Top US Live Dealer Roulette Guide

Published: Oct 13, 2020 Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Online roulette is the most popular casino game. Online roulette gives a fair chance of winning without the hassle of visiting a casino. However, it also became boring to sit and watch a wheel spin on the screen. That is when the concept of live dealer roulette came up. It changed the overall experience of playing this real money casino game.

With the increasing popularity, several live casino providers brought roulette to their gaming menus. Don’t worry if you aren’t aware of this concept. This guide will help you in understanding live dealer roulette better. Plus, we will be covering how you can play it in the US. Thus, you won’t have trouble getting your hands on this game and winning some real money. So let’s get started with our live dealer roulette guide.

Best Casinos to Play Live Roulette

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Detailed 888 Online Casino Review & Bonus Code



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Where Can You Play Live Dealer Roulette Online In The US?

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All real money gambling games require legal permission for the states in which they are available. It is no different with live roulette. If we were in 2007, there was no chance for you to play legal online casinos in the US. But the laws have changed now, so you can pick different legal online casino games to play in your state.

If you are still in confusion, here is an overview of the US laws for live roulette.

  • New Jersey: Online casinos have been legal in New Jersey since 2013. You can play roulette legally here without the worries of getting caught by the FBI.
  • Nevada: This place stands as one of the preferred sites for online gambling. You can easily play live roulette here.
  • California: You are lucky if you reside in California. It holds some of the best websites to play online roulette. You can enjoy the game without getting wrong in the eyes of the law.

Several other US states allow you to play online roulette without hassle. However, you must see the licensing of the online casino to check if it is legal in your state or not. In case it isn’t authorized, you will have to settle with the options that don’t involve real money. The simple casino games that don’t fall under the gambling category are legal in most US states.

If you are interested in a specific gambling website, you can check it out. Most popular sites show you the states they are available in. You should also check the age restriction in your location. The majority of locations specify a minimum age of 18-21 for gambling. In case you are younger than this, you won’t be able to play on the sites.

How To Pick An Online Roulette Platform?

As stated earlier, the live dealer feature of roulette is available on various live casino websites. Where this provides the benefit of choosing your favorite platform, it can be confusing as well. For your assistance, you can consider a few points while selecting an online casino for live roulette.

  • Promotions and bonuses: The primary advantage of playing online casinos is that you get several welcome and other rewards. For example, the website 888 Casino provides you with a welcome bonus of up to $200. You only have to create an account, make your first deposit, and follow the terms. You will automatically get the offered amount. There are various other promotional offers that each platform provides to its users from time to time. Before picking a site, you must read about its offers on live roulette. You should prefer the one that includes better promotions.
  • Safety: There are two parts of safety and security on an online gambling website. First is that you need to make banking transactions on it. Therefore, the platform should follow proper security measures to keep your baking details safe. On the other hand, you also enter your personal information on these sites. So they should also keep that data protected. If they don’t follow appropriate measures, your information will leak, and you may get into trouble. Sites like 888 and BetMGM provide you with their security details in one of the website sections. You can check it out before registering.
  • Licensing: Licensing describes the authenticity of the website and whether or not it is legal in your state. If the online casino site doesn’t show you proper licenses, you shouldn’t proceed with it. Most popular live roulette platforms like 888, SugarHouse, Golden Nugget, etc. have permissions. So you can easily enjoy them.
  • Players’ feedback: This should be your priority while selecting a live roulette site. It is necessary that you check what other players have to say about it. If you know a person who has been using your selected platform, you can ask them for feedback. Otherwise, you will have to check online forums and see what players say.
  • Jackpots: Just like promotions and offers, jackpots are a must. These huge payouts have the power to turn you into a millionaire almost instantly. However, not many platforms actually provide the amounts they declare. You should check for their reviews and see how much you can win at once. After all, there is no issue in trying your luck every now and then.
  • Loyalty Program: These programs help you in obtaining various benefits over time. When you continuously play on the site for an extended period, it offers you some advantages. You may get free trials of live roulette, or there may be other benefits. You can find the plan details on the website itself. For example, BetMGM offers its users a “Reward Plan.” You can earn some additional rewards under it. You can read the terms and conditions of the plan on BetMGM’s website.
  • Software: Another aspect of live roulette is a software developer. The better the software developer, the better the site, and the better your experience of playing. You should always opt for a website that is backed up by a well-known software provider. It makes the process of playing hassle-free for you.

Top 5 Live Roulette Games

Live Dealer Roulette Guide

Once you have selected a reliable website, the next step is to understand how live roulette works. Let’s first understand a few differences in the usual online roulette and the live game.

  • Tension: You may think that roulette is just watching a wheel until it stops and tells you whether you won or not. But there is so much more with it. When you watch a real wheel spin in the live game, there is a tension that arises in your mind. This tension doesn’t go away until you know the results of the spin.
  • Attention: In the usual online roulette, you press the button, and that is when the wheel spins. However, live roulette starts whenever the croupier is ready. Therefore, you will have to be more attentive towards the game.
  • Personalization: When the croupier calls you by your name or talks to you, it immediately improves the overall experience.
  • Atmosphere: No matter how comfortable your house is, you can’t compete with the original casino feel. But with live roulette, you get that atmosphere which is perfect for playing.

Therefore, playing live dealer roulette is almost like playing in on-land casinos. It provides you with the best experience while you don’t need to go anywhere. The rules you follow in live roulette are the same as followed in the real world casinos. So there is nothing exceptional that you need to learn. However, a few factors you must take care of are:

  • Internet Connection: You need to have a proper internet connection to play the live roulette seamlessly.
  • Device: Your device should support the continuous stream of the live roulette video. For this, it should have a good processor and RAM that will let it work for a long time. Take care of the battery as well.
  • Betting Limits: The minimum betting amounts are usually higher in live roulettes. As it takes considerable amounts to run this game system, you will need to pay a little extra for it.
  • Communication: You should keep communicating with the croupier. It will give you a feeling that you are at an actual casino and not online. The croupier may ask you some questions during the game, be ready to answer them.

What Roulette Variations You Can Find?

Primarily, there are three types of roulette games found everywhere:

French Roulette

This game uses a wheel that consists of 37 holes numbered from 0 to 36. The holes aren’t arranged in any particular order on the wheel. So there is no specific trick you can use for winning on the wheel. The only advantage is that you get more chances of winning, and you need to pay less house edge. Therefore, the roulette odds are in your favor. Plus, this is the best variation to try out if you are a beginner.

roulette 888 casino NJ

European Roulette

This one is often confused with French roulette as they both use the same wheel. However, there is a slight difference in the rules of playing this game. It has a more concise set of rules, making it a little tough for you to win European roulette. If you are just starting your roulette journey, you may prefer the French variation over this.

American Roulette

From the roulette wheel to the rules, everything gets changed here. The wheel used in American roulette consists of 38 holes. There is one extra hole that is numbered 00 on the wheel. This makes the winning process a little complicated for you. If it is your first game, going with American roulette will be risk-taking because the odds aren’t in your favor. You can pick from any of these variations based on your preference. You can read their rules on the casino website and see how you can start your game.

What Are Bets You Can Make at Online Roulette?

After getting into one of your selected games, you will have to make bets. A few types of bets you can find on live dealer roulette are:

  • Red/Black: The numbers on the wheel are marked in red or black. In this bet, you have to predict if the ball will end up on a black hole or a red one. However, the winning chances aren’t 50:50 in this due to the presence of 00 and 0 numbers. They are neither red nor black. Therefore, everyone placing these bets loses when the ball ends up on those numbers.
  • Odd/Even: This is exactly like the red/black bet, but it is placed on odd or even numbers. If your prediction goes correct, you win the bet. However, you may also lose if the ball ends up on 00 or 0. The odds of winning are around 47-49% in this.
  • Low/Highs: There are two levels of numbers on a roulette wheel. The upper half consists of 19-36 numbers, and the lower one consists of 1-18. It has similar odds of winning as the previous two bets.
  • Column: You can choose one of the three columns on the wheel, and the odds of winning lie between 31-33%.
  • Dozen: Instead of selecting from the columns, you can pick one from the three dozen numbers 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. The odds of winning in this bet are similar to the column bet.
  • Line: You select half a dozen numbers in this. It means you can select from 1-6, 7-12, and so on. The odds of winning are between 15-17% in this.
  • Top Line: In this bet, you place your money on the top 5 numbers, i.e., 00, 0, 1,2, and 3. As it includes 00, this can only be made on American roulette. The odds of winning are only 13.16%.
  • Corner: You need to select a set of four numbers in this, which forms a square on the wheel. The odds of winning are only between 10-11%.

  • Street: This is a more divided form of the line bet. You need to select any three numbers in a row, i.e., 1-3, 4-6, and so on. The odds of winning lie between 7-9%.
  • Split: Here, you need to select two numbers that are split by a line on the wheel. The odds of winning are around 5% in this.
  • Straight: This is the most straightforward bet. You need to pick a number and tell it to the dealer. If the ball ends up on that number, you win, else you lose. The odds of winning are between 2-3% in this.

These are the most common types of bets you can place on live roulette. You should know that, usually, the bets that have fewer odds of winning pay you more. So you must place your bets accordingly.

How Can You Win More In Live Dealer Roulette?

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to win more in live dealer roulette.

  • Choose Correct Variant: The first thing is to choose the correct variant of the game. You can pick French or European roulette that offers “en prison” or “la partage” rule. It will have higher odds of winning, and the house edge will be less.
  • Place Outside Bets: Outside bets are the ones that offer you 1:1 or 2:1 winning. So if you are playing with a significant amount, you should place outside bets.
  • Understand The Rules: If you want to win more, you need to understand the game well. You should read more about it and learn how the odds work.
  • Don’t Opt For Betting Systems: Until unless you want to take a chance with your large bankroll, never opt for the betting systems. They don’t usually work.
  • Play Fair: Sometimes, players notice an imbalance in the roulette wheel and place their bets accordingly. But this happens only in on-land casinos. You should play fair on the live dealer roulette if you want to win more.

You can also learn a few live roulette strategies that will help you stay safe and win more. Plus, you should stop playing once you make a big win. Otherwise, you will end up losing it all.

Can You Play Live Dealer Roulette On Phone?

You can also play live roulette on mobile phones. However, you should check with the website if they offer a mobile application or not. If they don’t, you can pick some other platforms. Remember that your phone should have a stable internet connection, and the app should be made for your operating system. Usually, mobile apps are seen to be more friendly. You can also play from anywhere with a phone. So you can opt for these.

What Are The Types Of Bonuses In Live Dealer Roulette?

You can avail of different bonuses on your live roulette game. A few examples are:

  • Welcome Bonus: These are provided to you only if you are new on the site, and you have never played any games on it.
  • Deposit: You can avail of these when you make your first deposit on the site. These are one of the least restricted bonuses.
  • No-Deposit Bonus: Under these, you can play some of the games without making any deposits made into your account.
  • Reload: Once you claim the welcome bonus on your account, you get eligible for this. You will need to make consecutive deposits to get this.
  • Cashback: These are generally offered on your deposit and lost money. You get a predetermined proportion of it back in your account.
  • Other Offers: There are some seasonal or area-specific bonuses as well. You have to be aware of these bonuses because they don’t stay for longer.

Why Should You Or Shouldn’t You Play Live Dealer Roulette?

Now that you know everything about live roulette games, let’s see a few of its pros and cons.


  • You can play from your home’s comfort
  • You can keep track of the game
  • You get more real experience with it
  • Interaction with the croupier
  • More on-land casino atmosphere
  • Bonuses and offers


  • Can’t match the level of an actual casino
  • More expensive
  • A limited number of roulette options
  • Can be a little slower than the online roulette
  • Restriction on the minimum and maximum bets
  • You may need to wait for a free table

Do you wonder what casinos are available in the US? We have prepared all needed information in our online casino reviews to be sure that you will make the right choice.


Is live dealer roulette legal in the US?

Yes and no. Though it is legal in most states, some exceptions have not yet legalized live roulette.

Are the odds in this the same as for regular online roulette?

The odds may differ slightly in live roulette because the croupier actually spins the wheel, and isn't based on computer algorithms.

Is live dealer roulette playing in real-time?

Yes, the live roulette game proceeds in real-time. That is why you need to be attentive towards it.

Should my Internet connection be fast to play live dealer roulette?

As the video would be streamed live, you will need to have a faster internet connection.

What variations are available for live dealer roulette?

There are majorly three variations in the live roulette: French Roulette, European Roulette, American Roulette.

Can I win real money playing live dealer roulette?

Most of the live dealer roulette offers real money bets. You can easily win real money through that.

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