The Ultimate Guide On Hockey Online Sports Betting Sites

Irrespective of whether you know everything about hockey or not, it’s essential that you understand hockey betting. With the rapid growth in hockey betting, many players are looking forward to trying their hands at online betting. Most importantly, if you are a newbie, from choosing online hockey betting sites, odds, betting types, wagering requirements, you need to check everything. To know the various things related to legal hockey betting in the United States, this review will help you. After reading it, not only can you place hockey bets, but also win them.
Published: Oct 25, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The Top Hockey Betting Apps

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


The Best Websites To Bet On Hockey

Here is a list of the leading betting websites in the US. Take a look at each of them so that you can decide on whichever you like. A table is also provided to help you understand which mobile hockey betting is giving what kind of offer.

Name Of The SportsbookPromotions
DraftkingsEnjoy a $200 match bonus, and a $35 free bet on your first bet
PointsBetGet a $20 free bet, a $1000 match bet
FanDuelA $500 risk-free bet
SugarHouse Betting AppUse SUGAR GAMBLER for a match up a deposit of $250
MGMSportsbookA welcome bonus of $500 while signing up
CaesarsEnjoy a $25 bonus, 100% match up to $300
Golden NuggetsA $1000 and a risk-free bet of $500
William Hill USAType WHGAMBLER500 to claim a bonus of $500


Draftkings is a popular hockey betting app that you can rely on when it comes to safety measures. The credit that you receive here will be available for a month. Make sure that you use it before it gets expired; otherwise, it’s of no use. Enjoy a credit back on losing and enjoy crown bonuses on winning weekly tasks.


Another coolest website in hockey betting is PointsBet and has a bunch of loyalty bonuses. Consecutively, you will have a better chance to win rewards on live betting. On placing five, ten, and twenty bets, you get $50, $100, and $200, respectively. When it comes to the regularity of the website on offering promo codes and bonuses, it is the best.


If you are consistent with betting on hockey online, Fanduel is an eminent retail sportsbook. After becoming a part of the players club of FanDuel, you can experience monthly bonuses and place them to win wagers.

SugarHouse Betting App

It’s a great site if you are looking for excellent offers, daily free sports bets, iRush rewards, and first bet bonuses. It’s time to try your hands by placing bets on one of the best hockey betting sites.

MGM Sportsbook 

In terms of reliability and reputation, the MGM sportsbook is one of the popular real money hockey betting sites. It offers a hundred percent deposit match up with the iRewards loyalty program. The website is created professionally with a friendly user interface.


Signing up on the Caesars in-play hockey betting website is simple. It is a smooth navigation process with amazing offers. Ensure that you do not ignore the promo codes that you come across on social media platforms. Not them as you can use it on the hockey betting apps.

Golden Nugget

When it comes to offering exclusive bonuses and promos, the Golden Nugget will never disappoint you. Prepare a hockey betting strategy so that you can make most of the bonuses and promos while placing bets. The risk-free bets are also available with live sports betting.

William Hill 

Like any other betting websites, it does not have a VIP program, but nothing to worry about as it makes up for it by offering regular promos and bonuses. Get special odds, free bets, money back rewards, and make your betting journey more enjoyable. Any of the above websites are licensed and regulated, and it has a fairly simple withdrawing and depositing process of the transaction. Ensure that you go through the wagering requirements before you start placing the bets.

United States Hockey Betting Guide

Several States have already got permission to operate the wagering websites. The list of states who have passed the law to legalize the all-star game apps are New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Arkansas, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Illinois, Washington DC, Montana, Colorado, and Tennessee.

Wagering Types

Sports betting means picking up the right team that you think will win the match. Over the years, betting has become complex, and you need to have more information if you wish to place them correctly and win. Below are some of the betting types that you should be aware of.

Spread Bets

Spread betting is the most usual bet on hockey games. Here the team you are selecting must beat or cover the goal spread. It indicates the favored team must win by the number of goals for you to win the bet.

Moneyline Bets

In this betting time, each team is assigned a number representing the payout placed on the team. Similar to the spread bets, the number will never be identical and may not perfectly match. In this betting type, you need to choose a winner who will win the match.

Puck-Line Strategy

It works similar to the baseball run lines. Suppose Boston has -250 (1.5), and Pittsburg has +230 (1.5). It indicates that Boston is now the favorite, and the underdog is Pittsburgh. That’s how the odds are usually read, and it is how the 1.5 goals in a game are. They are often tight, and a single goal can make a difference. It’s an automatic win if the game goes to overtime. In such a situation, there is a huge difference in the moneyline odds. The best betting sites will offer puck lines higher than 1.5, like 3.5 or 2.5 moneyline odds.

Futures Bets

It is a future bet in which the outcome of the bet is revealed in the future. It can be which team will make the first goal or which team is going to win the tournament, etc.

How To Read Odds?

hockey betting

In hockey betting, it’s crucial to understand how to read the odds. If you aren’t aware of it, there is no chance of winning. Three types of odds are there, such as American, Fractional, and Decimal Odds. The odds will be revealed in any of the three forms with a positive or negative number. If a positive sign is before a number, it indicates you are losing. However, if a negative number is before a number, it means you are winning.

Biggest Hockey League To Bet On

The biggest hockey league to bet on is the National Hockey League. A professional ice hockey league, consisting of 31 teams, with seven in Canada and twenty-four in the United States. It is the professional premier league in the world. At the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, National Hockey League was introduced on 26th November 1917, and the headquarter is in New York City, U.S. Montreal Canadiens has won more titles, and players get a lot of opportunities to bet on the hockey league.

The Main Hockey Leagues

Hockey is a prestigious game, and to bet on the odds, you must be aware of the different leagues. The leagues are:

Ontario Hockey League (OHL)

It has a reputation similar to WHL and QMJHL for producing some amazing talents. At the NHL level, the league has a significant impact, and players like Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, John Tavares, etc. have played and made their mark in NHL.

American Hockey League (AHL)

AHL is the last stop for a developing prospect arriving in the NHL. They will decide if a prospect can qualify for the league. With players, many NHL coaches must also need to make a stop in the AHL.


The NCAA is known to become the top development path to take to the NHL, and nor many teams are utilizing it as a pathway to reach NHL. Players can learn and develop their game and secure for the biggest tournament.

Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL)

Founded in 1994 to 1995, the DEL re-instituted the usage of the relegation system. The DEL is still developing in the hockey landscape, and in recent times, the EHC Red Bull Munchen has captured their position at the top of the league.

NHL Betting Tips

Finally, the most important aspect is the hockey betting tips that will help you to win. If you do not prepare a sports league’s strategy, it would be difficult for you to win. The betting tips must include:

  • Intensive Research: Ensure that you do intensive research and collect all the information regarding the hockey players, did they face any injury in the recent time, what their previous record says about their performance, etc. It’s better to collect as much information as you can so that it becomes easier for you to win.
  • Signup Bonuses: A top reputed website offers signup bonuses, but the value is not the same. You need to check which website is offering the best offers and then sign up. The bonuses also come with a deposit match, so keep track of everything before you enroll.
  • Betting Odds: Understand the different types of betting odds available on the hockey Finals match. Once you have the required information, you can place the bets accordingly. Always be sure that you have checked the wagering requirements, or you might lose money.
  • Banking Options: Do check the withdrawal and deposit option so that you can make the transactions whenever required. It’s better not to choose a website that does not offer an ample transaction process. An eminent website will give a variety of ways to make transactions like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.

Latest News

The gambling industry has got affected by a huge number due to the pandemic situation. After legalization, it is first when they have experienced a decrease in revenue earning. There has been a dip of 59% in the revenue earned compared to March 2019. Many retail sportsbooks established got delayed due to the pandemic situation.

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Ending Note

Placing a bet on individual hockey games through an app for iOS and Android can be more profitable if you can win. With competitive matchups, various betting styles, etc. once you start placing bets on events, no one can stop you from winning. Most importantly, ensure that you are picking up a reputed and trustworthy website. It also indicates that there are no such scams, and the payment process is safe. Ensure that you always gamble responsibly and have fun while making money.


Where can I bet on hockey online?

The websites to bet on hockey online are FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesar, SugarHouse, and many more.

What is the main factor to consider while betting on hockey?

Understand the hockey betting explained above, hockey championship odds, operator licenses, how to Bet on the hockey, licensed mobile app, etc. are some of the aspects that you must consider while betting on hockey.

What does spread mean in hockey?

The spread is a margin where the favorite team is handicapped. In regards to betting, you need to pick up the favorite team going to win by a certain number.

What does +1.5 mean in hockey betting?

It is hockey odds indicating the team is going to lose the tournament.

How do prop bets work in hockey betting?

The prop bets in hockey betting are where you need to choose the team who's making the first goal, or which player will make an interesting goal, etc.

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