Scoreboard Sportsbook Review

Scoreboard Sportsbook Review

Published: Aug 27, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

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Scoreboard Sportsbook
Scoreboard Sportsbook
Scoreboard Sportsbook
Scoreboard Sportsbook
Scoreboard Sportsbook
Scoreboard Sportsbook

Scoreboard sportsbook sports betting was launched in the State of Oregon on the 17th of October 2019. It was brought to light by the famous company SBTech, a world leader in the sports betting industry. Doing this was possible with the support of the Oregon State Lottery, who are partners with SBTech.

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    It stands as a top betting site in the State of Oregon with legal rights of accepting real cash sports wagers on the internet. In 2018, the Supreme Court decided to scrap the federal sports betting prohibition PAPSA. Oregon was luckily in a unique position as one of the states with official legalization. These conditions paved the way for the development of the Scoreboard sportsbook. Overall, the Scoreboard sportsbook has impressively functioned actively for almost a year. So, you should trust the company if you may have doubts. This article will give you a comprehensive Scoreboard sportsbook review and provide you with everything you need to know. They offer convenience, entertainment, and fun above many others. Impressively, they also provide in-game betting and allow users to take advantage of real-time circumstances.

    Places Where the Scoreboard Oregon Lottery is Available

    The sportsbook is a common lottery sportsbook. However, it is only predominant in a single State.

    Oregon betting

    A few years back, Oregon was one of the few numbered States with official legislation. Due to this, the scoreboard sportsbook easily accessed the betting market to offer certain kinds of sports betting via Sports Action. The game was the previous one provided between 1989 – 2007. However, it came crumbling after the threat by NCAA to withhold staging championship events in Oregon. After the revoke of PAPSA, states on the East Coast unified legalized sports betting. Later on, the Oregon Lottery was picked to establish the adjusted wagering back to Oregon. The Oregon Lottery has earned a lot since the commenced selling tickets in April 1935. Scoreboard sportsbook still has legitimate plans to launch their offers in more states.  Moreover, they are also looking to expand their partnership to help make sports betting more favorable for players around the United States.

    Oregon Lottery Scoreboard Bonus Code & Promotions

    DFS leagues

    Scoreboard sportsbook bonuses are impressive for bettors. They offer bonuses for new-comers and daily players. Asides from these benefits, they also provide a rolling bonus or remarkable scoreboard promo code offers. The Scoreboard sportsbook initially didn’t have any exciting offers available for players. Fortunately, their marketing team keeps working to improve the promo codes Scoreboard Sportsbook offers to bettors.

    Moreover, the sportsbook provides relatively free bet and bonuses that are beneficial to players. Qualifying for their rewards and promo requires you to create an account and having an active account for withdrawal. The initial free bet is also not returned when the bet is settled. A risk-free bet, on the other hand, is a bet placed by players with money. If the bet is lost one way or the other, money gets refunded to the player. To check out a free bet, you can find the Bonus information tab under the account menu. At every moment where this is used alongside money, it gets refunded when the player loses a bet.

    Loyalty Programs & Special Offers by Scoreboard Online Betting Sportsbook

    On the official website, they claim to offer the Scoreboard Specials, which is only available in Oregon. Clicking the specials activates some unique Oregon Lottery Scoreboard wagers built primarily for the players. Clicking leads to the population of the bet slip to get exciting results. While using the app, the Scoreboard sportsbook specials get updated every day. These features, including the same-game parlay options, are only available to Oregonians.

    Scoreboard Gaming Odds & Live Betting

    The available odds are easy to use. Primarily, they represent the probability of a specific event happening. These events are mostly sports results that may or may not take place. You can view your Scoreboard sportsbook odds on their site using the American style, Decimal, or Fractional. Please note that in setting odds, the probability implied by the odds should be much higher than the actual possibility for each of the outcomes to ensure a great experience. The bookmaker or player will profit if the wagers on each outcome are created in ratio to the implied odds.

    This sportsbook provides an excellent and engaging live betting menu. For engagement, a list of snap bets and prop bets are available. The Snap bets are bets focused on the up-next play of a sporting event. These kinds of bets are strictly meant for fun, especially those watching the game live. Moreover, they provide a live match tracker, post-game results, and statistics. Wagers feel connected to a game when they use the live match tracker even when they are not directly watching the game.

    Top Sports Scoreboard App

    mobile app

    Several available sports keep up the engagement in the game, including the Scoreboard sportsbook football contest. They give players more options for sports betting and placing their odds. The list below shows the available sports that you can wager on the Scoreboard sportsbook. Please, note that the record shows top games from professional leagues. Currently, its lines do not consist of NCAA sports. With that, the app doesn’t stop offering sports from professional associations like the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL. Here’s a full list:

    • Basketball
    • Golf
    • Soccer
    • MMA
    • Handball
    • Volleyball
    • Baseball
    • Football
    • Tennis
    • Motor racing
    • Rugby union
    • Snooker and pool
    • Volleyball
    • Boxing
    • Cricket
    • Hockey
    • Darts
    • Motor racing

    Please, note that bettors are permitted to place single-game wagers and also parley bets. Also, in-play wagering will be available for them. The Scoreboard provides a cash-out option for bettors to maximize early payouts to boot. They are also allowed to capitalize on early payouts or to salvage possible losses.

    Types of Bet on The Scoreboard Sportsbook

    Bettors don’t have to know all the methods available to place bets on a wager. All they need to understand is a single type of bet. Below are the different types of bets offered by Scoreboard Sportsbook:

    • Parlays: Typically, this deals with several chances. Possible winnings grow with more legs or wagers, but the risk is also higher. A single loss stops parlay from paying out. This kind of bet requires you to predict the outcome of all games or choose otherwise correctly.
    • Spreads: This type of bet deals with what is generally referred to as underdogs and favorites. It’s also synonymous with an “equalizer.” In this betting type, players can risk their money on both the underdogs and the favorites. Bettors may bet on the favorite to win by more than the set spread or underdog to lose by less than the spread.
    • Teasers: This type of wagering is very similar to the parlay. The primary difference is that it circles point spreads. Bettors are permitted to adjust these point spreads but result in lower returns.

    • In-play betting: In this type of betting, odds are shifted depending on how the game turns out. During a match, bettors can watch the movement or trend of the game and bet on specific outcomes.
    • Futures: Unlike the other types of bet, futures are placed over a long period. The players are allowed to wager at the start of a league or in-between to choose the team that they think will win the league or the MVP award.
    • Moneyline: In this type of bet, you can pick a team with a straight win without a point spread. Sportsbook offers lines based on a hundred-dollar wager. For this type, the risk is the money you need to bet to pick the favorite against the possible win if the underdog was selected.
    • Props: The ‘props’ represents a proposition. Any wager based on player performance or a specific aspect of the entire game is called the props bet. For instance, bettors may bet on points scored, yards covered, penalty scored, and the likes.
    • Totals: The total is another type of single bet similar to the “moneyline.” Here, you predict whether two teams will score over or under a specific number. The particular number is usually referred to as a ‘set total.’

    Scoreboard Sportsbook Mobile Apps

    bet on MLS online

    Bettors love this sportsbook because it’s accessible on both iOS and Android. On these two devices, bettors are confident of its performance and general functionality. The application functions well enough for both tablets and smartphones. It doesn’t just stop at that. The sportsbook has the best interest of their bettors in mind. People who want to have all the betting experience on their computers can wager on the company website. There, they can wager professional sports. On iOS and Android, the application allows for engagement and also making maximum revenue for the State of Oregon.

    Downloading The Scoreboard Sportsbook App

    Downloading the scoreboard sportsbook app is not challenging at all. You can either download it for Android phones via the official website or via your iOS device via the Apple Store. The Scoreboard has the best Android app for bettors in Oregon.

    • On Android Devices: For bettors to use this app on Android devices, they need to visit Scoreboard directly and search for the available download link for Androids.
    • On iOS: The steps to download the Scoreboard app are direct and straightforward. You may also visit their website directly or sign in to the App Store, search, and download from there.

    Customer Service

    Bettors always have questions to ask as regards several things. Some people may have technical faults, and they need immediate rectification. Since betting deals with a lot of people’s money, there has to be a form of support. Thankfully, their customer services concentrate on offering detailed, structured, and helpful answers to regular questions. They also provide 24/7 live chat with agents through the phone and via email. In most cases, they always reply as fast as possible.

    Deposit & Withdrawal Methods for the Scoreboard Sportsbook

    There are a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods. The presence of multiple means of deposit and withdrawal allows for flexibility and versatility. Withdrawal typically takes place within 24 hours to 72 hours, depending on certain factors. Deposit and withdrawals are in dollars. After setting up your account, you can deposit using:

    Withdrawal method

    • Online Banking

    Minimum deposit: $10

    Maximum withdrawal: The maximum withdrawal limit solely depends on the method employed.

    Scoreboard Sportsbook Market Position and Competitors

    Scoreboard sportsbook is one of the best sports betting providers in the United States. However, it is based in Oregon for the meantime. There are plans to move ahead and expand to other states. There are so many rules that govern sportsbooks in the United States of America, especially in Oregon. For instance, you must be 21 years of age before taking a bet in Oregon. The same rules apply to a lot of other companies in the betting industry. Here is a list of them:

    Latest News on Scoreboard Sportsbook

    Early in the year 2020, most international sporting activities were postponed due to the pandemic. This event affected the entertainment that most people had at the palm of their hands, but it also affected betting companies worldwide. Most stakeholders in the sports betting society, including the Scoreboard sportsbook, felt the pandemic’s dangerous effects. Bettors were unable to place their bets because there was no game, which affected several people around Oregon and beyond.

    Several stakeholders in the sports betting industry have put in so much effort in matching sports leagues’ innovative efforts by utilizing esports and other online competitions as a chance to engage fans and create a source of money flow due to the previous losses.

    For instance, the scoreboard sportsbook and others lost close to $4 billion due to the loss of NCAA men’s basketball tournament. However, with the recent developments in the sports industry, betting is back in play.


    The Scoreboard Sportsbook remains one of the top companies in the wagering market. Although the sportsbook is based in Oregon in the meantime, it still does an excellent job for the Oregonian bettors by providing impressive promotions, bonuses, and attractive offers. They provide versatility in terms of the sports that are available to play. Also, bettors are encouraged by the flexibility in both withdrawal and deposit methods. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic dragged the sportsbook down by several inches making them lose a lot of income. Thankfully, the company is actively working to improve their services at every point in time. The Scoreboard Sportsbook online review shows it’s highly recommended for bettors looking for a service to trust.

    Choosing the right sportsbook is a complicated process that requires you to check different platforms before you start playing. Fortunately, we prepared all information in our reviews, so it is highly recommended to read these articles to learn more about other websites in the US and pick up the best one:

    Scoreboard Sportsbook FAQ

    Is Scoreboard online sportsbook legal in the US?

    At the moment, the Scoreboard online sportsbook is legal in Oregon. However, the company has plans to expand into other states in the US.

    Who owns Scoreboard Sportsbook?

    SBTech created the sportsbook. This company launched it around October 2019.

    Should I be 21 to play on Scoreboard Sportsbook?

    Due to the laws of the State, players have to be at the age of 21. Ages below 21 are considered dependent and immature to cover the costs of sports betting.

    How can I withdraw winnings from Scoreboard Sportsbook?

    Withdrawal from Scoreboard Sportsbooks is relatively easy. Bettors need to use either of the available withdrawal methods with are PayPal, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and PayWithMyBank ACH.

    Can I download Scoreboard Sportsbook on my iPhone?

    Downloading the scoreboard sportsbook app is not a difficult task. You may choose to download either by going directly to their website. Also, you could download using the AppStore.

    Are there any live sports betting options available at Scoreboard?

    Scoreboard offers all kinds of betting options. One of the available betting options is live-betting, which makes bettors shift odds depending on the game's trend.

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