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Fox Bet Sportsbook

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FoxBet Sportsbook
FoxBet Sportsbook
FoxBet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportbook is a renowned wagering provider that has been in existence since Fox Sports (a subsidiary of Fox Media) and the Stars Group came together in a partnership. The platform started operations in 2019 with a mission to deliver the best gaming experiences for players in the US and around the world.

If you are on this page, you are looking for information that will help you decide if Fox Bet is the right fit for you. In this Fox Bet Sportsbook review, we will examine every part of the Fox Bet gambling empire and give you a comprehensive breakdown of all you need to know. The online gaming industry has received a boost in recent years due to sweeping regulations that have ensured the mass adoption of online wagering and staking. The platform has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of these reforms which have led it to acquire licenses in states such as Pennsylvania.

If you have any questions that you feel were not adequately addressed in our review, you can check our frequently asked questions section. Here is the best Fox Bet Sportsbook online review available on the internet:

States in Which Fox Bet Can Be Played

Unfortunately, the service is not available in all the states in the US due to regulatory and licensing reasons. Here are the states that the platform currently operates:

Fox bet New Jersey

New Jersey is the first state to grant Fox Sportbook a license in the US. Although this is one of the strictest states to get a permit, there are not many strict regulations. Players are not allowed to wager on college team sports. You can make deposits and withdrawals using any of the preferred methods as there are no restrictions on the use of banking options for deposits and withdrawals.

Fox bet Pennsylvania

Fox bet has launched in Pennsylvania for a few months (since 2019), and this was made possible by the passing of the gambling expansion bill in 2017, which legalized online casinos and gambling. Players in Pennsylvania will have unfettered access to the website while enjoying the full services of the platform. Since mobile staking became available in the state, it has opened up the state’s teams to platforms such as Fox Bet, and now residents in Pennsylvania can enjoy betting on their local teams.

Fox bet Colorado

Colorado is the most recent state to allow the use of online means to begin gambling. This occurred earlier this year (2020), and Fox Bet Sportsbook followed this up with a launch on May 28, 2020. The law in Colorado states that only persons above the age of 21 are allowed to participate in online wagering (Colorado has stricter gambling laws than the other states on our lists). Online gaming operators have been tasked with verifying the age of their users before allowing them on the platform.

Fox Bet Online Sportsbook Bonus Code & Welcome Offers

Although Fox Bet Sportbook odds are great, the platform offers many generous promotions and benefits to new and old users alike. Upon sign up, new users are entitled to a $1000 sign up bonus which is divided into:

  • $500 Risk-free bet
  • $500 Sign up bonus

The service updates its promotional offers regularly to keep its offerings fresh and keep its users happy and engaged. Although there are no exact Fox Bet Sportsbook promo codes on the platform, here are some of the Fox Bet Sportsbook bonus options that are available on the platform.

Spin and Bet: This promo was coined from their Poker-slot sister website. This promo allows players the chance to boost their winning by up to 10x.

Saturday Super Boost: This will boost players’ weekly odds for selected wagering markets.

Up to 100% Parlay Bonus: The higher your parlay count, the stronger the boost. For example, If you win an 18-leg parlay, you will receive a 100% boost on your winnings.

Weekly Free Bet: If you wager up to $25 a week, you will receive free $5 to place a stake.

Late Game Insurance: This helps protect players that have their games destroyed by last-minute actions such as Late-minute goals and buzzer-beaters.

FOX Super 6 – This is a free sports prediction game that is hosted on Fox sports. Here, users have the chance to win various fantastic prices, and it is hosted during Thursday night NFL. Players are urged to predict the outcomes of Baseball, Football, and Basketball games to win excellent prizes. Watch out for the Fox bet sportsbook football contest as there are many special prizes to be won.

Fox Bet Loyalty Programs and Special Offers

fox bet bonus code

Fox Bet sports betting enables its users to qualify for rewards and loyalty programs. One major way users can quickly be eligible for these programs is by gambling consistently and loading your accounts with high amounts of money. This will qualify you to unlock chests, win tickets to games, Fox Bet sportsbook bonus code, and free stakes. There are various kinds of rewards, and players can upgrade their levels by winning and opening chests (10 chests) within 28 days to move to the next tier of special offers and rewards. The loyalty program does not vary between states, and it is the same in all states where Fox Bet Sportbook is active.

Fox Bet Odds and Live Betting Review

The odds placed games usually vary between sporting events and teams playing. Although various promo options can boost Fox Bet Sportsbook odds, the flat rate is usually competitive, giving players a chance to win big when they play. The odds offered daily may vary, they are generally on the high side, and you can take advantage of these deals by taking advantage of the numerous staking options available to you on the platform.

It is a breakneck offshoot of regular sports betting as the only significant difference being you can place your wagers while the match is going on. The platform will display all of the live sports action and updates as they happen, and players will have access to in-play betting options.

Some of the major sporting events that are available with this live betting option include NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis, among others. You can follow up on the sports you enjoy directly on the platform and if your favorite sport is not available for live wagering, you can wait until it becomes available.

Fox Bet List Of Sports Available

Fox Bet lives up to its reputation as a premium online casino for wagering and staking. It has a comprehensive list of sports users can wager on as its line up extends beyond the regular major leagues in the US. Some of the available options for bettors include:

online betting

  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Motor Sports
  • Rugby
  • Soccer (MLS and many international leagues)
  • Tennis
  • UFC
  • Rugby Union
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball

These and many more games are available for new players and returning ones alike. Head on down to the website if you wish to participate in these games. There are many other games available that you can take part in if you get bored with sports wagering. There is never a dull moment.

Popular Fox Bet Online Types of Bets

In this section, we will be examining the various sport betting options that are available to both new and old players alike. Here are the standard wagering options available to Fox Bet Sportbook users:

Straight bets

In straight betting, players are allowed to pick the winner or loser of a game, pure and simple, with no conditions. It is as easy as the name implies, and these stakes are simple predictions from users, which may include players to score, teams to score, sides to qualify (depending on the league and sport), and clubs to concede. These wagers do not have any categories or additions.


Parlays are slightly deeper than Straight bets as they take things up a notch. Parlays allow players to wager on multiple factors/conditions, all of which must be met to win the wager. The risk is higher with parlays because one wrong prediction can end your wagers, but the reward is also high, and this is why it draws many players. There are various types of Parlay combinations. Here are the standard parlay types that players use on the service:

  • Two bet parlay
  • Three bet parlay
  • Four bet parlay


These are a collection of parlay bets, and they hold the highest amount of risk. Round-robins are termed to be the evolution of parlays and require delicate balance/skill because one wrong wager will bring it all crashing down. As a plus, the platform helps players create all wager combinations and puts it on display so that they can focus on choosing the right stakes and structuring them properly. Round-robins carry double the risk that parlays do, and as such, they are worth more.

If you wish to discover more staking/wagering options available to you, you should check out the main website of Fox Bet Sportbook, and you will have all the information you need to start placing your wagers.

Fox Bet Mobile App Review

sports bettingThe app gives users a better-streamlined experience on mobile, and it makes the service more comfortable to use at the touch of a button. It is available on the Android and iOS platforms as it aims to be as inclusive as possible and capture as many users as it can from the mobile market. The simple, intuitive design allows the app to fit seamlessly as it is easy to understand and master, especially by new users. They have never interacted with a sportsbook platform prior. The app is packed with live updates, Deposit/withdrawal options, and Score updates. The clean and simple UI design employs an almost template feel but with a twist. It creates a good experience for users without overloading users. If you want a clean non-invasive way to place wagers on your favorite teams, this is the app for you.

How to Download Fox Bet Mobile App

The Fox Bet Sportsbook app is available for download on both the Android and iOS platforms. Here is how to download the app on each of the platforms:

On Android Devices

To download the app on Android, you will have to visit the official website and download the app directly to your device. The app is unavailable from the Play Store because of its policies surrounding online gambling.

On iOS Devices

For iOS users, they have two options available as they can download the app from the App Store, or they can visit Fox Bet directly to download the app from their website.

Fox Bet Customer Service 

The customer support at Fox Bet is speedy and efficient. There are various options of contact available for users depending on the type of customers.

It is not a secret that Fox Bet is passionate about their users; hence they tend to be laser-focused on solving their problems. If you have a question that does not need an urgent response, you are advised to send a mail, and you will receive a response in under 24 hours. If you have a critical inquiry, you can get across to the customer support team by calling the helpline directly, and you will have a support rep assigned to you. You can find the number on the Fox Bet Sportbook official website.

Safe Fox Bet Banking Methods

Depositing and withdrawing money on the platform depend on your banking preference. In this section, we will examine all the options available to players. Users can deposit money into their wagering account by visiting the cashier and choosing the preferred method they would like to use. Some of the available means of deposit on the platform include:

Banking Methods

  • Instant e-checks
  • Neteller
  • PokerStars Play+ card
  • Resorts’ Cage
  • Skrill
  • MasterCard
  • PayNearMe
  • PokerStars instant online banking
  • Visa

Payments are cleared within three banking days and the speed of clearance depends on the method you have chosen to receive your payout. This is why the service offers users various methods of withdrawal, which will help them cut down the processing time and give them more options and flexibility. The withdrawal methods available for users include:

  • ACH or e-check
  • Cash at the cage
  • Prepaid card
  • Skrill

Fox Bet Reputation & Competitors

Fox Bet is one of the most trusted and reliable betting companies in the industry. They have served their users for years, and although they share a reasonable amount of the market. With years in the betting industry at home and abroad, they have managed to keep their rivals and competitors on their toes. Although some strides have been made by a long list of operators in the space, there are only a few that have made themselves stand out. Here are some of the strong rivals Fox  Sportbook has:

  • BetRivers
  • Caesars
  • Parx
  • PointsBet
  • SugarHouse
  • William Hill
  • 888sport

Fox Bet Online Sportsbook Latest News 

Fox Bet Sportbook remains committed to its mission to bring the best gaming experience to players worldwide and in US betting. They have strengthened their leverage using their parent company (Fox Media) to penetrate the market and achieve results faster than their counterparts.

The pandemic has negatively impacted Fox Bet, although this is not solely a Fox Bet problem as various industries were equally affected. The service may have to put a pin in some of the expansion plans it had for the year until it is allowed to do so again.

Top on this list is the expansion into Michigan. It was set to do this earlier in the year but has now been halted. We do hope that they will be able to continue their upward trend once the pandemic ends. If you would like more current and up to date information about Fox Bet Sportbook, you can visit their website for the latest updates.


If you are a newbie who wants to try their hands at betting or you a professional who is looking to switch operators, we are sure you will find a good home at Fox Bet.

They have served the betting community for an extended period, they are registered, experienced, and their platform is easy to use. They also have a mobile option if you like to place your wagers on the go. They offer promotions, bonuses, fast withdrawal times, and multiple withdrawal options. Try them out today and begin your journey to hassle-free wagering. If the service isn’t already available where you currently reside, do not worry, we are sure that with their current speed of expansion, they will be in your area shortly.

Choosing the right sportsbook is a complicated process that requires you to check different platforms before you start playing. Fortunately, we prepared all information in our reviews, so it is highly recommended to read these articles to learn more about other websites in the US and pick up the best one:


Is Fox Bet online sportsbook legal in the US?

Yes, Fox Bet is Legal in the states we have listed above and all other states that have licensed and registered the platform. You can carry out all your online sports betting without any hassle.

What states allow Fox Bet Sportsbook?

The states where Fox Bet Sportsbook currently operates are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado. Fox Bet is seeking to expand to other states that it does not cover now. 

What is the minimum age to play at Fox Bet Sportsbook?

The minimum required age to play is usually 18 years, although states in the US have different ages, which they approve of taking part in online betting activities. It typically ranges between 18-21 years, depending on the state, so you are advised to check the age that applies to the state you are playing from.

What does “fast deposit” mean?

Fast deposit is an option that allows players to instantly deposit money with speed and ease when using the Fox Bet platform.

Are there any fees on Fox Bet Sportsbook?

There are no fees for using Fox Bet Sportsbook. Players will have to deposit cash from their accounts to begin playing. New players are eligible for bonus rewards when they sign up.

Are there any live sports betting options available on Fox Bet?

Yes, Live betting is available on Fox Bet.
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