Best Golf Betting Sites

Golf is a sport that involves the use of angled clubs of various sizes to hit a tiny ball. The game offers diverse kinds of players to enjoy a premium sport. To this moment, golf stands as one of the most competitive sports around the world. Just as exciting as the game is, Golf gambling is equally fun. Before the establishment of championships, golf fans already mastered the art of placing wagers against their opponent. In the 1800s, these wagers were a large part of the profit for several experts in the field. Read more about the best golf betting sites and top rated PGA sportsbooks in our review.
Published: Aug 27, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Golf Betting Sites

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook



Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Golf Betting Site

As great as the sport is in itself, players should carefully choose a gambling site. It doesn’t mean that they should worry. There are basic factors they always need to analyze before making a final choice. Most gambling sites provide several kinds of services and options for bettors. For golf fans, the most beneficial option is the one with the best offers. Betting sites typically offer:

  • Betting options
  • Bonuses
  • Loyalty programs
  • Security
  • Banking methods

Each of their offers varies from site to site. Some of them offer a wide range of gambling options, while some provide just a few available. Most sites have awesome bonuses for the average bettor and new players. Most of them also have Loyalty Programs that encourage regular and loyal customers. For understanding, here’s a breakdown:

  • Betting options: As lovely as the game may be, the site determines a lot in a player’s overall experience. Some of the commonly available options are tournament winner, head-to-head, leader, first round, top nationality, hole-in-one odds, and many more for the tournament winner. The longer the odds, the higher the probability of a payout. In the first-round betting option, odds are posted in which the golfer has a straight win after the first day. Please note that in the first-round leader betting, odds are normally posted on the second, third, and last round leaders.
  • Bonuses: Every notable website that offers gambling has bonuses. The bonuses are present to attract the player and improve the overall experience. Sites that offer full bonuses are the best in this aspect. Most gambling platforms also have great deals for new players.
  • Loyalty programs: Just as the name itself implies, loyalty programs are for loyal and regular players. It is vital for a site you choose to be capable of providing something great in this category. Another way to refer to the loyalty program is a VIP program. Most platforms only invite people for the VIP program, but the loyalty program is automatic for every member. Not only is this great for players, but it is also suitable for the company.
  • Security: Most of the sites utilize 128-bit encryption, which is difficult to hack. Usually, they make use of this technique to ensure that they do not lose data to strangers. Asides site protection, most online platforms also use very secure payment systems to ensure the money transactions are safe and completely secure.
  • Banking methods: How many banking methods does the site provide? Before choosing a platform for golf betting, you need to be certain of the banking methods. This factor may come easy, especially because a player only needs one trusted method for either deposits or withdrawals. Common banking methods deposits are MasterCard, Visa cards, and PayPal. For withdrawals, they include online banking, PayPal, or Neteller.

Best Golf Betting Sites in the United States

There are lots of golf betting platforms around the United States. Most of them have different gambling options. The general user-experience in each of these sites also differ. Other things that are different in these websites include their deposits and withdrawal methods, bonuses, and loyalty programs. Here are the top 8 picks:


This platform originally began as a fantasy site before diving into the gambling industry in 2018 and starting mobile gambling in New Jersey. Ever since its launch in 2018, expansion has been vital to them. Now, they operate in Indiana, Colorado, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The site offers a sign-up bonus.

The bonus that applies to first-time users is referred to as the ‘matched first bet.’ When users place the first bet of $250, they get $250 immediately in free bets added to their accounts. Please note that these bets are added as bonus bets, and the maximum money that can be matched is ‘$500’. Also, they offer a 20% match worth up to $500. Players can withdraw their winnings by following the appropriate withdrawal steps. It normally takes 7-14 days to withdraw via Check, while it takes 3 – 5 days to withdraw using PayPal.


This site offers one of the best gambling options in golf and many other sports. They provide sports betting services in New Jersey, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Some of their bonuses include $20 extra after a real money deposit and a referral bonus of $20 when players invite a friend.

The best way to get winnings on this platform is by ordering a check. After the order, it will be sent into the player’s account within 5-7 days. One major advantage of this sportsbook is their platform’s interface. They offer excellent deposit and withdrawal methods.


One of the most notable platforms in the United States is the PointsBet sports betting platform. In 2019, PointsBet was based in New Jersey, and ever since then, expansion has been vital. This site offers a great bonus for new users. Players who newly sign up can get as high as $200 in risk-free bets.

PointsBet referral bonus is both favorable for the person who got referred and the referee. Per year, players can get as high as $2,500. PointsBet favors early cashout. Hence, bettors can get their money before the end of the match.


One of the top platforms for sports gambling is SugarHouse. Currently, they are available for golf betting in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey. This platform offers free daily gaming experiences with loyalty rewards for loyal customers.

With their promo code, bettors can get bonuses that extend 100% first deposits match up to $250. For players to be eligible for withdrawals, they only need to wager it once. SugarHouse encourages legal sports gambling across the licensed states.


Most players love the way the entire interface looks. This platform has been in operation for a relatively long time. They are a major golf betting platform that offers services within Nevada and New Jersey.

Caesars offers an initial bonus upon deposit with up to $300. Withdrawal of winnings can be made through an ATM using a prepaid card. Some of the withdrawal methods include PayPal, Neteller, Cash at Cage, and Bank Transfer.

MGM Sportsbook

Starting at Las Vegas, this sportsbook is one of the best platforms for a wide variety of games, including golf. The platform offers a bonus of $500 for new players. Their loyalty programs are also great for loyal customers or bettors.

Players can obtain their winnings using ACH / e-Check, PayPal, Check by mail, Skrill, and Cash at the cage. Usually, the sportsbook allows for withdrawals within one business day or two business days depending on the method employed.

Golden Nugget

This platform was created in Las Vegas, the U.S. Now, the casino operates at five major locations like Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Louisiana. They offer a mind-blowing welcome bonus of $1000. Also, they have amazing loyalty programs for regular players.

Making withdrawals on the platform is easy. Bettors can claim their winnings using the different available withdrawal methods like PayNearMe, Online Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, or Casino cage.

William Hill

This sportsbook is officially one of the best sportsbooks providing golf gambling for fans in New Jersey. Deposits are easy to make, and it comes with a high-quality online platform.

This platform effectively pays out all winning bets once players follow the basic terms and conditions. Some of the available withdrawal methods include William Hill Prepaid Card, Skrill, ACH (eCheck), and In-person withdrawal. Please note that these platforms all offer mobile sports betting in their different acceptable states. Bettors are only allowed to be 21 years old or more. These real money betting sites frequently advise safe and responsible gambling for sports lovers, including golf.

Various Types of Bets to Wager on Golf

Below are a few of the types of bets players can wager:

golf betting

  • Outright winner: In this type of bet, the player places a wager by picking who wins the tournament. It is difficult for most bettors to choose who wins a tournament due to the number of competitors. If the “selected player” ends up placing first, this bet gives a high payout.
  • Match Betting: This type of bet involves two players. Here, those two players are set head-to-head against each other. If a bettor picks a player, he or she believes in, and that player finishes higher than the other, then the bettor wins.
  • Three-ball wagers: Out of the other betting types, the three-ball wagers are one of the commonest. Unlike the match gambling, three-ball wagers involve pitting three players head-to-head against one another; hence, it becomes a three-way market.
  • Group Betting: Golf has created a variety of possibilities, which also include group betting. The entire concept is based on a group of friends to make a Group Bet team in which members of the team make a selection each. Overall, group gambling logically cuts down the amount a player can earn.
  • Props: Unlike other types of golf betting, props are way more flexible. Bettors can bet based on the color of the player’s shirt or if an event like “hole-in-one” will occur. Those options don’t directly mean the game itself, but others take the player’s skill into cognizance.
  • Futures: This type of betting primarily deals with gambling on who wins the FedEx Cup (Trophy is given to top players at the end of the PGA tour). These rankings depend on the number of points that a player gains from major events and extra points for winning an event.
  • Live Betting: Here, bettors can place a wager on who may win during a round or match the same score during the same round. The joy of live betting comes from bettors’ ability to make bets at any time and place. They may also change their bets depending on their reactions.
  • Each-way bet: This type of bet makes a punter able to bet on a golfer to finish in a threshold in a championship. Each-way bets include two bets, including one for the bettors to place and the other for the golfer. A major advantage of this type of bet is getting bigger odds even when it can be significant.

Tournaments and Challenges in Golf Betting Online

  • PGA Championship: This tournament is controlled by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. Typically, the championship is held in the eastern half of the United States.
  • U.S. Open: As one of the top annual open championships, golf fans love placing bets to earn high points. Out of the four main championships, this tournament is ranked as the third. It remains the formal schedule for the European and PGA tour.
  • Open Championship: Most times, golfers refer to this tournament as the British Open or The Open. Earlier in 1860, the championship was always held yearly at Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland, but later evolved to being rotated in Britain.
  • Charles Schwab Challenge: The name given to this tournament was simply for sponsorship purposes. It is an expert golf tournament on PGA Tour normally played yearly in Fort Worth, Texas.

Helpful Golf Betting Tips for Players (Dos and Don’ts)

While placing bets in a golf game via a sports betting app, certain steps are important. Also, there are mistakes that bettors should never make to profit out of their games.


  • Study past performance at the specific course.
  • Check out different types of plays.
  • Focus on line movement.
  • Understand a parlay


  • It is inadvisable to bet on heavy favorites for an outright win.
  • When placing bets, don’t ignore the weather condition.
  • Avoid hero gambling
  • Avoid putting in what you can’t afford to lose.

What’s New Regarding Golf Betting? Online

golf bettingThe pandemic caused a major stop in the majority of sporting events, including golf. This turn of events led to financial losses in the part of the associations and even the betting platforms. Several sportsbooks like the SugarHouse, PointsBet, MGM Sportsbook, DraftKings, Golden Nugget, FanDuel, and Caesars faced certain setbacks. In July 2020, it was announced that tournaments like the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup will be rescheduled for 2021 and 2022.

Online Golf Betting: Conclusion

Golf betting is a great activity. It’s one of the oldest sports and still one of the best. As great as the game is, the gambling site is essential as well. There are certain factors that bettors need to consider strongly before choosing a site for golf betting. Some of the things to consider are the available options, security, banking methods, and loyalty programs. Great platforms provide awesome options for players, which usually include props, futures, live betting, each-way bet, match betting, three-ball wagers, and outright winner.

Golf fans may bet on a wide variety of tournaments, including the PGA Championship, Open Championship, and the Charles Schwab College. Certain events like the pandemic have a negative turn in general sporting activities, especially in golf. Several sportsbooks faced severe losses due to the postponement of sporting activities. Overall, golf betting is a great activity that requires bettors to follow the rules of the game for the best results.

Golf is not your only one favourite sport? Review of the best betting sites for wagering on other types of sports that can bring you fun time and real money winnings:


Is it legal to bet on golf online?

Gambling on golf may not be explicitly legal, but there are no clear prohibitions. Most sportsbooks offering online betting also include golfing. The legal age to participate in any of these activities is 21 years or above.

What sites are the best for Golf betting?

Several sites are suitable for Golf betting. Choosing the best site requires players to analyze features like bonuses, site security, and banking methods. Some of the most common platforms that offer the best are FanDuel, SugarHouse, Golden Nugget, William Hill, MGM Sportsbook, PointsBet, Caesars, and DraftKings.

How can I check the latest Golf odds?

Since odds determine the chances of winning in golf betting, it's critical to stay up to date. An effective way of checking the latest Golf odds is by using suitable platforms or searching through the google search engine.

What is match betting?

Match betting is one of the various types of golf gambling. It entails two players, in which one of them has to rank higher than the other. If a bettor chose the player with higher points, it signifies a win.

How can I deposit money to bet on golf?

There's no specific step to depositing money for golf betting. The process you follow depends on your platform. Common deposit methods include the use of MasterCard, Visa Card, and Netteller.

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