888 Sportsbook Review

888 Sportsbook Review

Published: Jan 27, 2022 Updated: May 23, 2022

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888 Sportsbook
888 Sportsbook
888 Sportsbook
888 Sportsbook
888 Sportsbook
888 Sportsbook

The sport betting operators, 888 sportsbook make a huge influence on the gambling world today. The 888 company has come around as far back as 1997. Since then, it’s imminent that they are here to stay. The company brought sport gambling into place in 2008. The 888 sportsbook, since then, continues to have tremendous achievements. It is the first non-US online gambling company to stay established in the US.

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    The 888 sportsbook has a license from the Gibraltar gaming commission. The license is a huge boost to the company’s reputation. It has a website and a mobile app. The diversity of platforms makes it easy to access. The platform rightfully earned the trust and love of its customers.

    888 Sportsbook Review: In What States Betting are Available?

    Presently, the app is supported by:

    • New Jersey: The launch in New Jersey made it the 7th functional sportsbook in the state. It also marked the first time the company would offer its sport betting services to US customers. It was a major achievement of the company’s name.
    • Nevada: In the year 2013, the Nevada gaming commission granted the 888 company a license to operate. It was a great milestone as they became one of the first non-United states an online gaming platform to work in the United States.
    • Delaware: The sportsbook also secured a top spot in the state. The extension was a breakthrough for the company. It all contributed to the loyalty and trust of its customers.

    Although the states with access to the sportsbook app are few at the moment, be rest assured that the 888 sportsbook app is making efforts to expand the accessibility. The bookmaker is also among the first to work in New Jersey. Due to the disapproval of online sports gambling in some states, the company cannot spread its wings. The bookmaker is prepared to launch in more states as soon as the matters are is resolved.

    888 Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

    • The sportsbook has a bet of $10 to get a $50 offer. The 888 sportsbook promo code for the offer is ‘30f’.
    • New customers also have a 100% deposit bonus. A minimum deposit of $10 is required. The offer is claimed without any promo code.
    • You get an 888sport sportsbook bonus of $10 when you register a 888 account.

    The other promo codes 888sport sportsbook offered have expired. More are on the way.


    888Sport online betting bonus


    $88 in free bets

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    Special Offers Plus the Loyalty Programs Included in the Package

    Apart from the bonuses that are offered to new customers, there are more packages in store for both old and new. They are as follows;

    • Risk-Free: In this promotion, you get a total of 100% equivalent to your first deposit. The cash equivalent can be up to $500. The way it works, if your wager ends in a loss, you get your money back within 72 hours in free bets. You should also act fast on the free bets because it is valid for seven days.
    • Soccer No Paley lose: The soccer no parley lose bet is an easy one. Soccer fans can simply make up for your losses by being assured of a no-lose credit. You need to wager on a minimum of four soccer team parley. For all the cards that lose in one leg of the parley, they are given a chance to play again for free. As for the four soccer team bet, your minimum deposit is $10.
    • The NHL and NBA Challenge: With this offer, you can acquire up to a $30 free bet daily. The offer is extended to the basketball and hockey game. To stand a chance, you must place a wager with a minimum of $100. You will then earn a  token worth $10. This offer makes you receive up to $30 in free money as long as your wager is on basketball or hockey. The condition to receive the whole $30 promotion is that you must place a wager with a monetary value totaling to a sum of $200 or more. The availability of this offer is declining.
    • Stand a chance to Double Your Winnings worth up to $100 daily: During the NCAA Basketball tournament, 888 sports gives you a chance to double up your winnings. The condition, you make a 3-team parley bet on the NCAA tournament games with the odds of -200 or more.

    The wager is made available once each day of the tournament. If you place more than one bet in the tournament, only the first wager is eligible for the double-winning promotion. Presently, to enjoy the offers from the loyalty and promotions from the bookmaker, you have to play on the site or application.

    888 Online Sportsbook Odds and Live Betting

    The 888sport odds is one of the best in the business. It is very easy and convenient to play. You should already know that live odds are subject to constant change based on the game’s flow. The charisma behind placing a live bet on a game you are watching is out of this world. It also features an online match tracker for those that may be missing the action for some reason.

    The live odds are not limited to any specific sport. You get to play it on any sport.  Your favorite! Be it soccer, rugby, basketball, hockey, any sport! Multiple wager options are available for your live games, potent bets, placing bets , Yankee bets, combos, parleys, overs, under, and many more. The 888sports sportsbook also comes with an inbuilt gambling calculator for knowing your total odds before going all in.

    Which Sports Are Available for Players at 888 Sportsbook App?

    888 Sportsbook offers different tons of sports. In this 888sport sportsbook online review, we would see the list of the sports provided;

    • Australian Football League
    • Major League Baseball
    • National Basketball Association
    • Cycling
    • Boxing
    • Cricket
    • E-Sports
    • National Football League
    • Snooker
    • Professional Golfers Association
    • National Hockey League
    • Horse Racing
    • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    • Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Darts
    • Volleyball
    • Olympics

    The sportsbook not only offers professional sports, we see an inclusion of some collegial games.

    Types of Bets Offered on 888 Sportsbook

    Mentioned in this 888sport sportsbook review are some types of wager made available by the bookmaker.

    • Accumulator: These are bets with a selection of four and above. For you to win, every one of the bets has to win. Your accumulator bet is named specifically after the number of bets you pick. For example, four bets are four-fold accumulators; six picks will then be six-fold accumulators.
    • Each – Way: Each way bet is based on two bets within one pick. There is a special way to it. Your pick will be in an event. One of the bet is that the event will occur, then your other bet will be that your pick will win. If your pick eventually wins, it’s a two-way win for you, and the each-way bet is complete. If the event occurs, but your pick didn’t win, you get paid based on the odds that it will happen.
    • Lay bet: A lay bet is simply betting that a certain event is not going to happen.
    • Single Bet: A single bet is a wager that is placed on individual picks. It is when you wager on only one game.
    • Double Bets: The double bet is the next immediate to the single bet. It is when you make two picks in two different events. The downside is that the two picks have to be a winner for you to get your winnings.
    • Treble: Next to the double is the treble bet. In this, you place three picks over three different sports events. Similar to the double bet, there is a condition for a win. To win an each-way bet, you have to win all three bet picks across all selections.
    • Trixie: A Trixie bet is a wager that is based on four picks. It has to be four different bets. The Trixie bet is a combination of one treble bet and three double bets.
    • Yankee: A Yankee bet is another wager that is placed on four picks. The bet is divided into eleven different bets. It consists of six double bets, four treble bets, and one fourfold accumulator bet.
    • The Canadian Super Yankee : This is a special wager that is based on five separate picks. The total amount of bets in the super Yankee amounts to twenty-six. The twenty-six bets consist of twenty double bets, ten treble bets, five four-fold accumulators, and finally one fivefold accumulator.
    • Heinz: The Heinz bet is a wager based on six picks. The six picks are sub-divided into fifty-seven different bets. The fifty-seven bets are sub-divided into fifteen double bets, twenty treble bets, fifteen fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators, and lastly, one six-fold accumulator.

    The wager is in fifty-seven different varieties; hence it is popularly related to the slogan of H. J. Heinz Company which says, the best thing comes to those who wait.

    • Super Heinz : The wager is based on seven picks. Involved in it, are one twenty different bets which are; twenty-one double bets, thirty-five treble bets, thirty-five fourfold accumulators, twenty-one fivefold accumulators, seven six-fold accumulators, and finally a sevenfold accumulator.
    • Potent: The potent bet is a wager that is placed on three picks. Each of the three picks consists of seven different bets. They are; three single bets, three double beds, and one treble bet. The potent bet has a striking similarity with the Trixie bet combined with three singles.
    • Money line Betting: The money line  requires that you pick either a player or a team for a win. The money line betting is very straightforward. All you have to do is pick the winner. The stronger player or team is usually the favorite. The favorite has a higher probability of winning. The weaker team or player is the underdog. The underdog has a lower chance of winning the event. You recognize the favorite with the minus sign (-) they are usually listed with, while the underdog is registered with the opposite, the plus sign (+). The number placed in a bracket stands for the winnings you get with a $100 bet; that is with the underdog. It also represents how much you must bet to win $100, with the favorite.
    • Over and Under Bets: This is also a straightforward one. In matches, players, or team score points in the form of goals. You choose to place a bet depending on what you believe that the total of the two team’s scores will be.

    For example, in an 888sport Sportsbook football contest, you predict that the score total of the two teams will end in nothing more than four. You can choose to play as an under 4.5. If the score total ends in four or less, the bet wins.

    bet on sports online

    • Parlay Betting: Parlays are different bets that you must get to receive a larger total winning. A parlay is not a single bet. It consists of two money line wagers, over or under bet, or point spreads. Consequently, all wager placed under the parlay must win for you to get a payout.
    • Point Spreads: The point spread is an average number calculated by the bookmaker when teams compete against one another. Like the money line,  there is a favorite and underdog team—the number point written before each team is called the point spread. Your pick must win by points that are less than or more than the point spread. Not equal.
    • Popular Bets: The popular bet is unique to the 888sports sportsbook. It is a variety of popular gambling options in the gaming world.
    • Profit Boost Tickets: This is another exclusive bet offered by the 888sport sportsbook. It is a bonus offer that you through the coupon. It boosts the bets you pick. You should note that your wagers cannot surpass the profit boost ticket.
    • Round Robin: It is a type of Parley bet. A safer one to say. In the round-robin bet, losing one of your picks does not make you lose the whole bet. Although it is a safer version of parley, the payout is lower than the parley wager.

    What Platforms is the 888sport Sportsbook App Available for?

    The 888sports sportsbook app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app is very effective just as much as the website. For those who may not wish to use the app, visit 888sport directly on their website.

    The website is very convenient to use. The navigation is straightforward for any user. It is also well optimized for mobile devices, so you face no issues with the smaller screen. The sportsbook works on all operating systems and all mobile devices.

    How to Get the 888sport Sportsbook App on Your Mobile Device

    • FOR ANDROID DEVICES: The most reliable way to get the 888sport Android app is through the Play Market. Once you hit the download button, the door is open for you to gamble on your android device.
    • FOR IOS DEVICES: Simply go to the App Store on your device. Select the option for IOS devices denoted by the apple button. Then you are good to go.

    Banking Options for 888 sportsbook

    Deposit Methods

    888sports offers a wide variety of deposit methods for their clients.

    • Credit Card: It is widely considered as the easiest method to fund your sportsbook account. Depending on your credit card company, some additional charges will be deducted. 888sport only accepts MasterCard and Visa cards presently. The minimum deposit taken with a credit card is $20, with no maximum deposit limit.
    • Skrill: Skrill is a popular online wallet. The minimum deposit is $20.
    • Neteller: Neteller is a trusted e-wallet for depositing your account. The minimum deposit accepted is $20, with no maximum deposit limit.
    • Paypal: Paypal is a widely known e-wallet. It is considered one of the safest ways to fund your sportsbook account. The minimum deposit is $20, with no maximum deposit limit.
    • Bitcoin: The maker accepts bitcoin deposits. Cryptocurrencies are fast taking their place in the world economy. The bitcoin is another safe and straightforward way you can directly fund your account.
    • Bank Wire: This is a direct transfer from your bank to your account. It is a very safe and secure method. The downside is the minimum deposit of $100 with no maximum deposit limit.
    • PayNearMe: All you have to do is scan the barcode from their website at any supported CVS store.

    Withdrawal Options

    Withdrawal is just as easy as depositing. There is no maximum withdrawal limit on the below-listed methods. You can use;

    • Credit card: You can withdraw with your MasterCard or Visa card. The minimum withdrawal is $20. It takes a maximum of eight days to get your payout.
    • Skrill: You can equally withdraw a minimum of $20 on your Skrill wallet. Withdrawal takes up to five days maximum.
    • Neteller: Neteller also gives a $20 minimum withdrawal. Withdrawal equally takes up to five days.
    • Paypal: Paypal withdrawal takes up to five days, with a minimum withdrawal of $20.
    • Bankwire: The direct bank transfer takes up to ten days, with a minimum payout of $20.

    The primary accepted currency is USD. You can convert based on the depositing or withdrawal platform of your choice.

    888sport Sportbook Competitors and Reputation

    Since 888sport is a top gambling company, there are rival companies. Due to the efficiency and functionality of the bookmaker. Below listed are some of the competitors;

    • FoxBet
    • BetMGM

    The company’s reputation is held up by its NJ licenses. They also have a membership with a non-profit organization, ESSA. The organization has its standings among the most reputable and loyal sportsbooks in the business.

    Latest News Regarding COVID-19 and How It Has Affected the Company

    At the moment, the 888sport company has been laboring to cover up more grounds related to the expansion in the US. The major setback affecting the company is the restriction of online gambling in states across the US. The company is on the move. Sooner or later, as soon as online gambling is legalized in more states, you can count on 888sport.

    The coronavirus pandemic has been a major setback for the company. Sporting activities were suspended all over the world. The company made provisions for affected customers on the canceled games. Sporting activities have been gradually resuming. It is a major plus at the company’s end. Gambling for all active sporting activities has fully continued. It shows the commitment the company has to its business.


    From the reviews broken down above, it’s of no doubt that 888sport stands out among the other bookmakers. They’ve been around for a long time now, and they are here to continue their stay. There are still lots of milestones ahead that the company is getting close to. You have no idea what you are missing if you are not with 888Sport Sportsbook.

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    What is the position of 888sport as relating to legality in the US?

    Yes. The 888sport brand is legal in states that have legalized online sports gambling.

    In what states is the 888sport sportsbook allowed?

    Presently, the bookmaker is allowed in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. Be rest assured that as online sports gambling is being legalized in more states, the bookmaker is going to make themselves available.

    Concerning the legality of the 888, is it legal in New York?

    The bookmaker haven’t received approval in the state. They are working on it.

    What betting market is offered by 888sport?

    They provide major leagues and collegial sports. Their markets are NFL, NCAAF, NBA, MLB, EPL, and many more.

    Who owns the 888?

    The 888sports sportsbook is owned by the parent company 888 holdings.

    What credit cards can I use to deposit at 888 sportsbook?

    Presently, the bookmaker accepts only MasterCard and Visa cards.

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