Best French Open Betting Sites Online Review

Sports wagering has opened new gateways for bettors to exercise their skills and get rewards. The market for sports betting is getting bigger and bigger each day in the country. You can see plenty of online sportsbooks that have been working to offer quality wagering services. When it comes to sports wagering in the US, there are many sports that you can bet on, French Open – for instance. Legal French Open tennis betting is quite popular in the country due to its global prominence. French Open tennis or Roland-Garros is a global tournament that is conducted for two weeks straight in Paris at Stade Roland-Garros. It generally starts in late May when every bettor is glued to their screens and ready with their bets. You need to learn a lot regarding French Open tennis betting, and this guide is all about. From the best tips to steer you toward success to the best sites you can consider for betting, you can find it all here.

Best French Open Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet


Factors To Consider For French Open Tennis Betting

Before you look for online French Open tennis betting sites, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of wagering on this tennis tournament. French Open betting requires a different approach, and you can only learn that by understanding its best factors for successful wagering. The surface is the king. When it comes to surfaces, clay is the slowest making it physically straining for even the experienced players. The clay courts produce higher bounce and slower the ball compared to grass courts like in Wimbledon or hard courts in the US or Australian Open. It is important to remember that baseline players have prominence over the attacking players. The best example is Rafael Nadal, who has been able to bring victory on this surface. The blistering serve might help, but the clay can compromise the strong serve. You must understand the fact that jarring all the baseline rallies is the go-to option for French Open betting. In a nutshell, clay surfaces are meant for the baseline players, so you must keep a focus on them if you want to bring consistency to your win.

What is The French Open?

French Open is the second tournament on the Grand Slam tour, and it is best known for its clay courts and baseline players. The tournament is played at Stade Roland Garros in Paris. There are seven rounds in the championship that finally selects the winner.

Top Sportsbooks To Consider While Betting on French Open

Here is a list of top-rated sportsbooks that you can consider for wagering on French Open-:

DraftKingsWelcome Bonus: $1000 Risk Free Bet
FanduelWelcome Bonus: $500 Risk Free Bonus
PointsBetDeposit Bonus: Upto $250
William HillWelcome Bonus: $100 Risk Free bet
MGM SportsbookSign-Up Bonus: $500 Risk Free Bet
CaesarsDeposit Match Bonus: $300
Golden NuggetWelcome Bonus: $100 Risk Free Bet
SugarHouseSign Up Bonus: $250 Risk Free Bet

Types of Bonuses You Can Avail

Sportsbooks have introduced many ways to reward their bettors. Bonuses are among the best ways to treat the bettors with rewards. Here are a few commonly used bonuses by all the credible sportsbooks.

  • Welcome Bonus: It is the most common type of bonus that every sportsbook offers these days. Welcome bonus or sign up bonus is meant for all the new players who enter the platform. It ranges from $500 to $1000. It is also known as the risk-free bet.
  • Deposit Bonus: Just like it sounds, deposit bonuses are meant for bettors who make a certain deposit to their wagering account. Generally, it is a 100% deposit bonus where the player has to make a deposit to earn the bonus.
  • Risk Free Bet: It is also known as no deposit bonus because you don’t need to make any deposit or commitment to avail this bonus.
  • VIP Rewards: When you are consistent with betting on a certain platform, you become their loyal customer. There are VIP rewards for bettors who stick to the platform.

Types of French Open Bets

  • Over/Under: Sportsbook will give you a threshold, and you need to bet whether the player will over or under it.
  • Correct Score: If you have complete faith in the player, you can go for predicting the exact score.
  • In-Play Betting: You can wager when the match is going in, providing you the scope to make decisions.
  • Handicap: It works as spread works in other sports. You need to wager on a player’s performance, either being expected or better.
  • Moneyline: It is the simplest bet where you need to wager on the winning player. You need to place it at the beginning.

How To Read French Open Tennis Odds?

French Open Tennis Odds

Odds are the most important component of betting, and you need to be highly careful about that. Odds are denoted with a number preceded by + or – signs. The “+” states the amount you might win on a $100 bet, and the “– “ sign denotes the money you need to bet to get $100. For instance, if a player has +400 odds, that means you will get $400 for a $100 bet. When the players have -400 odds, you will have to bet $400 to win $100. There’s no rocket science involved in learning to read odds; you just need to understand the working of each sign.

Betting Tips For French Open Fans

Legal French Open tennis betting won’t come easy if you don’t have a strategy. You must have gameplay that can lead you to success. Here are a few tips that you must keep up your sleeve.

  • Understand The Style: To formulate a potent strategy, you need to understand the serving and returning of the players. As mentioned earlier, clay courts are slower; it doesn’t give much of a chance to big servers. So you must keenly watch the match and understand a style of playing, as the French Open style will be entirely different from that of Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open. An excellent returner is good to keep as it helps in putting pressure on the opponent.
  • Don’t Rely on Tiebreaks: If you think you will get a chance on the next tiebreaks, you might have to lose a few bucks. French Open will hardly witness a tiebreaking match. Let’s take an example of French Open 2020, where Djokovic went through only 27 tie breaks compared to the 37 at the Australian Open and 41 at the US Open. When you are predicting a set going for tie break, think twice about whether it will happen or not.
  • Steer Clear From Bet On Injured Players: Often players return from a fresh injury. Even though they are fit to play, their performance might drop a bit, and you cannot take a chance there. Stamina and athleticism are highly important in the game of tennis. So when you are betting at Roland-Garros, try to avoid players who have injury concerns. Choose players who are at the peak of their performance and can pull up a great show.
  • Never Hesitate For In-Play Betting: Imagine two well-performing players are against each other, and it is difficult to choose who is favored to win the French Open; you can always incline to in-play betting. You can see how players set the field and take out their best strategy to win. The idea behind in-play betting is to first watch them play and then put your wager.
  • Always Go For Irresistible Force: There has been only one athlete who has dominated a sport like this. He has bagged 11 French Open Titles and adorned the name of King of the Clay. When you have someone against Rafael, you can blindly keep your faith and money on Rafael. No other sport has such dominance. Unless Rafael is a bit under the weather, he will always pull up a great show. He is the irresistible force that you can always trust.


Due to the COVID-19 situation, the French Open schedule was changed from May to September to October. Rafael Nadal lifted the Roland Garros cup. There were many French Open tennis favorites who were quite popular in the betting arena. With the help of French Open tennis betting, players were able to win amazing rewards, especially those who put their money on Rafael. We have tried to cover everything you need to know about French Open tennis betting in this guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It legal to bet on French Open tennis online?
Yes, you need to find French Open tennis betting sites to provide you with wagering services to you.
How much does it cost to play in the French Open Tennis?
Professional players, both minor and major, are not required to pay any entry fees. However, sometimes they have to bear their own expenses.
When is French Open tennis 2021?
It will begin on May 23rd, 2021.
How can I check odds for French Open tennis betting?
The French Open odds are easily available at different sportsbooks. Also, there are odds checking sites that will give you live updates of the odds position.
Can I win real money with French Open tennis betting?
Yes, you can win real money from wagering on the French Open. Just select real money French Open betting sites to wager from.
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