A Guide to The Best Fed Cup Betting Sites Online

The Fed Cup is a tennis event that is played by women. The event is usually exciting and entertaining, especially for gamblers. The game goes as far back as 1963. Experienced gamblers know that the Fed Cup is an excellent opportunity to make some profitable wagers because it presents tremendous opportunities. As a bettor, this article would help you learn more about the Federation Cup odds and show you the potential that betting on Fed Cup tennis gives you. If you bet on Fed Cup already, this article would go in-depth to help you with your gambling.
Published: Oct 5, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Fed Cup Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


Aspects You Should Consider Before Betting On Fed Cup

We would not want you to consider betting on the Fed Cup final because everyone says it is exciting, and you could win a lot, although that is true but you could also lose if you don’t know the competition well. As we said earlier on, Fed Cup tennis started in 1963, and it has undergone some name changes since then; right now, it is also known as Billie Jean King Cup. The tennis event is for women, and it is more like a World Cup that is played in Knockout Format. A country is usually selected to host the competition annually.

Best Websites to Bet on Fed Cup in The United States

Betting on Fed Cup is fun; however, if you are not placing your wagers on the right real money Fed Cup betting sites, you would not enjoy it; you would miss out on a lot at the same time. Check the table below for the best online Fed Cup betting sites you can use in the United States.

Betting SiteBonus DescriptionBonus Code
DraftsKing100% matched first bet + 20% worth up to $500 on first deposit.N/A
FanDuelRisk-free bet up to $1000N/A
PointsBetDeposit bonus matched up to $250N/A
SugarHouseUp to $250 deposit match250MATCH
CaesarsFree bet up to $300 + $10 no deposit bonusBETFREE10
MGM SportsbookUp to $500 Free BetN/A
Golden Nugget$10 No deposit bonus + 100% Deposit bonus matched up to $1500PLAYBONUS
William Hill100% deposit bonus matched up to $500N/A

Types of Bets to Wager On Fed Cup

Let’s take a look at the betting options that you could select in Fed Cup:

  • MoneyLine: This is an outright winner bet, meaning that in this option, you make a wager on the player that you feel would win the Cup from the start of the competition. It is arguably the most commonly placed option in the competition.
  • Match Bet: From the name, you should have deduced that placing your wager on a single match in the contest means putting your stake on a single game. It is almost the same as the outright winner bet; the difference is that you are picking the winner of only one match, not the whole competition.
  • Correct Score: The name says it all; with this option, you try to accurately predict a game-winner. It sounds quite difficult; that is why the odds are higher. If you win the correct score, you win big.
  • Over/Under Bet: Another common and simple option; gamblers love it because it is one that enables you to bet and win irrespective of the game-winner. All you have to do is bet if the match would go into extra sets or end in a straight one.
  • Prop Bet: Prop bet is another type that goes irrespective of the match-winner. In this case, you are making a wager on events that would happen in the competition. For example, you can make a prop bet to predict how long a player would last in the Fed Cup.

Types of Bonuses in Fed Cup

We don’t think there would be any gambler that would not love bonuses. Here is a general classification of the bonuses you would see in the competition.

  • No Deposit Bonus: No Deposit bonus involves getting a bonus in the form of some cash without making a deposit. Most times, you use a bonus code to claim it. It is good for trying out a new site because you get to test their services without making any deposits.
  • Deposit Bonus: It is the exact opposite of the former; in this case, you also get bonuses, but you have to deposit a certain amount first. It is mostly in a percentage form; for example, you get 100% of your first deposit as a bonus. It is usually for new signups; that is why it is also called a cash signup bonus.
  • Money Back: The name explains it, meaning that you get a certain percent of your money back after losing a bet. Most betting sites grant it to first-time bettors as a welcome bonus.

Important Terms That Every Fed Cup Bettor Should Know

Before you start any form of legal Fed Cup betting, you should know some important terms that apply to the game. Some of them are:

  • Match Point: When you hear a match point in favor of your player, it means that she needs just one point to win the game.
  • Point penalty: This is awarded to either of the players for a code violation. You would not want your player to get any of this.
  • Tiebreak: This occurs when the match is in a 6-6 score. A tiebreak is awarded and the first player to get to seven points with a minimum of two points difference is the winner of the tiebreak.
  • Unseeded Player: This is a player that is not seeded in the Cup.
  • Seed: The seed is what you use to read the player’s rankings.

Fed Cup Odds and How to Read Them

Tennis odds (Federation Cup) are not complicated, and you would easily understand them. Placing your wagers on Moneyline is by far the easiest because you simply pick the match-winner. Before making a Moneyline bet, you would notice a negative (-) and positive (+) sign in front of each player. The player with the negative is the Fed Cup favorite to win, while the player with the positive sign would be the underdog. The number you see in front of the underdog player denotes how much you would win if you place the bet, while the number in front of the favorite denotes the amount you need to bet to win. That is one reason why the number in front of the favorite is usually smaller.

Fed Cup’s Betting Tips

To be frank, you cannot win every single wager that you place. You need to understand that losses would come. However, there are certain steps that you can take to minimize the losses. Here are some tips:

  • Shop around different bookmakers for the best odds: It is not all about who’s favored to win Fed Cup tennis. Higher odds gives you higher wins. Many gamblers make the mistake of choosing one bookie and sticking to it throughout.
  • Have knowledge of the past records in the Cup: If you go into wagering on Fed Cup matches without having prior knowledge on how some players have fared in the competition in the past, you might be doing to yourself more harm than good. Having a little knowledge of the previous performances would help you choose who is the favorite to win Fed Cup tennis.
  • Make good use of bonuses: As we listed earlier, bonuses come in multiple variants. It is best that you take the best advantage of whatever bonus that the site offers. Bonuses help you risk little of no cash when betting so you have almost nothing to lose.

Latest New

2021 was a quite bumpy year in terms of sporting and gambling activities; it was at the very least. Coronavirus hit the gambling industry massively as we saw a cease to the betting activities for a long period of time due to the postponement of several sporting activities. The Fed Cup also had a huge share in the impact. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced that the Fed Cup finals for 2021 had been postponed due to the virus. It came as a shocker; it was postponed till 2021. Hopefully, when the competition is held next year, bettors have expressed their excitement in terms of the bets that they would place at that time.


The Fed Cup is a thrilling competition in terms of both betting and spectating. Betting on the competition has been around for quite a while, and it won’t stop anytime soon. Betting sites have attested to the fact that they see a surge in the rate of gambling during the period when the Cup is played annually. We would not want you to miss out on the fun and wins; we advise you to partake in the upcoming Fed Cup tennis betting.

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Is it legal to bet on the Fed Cup tennis online?

Yes, it is legal to bet on Fed Cup tennis online. That is why numerous online betting sites cover the event.

What is the Fed Cup Heart Award?

It is an award that is tagged as the MVP of the event. It is used to appreciate players that have shown exceptional commitment and courage in representing their country.

When was the Fed Cup 2021?

The date proposed for the Fed Cup finals was 13 to 18 April 2021. However, note that the postponed 2020 variant of the competition was the one proposed to take place in 2021.

How can I check odds for Fed Cup tennis betting?

Many sports betting sites provide odds for the competition. To check the odds, simply log into your online betting site, and you will see it. Some sites offer a Fed Cup betting app.

How many sets are in the Fed Cup?

Fed cup is played in five matches. One doubles match with four singles matches—the first of the players to win three wins the tie.

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