A Guide to American Hockey League Betting Sites Online

Sports are equivalent to craze and fun for Americans. Each and every sport played in the country is celebrated with utmost zeal. It clearly shows the love for sports from the citizens. Today, you can not only watch your favorite sports from the stadiums of screens but also find ways to earn from it. Yes, we are talking about sports wagering, a process of putting money on teams and players, and the winning depending on their performance on the field. Almost every sport involves betting. When it comes to American sports, AHL hockey betting is quite popular. The AHL hockey game is one of the country's prestigious hockey leagues that bettors love to wager on. American Hockey League is an ice hockey league in the US and Canada. It is the primary developmental league for the NHL. Each team in AHL is affiliated with other NHL teams. There are 27 AHL teams that are located in the United States, and 4 belong to Canada. In this American Hockey League betting guide, we are going to discuss the game and its wagering processes. You will need to learn a lot about AHL Hockey betting. From finding the online hockey betting sites to tips that will help you wager better, everything is right here.
Published: Oct 4, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best American Hockey League Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


What is The American Hockey League?

Before moving forward with legal American Hockey, you need to learn about this hockey league’s overview. It is basically a professional league for ice hockey, which is based in the United States and Canada. 27 teams come from the United States, and 4 teams come from Canada. American Hockey League comprises junior hockey teams affiliated with a particular professional team. The Calder Cup is awarded to the winner of the annual playoff. It was named after Frank Calder, NHL’s first president.

Top AHL Sportsbooks You Can Trust

It is always essential to choose the best sportsbook when you are going to place your bet on AHL matches. There are plenty of credible platforms that are offering sports wagering services to the bettors. Here is the list of best sportsbooks in the US that you can rely on for quality services:

DraftKingsWelcome Bonus: $1000 Risk Free Bet
Fan DuelWelcome Bonus: $500 Risk Free Bonus
PointsBEtDeposit Bonus: Upto $250
William HillWelcome Bonus: $100 Risk Free bet
MGM SportsbookSign-Up Bonus: $500 Risk Free Bet
CaesarsDeposit Match Bonus: $300
Golden NuggetWelcome Bonus: $100 Risk Free Bet
SugarHouseSign Up Bonus: $250 Risk Free Bet

Types of AHL Bets You Need To Know

Before you start strategizing your move, it is essential to learn about the common bets used in AHL matches. You must have a clear understanding of how each bet works in order to make optimal use of them. To further ease your hassle of finding different bets, we have prepared a list for you-:

  • Moneyline: It is the most commonly found bet in hockey, which is also highly safe. You simply have to wager on the winning team. Just predict who will win the game.
  • Puck Line: It is quite similar to the run line in baseball. You are asked to bet on whether a team will score higher than the specified goals. It would be best if you were a little experienced in the industry to place this bet.
  • Over/Under: The bet is popularly known as totals. A specified score will be given as a threshold by the sportsbook. You need to predict whether the team will score over or under that particular score. It is quite a straightforward bet, and beginners largely prefer it.
  • Futures: It is also a safe bet where you need to bet on a future event. For instance, whether a player will score certain goals in a match, whether a team will win by certain runs, and so on. It is a long-term bet, so you need to place your wager at the beginning of the tournament.
  • Parlays: It is a wager meant for professionals in the industry. That means they must know the nitty-gritty of the match. A parlay is a group of bets that is counted as one. You must win all the bets in order to emerge as a winner. Make sure to choose a bet that has the highest yielding. You must also do your independent research and learn about different bets that can be used.

Hockey Betting Tips Online To Win Consistently

AHL is an exciting hockey league that becomes a haven for bettors. If you want to keep winning more and stand consistently, you need to pull out a strategy to win. You need to keep some tips up your sleeves that will help you at every step. Here are a few tips that will help you along the way-:

  • Check Out The Goalies: When betting on hockey, you need to see whether teams have great offensive and defensive sides that will lead them to victory. You need to look at both these aspects. However, it is also beneficial to concentrate on the goalie, who is an unavoidable part of the game. You need to spare time studying the goalie and their pattern. You also need to focus on the overall performance, not only shots on goal, win/loss records.
  • Underdogs At Home Are A Catch: Underdogs should not be ignored when they are playing at the home court. This is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can see some attractive moments that are worth a bet. If you find an underdog that is set to play at home court, you must start studying their last games and formulate your next betting strategy. You can stand to win a lot more than you wagered.
  • Monitor The Injuries: It is the most vital part of an AHL game. There will be multiple matches stretched for months, and you need to ensure that none of your bets go wasted. So, you need to focus on the injuries report. Players go through injuries throughout the season; you need to keep track of that. Even injuries can happen hours before the match. If you want to bring success to your betting strategy, you need to concentrate on the injury reports that are easily available on the betting sites or news platforms.
  • Avoid Parlays As Much As You Can: A parlay is not a good option if you want to keep consistency in your wagering. Either you should avoid it altogether or keep it as small as possible. Measure your risk percentage and then place your wager. It is also important to manage your bankroll is directly related to the type of bet you choose to place. Parlays are risky because you need to wager on multiple things, and every bet has to be won in order for you to win.

Check out betting tips sites that offer individual match’s tips and odds for the players. It will make your wagering much easier.


American Hockey League real money betting sites have increased the wagering tendencies of the US bettors. Over the years, the market for online sports wagering has magnanimously increased due to the massive number of players taking an interest in it. Though COVID-19 put a halt over this year’s season, things are looking quite brighter next year. The Board of Governor has revealed a date for the 2020-21 season that will kickstart from February 5, 2021. Now betting on American Hockey League hockey will increase more than ever. You can use the AHL betting app to wager from the comforts of your home. In this American Hockey League online sports guide, we have covered all the important details you need to know about wagering. From the best sportsbooks to play on to the best wagering tips, you must keep handy, we have mentioned everything you will need to go ahead and ensure your victory. Make sure to find the best sportsbook and pull out a potent strategy to win big from the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I bet on American Hockey League online?

You need to look for online hockey betting sites that can provide you with quality wagering. The best sites that you can always trust include DraftKings, FanDuel, SugarHouse, MGM Sportsbook, etc.

What is the main factor to consider while betting on the American Hockey League?

There are plenty of things you need to consider while wagering on hockey matches. First and foremost is to check the odds, and second is checking the performance of the players. You cannot make up a decision without knowing what is going on in the team.

Will there be an American Hockey League hockey season in 2020?

Due to COVID-19, the schedule of AHL matches was postponed to an unanticipated date. Now there has been a revelation from the Board of Governors that the 2020-21 season will kickstart from February 5, 2021.

How do prop bets work in American Hockey League betting?

Prop bets are the most straightforward bet in hockey. It is basically betting on an event that will either happen or won't happen. The sportsbook will ask you a question, and you need to bet either on yes or no.

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