Top Wimbledon Betting Sites for 2022

Tennis has remained one of the most popular sports to bet on. Many fans are excited to see the legendary Wimbledon tournament every year live. However, what if you can also bet on who is favourite to win Wimbledon? There are plenty of  Wimbledon betting sites where you can place wagers on your favorite players. You can do it from the comfort of your home on your laptop, or bet on your mobile on the go. In this article, you'll find out all the details about legal Wimbledon betting, best online Wimbledon betting sites, and all the recent updates on this fan-favorite tournament
Published: Oct 5, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Tennis

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook


Pointsbet Sportsbook

Pointsbet Sportsbook



A Few Words About Wimbledon

The history of Wimbledon Championships goes back to 1877. Not many people know that it originally took place at a croquet venue. Now the tournament takes place every year in Wimbledon, London. Men’s and women’s singles finals are, without a doubt, the key events that you would like to bet on. However, there are also doubles, as well as junior singles and doubles that attract just as much attention from dedicated tennis fans. If you want to bet on individual Wimbledon games, you should know all about the rules of Wimbledon, its scoring system, etc.

Best Wimbledon Online Betting Sites in The US

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Bets on Events Within Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon tournaments fans will be happy to find out that there are several types of bets you can place throughout the event. Match bets, bets on players in finals, number of aces, total winner or first-set winner – the options are more than plenty for those who want to watch their favorite games while winning real money. When set betting, remember that Men’s Singles outcomes are determined throughout five sets, unlike women’s singles that have three.

Wimbledon betting is available to players pre-match, in-match, as well as after the game has concluded. If you don’t feel like risking when betting on single matches, you can look for greater odds on a broader level. Moreover, legal Wimbledon betting with one of the reputable online sports gambling platforms can help you earn bonuses and special promotions from gambling platforms. As one of the key Grand Slam events, Wimbledon always attracts the attention of reputable sportsbooks that, in turn, try to make the most attractive offer to their clients.

Wimbledon Betting Terms: Crucial Vocabulary for Fans

So you want to bet on someone who’s favored to win Wimbledon – but how do you find a bet that allows you to do just that? Take a look at this brief list of useful betting terms for Wimbledon betting.

  • Moneyline – that same bet where you wager on a player you believe will win the game.
  • Props – more rare bets, for example, on the exact score. Naturally, the closest you get to an estimated number of games, the better it is for you.
  • Live betting – a type of tennis betting that’s extremely popular among fans. As the game is still in full swing, you can monitor the odds closely and wager on the successfully caught chances in the live game.
  • A handicap – a special element to watch out for when certain players are given advantage. While bettors who choose moneyline wagers root for a potential match winner, you can also wager on how a particular player performs irrespective of the game.

Wimbledon Live Odds: Learn to Recognize Your Chance

As we’ve mentioned before, Wimbledon odds can be found on official websites of bookmakers, as well as on special websites that keep track of all the odds on sports. Usually, bettors will see the odds on their preferred real money Wimbledon betting sites. Negative icons on players signify a favorite, while a positive odds boost stands for an underdog. The odds for next year’s tournament are available within days of the previous tournament’s conclusion.

Simply keep yourself updated on the odds and choose your favorite types of bets. Soon as you start placing wagers on players, sets, and scores, you’ll figure out when and how to best adjust your bets. Many online Wimbledon betting sites allow you to opt out of a wager when the game is still in full swing.

How to Bet on Wimbledon: Rules and Tips for New & Experienced Players

Of course, one of the most important rules to follow when betting on Wimbledon is to be well aware of the odds. Although you might want to bet on your favorite tennis player, your decision should be based on a critical approach. One helpful tip for both new and experienced players will be to pay attention to how different players perform on grass. Although grass court is a uniform standard for the majority of players, some will have the tendency to play worse than on any other type of court or field. Another tip on betting on Wimbledon is to back big-servers. In this respect, there are many underdogs that may come strong even against big names in tennis.

How Has the Pandemic Affected Wimbledon?

Many fans around the world were deeply disappointed to find out that Wimbledon Championships 2020 had been cancelled. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many fans did not get the chance to bet on their favorite games and players on a fully legalized and licensed online sportsbook. We know that Wimbledon is scheduled to start on June23, and that they decided not to cast a public ballot this time. Keep checking in with this page to learn about all the updates on the tournaments in 2022. Additionally, while the wait for Wimbledon renewal continues, tennis fans should definitely look out for other upcoming tennis tournaments as well. Nitto ATP Finals have just taken place, but there are more events coming up as hopefully the situation with the pandemic improves.


Legal WImbledon betting has been a favorite type of sports betting for many tennis fans since the legalization of sports wagering. Today, all fans are holding their breath waiting for the coronavirus outbreak to end and their favorite games and players to return to court. If you’re a tennis enthusiast, but you’re new to betting on tennis, wagering on Wimbledon is one of the best ways to combine two things. It’s the pleasure of watching your favorite sports but at the same time a real chance to win big money. Next year, Wimbledon is hopefully coming back, and the sportsbook will rush to offer special offers for tennis fans who bet with them. Look out for these opportunities or visit one of online Wimbledon betting sites today.

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Is it legal to bet on Wimbledon online?

Yes. Wimbledon online sports betting is 100% legal in the states where sports betting has been legalized.

What is set betting?

Set betting is when wager on how many sets a particular game of tennis will have. For example, you can bet on the 3-1 or 3-0 sets match outcome - the betting odds are typically great for players.

How can I check odds for Wimbledon betting?

Most online Wimbledon betting sites will display the odds for upcoming matches. Alternatively, there are oddschecker-type of websites where you can look it up as well.

Can I win real money with Wimbledon betting?

Yes! Visit one of the real money Wimbledon betting sites mentioned in this review and start placing wagers on Wimbledon tournaments to win big.

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