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Every year, in January, an annual international tennis tournament, the Hopman Cup is held in Australia. On an indoor hardcourt, around eight mixed-gender teams are selected, starting the tennis season and leading-up to the Australian Open. In this article, you will get to know everything about Hopman Cup betting ods.
Published: Oct 5, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Hopman Cup Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


History of Hopman Cup

After an Australian tennis coach and player, Harry Hopman, the tournament, the Hopman Cup, was revealed. From 1938 to 1969, he led his nation in 15 Davis Cups. Begun in 1989, the Hopman Cup is an official event on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) calendar. From the Fed Cup and Davis Cup, it is relatively different as it combines both female and male players.

Aspects To Consider On Hopman Cup Online Betting

If you wish to go ahead with Hopman Cup tennis betting, you must know about a few aspects first. Without knowing the factors, how can you win bets?

  • Study about the teams: Ensure that you are aware of the teams taking part in the Hopman Cup tournament to bet on 2022 Hopman Cup tennis. It’s impossible to place bets on events and wins them without prior knowledge.
  • Learning about the players: Check if the players have come across any surgery or pain recently, which can affect the games. Additionally, collect information about their past performances to have a rough idea of what can be expected from them.

Top Online Hopman Cup Betting Sites

If you are in doubt as to which website to go with, the list below will give a brief idea about it.


In DraftKings, you get a bonus of $200 with a free bet of $35 as soon as you sign up. It is the first website in the United States after online betting got legalized. To register on the website, punters need to be at least 18 years old, and various payment systems are also available like PayPal, debit or credit cards, ADCH, etc.


After a while of DraftKings, FanDuel was launched with a risk-free bet of $500. The website is amazingly done with loyalty offers, and players must be 21 years to sign up. The signing up process is simple, and after providing the details, you can quickly do it within minutes. To make Hopman Cup predictions, it’s important that you sign up first.


By using the promo code 1000POINTS, you get a $1000 match bonus and a $20 free bet. The website is known for its user-friendly interface and easier navigation system. When it comes to reliability and quality both, you can prefer going to this website.

William Hill

When it comes to considering reputation, SugarHouse is an eminent website. There is no question in the experience that you receive when you sign up for the account. Alongside that, different payment options are offered like PayNearMe, eCheck, credit and debit cards, etc. By using a promo code WHGAMBLER500, you can get a bonus of $500.


While signing up on this platform, you get a welcome bonus of $250. It also offers many attractive offers to the existing players, and the minimum deposit and withdrawal fee is quite low. Once you start using their website, you will never live to go for others.


Undoubtedly, Caesars offers a bundle of promos from time to time so that their players are kept entertained. The website is designed with high graphics, and it has earned huge popularity. Their land-based casinos, restaurants, and hotels were also quite famous and successful. In a reputed website, like Caesars, you get a 100% match up to $300.


Do not forget to use a match bonus of $250 by typing the code SUGARGAMBLER. Make sure that you are 21 years old; otherwise, you cannot register. Many bets are provided by the top online store, and you won’t come across any issue with the payment options as well. Compared to any other gambling platform, the withdrawal time is faster.

Golden Nuggets

In this particular website, you get a $500 risk-free net and a $1000 and make the most of it. Start your journey with the best gambling website, Golden Nuggets. From VIP programs, loyalty offers, free bets, you will get everything. While using the website, you will not come across any difficulty.

However, if you are looking for a fun and exciting experience gambling experience, make sure that you choose any of the websites from here.

Hopman Cup Bet Types

Before moving ahead, let’s check the types of bets. Knowing the bets will help you use them appropriately.

  • Tournament Winner: It is a part wager on Hopman Cup futures markets, and Hopman Cup odds are framed after the players participating in the event are announced. Here, select the country pair who will win the ATP Hopman Cup.
  • Match up head to head: Choose the country who is favorite to win Hopman Cup tennis. Suppose the United States is going against Australia, so select a team that will emerge as a winner.
  • To make the final: It also comes under future markets and you need to choose a pair who will play the finals.
  • Set betting: Multiple types of set betting are there, but the famous ones include correct match score, set lines, and how many sets a tennis player will make to win.
  • Head to head match: The focus in this type of betting is on the individual matches, and you need to choose one team that will win the tournament.

Hopman Cup Betting Bonuses

Different types of bonuses are offered by the legal Hopman Cup betting website. To know what kind of bonuses they are offering, you need to visit the mobile Hopman Cup tennis betting. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Cash Signup Bonus: In this, when you sign up for the retail sportsbook, you get some amount while making the first deposit.
  • Free Bet Bonus: Here, the sites allow you to make a free bet by offering a certain amount in advance.
  • Refer-A-Friend: When you refer someone to sign up for the licensed and regulated live betting website, you can win some rewards.
  • Other Bonuses: Depending on the website, you can also come across some other bonuses.

Important Terms of Hopman Cup

The terminologies that you must know are:

  • Against the spread: In a bet, instead of placing on the winner, you are making a selection for covering the bets.
  • Accumulator: It is a combination of more than single bets, offering longer odds and bigger winnings. A triple or a double bet is known as an accumulator, while some websites consider four or more bets.
  • Closing Line: A point, after which Hopman Cup odds are set, is termed as the closing line. Prior to this point, odds are adjusted based on the number of wagers.
  • Dutching: For a particular tournament, when you are backing many contenders, ensuring the same amount when any of the teams selected by your wins.

Hopman Cup’s Online Betting Tips

Hopman Cup's Online Betting TipsWithout mentioning the tips regarding how to Bet on Hopman Cup, this review guide will be incomplete. That’s why; a small introduction about the same is given here. Most importantly, punters must check the strategy before they start placing the bets. If they do not plan properly, it would not be possible to win. The first step is to prepare a proper plan. Selecting the leading retail sportsbook is also essential to determine who’s favored to win Hopman Cup tennis. If you choose a random website, you will not get proper promotions and offers. It would be better to select any of the best websites listed above. For making the predictions, you must have an understanding of how the entire process works. Some of the topmost websites are available, offering such details.

Latest News

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hopman Cup tennis odds 2020 have revealed that there has been a decrease in the revenue generation. Many players were not interested in taking a risk when it comes to betting on The Hopman Cup Final. With time, everything has started reviving, and the bettors have started betting through an app for iOS and Android.


Hopefully, with all the above details regarding Hopman Cup tennis 2022 betting, you can place your bet on individual Hopman Cup games. Ensure that you select betting on Hopman Cup online website wisely by looking at the offers. A licensed and certified sports betting website is a must to eliminate unnecessary issues. So, be prepared for the Hopman Cup 2022 to try your hands in online betting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on the Hopman Cup tennis online?

Yes, it is legal.

What date does the Hopman Cup start?

It starts every year in the month of January.

When is the Hopman Cup?

The Hopman Cup has decided to return in 2021. They are looking for a venue, but the date has not yet been fixed.

How can I check odds for Hopman Cup tennis betting?

By signing up for the mobile app or the website, you can check odds for Hopman Cup tennis betting.

How many sets are in the Hopman Cup?

In Hopman Cup favorites, there are 3 sets.

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