Best Tennis Betting Sites in 2022

Tennis is one sport that is very lucrative for bettors due to the nature of the game. Loyal sports fans of the game, dedicated tennis bettors, tennis hobbyists, and even beginners can take the best advantage of the numerous online and retail sportsbooks that offer tennis betting in the United States and win some cash in the various tennis tournaments. As a heads up, this article will be dealing with the important things you need to know about tennis online sports betting, the best tennis betting sites, vital things to consider before picking a sportsbook, betting tips, and a whole lot more.  
Published: Sep 16, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Sportbook Sites to Bet on Tennis

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


What to Consider Choosing Tennis Sports Betting Sites

Before you choose any sports gambling site, you must consider the following:

  • Availability: Ensure they have tennis on their list of available sports before placing money on the website. You don’t want to invest your money and then discover that your sport of choice is not available.
  • Reputation and legalization: Another thing you want to find out is if the said sportsbooks have operator licenses that permit them to operate in your state. You want to only bet real money on a licensed and regulated betting site so that if any issues arise in the future, they can be sanctioned by the state. You can check for reviews online to know how reliable a wagering operator is. A reliable website should have a lot of positive reviews while a site that gives its customers issues should not be hard to spot because there will be a high number of bad reviews. Be on the lookout for sites that have little to no reviews because they are new. They may be greenhorns, but still offer amazing gambling experiences like the top players – so do not completely shut them out. However, do a lot more research on these newbies before choosing them.
  • Banking methods: Always look for bookies that provide many options for deposits and withdrawals – it is a good indicator of stability. Also find out the least amount you can deposit and withdraw – most times, the lower, the better. You should also know if the bookies will charge you for any transactions you carry out on their platform. The top sportsbooks usually do not charge any fees when you put in or take out your money, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Security: Do some extra digging to find out if the bookmaker you select has a secure website since your money and other sensitive info (like your social security number, financial details, etc) will be on their site. 
  • Promotions and bonuses: The leading sportsbooks always offer both new and existing customers a lot of promos and bonuses. They usually offer free cash to bet or free bets. You should be aware that these bonuses and promos always have terms and conditions which should not be too complicated for you to take advantage of.
  • Loyalty programs: Customers who bet regularly always receive rewards for doing so by top-level wagering operators. These usually come in the form of loyalty rewards programs and many other perks such as reduced juice, special cash-back rewards, and more. Check if the bookmaker of your choice will compensate you for gambling regularly.
  • Customer support: At one time or the other, issues will arise that will need clarification and resolution. You want to be sure that when such issues come up, your sportsbook will be readily accessible. The major gambling operators have diverse means of communication through which you can easily access their customer service team at any time of the day.
  • Options to bet: When there are many event and market options you can bet on, it will increase your chances of garnering more money. Top-tier sportsbooks always have a slew of betting options that their users can take advantage of.
  • Apps: Your choice wagering provider should have a decent app for iOS and Android devices. A good sportsbook should allow you easily wager from wherever you are as long as you are in a licensed state. There are reviews about these apps that you can check to find out more about them.
  • Software: The software of your sportsbook of choice should be user friendly and its interface should allow you easily find betting markets and other features. Once again, check online reviews and do your testing and be sure it works for you before putting your money on the platform.

The Best Sportbooks to Bet on Tennis

Below is a list of the top legal sports betting sites you can place wagers on tennis matches.

  • DraftKings: When you sign up with them, they welcome you with a bonus of 20% of the initial deposit up to $500.
  • FanDuel: Sign up with them and get a welcome risk-free bet of up to $500 as well as a $10 signup bonus. They also offer one whole day of risk-free wagering up to a maximum of $100.
  • PointsBet: The PointsBet sportsbook offers up to $1500 in risk-free bets.
  • SugarHouse: You will get a $250 deposit signup bonus when you register with SugarHouse.
  • Caesars: Caesars sportsbook is offering a deposit-free $10 bonus and up to $300 deposit bonus for bettors that sign up with them.
  • MGM Sportsbook: You can get a $500 welcome bonus when you register with the BetMGM online sportsbook.
  • Golden Nugget: Golden Nugget sportsbook will give you $100 in risk-free bets when you sign up.
  • William Hill: You can take advantage of the $150 signup bonus of William Hill when you register with them.

These top sites are very reliable and you can deposit funds into your account via bank transfers, credit/debit cards, wire transfers, peer to peer, prepaid card, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency among others. When you want to withdraw your earnings, it is quite easy as well and you’ll be making use of any of these methods: ACH transfer/e-check, wire transfer, e-wallets, prepaid card, peer to peer, cryptocurrency, check, and more.

Pros of  Bet on Tennis Online via Licensed Sportsbooks

  • They are convenient to use.
  • There are no extra fees incurred for using the services of the online sportsbooks.
  • The welcome bonuses online are more attractive than at retail sportsbooks.
  • You don’t have to tip anybody when you are playing with your PC or mobile device.
  • You can easily avoid unnecessary nuisance situations that usually occur at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.
  • You can take advantage of more banking options that online sportsbooks provide.


  • The payouts are not instant, unlike physical bookies.
  • The customer service available online might not be as supportive as a retail sportsbook.
  • When playing online, you are at risk of becoming a victim of unlicensed or scam websites.
  • Online sportsbooks are not advisable for people who are addicted to gambling as you can easily get carried away while playing online.

Advantages of Retail Sportsbooks

  • You get access to a more robust gambling entertainment that can’t be matched by playing solo.
  • The payouts are almost instant — there is no need to wait for a couple of days before your winnings are processed.
  • Physical bookies provide a live learning environment for bettors as they learn from others like them.
  • Monitoring of line movements is available in retail bookies and this can help you get some crucial wins.


  • They can be quite inconvenient because you must be there in person before you can bet.
  • Physical sportsbooks are known to have a fair share of some nuisance elements like drunkenness, passive smoking, and noise.
  • In some physical bookies, you may have to spend extra money on seats and tips.
  • Although the payout is fast, the options are quite limited.

States to Bet on Tennis Legaly

Any state that has officially legalized sports wagering allows you to bet on tennis. They are:

Types of Tennis Wagers

  • Moneyline: There are two types of moneyline wagers. The basic match moneyline where you bet outright on who is going to win a match and another moneyline where you bet on the number of games won in a match. The latter is one of the most attractive wagers in tennis betting because it is not as risky as some other wager types. You are only wagering on how many games a player will win in a match and not on who will win the match.
  • Total Games: For totals, you are predicting how many sets a match will have. It is usually expressed by halves to make things less complicated. It is also called totals over/under. An example is if you predict that the match won’t go over 3 sets. It will be expressed as under 3.5. If the match ends at exactly 3 sets or less, you have won the wager. If the match enters 4 sets, then you have lost the bet.
  • Point Spread: There are also two types of point spreads in tennis. The first one is on the games won while the second one is on sets won. They both work the same way in that you are comparing how many games/sets the favorite will win versus how many games/sets the underdog will win.
  • Correct Score: With correct score wagering, you are directly predicting the final scoreline of a set or a full match. The odds are usually very high here and as expected, the chances of success are quite slim.
  • Live Betting: Many sportsbooks offer in-play tennis betting which has garnered a lot of popularity because it gives bettors the chance to make the best use of twists and turns that occur during games. Some bookmakers also help their customers by allowing them to exchange pre-match bets to make a particular amount of profit or to minimize losses if the match doesn’t favor their pre-match prediction.
  • Futures: You can wager on tennis futures markets online and all you need do is predict outcomes of future tennis events such as the Grand Slams, Davis Cup, and more. Futures don’t require a lot of technicalities to bet and it is quite popular among beginners.

Common Tennis Bets

  • Sets: A set refers to a complete series of games played in a match. It involves alternating the service between the two players per game. A player must be the first to win six games with a difference of at least two games to win a set.
  • Match: This refers to the total series of points, games, and sets. Points win games, games win sets and sets win matches. A match usually consists of two to three sets. There are two types of tennis matches – singles (one player versus an opponent) and doubles (a team of two players versus another team of two).
  • Love: This term refers to zero points in the game of tennis. So at the beginning of a game, the score is love – love.
  • Points: A point simply refers to every score after a service has been made. In tennis, points are calculated starting from love (or zero), 15, 30, 40, and the game point. In essence, there are only four points per game.
  • Serving: This is the first stroke of the ball into the box of an opponent that is diagonally opposite the box of the server. This is what begins a point.
  • Deuce: A deuce occurs when both players have a score of 40 each in a game. To win that game, a player must then have two extra points above the opponent.
  • Tournaments: There are four major tennis tournaments in the world. They are the Wimbledon, French Open, US Open, and Australian Open. They are commonly referred to as the Grand Slam events. There are also a number of other popular tournaments around the world such as the Davis Cup, ATP World Tour, Shanghai Masters, Miami Open, Paris Masters, Monte-Carlo Masters, and ATP World Tour Finals. Players enter these tournaments based on their rankings and draws decide which player competes against another player. These tournaments are the most popular and they attract the most gambling action.
  • Seasons: With regards to a tennis tour (consisting of a player participating in several tournaments), a season is one calendar year.

The Biggest Tennis Events in The World

  • French Open: Also known as Roland Garros, this French tournament is played at Stade Roland-Garros in Paris for two weeks starting around late May every year. It is played on a clay court. It was founded in 1891 and consists of the primary championships – men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles asides other competitions.
  • US Open: The US Open is played on hard court and it was founded in 1881. It is held in New York City, New York, USA for two weeks and begins on the last Monday of August. The 5 primary championships are held in the US Open and other minor competitions as well.
  • Wimbledon: Founded in 1877, it is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and it is played on grass court at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, London, United Kingdom. It holds for two weeks usually starting in the first week of July. It also has the 5 major championships as well as other competitions.
  • ATP Australian Open: Played on hard court, it is held at the Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in the year 1905 and it is the most attended tennis tournament in the world. It is held during the last two weeks of January each year. The five top championships are played here including other competitions like junior’s, legends, wheelchair events, etc.

The above four are the most popular tournaments in tennis and they are commonly referred to as the Grand Slams.

  • Davis Cup: The Davis Cup is the number one international tennis team competition in the world for men. The organizers of the event (International Tennis Federation and Kosmos Holding) call it “the world cup of tennis” as it involves teams of competing countries vying for the cup in a knockout system. It was founded in 1900.
  • Fed Cup: Just like the Davis Cup, this is the tennis world cup for women. It was founded in 1963 by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Tennis Online Betting Tips

Australian Open Betting

Expert opinion will come in handy especially if you are new to tennis wagering. Look out for the sports sections in both online and print tabloids for the professional opinions of sports journalists. Some of the insight they share can help you with your wagers such as overs/unders, futures, moneylines, and the likes. You should be aware that tennis odds are affected by these expert comments as a lot of other bettors seek advice from those sources as well which influences their wagering decisions. Many things can affect the outcomes of games ranging from weather to a favorite losing form in-game for no obvious reason, or a player suddenly retiring during a match due to injuries as well as walkovers – all of which only remind you that sports betting is still a risk. Here are some other tips that can help against losing money while wagering:

  • As much as possible, place your bets on a small scale.
  • Long spreads may offer a lot more rewards but they are very risky, so try and avoid them.
  • Know the differences between the courts and how different players perform when they are on a certain type of court (indoor, outdoor, hard, clay, or grass).
  • Study the rankings very well.
  • Avoid emotional or impulse gambling.
  • Only make use of money that won’t hurt you if you lose it.

Latest News

The Coronavirus pandemic had its impact on the tennis scene causing the cancellations of two grand slams – the French Open (Roland-Garros) and Wimbledon. Although Covid-19 has not been fully eradicated, thankfully, the US Open will be held from August 31 – September 20, 2020, at the Flushing Meadow Corona Park located in Queens, New York City, NY. Although it is coming a week late and it will be played without fans in the court, it is still far better than having nothing.


Tennis can prove to be a highly profitable sport for wagering and thanks to the US Open coming up at the end of the month, you can visit one of the mobile sports betting sites mentioned in this article, take advantage of their bonuses, and win some cool rewards from the grand slam.

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Is it legal to bet on tennis online?

Yes. It is legal to bet online as long as you are in a state that has legalized sports wagering or you can choose to gamble with offshore sportsbooks if you are not in a state that permits online wagering.

What is set betting?

Set wagering involves a player trying to not only predict the match-winner but the final score of the sets as well.

What is the biggest tournament in tennis?

Of the four grand slam tournaments, Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious.

How can I check odds for tennis betting?

There are many dedicated sites on the internet that you can check for tennis odds. Sportsbooks provide odds for you as well.

Can I win real money with tennis betting?

Yes. You can win real money betting on the sport. Simply visit any of the sportsbooks described above, download the sports betting app of your choice or play from a browser on a PC, and you can start earning money.

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