Evolution Side Bet City Review

Every bettor would know Side Bet City to be a poker variant. Evolution gaming takes it to the next level. The Evolution Gaming Live Side Bet City is a live casino game where only side bets are played. The regular poker that we all know has the inclusion of the main hand and the side bets; sometimes, the main hand can be quite distracting, which brought up the innovation of Live Side Bet City. The gaming variant has been around for a while, as far back as 1985, when the internet was not common. Back then, gamblers in Las Vegas used to play it physically at the table. Now, things are different; we live in a modernized age. The game has spread beyond the land-based casinos of Las Vegas; now, gamblers in the US can play the game too. We are in a modernized age where you can experience the casino feeling from the comfort of your home. The same goes for Live Side Bet City; you would be able to play the poker variant with a dealer from the comfort of your home. Whether you are new to the variant or you know about it or possibly play it already, this review would aid your knowledge in the game and help you to play better.

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Choosing An Online Casino For Playing

You would not be able to play Live Side Bet City without an online casino, so you cannot jump this phase. Choosing Live Side Bet City casinos for your game would not be a difficult task, but you have to be careful not to put your security in jeopardy. You have to make sure that the online casino you choose for playing is licensed and regulated. This gives you a form of assurance that you are in safe hands. After that, you should check the general features of their live game to your satisfaction. You should put things such as camera angle, dealer attitude, transparency, and factors surrounding the gameplay into consideration. When all the boxes are ticked, you get your match.

Where Can I Play Live Side Bet City?

We mentioned earlier some things you should look out for when you want to pick your online casino for playing Side Bet City Live for real money. To add to that, we would give you some examples of legal sites where you can play. It would relieve you of the stress of looking for an online casino from scratch as it can be quite stressful: Some of 2020’s Top Real Money live side bet city Casinos are:

888 Casino

888 casino is a casino that every bettor should know about because they have impacted the industry in numerous ways, both in sports betting and in the casino sector. They are not left out in the Live Side Bet City game also. With the casino’s excellence in the regular gambling you would expect that they would deliver in the live casino sector and they don’t disappoint.

Basic Rules Of Live Side Bet City

The Live Side Bet City is a poker variant that requires no special skills. That does not mean there are no Side Bets City Rules and Strategy. We would be listing a quick breakdown of the rules of Live Side Bet City because if we are to go through everything involving the game, it would be an endless list. So, the basic rules that you should know while playing Side Bet City for real money that would help you to know how to play Side Bet City Live in US are;

  • The card deck is made up of 52 cards.
  • You have only fifteen seconds to place your wager.
  • There are four wagering options: 3, 5, 7 card hand, and the all lose option.
  • When you place your wager, the live dealer will set up the cards manually.
  • The dealer starts with three cards facing up, which gives the result of the 3-card hand.
  • Next up is adding two cards to reveal the 5 – card hand results.
  • Lastly, two more cards are added, and the 7 – card hand result is revealed.

Main Features Of Live Side Bet City

Live Side Bet City is a game that you would recognize anywhere because the theme is unique. The room is designed in a Las Vegas theme style, very colorful. The poker table is what you would see in front of the dealer with a colorful shelf at the dealer’s back. Generally, the theme is aimed at portraying a live and fun depiction of Las Vegas gambling from back in the 80s. There is no way you will miss out on the theme with the neon lights around; it is a good feeling.

Software Provider for Live Side Bet City

As we mentioned earlier, it is provided by Evolution Gaming. We should add that they did an impressive job in the physical depiction of the Vegas-style. Evolution Gaming is arguably the best software provider for live casino games. Their prowess in the industry is not only in the Evolution Gaming Live Side Bet City but across every live dealer casino game. The company has been around as far as 2006. From then, they gradually rose to be one of the best software providers in the gambling industry. Evolution gaming keeps making the game better, and we love them for that.

General Tips and Strategy For Live Side Bet City

We attest to the fact that there are numerous Live Side Bet City strategies out there today. We have nothing against them, and we would love to give general tips as to how players can make the most of it;

  • It is best to know yourself: There is no better advice than to know and study yourself. One fact is that gambling is a game of chance, but many players find themselves losing all the time because they are trying to adopt one strategy or the other. If it doesn’t suit you, move on, you will eventually find the right way.
  • Avoid betting on all options at once: You may increase your chance of winning by wagering on all options but you also have a higher tendency of losing your whole bankroll; your money should be preserved. Take it one step at a time.
  • In terms of RTP, which guarantees higher payouts, the all lose bet and 3 – card hand is the best to play: Just so you know, the two has been shown to have the best Side Bet City Betting Odds with the highest RTP of all other options, so if you are after the money, you should play more of the two options. Although, you should not get carried away and start gambling recklessly.

Playing Live Side Bet City on Mobile

We live in a technologically driven world, so you would expect that it would have spilled over to the gambling industry one way or the other. The era of playing casino games on television is gradually coming to an end; now, you can play on mobile. Casinos have mobile apps for both IOS and Android, making it possible for gamblers to play from their mobile devices. Evolution Gaming Live Side Bet City is also fun to play on mobile. The smaller screen is not a limitation. Provided that you have a stable internet connection, playing Live Side Bet City on your mobile would be fun.

Live Side Bet City Bonuses

Generally, we would say that there are almost no bonuses for Live Side Bet City because it already holds high returns for players. It depends on your online casino. Some casinos still grace their players with some welcome bonuses irrespective of the high wins of Live Side Bet City. The bonus you would often see is the deposit bonus, where a certain percentage of your deposit is added to your bankroll.

Pros And Cons Of Live Side Bet City


  • The game is arguably the easiest poker variant requiring no special skill.
  • There is no limit to the number of players that can join.
  • Players have access to live chats and multiple audio settings.


  • Some players find the theme too colorful and confusing.
  • The game does not have any extra features.


Is the live side bet city legal in the US?

Yes, Live Side Bet City is legal in the US. You must also aim to play the game in a legal casino.

What is the best strategy on the live side bet city?

We would not point out one strategy as the best over another; it is best that you know yourself and what suits you. We will advise players that want to win big to go for the 3 – card bet, and they all lose.

Can I play live side bet city for free?

No, playing Live Side Bet City is not for free. Demanding to enjoy the feeling of going to a land-based casino from the comfort of your home cannot be free.

Can I win real money playing side bet city?

Yes, you can win real money while playing Side Bet City. So far you gamble with real money, you can also win real money.
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