A Guide to the Best ECHL Betting Sites Online

Published: Mar 4, 2023 Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Like all other sports, hockey has grown to accommodate a large fan base from viewers. Among these fans are devoted bettors who hope to make money from their analytical and predicting skills. ECHL hockey betting has become commonplace among individuals who use betting websites or an ECHL betting app to place wagers and win money. In this piece, we will discuss all you need to know about setting on an ECHL hockey game, what the season holds, and how to get in on the action.

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About ECHL Hockey Game

The ECHL (previously known as East Coast Hockey League) is a minor hockey league in the US that is played by 25 professional teams and two teams from Canada. The association has partnerships with the NHL (National Hockey League) and the AHL (American Hockey League), which allows them to share players among themselves through transfers. Players from the ECHL have the prospect of being promoted to more mainstream leagues like the AHL and NHL to further their hockey ambitions.

The league began in 1988 and originally had five teams. The league has now grown to become backed bus one of the biggest brands, including Geico, Howie’s, Ticket Galaxy, and other brands that lend support to the league. Games are played during the season, and there are off-season periods where players rest or can be transferred or promoted. The roster limit for teams in the ECHL is 20 active player roster minus injured or reserve players.

Best Hockey ECHL Betting Websites

ECHL hockey betting can be carried out on various platforms, but you must use trusted ECHL real money betting sites. In this section, we have curated some of the best websites you can use and their bonuses and promo codes where applicable. Here are our best picks for your wagering pleasure:

SportsbookBonusPromo codes
DraftKings$20 deposit bonus.

$1000 risk-free bonus.

No Available promo codes.
FanDuel$1000 risk-free bonus.

$5 free sign-up cash

No available promo codes.
PointsBet$250 deposit bonusMAXBONUS


SugarHouse$250 bonus offer

$250 deposit bonus



Caesars$10 free play bonus

Up to $300 first deposit bonus

MGM Sportsbook$500 deposit match

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Golden Nugget$100 free bet

$50 refunded on losing bets

William HillOver $300 free bet.

$500 bonus on a $250 deposit.


There are many more betting websites available in the USA. If you are not satisfied with the listed websites, you can research online to discover other sites that may suit your betting tastes. Ensure you’re betting on ECHL hockey using legal betting sites to avoid breaking the law or getting scammed by fraudsters.

Types of ECHL Bets You can Wager Available

Hockey, like all other sports, has various types of bet that are tailored to fit the style of play. Most online hockey betting sites will have all or most of these bet types available on hockey betting websites. Here in this section, we will discuss some of the most popular bet types available to punters.

  • Over/Under Bets: Over/under bets allow gamers to place wagers on the total number of actions that may occur during the game. For example, you can wager the total number of goals in the match, fouls, or any other match outcomes.  This is a favorite for individuals who find it hard to predict the outcome of the match.
  • Puck Line Bets: These are bets that have a set point spread of -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdogs. These bets make the underdogs favorite as it adds security to your bet due to the extra monetary benefits. These bets tend to attract risk-takers and heavy money betting.
  • Regulation Time Bets: Regulation time bets are set at -0.5 for the favorites and +0.5 for the underdogs. This bet is taken when you believe one team will dominate another during regulation time. It is also enticing to bettors who want to earn a little extra for their efforts.
  • NHL Parlay Bets: These bets allow players to pick multiple teams, and they only get paid if these teams win their matches. This is a popular betting type, and it one of the most competitive because it is hard to pick out what teams may perform well on game day even when they are favorites.

What Season is ECHL Betting the Biggest?

hockey bettingECHL hockey betting is biggest when the season is ongoing. During off-seasons, betting tends to drop as there are no ongoing games available. Bettors flock to other ongoing leagues and keep the spirit alive until the season returns. If you want to partake in the betting community of hockey enthusiasts,  you will need to follow the news and stories coming from the sport. Ensure you keep yourself up to date with information from sports news outlets and official team pages.  Also, pay attention to news about training and club signings as these may affect team strategies going forward. Many betting channels provide this information to their bettors during the off season to keep them engaged and informed until the season resumes from the break.

ECHL Betting Tips

Mobile EHCL betting has made it quick and easy for bettors to make wagers. This speed may result in bettors taking less time out to make proper bets with their money. Betting on ECHL hockey can be made fruitful by following our tips in this section. Only use registered online hockey betting sites to engage in ECHL hockey betting. This will prevent you from being scammed or falling for fraudulent websites. Use available online tools to check odds and monitor team performances as head to head scores. This way, you can avoid making blind bets and make informed wagers based on available information. Check the weather and other external conditions which may affect the total output of teams playing. It is always best to have as much information you can to avoid losing money on bad wagers. Avoid copying bets from other punters and always double-check your picks before placing your final order. Never try to place bets on odds before understanding what you are wagering, and always try to reach out for customer support if you have any inquiries or encounter any difficulty while betting on ECHL hockey.

Latest Updates About ECHL Betting

The ECHL, like every other sport, was affected by the coronavirus outbreak; hence they had to shut down all games until the pandemic subsided. News coming from the ECHL says that the new official date for season return is 11 December 2020. This return date will be for the 2020/2021 season. Mobile ECHL online betting can therefore resume once the games kick-off, and bettors who have been waiting on the sidelines can get into full gear once more. The hockey league has had some news about player transfers, which are set to boost the teams in this coming season. The Florida Everglades, Norfolk Admirals, Toledo Walleye, Brandon Beasts, and Atlanta Gladiators are among some of the groups that cannot wait to start thrilling audiences once the season begins.


If you wish to partake in ECHL hockey betting, you will need to make enough inquiries before diving headfirst into the sport. In this article, we have broken down most aspects of the sport, including how to make proper bets. We have also touched on the types of bets available to bettors and various legal ECHL betting websites that you can use to engage in this. You should ensure that you monitor teams both during and out of season to get a good idea of their form and player stats, as this will help you to make formed decisions about your ahl betting lines bets. You should also familiarise yourself with the type of bets available and make wagers accordingly.

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Where can I bet on ECHL Online?

There are various websites online where you can engage in ECHL betting. We have created the list of some of these websites and their bonuses in the sections above.

What is the main factor to consider while betting on ECHL?

When betting on ECHL, there are many factors to consider, and these include player forms, team performance over time, weather, and player injuries. Checking these stats will drastically improve your chances of winning.

Will there be an ECHL hockey season in 2022?

Yes, there will be an ECHL season. The ECHL and the PHPA (Professional Hockey Players Association) jointly announced that the 2021/2022 season would begin on 21 October 2021.

How do prop bets work in ECHL betting?

When wagering on prop bets, your odds are fixed when you place your bet. Therefore, when you win, you are paid based on the odds as at the time you placed the bet.

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