Top NFL Online Sports Betting Sites: Best Offers & Bonuses

Published: Aug 31, 2022 Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Set up in 1920, the National Football League has been running successfully from the past hundred years. The league consists of 32 teams that play 16 games each over 17 weeks. Each season of the league takes place in the last quarter of the year, i.e., from September to December. The NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues in America, and it holds the most prominent betting market. People who watch each game of every season try to predict who will win or lose. Now, this prediction is of no use if they do this casually. But when they go on official NFL betting platforms, they can earn money through it. The NFL betting has been made easy with the online sports betting sites coming into existence. In case you are also planning to use your prediction skills to generate some money, we will assist you through the entire process. From betting websites to procedures and NFL Super Bowl odds, everything will get covered in this simple guide.

Best NFL Betting Sites

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


Which Is The Best Of NFL Offline and Online Sportsbooks?

NFL online sports bettingEver since betting has been made legal in the region, people never leave any opportunity to make money. Offline methods of placing wagers are trendy in several cities, but they aren’t much convenient on busy days. When the lines to place bets are long, you will have difficulty getting your chance.

On the other hand, online platforms don’t have such problems. Even on the busiest Sundays, you won’t have to wait to place your wagers. Plus, you can do it from anywhere as long as you have a mobile/laptop and internet connection in hand to reach NFL betting websites. It would be wrong to state that either of the ways is better than the other. Where offline sportsbooks provide live streaming and drink tickets, when you bet on NFL games online you get more flexibility. So, it only depends on your priorities and choices for which one you select.

Aspects To Consider While Choosing The Betting Sites

The very first step to legal sports betting is to select NFL online betting sites. A few aspects to consider while selecting one for betting in the NFL are:

Betting Options

Having enough flexibility about when and what you can bet is the most important aspect to look for. The website you are picking must have several betting options for the Super Bowl, playoff games, and regular-season games. More options ensure that you can bet according to your convenience and not as per the site rules. Even if you don’t use many of these options, it is better to have them available if you ever change your mind.

At that moment, getting more options on the same platform would be better than going on a new site and starting again.

Banking Methods

Betting on the NFL online will require you to deposit and withdraw money several times. Though you will need only one reliable option for either of the transactions, there are several reasons why you should look for sites with multiple alternatives. Two significant ones are:

  • In case you change your online banking methods in the future, the website will be flexible enough to support the new one.
  • If you recommend the same site to someone else, they will also be able to use it with their preferred banking options.

Plus, the more banking alternatives the website offers, the better platform it is, right? Therefore, it is necessary to opt for the one that has various reliable options.


When it comes to transacting money or data online, security and safety become two concerning points. Picking trusted NFL betting apps or websites would carry off all other future worries. You need to check whether the selected site has put proper measures to safeguard your money transactions, wager, and information that you have provided on it. Three vital aspects here are:

  • Security Against Threats: Whether it is for the site or mobile sports betting, outside threats prove to be your biggest enemies, as the intruders can misuse your data. The betting website you pick must have safety against them.
  • Internal Processes: How your information and transactions are processed within the system decides how protected they are. In order to ensure that no internal or external threats are revolving on your data, the site must have safe internal processing.
  • Updates: It isn’t a secret that no online platform is ever entirely secure. The security isn’t questioned until they don’t get caught with any breaches. That is why regular patches and updates are necessary so that whatever all potential threats can be avoided.

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Even when you visit a shop regularly, you get some perks there. Then why not expect the same service with NFL online sportsbook? Various websites offer bonuses on different levels of betting. For example, some of them can provide you sign-up rewards while others may benefit after making your first few wagers. Similarly, there are some loyalty programs that you can look for. You will get better options and more advantages under these schemes. So you should prefer the platforms that offer these, instead of the ones that don’t.

Customer Service

Being new to the wagering platform, you will have several unanswered questions in your mind. That is where customer help centers come into the role. Having a 24*7 customer support on your football wagering website will allow you to get your queries resolved within time so that you don’t miss any opportunities. In addition to this, there should be multiple and friendly contact methods, such as chat, email, or call. This will ensure that you get your answer from at least one of the available alternatives if the others aren’t working.

Live NFL Betting Odds

Top Online NFL Sportsbooks

Now that you are aware of what you need to look for, let’s explore top NFL betting sites.


DraftKings is a U.S. regulated sportsbook that offers $500 risk-free wagers on first-time registration. Its app is legal in states like Iowa, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. You get several options for money transfer on this platform, such as credit cards and PayPal. You can also find the best statistics and research here.


FanDuel has the most user-friendly website and mobile app, as compared to other sportsbooks. It offers several promotions to its users, but you need to read the associated terms carefully. The sportsbook is available in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New Jersey. Along with multiple payment options, you also get exciting wagering alternatives here. If this is legal in your state, you consider giving it a shot.


PointsBet is the only sportsbook in this list that has its own branded debit card. It offers a $5 minimum deposit and withdrawal value. You can find its app for iOS and Android, which gives a better experience than the website. Currently, the site is only legal in Indiana, Iowa, and New Jersey, but is planning to expand soon. There is a massive range of wagers that you can easily choose from.

NFL online sports bettingSugarHouse

By registering on SugarHouse, you get a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $250 value. The sports betting app makes the sportsbook worth considering due to its ease of use. But the issue here is that it is legal only in Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. If it is available in your location, you can give it a try. Whether you are a newbie in the wagering market or an experienced player, you will find the platform to be handy and friendly.


Whether it is for desktop, iOS, or Android interface, you will find it exceptionally clean and friendly. Caesars offers more deposit and withdrawal options as compared to most of the sportsbooks on this list. You can easily spot the FAQ section on the platform, which has over 100 articles to solve all your queries. However, it is only legal in Nevada and New Jersey states. So you can’t use it anywhere else.

MGM Sportsbook

Just like DraftKings, you get a $500 offer on MGM as well. There is nothing exclusive about any of the sportsbooks’ interfaces, as they are plain and straightforward. It operates in New Jersey, West Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, and Indiana. The good part is that you find the most reliable security measures on this platform.

That means all your information and transactions are kept safe with them. Along with this, you can find a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options here.

Golden Nugget

You can turn your first bet on Golden Nugget into a “can’t lose” one, under its welcome offer. It is available for up to $100 value of wagers. The platform makes it easy for you to place wagers with its user-friendly interface. You can use a shared wallet for multiple actions on Golden Nugget. There is a loyalty program as well, which you can take advantage of. The number of deposit and withdrawal options make it even more exciting.

William Hill

Filled with offers, William Hill is one of the best names on this list that you can try out. You can make wagers on the platform starting from a small amount of $2. Plus, there are several deposit and withdrawal alternatives available, which you can pick according to your preferences. Along with a live betting feature, you also get faster payouts here.

Types of Bets to Place on NFL

As mentioned earlier, the real money betting sites you choose must have multiple wagering options. But are you even aware of all the alternatives available for placing wagers? You need to know about your possibilities so that you can check well with each of the websites. A few popular betting options are mentioned here.


This is the most straightforward bet that you can make on sportsbooks. It requires you to bet on individual NFL games by predicting its winner. Basically, it is like making wagers with your friends to predict the winner of the game. However, the way a Moneyline bet pays can be a bit complicated for newbies. You will have to understand two terms for this:

  • Favorite: This is the team you predict to win, and it is given a minus sign (-) as an indicator. It will pay less than your original wager.
  • Underdog: This is the team that you expect to lose, and it is given a plus sign (+) as an indicator. It will pay more than your original wager.

Point Spread

Point Spread is the most popular method of wagering in the NFL, but it is a little more complex than Moneyline. So you will require some time to understand this and get your wagers right. The same terms of favorite and underdog go into this as well. However, unlike Moneyline, you have to specify the number of points by which a particular team will win. For example, you need to set that X team will win the game by N points, and then you can place wagers accordingly.


Another common way of betting in the NFL is Totals. Your sportsbook sets a line for all bettors, which is called the total. Your wager depends on whether the score of both teams combined crosses that line or not. You have to know over/under to place bets here.

  • Over: This means that the combined score of both teams will go higher than the specified total.
  • Under: This means that the combined score of both teams will remain lower than the specified total.

NFL online sports bettingProp

In proposition bets, you need to predict an event or player during a particular game. These wagers are the most exciting, as well as profiting from the other ones on this list. The reason for their increasing popularity in the NFL betting is their ease of understanding. Unlike other wagers, these are implemented in your day-to-day life. For example, when you place a wager with your friend on whether or not you can jump from a certain height, it is a prop bet. The only difference is that you have to place bets on events of an NFL game on your sportsbook.


If you are a naive bettor, you will be recommended to start your journey with futures betting. This may seem like prop betting, but there is a minor difference between the two. In futures, you don’t place wagers on the specific game or player. You have to put money on some future event or series. That is why you don’t get results on the same day as the placement of the wager. You will have to wait until the entire season ends and then see whether you won the wager on NFL futures market.


A parlay bet is the most complicated and challenging bet to make. You can call this a transformed or advanced form for prop bets. Here, you have to combine multiple events into a single bet. When you predict all the events correctly, you get better returns as compared to any other type on this list. For example, you can predict the winners of three or four matches (means multiple point spreads) and place a sole wager on it. If you are lucky enough and things go as you say, you will receive more profit.


This is most beneficial when you are entirely indulged in the game that you are placing wagers on. Plus, not all retail sportsbooks offer in-play NFL wagering for its users. In case you want to go with this, you will have to check its availability on the website/mobile app. You can pick any of the betting techniques mentioned above and place them live.

NFL Betting High Season

Super Bowl 2021Once you have got everything ready, the next step is to check when you can place bets. The high seasons in the NFL are:

First Few Weeks Of The Season

As the NFL season resumes in early September, it catches everyone’s eyes. Everyone has their favorite teams and players. When they see them on screen, their first step is to place bets on them. That is why you can see a major boost in NFL wagering in the initial weeks of every season. With the game proceeding further, teams fall out, and so does the interest of people. Therefore, the betting gets lower by the end that takes place in late December.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl or ‘NFL Finals’ is generally the most significant NFL day when you can bet. Millions of football sports fans watch the game, and most of them place wagers in some way or another. It can be a wager with friends, through a sportsbook, or a squares competition. In case you are at an offline sportsbook, you can experience the most extensive wagering on this day.


As stated above, betting doesn’t remain the same by the end of a season. However, the enthusiasm returns with the playoffs. Divisional and wild-card games again catch the attention of bettors, while conference championships see a wholly different passion.


Every year, three games take place on Thanksgiving. That is why it is a prominent time when you can consider betting. The games get undivided attention from all the football fans.

NFL Betting Online Tips

A few guidelines that will assist you throughout your wagering journey are:

  • Remain Focused On Winning: You need to win your bet, whether that means going against your loved team or player. That is why you must place bets using your brain and don’t let your emotions barge in.
  • Don’t Cross the Limits: Many bettors usually flow with the process and don’t realize when they cross their money limits. What you can do here is separate a specific amount that you can afford to lose. It will ensure that you don’t go bankrupt after the season.
  • Go For Line Shopping: This means checking lines on multiple sportsbooks. By registering your account on 3-4 top sportsbooks, you can easily increase your chances of winning. For a particular bet, you will have to find the best line on all of these platforms.
  • Keep An Eye On Edges: Even if you watch every game, it isn’t crucial to place equal bets on them. You have to look for every week’s edges and put more money on them, instead of going for every game.
  • Stop after Big Win: In gambling, it is common for people to get greedy for more as they achieve a big win. Never make this mistake. You should stop or slow down after the gain so that you don’t lose the amount you have won.
  • Remain Updated: You need to check the NFL football odds, news, and tendencies of the NFL to prepare your smart strategy for betting. For this, you can use tools like ‘Vegasinsider’ that keep you updated on the NFL.

NFL Sports Betting Latest News

The COVID-19 pandemic has quaked the entire world, let alone NFL 2022 season. Though fans want the experts to pull the season somehow, people working on the league are fulfilling their wishes.

They are trying to get precautions that will make the 2022 season happen. But the teams may not remain the same due to several positive cases coming up. In case you are looking for the NFL championship odds or strategies, you will need to wait until things get clear in the coming few weeks after live practice starts.


NFL wagering is a whole different world. If you plan to put your money in this industry, it is crucial to understand how to bet on the NFL. You can start right away with some futures bets by predicting each team’s wins in the season. You can also place win totals on the same basis. In any case, we hope that your betting experience will be safe and fun with our NFL betting review.

If you are interested in other kinds of sports and want to try your luck betting on them, please, do not forget to check our reviews on these sports betting categories:


Where can I bet on the NFL?

If you want to bet officially on the NFL, you can look for offline and online sportsbooks. You can pick either of them according to your preferences.

What types of bets can I make on NFL games?

There are generally six types of bets, Moneyline, Futures, Prop, Parlay, Totals, and Point Spread. You can also set these wagers during live games.

What factors should be considered while betting on NFL games?

A few key factors you should consider while placing bets on NFL games are Trends, Stats, Odds, Team Quality, Injuries, Team Styles, and Motivation.

How old should be to bet on the NFL?

Depending on the sportsbook you use, the minimum age of setting wagers on the NFL can be either 18 or 21.

What are the most popular games to bet in the NFL?

The five popular games you can bet in the NFL are: Chiefs vs. Texans (Week 1) / Ravens vs. Chiefs (Week 3) / Buccaneers vs. Packers (Week 6) / Saints vs. Vikings (Week 16) / Bills vs. Patriots (Week 16)

Will wagering websites ask for your social security number?

You may find several sports betting websites asking for your social security number, which is crucial for modern-day security. So it is safe to provide them with the number.

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