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PayNearMe Online Casino

Today, the rapid evolution of technology has transformed businesses and transactions all over the world. With the introduction of digital payment platforms, people have no choice but to accept these methods. However, there are still too many individuals and businesses who cannot afford to hop unto these methods yet. And that’s what highlights the essence of PayNearMe.

PayNearMe is a flexible payment platform that primarily allows customers to pay for online purchases and loans at a local store with cash. The platform makes it easier for people who prefer to use other tender for transactions.

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As a result of the flexibility PayNearMe offers, casinos across the US are adopting it as one of their payment platforms. If you’re a lover of online gaming, this review will give you all information concerning PayNearMe, and all accepted casinos.

How PayNearMe Online Casinos Work

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PayNearMe offers multiple payment options to customers with varying preferences for payment. For people who prefer cash transactions, PayNearMe has different locations set up across the US to accept cash. These individuals can find the closest location and take their generated payment code there. At the local store, they can then deposit cash as payment.

For people whose preference is for using cards and accounts, they’ll only need to enter their account details as well as the details of the payment. Upon submission, PayNearMe processes the payment immediately.

PayNearMe Online Casinos Security and Licensing

PayNearMe is a subsidiary of Handle Financial, a renowned fintech company that designs platforms with fraud and risk in mind. As a result, PayNearMe treats security with the highest priority as it’s one of the crucial features a trusted payment platform should offer. The platform complies with all industry regulation standards and adopts top security practices for the benefit of its customers. PayNearMe also has money transmitter licenses across different states of the United States. Therefore, they can be trusted for secure financial transactions.

Top US PayNearMe Online Casinos

PayNearMe currently only operates within the United States, and some online casinos have integrated the platform has one of their payment systems. Here are some of the PayNearMe casinos in USA, with their bonuses.

Hard Rock Casino100% up to $1,000 + 50 free spins

Weekly promotions

Unibet Casino$100 deposit bonus

$200 poker bonus + $20 free sign up

Weekly Lucky Spin Tournaments of up to 5000x stake

Referral bonus up to $120

BetMGM100% up to $1000 + $25 free
Hollywood Casino$25 free sign up + $500 deposit bonus

MyChoice Rewards Program

Referral bonus

888Casino100% welcome bonus up to $200 + $88 free sign upNone
Borgata Casino$20 free sign up + 100% deposit bonus up to $600None
Tropicana CasinoUp to $100 cashback in real cash + $25 free sign upNone

Online Casino Depositing With PayNearMe

PayNearMe makes depositing into your online casino account easy if your preferred payment option is by cash. There are currently over 27,000 retail locations in the US where you can make transactions with PayNearMe. You can use PayNearMe to charge the payment directly from your account or pay cash to the closest PayNearMe retail outlet. However, you’d need to get your PayCode, which can be sent to you, or generated from the PayNearMe app.

But PayNearme has a $500 daily deposit limit, which can be a massive disadvantage for specific customers who’d have preferred to make more deposits.

Online Casinos Withdrawals With PayNearMe

Unfortunately, you can’t process withdrawals with PayNearMe at the moment. As a result, after making deposits with the platform, you have to consider another payment method to withdraw your winnings.

Currency Conversion

At the moment, PayNearMe only works within the US. As a result, the only currency it offers for now is the American Dollar (USD).

Mobile App For PayNearMe Online Casinos

To make payments on casinos with mobile apps, PayNearMe makes the process swift and easy. The customer only needs to login to the app and select PayNearMe as the preferred payment method. You can generate your payment barcode on the app and take it to the local store for payment.

Top PayNearMe Bonuses

At the moment, American-based casinos that accept PayNearMe don’t offer any bonus to the use of the platform. However, you’ll qualify for any deposit bonus offered by your casino of choice.

PayNearMe Online Casino Payment Verification

PayNearMe payments are usually fast, and you can get notification of payment immediately after you’ve made your deposit. After taking your pay slip or barcode to the closest outlet to you, you can pay your cash to the clerk and, on the spot, receive a receipt for your deposit. You can begin to place wagers from your betting wallet because your deposit will reflect almost immediately.

Charges at PayNearMe Online Casinos

While specific payment platforms make their transactions completely free, some others also charge a token fee on them. PayNearMe charges different prices for different transaction ranges. For transactions up to $300, the platform charges $2.99, and $3.99 is charged for payments ranging between $300 and $500.

PayNearMe Online Casino Advantages

  • Responsive Customer Support: PayNearMe has a responsive customer support team that offers 24/7 support. They speedily resolve all customer complaints concerning transactions and provide assuring responses to enquiries.
  • Security: PayNearMe stands out from other payment platforms because it offers bank-level protection to its financial transactions. The multi-authentication feature required before transactions also makes the method more secure against theft and leaks.
  • No Additional Account Opening Required: Unlike most payment platforms, the customer does not need to open an account with PayNearMe before he or she can carry out transactions.
  • Instance deposits: Bank payment methods can sometimes take days to process, but PayNearMe offers casino players instant deposit. Within 10minutes of handing your cash to the clerk at the outlet, your gaming account can be credited.


PayNearMe Online Casino Disadvantages

  • No Withdrawal Options Yet: Casino players who prefer PayNearMe as their option for making deposits cannot rely on it for withdrawals. This may not be too comfortable since other payment methods cover both deposit and withdrawal.
  • Charged Fees: PayNearMe is not the most affordable payment method. Other payment methods are either completely free or don’t cost as much as PayNearMe.

Competitors of PayNearMe

PayNearMe, at the moment, is the only payment platform that allows people to pay using every possible tender, including credit, ACH cash, among others. However, because their reach only covers the United States, there are competitors with a broader range internationally. These include PayPal, Payoneer, Apple Pay, NETELLER, Visa, Skrill, etcetera.

Latest PayNearMe Online Casino News

3 Trends Changing Online Casinos Completely

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The evolution of gaming has completely shifted the focus of lovers of gaming from traditional betting. With the enticing bonuses and benefits a typical online casino offers, the popularity of online gaming continues to rise intrinsically. Yet, the industry is currently undergoing specific influences that could even further catapult it beyond its current position.

Exponential Increase in Mobile Gaming

As smartphones and handheld devices continue to take center stage, online casinos are forced to adapt their platforms to mobile-friendly environments. There are still many casinos without an Android/iOS app, but that is changing.

Integration of VR into the Gaming Environment

Virtual reality in online gaming is certainly not a new concept as some casinos have begun to integrate it into their games. A good example is in poker. VR adds a whole new world to online gaming, making it an incredible experience for lovers of gaming. The numbers of online casinos who have integrated VR are still few, but that number is about to increase.


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Some casinos, having accepted this fact, have added crypto as a valid means of transaction. Trading in crypto offers many benefits, and many more online casinos will take advantage of them. The face of online casino transactions is about to change forever.


PayNearMe is a fantastic option due to its unparalleled flexibility. As a lover of online betting, you don’t necessarily require a credit card or bank account to deposit into your gaming wallet. With this fantastic option, you can also be sure that your transactions are secured and anonymous. While it may currently have certain disadvantages, its unmatched benefits are enough to convince online gamers, and many more online casinos are rapidly adopting it. With the platform soon to start offering withdrawal, you can begin to enjoy PayNearMe’s benefits right away by making it your ideal payment option.

Still not sure which payment method is the most suitable for you? Do not worry, we have prepared reviews for other options for your convenience, so you can choose the best deposit and withdrawal method without any fees!


Can I Use PayNearMe as a Payment for a Casino?
Yes, many online casinos already accept PayNearMe as a valid means of payment. However, you will want to confirm that your casino of choice accepts the platform if it’s your preferred payment means.
Does PayNearMe Support Casino Payments?
PayNearMe currently offers 24/7 support to casino payments. But this is still only available in the US
How to Check Whether the casino Supports PayNearMe?
You can confirm if a casino supports PayNearMe by checking the casino’s list of supported payment methods. You can also consult our reviews to point you in the right direction.
Is PayNearMe Safe to Use?
Yes, PayNearMe is currently one of the most secure platforms because it offers multi-authentication for transactions as well as user anonymity.
How to Use PayNearMe for Casino Payments?
The first step involves initiating the deposit from your casino account. After which you’ll select PayNearMe as your means of deposit. You’ll be assigned a code or payslip, which you can keep on your smartphone or print out. Present this code or slip at the closest outlet to your location with the cash. Your payment will be sent to your gaming account.
How Fast Will I Get My Winnings with PayNearMe?
Unfortunately, you can’t make any casino withdrawals on PayNearMe at the moment. That feature may be added later.
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