Prop Betting Strategy

Published: Jul 15, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Prop Bet ReviewProp bet has become a popular form of sports wagering strategy over a few years. Some types are for fun and do not require any skills, while others need research to pick who will be the winner. On the top sports betting sites, it is usual to come across these wagers, if not any other. Having information on the winning prop system and other related information will increase your chance to win. 

In this US guide, you will come across the working process, types, examples, and many other details. Take a look!

What Is A Prop Wager?

The prop sites give this form of wager where the result of the event or tournament does not have any impact. But it is related to an event on an individual player in a game. Every wager on a game, apart from the total, point spread, and money line, is considered a prop bet.

Prop Bet Example

Prop Betting StrategySuppose the tournament is going on between the Patriots and the Raven. One example of this sports betting is “the number of passing yards Lamar Jackson has.” The options available for this will be Under or Over the total. The wagers are placed before the game has started like any other wager. On the online sports betting sites, the props are highly popular for NBA betting. It can go like this:

  • Lakers vs. 76ers” Game Scoring Leader
  • Joel Embiid: +325
  • LeBron James: +200
  • Al Horford: +800
  • Dwight Howard: +1000

The prop odds are like point spread odds, and it does not matter who will win the game. Some other examples are:

  • Is Messi going to score a goal?
  • Can we expect some outcome?
  • Will the team making the first goal wins the tournament? 

Reading Prop Odds

While wagering on the real money sites, you must understand how to read odds first. Let’s take an example: Packers vs. Eagles, here.

  • Davante Adams +400
  • Miles Sanders +1000
  • Aaron Jones +450

Suppose you think Adams will score first and wager $40, and a winning you get is $200. It means the original amount is also returned with the winning prize. 

Line Proposition Bet 

Here live betting is popular, and you will come across events that are already in progress. Here, the best prop bets this week allow you to place a wager on every drive, faceoff, kick, at-bat, etc. In-play sports betting is present for college football and the NFL. It changes fast, and you must take advantage once they offer or else you can miss many chances.

How Do Props Work?

As it is not related to the game’s outcome, you have to place a wager on different things. If you get it right, you will get the winning amount. Some are: 

  • Will coin toss land on Toss or Head?
  • In MVP, who will be awarded the Most Valuable Player?
  • What color liquid will be poured on the winning coach of Gatorade color?

How Are They Paid Out?

Sportsbook Odds Legal BettingThe price varies on the sportsbook odds posted with the wager by the legal betting sites. For under or over the line, -110 is common to be seen on both sides.

Suppose you have wagered on a football player to score under or over 1.5 touchdowns. Both sides are likely to payout at -110. It means for a $100 wager, and you get $90.91 as a profit.

Types Of Props 

  • Player Props: Here, you will come across several options at the licensed and regulated sites depending on players. It varies from one bookie to another, so if you do not get what you are looking for, you can check your biddings elsewhere.
  • Game Props: Hundreds of game props cover each instant and place when the match is going on. It can be which team has chances to get ten points first? Which team can score the goal first? You should proceed to the site and find more information about it. 

Final Thoughts 

With this form of betting on sports online, you can place a wager when the match is going on. Here, you wager on the fighter to win and bet on props to win the knockout. They always pay more compared to other traditional wagers.


Is it legal to bet on sports online?

Yes. It is legal as the United States has accepted online sports betting, and several retail sportsbooks are available to wager on.

Where can I bet on sports?

On apps, like DraftKings, FanDuel, etc., you can consider placing and winning rewards.

Where can I check odds for prop bets?

The American odds can be checked by moving to any platform, as they mention alongside the wager.

What is the most winning type of bet for sports betting?

Prop bets are the most winning type as they are not related to the winner of the tournament.

Do sportsbooks lose money on prop bets?

Losses are not uncommon with sportsbooks, as, in 2020, DraftKings announced earnings before including taxes, interest, amortization, and depreciation. But after that, it revealed the brand had encountered a loss of $395.9 million.

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