Best Futures Betting Strategy Odds Review in the US

Published: Jul 13, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

A futures bet is an early wagering form and appealing to many players. Initially, it was focused on religion and politics, but Italian bettors first wagered in 1953 on who would be the successor of Pope Alexander VI? Before the internet existed, political futures were used in the United Kingdom and United States stock exchanges. After that, it was introduced to sports betting which has now become a famous form. Before you start to bet on individual sports events, here is a guide you should go through. It explains to you everything about this form of wager.  

About Best Sports Futures Bets

Sports Futures BetsIt is steadily becoming popular in horse races, most sports, entertainment, and politics. You can bet on events that will occur in the future. Here the outcome will never be decided for a long time until the match or the tournament occurs. This form does not indicate that you place a wager on futures betting sites weeks ahead, and after that, it becomes a future bet suddenly. It includes wagering on the winner of the NHL season or the College Football Championship. 

The Working Of Futures Sports Wagering

Simply, it is a wager placed on a sportsperson or a team to win the upcoming competition a few months in advance. It is a no-so-immediate form of wager that you will get to know if you have won. It is so far ahead that you get a high future bet payout when you win. 

Futures Bet Example

Our futures US guide includes some common examples that you will come across on licensed and regulated sites. 

  • Football: The winner of the AFC Conference, NFC Conference, Super Bowl, and MVP of the league. 
  • Hockey: Here you get Western or Easter Conference, Stanley Cup winner. 
  • Soccer: Pick who will be the MLS League champions, Olympic champions, World Cup winners, etc. 

Futures Betting Odds

Futures Betting OddsThe future odds open before the season has started and takes wagers the entire year. The online sports betting site operators will adjust the odds regarding injuries, results, traders, the value of money wagered, etc. Irrespective of the odds, after you place a wager, it gets locked. It does not matter if the retail sportsbooks change the future odds afterward. 

Types Of Futures Bets

  • NFL: It includes Division champion, Super Bowl winner, Win totals, Rookie of the Year, MVP, etc. 
  • MLB: When it is about placing for the MLB, players will come across several choices. Some are Win totals, World Series winner, MVP, and Cy Young award. Other options include the first team to 90 losses, most player home runs, etc. 
  • NBA: Similar to other leagues, NBA future bets are also popular. Here you get Win totals, NBA Finals champion, Rookie of the Year, and MVP. 

How Much Does It Cost To Place A Futures Bet?

Futures BetWell, the cost of the best futures bets this week depends on the sports and when you are placing. The earlier you play, the more winning you get when you win. It’s because, with time, the sportsbook odds keep changing.

Depending on the amount you wager, you will get the winning amount. So, be sure that the wager you will be placing will be correct, and then go ahead. 

Strategies And Tips 

We would like to include a few things in our guide so players can have a big impact while placing bets on sports online.

  • Futures Bet StrategiesHedging: It is by far the most significant aspect you should be aware of. For example, at the start of the 2017 NFL Season, suppose you place a wager on the Jacksonville Jaguars for $500 to win the Super Bowl with odds 80 to 1. And they go to the finals against the Dallas Cowboys. Now, if they win, you get $40,000 on Jaguars. But if you lose, the entire money is gone. Here you can consider investing a portion in Cowboys, and if they win, you get your money. 
  • Wagering Multiple Players Or Teams: Instead of wagering on one team or player, you must choose multiple teams. Here the chances of getting your money increase. 

Summing Up 

Plenty of wagers are available at the top sites, but the reason to choose this is it gives you a high payout. Gambling is entertainment, but by placing it correctly, you can earn a huge prize. 

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Is it legal to bet on sports online?

Yes, it is legal to wager on sports online as the US government has sanctioned sports wagering.

Where can I bet on sports?

You can wager on the top legal sports betting sites operating in the nation.

Where can I check odds for futures bets?

By visiting the site through which you will place a wager, you can find details on odds. Almost all sites offer this type of betting system, and the odds will be mentioned.

What is the most winning type of bet for sports betting?

A futures bet is the most winning type, but if you want to win, you have to do a lot of research work, collect information from every team, and then go ahead.

Do sportsbooks lose money on futures bets?

Yes, sportsbooks lose money, and it is quite common.

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