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Live Double Ball Roulette, as the name sounds, is a live dealer game from the reputable Evolution Gaming. If you want to have a taste of a fantastic live dealer casino, you may give the Live Double Ball Roulette a shot. The launch of this impressive game was in 2016. Ever since then, there has been an increase in players at every point. Most of the things that are in the game are basically from the typical European layout. In every event, two balls are always released.
Published: Nov 2, 2020 Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The aim is to predict the amount or numbers on which it comes back to rest. On the wheel, you will find the numbers one to thirty-six written in bold digits. When the time for betting elapses, the two balls get released by a specific device. Moreover, they both travel in the same direction at the same velocity. As a new player, before engaging in this game, there are crucial things that you need to understand.

Please, ensure that you learn how to place a bet before taking any step further. Once you have perfected how you can place bets on the platform, the next logical step is playing in the demo mode. There are lots of exciting things that you need to learn about Double Ball Roulette. In this guide, you will learn more about this game, including the basic rules of live Double Ball Roulette, pros, cons, and more.

Best Online Casino Sites to Play Double Ball Roulette

Detailed 888 Online Casino Review & Bonus Code

Detailed 888 Online Casino Review & Bonus Code



BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Casino



Virgin Online Casino

Virgin Online Casino

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How to Choose an Online Casino For Playing Live Double Ball Roulette USA

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Before playing Double Ball Roulette, there is an appropriate way to choose an online casino. The first thing that you should look for is the reviews of the online casino. Ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable casino. It’s also crucial that you understand the bonuses and promotions available in the casino. Most casinos offer Live Double Ball Roulette bonuses for players. It’s vital to understand those bonuses and know your way around them. A simple way to comprehend these promotions is to compare them with other offers from reputable sites. These bonuses always come with certain restrictions and requirements. If the wagering requirement and the time restrictions aren’t high, it’s a great idea to choose that casino. Aside from bonuses, it would be best to look at other factors like loyalty programs, withdrawal and payout methods, and more.

Where to Play Live Double Ball Roulette in The USA

There are great sites you can play live Double Ball Roulette online for real money. Most of the websites to be mentioned are reputable and well-known in the gambling industry. Besides, they provide impressive bonuses, loyalty programs, and special offers. As a new player, the sites will welcome you with a wide range of benefits, like the typical welcome bonuses. Most importantly, these websites pay exquisite attention to their live dealer games, including the live Double Ball Roulette and their rewards. Here are some of the best live Double Ball Roulette in US casinos:


As one of the top websites to play real money games, 888Casino provides a fantastic live Double Ball Roulette interface. Meanwhile, the site also offers new and experienced bettors the chance to enjoy diverse bonuses. For instance, a welcome bonus package provides a 100% match up on a player’s first deposit to $200. Caesars Interactive Entertainment’s branch operates the site in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, you must meet the requirement of the platform before attempting to create an account with them. One of their top rules is that the bettor must be 21 and above to enjoy playing online. Moreover, they provide lots of payment methods for bettors to make both deposits and withdrawals.


In the United States of America, Bet365 is a standard website known for its unique offerings. In terms of live Double Ball Roulette, Bet365 provides players with all required for having a great live dealer experience. Bet365 also gives different bonuses, promotions, and special offers for new and experienced players. The standard bonus for new players is a 100% match up to $200. A VIP bonus to claim a 50% match up to $1,000 is also available on their official website. Generally, the present features of the casino allow for a fantastic experience with games. Moreover, the overall user experience of this casino is highly impressive for new and experienced players.

Basic Rules of Double Ball Roulette

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If you’re wondering how to play Double Ball Roulette live in the US, there’s no cause for alarm. In playing live Double Ball Roulette, there are essential rules always to follow. Generally, the Double Ball Roulette is meant to predict a number or numbers where two balls will stop. In the game, the rolling wheels have numbers from one to as high as thirty-six. Please, note that 0 is also included among the numbers.

While playing the game, the balls go through the same direction at the same speed. However, one always goes ahead of the other. Eventually, both balls come to rest in a numbered pocket in the wheel. Besides, the balls can either stop at the same pocket or different ones. The double roulette table allows players to place different types of bets. Every specific bet covers a particular range of numbers, and it has payout odds.

You should know that the bet placed on a numbered space or a line between two numbers is called the inside bets. It’s possible to win the inside bets when a minimum of one ball is on a specific number that suits the bet. You can win double if the ball is on numbers that are suitable for the inside bets. For the bets placed on special boxes below and the next to the left of the table, you can only win them when the balls are on the numbers that satisfy the bet. Meanwhile, please, note that the stakes on special boxes are called the outside bets.

Main Features of The Double Ball Roulette

When playing, you may notice certain specific features that are peculiar to the game. One of the first things you see is that it has the right mix of sharp colors and a great setting. In other words, on a first impression basis, the appearance of the game is impressive. There are different in-game features that you should know aside from the obvious aesthetics. Double Ball Roulette provides a wide variety of betting options for players. Besides, the two balls in the game always increase the chance of winning in the game. Even though these balls heighten the opportunities for you to win, they also lower the payout ratio. There’s no cause for alarm. The player can bet on both balls to increase the payout rate. Most of 2022’s top real money online Double Ball Roulette casinos have the odds go up to 1,300 to 1, which marks one of the best live Double Ball Roulette odds in the gambling industry. In live Double Ball Roulette, both the inside and outside bets are possible. Betting inside and outside provides a high dose of fun to players. Most experienced players prefer outside bets for more massive payouts than to engage in inside bets.

Live Double Ball Roulette Software

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As one of Evolution Gaming’s most common software, you can expect to have a great experience playing. Evolution Gaming seems to be doing a great job in the room design. Thanks to their expertise, they have designed the rooms to be exactly like a top-notch casino environment. However, you may discover extra things like the bright neon colors and an outside background. With the intelligent mix of colors, you will always come back for more. Aside from the design, another thing to look into is the betting interface. Live Double Ball Roulette has a fantastic interface that looks similar to the regular Evolution Gaming’s style. In the meantime, the provider hasn’t provided any new options to improve the betting experience. Most importantly, we must look into the gameplay, dealer quality, and payouts that this software provides. Primarily, Evolution has made gameplay like the typical European Roulette wheel. Besides, it has a low house edge, so it’s great for new and experienced players. The live dealers have the same fantastic charisma as those of the visible operating dealers of the game. Payout works perfectly fine, and there are no complications from Evolution Gaming in that section.

Live Double Ball Roulette Strategy And Tips

Playing with the Double ball rules and strategy is crucial. There are ways to go about having the best live dealer experience when playing the game. First, you should know that you have an extra chance of winning on every spin. So, if you love placing the outside bets, you can have potentially valuable black or red bets. However, you should note that a single number of players have higher probabilities of making better wins. If two balls land in a single pocket,  it pays 1,300 to 1. Since this is one of the best Double Ball Roulette betting odds you can get, the probability of that happening is low.  Similar to most of the other casino games, there is a place that luck has to play as well. The good news is that there is always a reasonable probability for you to win.

Mobile Experience Playing Live Double Ball Roulette

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Most players don’t use desktops all the time. Interestingly, due to the comfort and ease, you can experience when using a mobile device, it may be the best option. Besides, you don’t need to worry about location constraints or any possible hindrances in portability, and more. Impressively, the site provides a mobile-optimized website for players. So, you can access the website directly using your mobile browser.

Since there is no downloadable app, you don’t have to worry about getting one into your Android or IOS devices. The mobile interface for this game is very impressive as well. All icons and links are visible and clear.  It would be best if you didn’t face any internet connection challenges when playing. However, that depends on your network provider as well. There is an age restriction for playing live Double Ball Roulette on your mobile devices. Players should be 21 and above to enjoy what they provide. Besides, there are systems in place to ensure that you have a great time gambling. They enable the presence of tight security and fair gameplay.

Double Ball Roulette Available Bonuses

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Every casino game comes with bonuses, and the Double Ball Roulette isn’t any different. Depending on the casino, there is always a percentage match up to a certain amount for new players. Aside from the welcome bonuses, platforms provide special offers that enable the lovers of live Double Ball Roulette to have a seamless and exciting experience. One of the most typical bonuses that you stand to enjoy is the double ball jackpot available. Please, ensure that you always look into other details about your casino. It’s crucial to look into things like the wagering requirement and the time restriction on the promotions. Moreover, many live dealer Double Ball Roulette casinos provide tournaments that enable players to win massive prizes. If the casino offers codes for claiming the bonuses, ensure you make fair use of them.

Pros and Cons of Live Double Ball Roulette

Undoubtedly, playing Double Ball Roulette is fantastic and comes with a long list of benefits. There are a few disadvantages that come with playing the game. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons that you should know before playing:


  • The extra ball permits extra bets and payouts.
  • Live dealers are easy to communicate within real-time.
  • There’s no need to have a random number generator in the game.
  • Outside bets can be as high as 1300 to 1.


  • For the outside bet, both balls must stop at relevant positions.
  • Inside bets have a reduced payout rate.

Do you wonder what casinos are available in the US? We have prepared all needed information in our online casino reviews to be sure that you will make the right choice.


Is live dealer Double Ball Roulette legal in the US?

Yes, live dealer Double Ball Roulette is legal in the United States of America. However, it's important to note that players must be 21 and above to engage in the live dealer offering.

What is the best strategy on live Double Ball Roulette?

There's no best strategy on live Double Ball Roulette. However, it's better to go for the game with higher returns. Hence, the best bet may be inside bets or a single number.

Can I play live Double Ball Roulette for free?

Casinos provide demo versions of the game. Hence, you can play the free versions on some online platforms for free.

Can I win real money playing Double Ball Roulette?

Yes, you can engage in playing Double Ball Roulette for real money. Ensure that you make use of the best strategy that works for you and follow the rules.

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