Best American League Baseball Betting Sites Review

Online sports betting has been increasing in the country for quite a few years now. Bettors are able to bet on their favorite sports with comfort and convenience. Online sportsbooks are way too revolutionized than the retail sportsbook that has made the entire process much easier for the people. There are plenty of leagues and championships that emerge as the most favorite among the people when it comes to sports wagering in the country. If you have a keen interest in baseball, you cannot miss the American League baseball betting. Yes, betting on American League Baseball is one of the many interests of American bettors. You just need to look for the best online baseball betting sites that can offer a wide range of wagering options and amazing rewards. In this guide, we are going to talk about the American League baseball betting and everything you need to know about it. Let’s Get Started!
Published: Oct 4, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best American League Baseball Sportsbooks

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


American League And It’s Difference From Other Leagues

It is one of the two championship leagues that makes Major League Baseball. American League is the best of seven playoffs that makes it unique from the others. The playoff is conducted between the two winners of the American League Division Series. The winner of the American League Championship Series advances to the world series and MLB series to finally compete with the National League winner. The William Harridge Trophy is given to the ALCS winner.

Top American League Sportsbooks

There are plenty of online baseball betting sites that you can take into consideration. However, in order to choose the best, you need to do a little homework. To further ease your hassle of finding the best platform, we have aligned some of the top-rated sportsbooks along with their bonus offers for you.

DraftKingsWelcome Bonus: $1000

Deposit Bonus: $500

FanDuelDeposit Bonus: $1000 Risk Free Bet
PointsBEtDeposit Match Bonus: Upto $250 Risk Free Bet

Deposit $50 to get $150

Deposit $250 to get $300

Deposit $250 to get $500

SugarHouse100% Deposit Bonus: Up to $250
CaesarsNo Deposit Bonus: $10

100% Match Bonus: $300

MGM Sportsbook100% Deposit Bonus: Up to $250

$100 Free Bets

Golden NuggetSign Up Bonus: $100 Risk Free Bet
William HillDeposit Bonus: $500

Types of Best Baseball Bets

  • Run Line Bets: It is the most popular type of bet you will find for baseball. With this wager, you have to pick the game-winner. You need to bet on the number of runs they will win from or the number of runs they will lose by. The run line gives you an opportunity to bet on a team that you think can overpower but might lose the game.
  • First Five Innings: It is similar to the first half of a football or basketball game. You need to bet on the result after the first five innings in a game. Instead of the individual score, you will be betting on the outcome of the first five innings with this wager type.
  • Over/Under: It is the most straightforward type of wager, which is also known as totals. As a bettor, you need to be on the total number of runs, which will be either above or below the sportsbook’s threshold.
  • Moneyline: Moneyline is as simple as it can get, you are directly betting on a team, and you win if they win. You don’t need to worry about any spreads or run lines. The more probability of a team’s winning, the lesser will be your pay. The lesser team’s probability of winning, the more you receive. That’s how it goes.

  • Series Bets: Series bets are everything that it sounds like; you need to bet on the series. You need to wager on a team that is likely to win the entire series. Odds will be adjusted according to the probability of winning. This type of bet is ideal when you are wagering championship series.
  • Prop Bets: It is simply wagering on the possibility of an event. You simply have to bet on the answer to a question; you can place your wager on either yes or no. For instance, Team X will score Y runs, and you need to bet on yes or no. It is the best way to win more if you are a beginner.

Betting Tips for American League Matches

  • Never Ignore The Run Line: Betting on a favorite can be tough if the odds are against your favor unless you consider the run line. They work like spreads on basketball or football matches. Though it makes a bet harder to win, it’s worth the risk. It is not strange to see your favorite at Moneyline -200, presenting you a higher risk bet. You can pick the -200 team at a -1.5 line for better odds. This will give you extra confidence while wagering in such situations.
  • Check-Up Individual Matchups: Believe it or not, baseball is an individual sport when it comes to betting. Comparing the individual matchups is more important than looking at the team’s stats. For instance, you will notice that some players tend to hit historically well even against the game’s top pitchers. You never know when you can find value in a player. It is advised to always look for individual matchups before anything.
  • Prop Bets for Low Bets and High Rewards: Prop bets are usually considered for amateurs who are new to the industry. However, as long as you don’t make it your winning strategy, you can use prop bets every now and then win more. When you see there is no scope to sneak in some rewards, you can incline towards prop bets and get maximum rewards. You can take a chance on the power hitter and see if he can swing you some points.

Betting Tips

  • Use The Right Tools: It is important to use the right tools to make your wagering endeavor much straightforward. You also need to check the player’s statistics, sportsbook review, injuries report to shape your wagering decisions. Search for the legal sites that can provide you with the required details regarding wagering.
  • Check The Schedule: You need to check the schedule of the matches that will give you a better understanding. Check whether your favorite team is playing on the home ground or not. Teams playing on their home grounds are more likely to win in a majority of cases. It would also help to check how much teams have to travel before they reach the ground; it will determine the health and performance during the matches. You need to look for all these factors before you can place them.


American League real money betting sites have provided a great avenue for bettors to exercise their wagering skills and win amazing rewards. Baseball is among the favorite games for Americans; hence the wagering tendencies always seem to be increasing. American League Championship Series is the biggest event for bettors where they can wager in large numbers. The 2020 season was scheduled to kickstart from March this year, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The season resumed in July and stretched to October end.

Following all the protocols and social distancing, the matches were commenced successfully. Tampa Bay Rays successfully defeated Houston Astros to bag the championship. There have been plenty of changes in the rules after the pandemic struck the world and even affected the sports industry. People are hopeful that next year’s season will be filled with enthusiasm, and spectators can also be a part of it. This guide covered everything you would like to know about the American League Baseball game and its betting information. We have covered all the nitty-gritty of wagering on this sport and how you can make the most of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I bet on American League online?

You need to look for legal American League Baseball betting platforms in the country. Some of the best sites include DraftKings, FanDuel, SugarHouse, William Hill, etc.

What is the main factor to consider while betting on American League?

Considering the odds and the run line is highly important while wagering on these tournaments. You cannot miss out on these points if you want to make your betting successful.

How Does prop bets work in American League Betting?

It is an event-based wager that happens within the match or tournament. There are basically yes or no propositions; you can also expect multiple choice propositions. You need to wager on either yes or no to the question set by the sportsbook.

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