Live Dealer Blackjack Guide For US Players

Published: Oct 12, 2020 Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the USA. Whether it is online  or land-based casinos, players always look for attractive blackjack options. And the online casinos come with a feature of Live Blackjack, which has gained a lot of traction. It captures the table action and streamed it to your desktop or mobile devices. You get to place wagers on the live game that is happening in the casino. If you want to play live dealer blackjack for real money and don’t know how to go about it, then you are in the right place. This is a detailed live blackjack dealer guide wherein we will be discussing blackjack comprehensively. You will get to know the rules, top platforms, states where it is legal, variation of the game, and much more.  

Best Casinos to Play Live Blackjack

Detailed 888 Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

Detailed 888 Online Casino Review & Bonus Code



Caesars Online Casino

Caesars Online Casino



Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget Casino

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The Legality of Live Dealer Blackjack in US

All states that offer online casinos can extend live dealer blackjack for money. Following are the states where live blackjack is very popular:

  • New Jersey
  • Las Vegas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Casino

Below we are highlighting some of the prominent factors that you need to consider when selecting an online casino:

Valid Licenses

The online casino industry witnesses a lot of scams, and choosing a licensed online casino is the first step towards safeguarding yourself from the same. When you are assessing an online casino, check out whether or not they have a relevant license to operate. You can see the information at the bottom of the home page. Licensees are provided to these sites based on the state they are operating in.

Bonus Offers

It is an important criterion for selecting an online casino. The bonus offers provided by the platform increase the probability of collecting more winnings. The newly registered players get the option to avail of no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. Reputable online casinos come with interesting bonus offers to the players, and the rewards vary between websites to websites. When checking the bonus, also consider the wagering limits to understand how you can cash out your bonus. Choose the one with low wagering requirements.


For players who are looking for an adrenaline rush, an online casino must have interesting jackpot offers. Jackpots come in different forms with distinctive profits and rewards. Consider the progressive jackpots; it is a form of jackpot that increases each time the player plays a game. It gives a chance to win real money while playing the best casino games.

Loyalty Program

Reward programs are a way of casino websites to keep their existing customers engaged. When players consistently take part in various casino activities, they get to earn points. And these points can be redeemed for real cash prizes, free bets, or any other offers. Good online casino platforms offer interesting loyalty programs to encourage their loyal customers to play more on the platform.

Safety and Security

Along with checking out the platform’s licensing, you should also consider the security protocols adhered to by the company. Check whether or not the platform is SSL encrypted to ensure your private information remains secure. Additionally, also assess the safety of the payment options provided by the casino website. Ensuring these will allow you to have a secure gaming experience.


This is the factor that is directly responsible for the kind of experience you get with a casino platform. So ensure that the website is backed by powerful software providers. Some of the top software companies in this industry include NetEnt, Playtech Casino, Dragonfish, Novomatic, Skillzzgaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, Gaming Realms, etc.

Players’ Feedback

Checking out the platform’s review will give you a good idea about the experience it offers. You can read the google review or check out online casino forums and see what other players have to say about it. Some of the best website to play live blackjack for real money in the USA include:

  • Golden Nugget
  • BetMGM
  • 888
  • SugarHouse

Live Dealer Blackjack and Online Blackjack: Know the Difference

Blackjack NJ

While online blackjack is used to facilitate the live blackjack, it cannot complement the experience the latter provides. Some players want the same experience they would get in a physical casino, and live blackjack provides the same. It allows players to bet on the game played at the land-based casino. It is presented via video streaming, and the dealer could be local as well as international. On the other hand, online blackjack offers tons of different blackjacks to players. And these games can be played by you at your convenience. These games are created by the platform in various forms and themes. When choosing a live blackjack online platform, ensure to check out the quality of video and communication with the dealer.

Popular Variations of Live Blackjack Real Money

Essentially, all live dealer blackjack games for real money offered by internet casinos adhere to a set format. What sets them apart from each other is their unique concepts or themes, which does not change the game’s basics. While how you play live dealer blackjack games money US remains the same, the experience you will have from each website will differ. Let’s look at the popular types of blackjack live gambling:

Infinite Blackjack

This live blackjack brings a unique take on the standard twenty-one game. The difference is that it is played via a common or universal hand rather than the conventional seven hands. So every player present at the table gets identical cards but responds to the hand independently. Also, there is an unlimited number of seats in the infinite blackjack.

Live Blackjack Party

If you like a likely and chatty environment while playing your cards, this is the perfect live game for you. These games need two live dealers to lead the game while talking about the latest news, some hot gossip, or what is happening between players present at the table. On the whole, it is a standard seven-seat blockchain table with constant interaction and party atmosphere.

Free Bet Blackjack

This game was invented in the year 2012 by Geoff Hall. Once you have played the initial wager, there is no need to risk your money to double down or split, as you can do the same for free. It is played with the English deck, and the basic rules of the blackjack remain the same.

VIP Live Blackjack

It is one of the easiest blackjack types to understand as the only thing varying between games is the maximum and minimum level of bets. You will find a version of a high roller in all platforms that offers a live real money casino. The game is set in an elegant studio set-up, but it is played in the same manner.

Salon Prive Blackjack

As the name suggests, it is a sophisticated and high-end VIP live blackjack environment that offers high maximum bets along with optimized player control on the single-player private tables. But in this, you have to comply with certain bankroll requirements to avail entry. You will get exclusive one-on-one services and exercise more control over the shuffle, deal, and dealer. This live blackjack is hosted in a private environment with only a single player.

new jersey blackjack online

Top Strategies of Live Dealer Blackjack in US

Following are some important strategies that might prove to be helpful while playing live blackjack:

  • Selecting the Right Game: The first step to avail a seamless live blackjack experience is to choose the right game. Blackjack offers a smaller house edge as opposed to a classic table game. But players are at an advantage because of the availability of a plethora of game variants. Consider the number of decks being used and whether or not the dealers stand or hit on a soft 17. The variations can have a significant impact on the house edge.
  • Understand the Basic Playing Strategy: Blackjack is not about guesswork like many other table games. Mathematicians have been monitoring and researching blackjack games for more than 60 years. And these experts assert that there is a right way of playing your hands. And that is called the basic playing strategy and allows players to mitigate the house edge’s chances to below 1%. So before you start playing live dealer blackjack, ensure that you understand this optimal strategy and increase your winning chances.
  • Leverage Strategy Tables: Strategy tables encompass formulas that are mathematically tried and tested and signifies the best decisions to make for different combinations of your cards and also of the dealers. These tables come in different versions based on the number of decks used and the rules of the particular game. While this approach is prohibited in land-based US casinos, online blackjack has lifted this restriction.
  • Choose Behind Bets Instead of Side Bets: There are plenty of side bets in online blackjack, including perfect pairs and 21+3, etc. While they bring great anticipation and excitement of winning high payouts, for better success chances, you should avoid them. This is because these bets come with an increased house edge. Time to time, you will be able to get a substantial payout, but you will lose money quicker in the long run. But when you play live blackjack with the feature of bet behind, you get more success. In this form of bet, you wager on the hand played by other players. You do not make any decisions while getting a chance to strengthen your understanding of the game. You can choose the players that appear to be on a consistent winning streak and learn from how they play.
  • Proper Bankroll Management: Ensure that you perform all your casino bankroll in a proper manner. A great way to do so is to decide a particular percentage of income that you will dedicate to playing live blackjack every week. Only that percentage of income should be deposited into the casino account. Thereafter divide the money so that you can identify how much you can play every day. If you run out of money, be asserting, and log out of the game. Until next week you can play free games and continue having a good time.

The Efficiency of Playing Live Dealer Casino in Mobile

Mobile Live Poker

The invention of online gambling sites allowed us to enjoy our favorite gambling activities in our home’s comfort. All you needed was your desktop and stable internet connection. But as technology advanced, we were introduced to mobile casinos, and that changed the way we played real cash casino games. Today the market for mobile casino apps is massive due to the convenience and versatility it offers. All leading casino companies have introduced casino apps to provide their users with a more seamless gambling experience. Live blackjack is played at specific time frames. You may not be near a desktop while the game is live. This is where the mobile app plays a pivotal role and solves this problem. You can enjoy a wide variety of live blackjack games while on the go. A good casino app provides the same efficient experience that you will get from the desktop version. When choosing an online casino website, make sure that the platform offers good mobile gambling opportunities as well.

Types of Bonuses Offered in Blackjack Games

Following are some of the popular live blackjack bonus:

  • Welcome Bonus: In this, you get a bonus for signing up on the platform for the first time. To acquire this bonus, you have to make a certain deposit. Typically, online casinos offer 100% or 200% match on the first deposit up to a certain amount.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: In this, you get a bonus for merely signing up on the platform. There is no need to make any deposit. And the money you receive can be used only to place bets and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Reload Bonus: It allows you to keep reloading the account and continue gambling. It is similar to a welcome bonus and generally comes with 100% or 50% match up to a particular amount of free money. The objective of this bonus is to encourage you to make more deposits.
  • Cashback: This is a bonus that you acquire on the net losses. This implies that you have to place your bet, and if you lose, then the casino will give a certain percentage of your bet back in the form of a cashback bonus.
  • Loyalty Bonus: This is for players who have been participating in an online casino for a long time. As you play live blackjack, you earn certain points with every game. The more points you collect, the higher will be your seniority level and greater are odds of earning massive rewards.

Pros and Cons of Playing Live Blackjack


  • Convenience is the two biggest advantages of playing live blackjack. You can see how dealers are dealing the cards and place bets while sitting at your home.
  • Fair playing condition is another benefit of the live casino games because the cards are being dealt with by real-person.
  • There is no language barrier to live blackjack. Most online casinos offer live tables that are managed by English speaking dealers.
  • Live blackjack enables you to access exciting deals and bonuses. Websites constantly come with versatile bonuses and reward programs to motivate players.
  • Live-blackjack comes in different tables that cater to the needs of different users. Whether you want a private table or a chatty party table, you will have no dearth of options.


  • You might experience delays caused by other participants on the table. Considering that the game is time-bound, it can be a bummer.
  • Live blackjack comes with limited game offerings as opposed to online blackjack.
  • Live blackjack is subjected to technical errors. So if you end up experiencing these errors in the middle of the game, it can ruin your chances of winning money.
  • While there are less risky bets, live blackjack gesture high betting limits, making these games only suitable for seasoned players.

Do you wonder what casinos are available in the US? We have prepared all needed information in our online casino reviews to be sure that you will make the right choice.


Is live dealer blackjack legal in the US?

US gambling players can play live blackjack for money. There are no federal laws against it. But ensure that the site you choose is licensed under relevant bodies.

Can I place side bets?

Side bets are optional bets that you can make along with the main hand bet. And, these bets primarily have no connection to the outcome of the main hand.

Do I have to download any software to play live dealer blackjack for real money?

No, you do not have to download any software to play live dealer blackjack US. These games are offered by online casino sites from where you can play them easily. But some USA casinos require a certain software download.

Is live dealer blackjack a good game for non-experienced players?

Playing live blackjack is all about spontaneity and a thorough understanding of the games. Therefore, it would be better if you gain some experience and comprehend the games' nitty-gritty details before playing for cash.

How much does it cost to play live dealer blackjack?

There is no predetermined amount that you need to invest in playing live dealer blackjack. Every casino and every game comes with different minimum bankroll requirements that you need to check before starting the game.

Can I play live dealer blackjack using a mobile app?

Yes, live blackjack is available to play on a mobile app. All major live casino game providers offer dedicated mobile apps that can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.

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