MasterCard Online Casino and Betting Payment Method - Full Review

MasterCard Casino

Several platforms offer the MasterCard casino payment method. It is one of the most respected deposit methods used by gambling companies in and out of the United States. However, how reliable is the MasterCard as a method of payment? What platforms in the United States of America make use of this platform? This review article will give you all you need to know about the MasterCard casino USA. Here, you will get to know more about security and licenses as well. Other helpful information you will get from this write-up includes the withdrawal times, withdrawal limits, and the different MasterCard fees.

Top MasterCard accepted Online Casinos to Win Big

TwinSpires Online Casino

TwinSpires Online Casino

100% match up to $500


Caesars Online Casino

Caesars Online Casino



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Detailed 888 Online Casino Review & Bonus Code




How MasterCard Online Casinos Works

The working principle of this method of payment is simple and straightforward.  Also, it works in a very similar way to other typical payment methods. Diving into a little bit of history, it started operation in 1966. It is currently acceptable in over 200 countries around the world.

Obtaining a MasterCard fist requires the individual to apply for one at a bank of choice. If you’re wondering how MasterCard works, you would understand the whole process now. When a customer or, in this case, a bettor pays with the MasterCard, the payment is first authenticated. After this process, the transaction is then submitted. Later on, authorization is requested for the transaction. They get this request and decide to act on it. The last step is payment. Once the payment goes out, the process is complete.

MasterCard Casino Security & Licenses

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Understandably, you need to know more about their security measures and licenses. No one wants to be caught in the web of a poor payment method. Without the right one, you may lose money. For these reasons, checking out the platform you use for your payment is very vital. So, let’s do a quick analysis of the security and licensing. Experiences show that MasterCard values their customers over anything.

We can safely say that the company works towards reaching the excellence mark. They have put down a lot of Safety measures to ensure that every user’s money is completely secure. One of the company’s impressive security features is its zero-liability policy for client protection after unauthorized transactions. If you’re using this method, you can be sure that all responsibility lies in the company’s hands. The firm is legal as well. They are placed under specific licensing laws.

Best MasterCard US Casinos

There are too many platforms that use MasterCard as a payment method. Most online platforms have this as a major payment method. Well, you probably want to know more about these companies. Below, we’d list some American-based casinos that accept MasterCard. Here’s a table that shows the MasterCard casino bonuses:

1.HARD ROCK100% up to $10000 on the initial deposit and a 50 Free Spin bonuses
2.BETMGMUsing the promo code PLAYNJFREE, players can get a 100% match up to $1,000.
3.888CASINO NJ50% match up to $1,000
4.CAESARS100% match up to $300
5.BORGATA100% match up to $600
6.HARRAH’S100% deposit match up to $300
7.HOLLYWOOD100% match up bonus to $500

Online Casinos Depositing with MasterCard

As one of the top methods of deposit, it is vital to know more about this firm. As a payment method, they are widely accepted in most of the top casinos worldwide. Here’s a table that shows the various real money online casinos that accept MasterCard, their deposit limits, and times.

S/NCASINOSMinimum deposit limitDeposit Times
1.HARD ROCK$10Immediate
2.BETMGM$1024 hours
3.888CASINO NJ$10Immediate
4.CAESARS$1024 hours
5.BORGATAUser sets the limitAlmost immediate
7.HOLLYWOOD$10Immediate transfer

Withdrawal with MasterCard

Just as this payment method is vital for deposits, it stays as one of the most used platforms for withdrawals. Most bettors love making use of this withdrawal method because it is highly trusted. The table below shows the MasterCard Withdrawal times and limits.

S/NCASINOSWithdrawal limitWithdrawal Times
1.HARD ROCK$1048 hours
2.BETMGM$103 -5 working days
3.888CASINO NJN/A3-5 working days
4.CAESARS$10Three business days
5.BORGATA$103-5 working days
6.HARRAH’S$2024 hours
7.HOLLYWOODN/A2-3 business days

Casino Currency Conversion

MasterCard is accepted in several casinos worldwide for live casino games to give one of the biggest payouts. How does MasterCard deal with currency conversion? There hasn’t been an issue with currency conversion with common credit cards so far, especially regarding MasterCard. However, bettors may need to pay a specific amount for a conversion fee. Paying conversion fees doesn’t mean the player needs to be physically present to pay the fee. All that needs to be done is the removal of the charge directly from the credit card. The process is fast and easy; you may not even be aware of the process.

MasterCard Mobile Casino

There’s nothing specifically unique when talking about mobile casino games and payment methods.  Most bettors are very familiar with the deposit and withdrawal processes. If you’re a Master Card new casino bettor, you may face a few difficulties. Most old bettors know the entire deposit and withdrawal processes on a mobile MasterCard casino So, here are the steps that may help out:

  • Pick the online casino you plan to use
  • Create an appropriate account with any of the casinos
  • Check out the payment page of the casino
  • Put in your MasterCard details
  • Be patient for confirmation.

Best MasterCard Online Casino Bonuses

There are a couple of exciting MasterCard bonuses available in the United States of America. Here are some from the best MasterCard casinos in the US. These are significant live online casinos that use MasterCard payments. Some of them include (with their bonuses and promotions including the welcome bonuses)::

1.888 casinoUp to $1,500 welcome bonus
2.Betway100% match bonus up to $250
3.Joe Fortune200% welcome bonus up to $1,000
4.CAESARS100% match up to $300
5.BORGATA100% match up to $600
6.Jackpot City$1,600 Welcome Bonus
7.BetOnline100% up to $3,000

MasterCard Deposit And Withdrawal Process

There’s no cause for alarm. Several people face a situation where it seems like the deposit or withdrawal was unsuccessful. Sometimes, you may not be sure whether you’re right. It’s simple to know. First, you need to understand the casino you’re utilizing. You also need to be aware of payouts. At least, it would be best if you tried educating yourself on the navigation. You must use one of the common online casinos that accept MasterCard. Check out the payment section of any of the sites you choose, and confirm your card. If you correctly have your card in there, go and make the deposits or withdrawal. For a deposit, sites give a time range for them. If your deposit still falls within that range, you can be sure of its success. Confirm your deposit by checking your balance on the site.

Fees For MasterCard Payments

Depending on the type of live casino MasterCard you use, they hardly need to remove any money from any bettors’ account. They normally don’t subtract fees except on very few occasions. Most credit card companies generally charge between the range of 1.3% to 3.4% of every credit transaction. You may regard this as a processing fee. Common pricing models for fee deduction include interchange-plus, flat rate, subscription, and tiered.

MasterCard Casino Pros And Cons

This company has done a pretty good job as a casino payment and withdrawal method. However, what are their major pros and cons?


  • Allows bettors to make large deposits
  • Several benefits regarding bonus offers and more
  • It’s very safe and secure
  • It is widely accepted in over 200 countries


  • There may be a few fees or charges during some transactions
  • Not allowed in all casinos

Latest News & Competitors

As it stands, MasterCard has loads of competitors in the gambling market. Examples of the common MasterCard competitors in the United States of America include:

We can comfortably say that MasterCard holds the top position among its competitors. Although other rivals are not doing badly. Regarding general MasterCard news, Germany regulations have put a stop to MasterCard and Visa as major casino transaction payment methods. It seems to be a major problem for Germans and the gambling industry.


Overall, MasterCard does a great job when talking about deposits and withdrawals. Many bettors don’t hesitate to use them for a withdrawal or deposit method. This is because they are highly reputable and respected in the gambling industry. Using MasterCard is a no brainer. Regarding licensing, the company is a fully legalized firm, and it’s allowed in several countries around the world. However, the only problem is that it’s not accepted in some of the casinos worldwide. Although it is safe to say that it is acceptable in a large percentage of casinos. If you’re thinking of whether to choose MasterCard as a payment method, don’t hesitate to choose. As you have seen, they are worth it. Bettors can start playing a variety of casino games. Start playing instantly and trust MasterCard for your banking needs.

Still not sure which payment method is the most suitable for you? Do not worry, we have prepared reviews for other options for your convenience, so you can choose the best deposit and withdrawal method without any fees!


Can I use MasterCard as a payment for a casino?

There are several available payment methods for casinos. However, MasterCard stands as one of the most reputable payment methods. You can comfortably use it for most of the available online casinos.

Can I change payment methods after registration?

Most of the common casinos allow for a change. You may need to understand the casino you're dealing with before trying to change your payment method.

Is MasterCard safe to use for casino payments?

There's no restriction regarding this means of payment. It is a very reputable platform that doesn't give any cause for alarm. However, please ensure that you're dealing with a proper casino site.

What is a more secure Visa or MasterCard?

There's a close relationship between these two credit cards. Visa and MasterCard offer almost the same kinds of protection from card fraud and other kinds of illicit activities when you use them online.

What is better to use for casino payments – debit or credit card?

The kind of card you use depends on your taste and your reason for using it. Debit cards are preferable when dealing with casino payments. However, feel free to choose what you may find preferable.

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