of the game as the dealer must deal both his cards face up whereas in all other versions one card is face-up while the other is face down.

Blackjack Switch

Here you must play 2 hands instead of a single hand. It is excellent as you can switch cards from one hand to another to increase your winning chances. It should not be confused with multi-hand blackjack though as multi-hand is just playing various hands at the same time, you are not allowed to switch cards between hands.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

In this variant, the dealer cannot draw another card as soon as he hits 16. He must stand too as soon as he draws up to 17. If his cards total 17 or 21, he stands with 21 a winning hand. Here players can split pairs. It has the same rules and principles as Atlantic City Blackjack as far as dealers are concerned but players can double on cards after they split.

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Blackjack Online  Odds

In rare occasions, you will find blackjack games with 0% house edge. When you go to any internet casinos you find that theoretically, the game with the best odds is blackjack. Players have more than 99% odds in the favor with the house edge at maximum 1%.

Best Online Blackjack Strategy and Tips

To increase winning chances and improve your game you must understand that its objective is not to exceed 21 while creating a hand that is higher than the blackjack dealer.

Card Values

It is important to understand card values, for example, when you have an (Ace + 4) your hand is either 5 or 15. If you are dealt another card which is 4, your Ace will remain either but if you are dealt a 10 or face card, your ace will become a 1 or you will be bust. Therefore, when you have an Ace + 4 + 10, you will be back at 15 instead of 25 which means you are bust and lost the round.


  • Jack, Queen plus King is 10
  • Cards from 2 – 9 remains at its value
  • Ace is either 1 or 11


  • Understand varying house rules
  • Always stick to a predetermined budget when are playing for cash.
  • Never draw another card when you have 17, stand and let the dealer draw unless the house rules determine that a dealer stands on 17.
  • When you have 2 face cards, do not split them as a dealer will struggle to beat 20. If these are split, you might end up with 2 hands of anything from 12 – 19 etc. It is a chance that many take but not when you are a novice.
  • Do not split 2 x 5 cards as you already have 10 and chances are better than having 5 plus another card which might be a low card and you are not allowed to draw more than once after you have split.
  • Split when you are dealt 2 Aces as the chances are high that you can draw at minimum one face card.

Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack For Real Money US

Online Blackjack

When playing for the best casino games for real money the chances are always there that you can lose money unless you play blackjack. The online casino games with best house edge in online gambling are blackjack and even when you do not win a hand, the low house edge makes that a loss is minimal. There are also have different variants but furthermore, players get additional side bets that they can place aside from a blackjack bet. It includes perfect pairs or triple sevens. Place a normal blackjack bet but place an additional bet in case you are dealt 2 pairs which you are also getting paid out for if the table allows for side bets.

Live Dealer Blackjack Games


When playing against an online blackjack for money slot it is similar to live dealer table games, but nothing can beat the authenticity when you play live blackjack which is at most online casinos. A table is semi-circular with a dealer at the centre of the semi-circle with players each having a square where cards are dealt. Play starts after players placed a bet with each player getting 2 face-up cards while a live dealer gets a face down as well as face-up card. The dealer asks each player if they want another card starting at the left side of the table. After making a decision, to stand, hit or double and each player has done the same, the dealer will reveal his face down card. If his hand is below 17, he must draw again. If his hand is higher than yours, he wins.

Online Blackjack Bonuses

Blackjack bonuses vary in terms of wagering requirements, match rates and amounts, therefore, is it important that players compare different casinos and its bonuses. It is important to look at the wagering requirements as well as the time limit attached to it and make sure which games are allowed when using the funds. The best blackjack bonus to expect include:

  • Welcome – these can range from a package deal to matching deposit bonuses or free spins accompanied by a matching bonus.
  • Deposit – usually accompanied by a matching bonus, players can expect a blackjack deposit bonus for the1st or up to 5th deposit.
  • No deposit – the bonus that everyone seeks is a no deposit bonus that is also called a sign-up bonus which can be free spins or a cash bonus.
  • Reload – each time that players fund a player’s account, a reload bonus can vary from 100% matching bonus or lower amounts like 25%, 50%, 75% etc.
  • Cashback – another favourite as it means a gambler cannot lose. If a bet loses, a player can expect a full refund of 100% or even a different percentage ranging from 75% – 50 or 25% etc.

Interesting Blackjack Facts

In live blackjack, players are never allowed to touch their cards after they are dealt as in poker. If a player does not know terminology, he uses hand-signals like a tap next to his card box which means he wants another card. If they do not want another card, they will wave their hand over cards. Even when a player wants to split cards, he or she cannot physically split them as only the dealer can touch cards. Players can only indicate that they want to split by placing another coin next to a current bet.

Do you wonder what casinos are available in the US? We have prepared all needed information in our online casino reviews to be sure that you will make the right choice.

Blackjack FAQ

Is online blackjack US legal?
There are 3 states where players can play legal blackjack which include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
How to play with bonuses using real cash?
If you deposit funds via your player's account, you play with real cash. All you do is choose your banking method and deposit funds to receive your bonus funds if it does not offer a no deposit bonus. The bonus funds are added to your account and you start playing as you would when using your own money.
What Are the Odds in blackjack?
Blackjack has outstanding odds with the games stacked in favour of players with players having more than 99% chance of winning.
Do I have to download any software to play real money casino blackjack?
It depends, play blackjack directly from a desktop or play on mobile online gambling sites as well as mobile apps that can be downloaded. Most casinos do not have software specifically for blackjack and players will only download software when they choose to play blackjack via a casino app.
What Is the Best Way to win on blackjack?
Blackjack does not consist of haphazard decisions and random guesses when players want high payouts. They must think while playing and follow a basic strategy. You must use mathematical calculations by looking at cards and compare them to that of a dealer and know when to stand and when to draw.
Will I be able to withdraw my winnings?
Yes, just as any other casino games online, when players are winning money playing blackjack, winnings can be withdrawn.
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