UFC Online Sport Betting Review

You would have to live under a rock or at the center of the deep blue sea, to not be aware of how the mixed martial arts market (MMA) is expanding. MMA organizations are spread across the globe in their numbers and are gradually gaining more ground. Also, it has created a huge opportunity for smart punters to win the bag. This article carefully unwraps everything you need to know about UFC betting.
Published: Sep 17, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Details are explained and vividly put together to give you a proper understanding on how to bet on UFC fights. Gamblers and those who love good brawl would find this article helpful. We could list a good number of reasons why you should engage in UFC online sports betting. From the fact that there are numerous options for UFC betting, based on the state you are in. One obvious benefit is the convenience you get with UFC betting websites.

From the comfort of your home, with a good internet connection and a mobile or desktop device, you can bet on UFC fights online. For UFC betting, most players tend to bet on their favorite fighters. Other players would make use of advanced handicapping principles which are effectively used on other sports. This is quite effective because the betting lines, in a manner, reflect the popularity of the fighter. UFC online sports betting requires a specific and systematic method to make your decisions. First, you must understand why you are betting and also how the odds work.

This would help you not to drift from your goal, make smart bets, and get value. Certain factors or aspects should be thought through when you want to consider betting on UFC. Attributes that these online sports betting sites possess which would give you a complete user experience are non-negotiable. Betting could become tedious if you don’t check out these considerations before selecting a site. For instance, bonuses, banking methods (deposits and withdrawals), loyalty programs, security, options to bet, and many others are what you look out for in a site. These features or attributes are key to a good bet. Security is a big issue when you consider online betting.

Best UFC Betting Sites

888 Sport

888 Sport

$88 in free bets

Empire City Bets

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Where to Bet on UFC?

Top-rated real money betting sites have a good understanding of these instances, so they tighten up their online security. As a player, I would opt for a site with a good security program for cybersecurity. Also, when it comes to payment methods, you would need a bookie that accepts a variety of options. Usually, from bank cards to bank checks, PayPal and other methods are not left out. As a resident of the United States, here are some of the best websites you should have at your fingertip if you are considering betting on UFC. Best UFC betting sites include:

  • PointsBet
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • SugarHouse
  • William Hill
  • MGM Sportsbook
  • Golden Nugget
  • Caesars

Offers And Bonuses at Best UFC Sportsbooks


PointsBet SportsbookPointsBet understands that there are lots of competitors out there; however, with an enticing offer, they always stay on top. New players, after they have signed up, would get free bets up to $250. Interestingly, these signs up benefits depend on the initial deposit of the player. For instance, if a player deposits $50, he or she can bet at $150. A $150 deposit would result in a free bet at $300. For $250 deposit, you’d get a free bet of $500. Also, there is a need to input a promo code before you can be eligible for these offers.


Draftkings SportsbookThe offer for this sportsbook is incredible. Usually, it is a $500 risk-free bet matched with a $500 deposit made. Your risk-free bet tallies with the amount of initially deposited. So, if you intend to get the full $500, make your deposit at $500. For this particular DraftKings bonus, you are not required to enter a promo code. By simply clicking on the button, it gets activated, and you receive the $500 instantly. However, for other offers and bonuses, there are official promo codes that are posted on the website.


FanDuel SportsbookFanDuel offers players who make a first-time deposit a bonus of $5. This bonus would be added to your account immediately when you make your deposit. Again, the bonus funds are meant to be used to play games and are not to be withdrawn. Also, there is a countdown on the bonus, beating this timer would give you the voucher to a free entry.


SugarHouse sportsbookSugarHouse offers a 100 % match for your first deposit. Usually, this is up to $250. However, for this offer, the minimum deposit is $10. There is a 1x wagering requirement to this offer, making it attractive to most players. Compare this offer to other sportsbooks whose requirement is ridiculously high. You need to make use of the promo code before the welcome bonus can be added to your account. Promo code is PLAY250 

William Hill

William Hill SportsbookAt William Hill, you would always get amazing offers. These offers do not require any promo code. Once the wagering requirement is met, your funds would be transferred or added to your account. You can then make use of this bonus to play your favorite games. For new customers, the minimum buy-in is set at $10. Bouse is 100% up to $300. This bonus also has a countdown on it. Also, certain terms and conditions apply.

MGM Sportsbook

MGM SportsbookAn incredible offer of a 100% deposit match that is up to $500 immediately you open an account. An account can be opened only for individuals who are 21 and over. MGM welcome offer might vary in different states. However, there still would be similarities. PLAYBONUS is the bonus code that is required.

Golden Nugget

golden nugget casinoFirst, you need a bonus code for the various offers at Golden Nugget. A player is drawn to this offer because it is easy and fair. The welcome package is a triple-face bonus which consists of a first-time deposit bonus, no deposit offer, and 200 free spins. They also offer a free $10 no deposit offer for new members. But to claim this bonus, you would need to enter the bonus code. The second face is the first deposit bonus which offers a 100% match bonus up to $1,500.


caesarsNo deposit required for a free $10 casino bonus. When a first deposit is made, it is matched with a 100% up to $300. Make the deposit and get on playing your favorite games. Also, you can convert your online reward credits to cash.

Physical VS Online Sportsbooks For UFC


Some advantages of online sportsbooks include:

  • Convenience – as you can play from any location, as long as the bookie is licensed to operate in that state.
  • More games are available on the online platform
  • It is easier for new members
  • Bonuses such as online UFC betting free bets
  • Bad weather won’t be a hindrance
  • No match-fixing is associated with online betting

Advantages of physical sportsbooks are:

  • Less distraction, you are much more focused on the game
  • Ability to handle line movement
  • The option to learn from other seasoned punters

Disadvantages of online sportsbooks include:

  • There is a tendency always to place more bets, thereby spending more money.
  • Does not have the live audience feel

Disadvantages of physical sportsbooks:

  • You have limited options
  • Only present in states that legalized betting.
  • You can get carried away with drinks

UFC betting is accepted in most states. You can place betting in states such as Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado, Iowa, West Virginia, and New Hampshire. Players can withdraw their winnings via the same method of deposition. MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, and e-wallets are means to be used for withdrawing wins.

Types of Bets to Wager on UFC

  • Moneyline: Moneyline bet is one of the easiest sorts of bet at a sportsbook. Here, you would bet on a specific team to win. The success of that team assures you of your winnings as well.
  • Over/under: This is a different kind of bet. Here, the player has the option to decide if there would be more or less of the goals quoted. For instance, UFC match points may be recorded as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.
  • Method of victory: This bet is quite easy to understand. All that is needed from the player is to choose or determine how the fight would end. That is, the method of victory, whether the method of victory would end in submission, knockout, or by a judge’s decision. There is no need to pick a fighter or round. Again, there is also another variant of the method of victory, where punters can decide how the fight would end and also the option of choosing a fighter.
  • Round the Fight Ends: This bet allows players to decide the fight end. You may not pick any other option like who would win the fight. Either of the fighters could win, and you would still win as long as it ends at the round you predicted it would end.
  • Points Handicap: Handicap betting is selecting an “handicap” in an event with the option of overcoming to win. This is usually used to remove any form of bias from the game. It is a bet that is preferred when two strong favorites are fighting. So, instead of short odds, you choose to place longer odds on which fighter would earn more points from the judges. Interestingly, most rules laid down for mixed martial arts tournaments have changed over time. They have been revisited and properly revised because of health factors, legal and moral concerns included. Weight classes came about when the knowledge of submission holds spread. As a result, fighters become better at submission techniques and then avoiding submissions. There and then it had to be a substantial factor.

Weight Class Measures The Weight Range For Fighters

Usually, the lower limit of a weight class is equivalent to the upper limit of the weight class that is below it. The top class has no upper limit and is also called heavyweight or super heavyweight. Their weight grades fighters, usually your weight is not supposed to exceed the upper limit of the class they belong. Catchweight is a nonstandard weight class. Moves such as headbutts were previously used. But the act was prohibited because of the little effort it required to turn the match to a bloody scene. Other terms are:

  • Half Guard: the fighter has the opponent on him while he is on his back. Despite him being on his back, he has his legs wrapped around the opponent.
  • Choke: choke is a term used to describe the act of blocking the carotid artery, hindering the flow of blood to the brain.
  • Clinch: here, arms and upper body parts of both fighters are locked. Usually used to slow action or defend against an attack. Nevertheless, it could also be used for offense.
  • Elbow Strike: one of the opponents throws an elbow to strike the other fighter.
  • Reversal: switching sides, from a less advantageous position to a more advantageous one
  • Sambo: a combination of wrestling and Japanese Judo.

UFC Betting Tips

MMA and UFC betting tips and strategies can be learned. However, they are all channeled on finding value. Although these tips may not be 100 % accurate all the time, they can guide you as you place your bet. Here are some tips for holding on:

  1. Search for live dogs
  2. Be careful of MMA stats
  3. Endeavor to always check on the MMA odds
  4. Check out for overhyped fighters
  5. Carefully look into prelim fighters
  6. Place a bet on those small events
  7. Check out for alternative bets
  8. Need value? check out in-play bets
  9. Observe the strength and weaknesses of the fighters

Players can always check out their odds on their mobile sports betting sites or their sports betting app for IOS and Android users. These odds are placed there for them to make use of. For example, Mark McGregor with an odd of -160, and Eddie Saint with a +140. This means that McGregor is the favorite and Saint is the undervalued fighter or underdog fighter. Factors like Spike TV, twitter/social media, FOX network, Tito Ortiz, and many others can influence odd value. However, there are certain mistakes that you must avoid to be able to convert your bets to wins. Mistakes such as these should be avoided:

  1. Relying solely on the knockout
  2. Placing your trust in injury reports
  3. Following coincidental trends
  4. Betting on every fight
  5. Avoiding shopping for betting lines

There are more mistakes that you should avoid, such as distractions while betting. These would ensure you do not lose your money while you place your bet.

COVID-19 Impact on UFC Betting

This year has been terrifying as a result of the virus outbreak. Certain sports have been put on hold, and as a result, betting also was suspended. However, with the flattening of the curve, games are beginning to be played, and betting has resumed. Great starts of the UFC include Conor McGregor, while Cerrone is an underdog. Jorge Masvidal vs Kamaru Usman, Kamaru is taken to be the underdog. Other fighters include Gilbert Burns, Max Holloway, Jose Aldo, and many others.


Betting on UFC is an incredible way to make a profit off your bet. Initially, it may look tasking and demand or better still overwhelming because of the wagers placed on a fight. Nevertheless, the moment you get a grip on it, you would master the act. Don’t be left out, always place bets on UFC. Betting strategies are needed to get the best of every bet. Endeavor to have some at your fingertip. UFC betting is a legal sport betting that is licensed and regulated. With the UFC betting app, it becomes easy for players to bet on games and calculate their win total.

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Is it legal to bet on UFC online?

Yes, it is legal to bet on UFC online in states that provide bettors with legalized betting sites.

What is the most popular bet type to play in UFC?

The Match Bet or the Moneyline is the most popular type of bet placed on the UFC. It is easy and simple; you just have to pick the winner of the proposed fight. You win the bet when the one you selected wins the fight.

What is the difference between MMA and UFC?

Mixed martial arts is the sport while UFC happens to be the organizer of the MMA fights. UFC is an institution that governs the affairs of the MMA.

What is forfeit in UFC?

Forfeit is when a fighter excuses himself from a match before it happens. This could be due to injury, sickness, or any other reasonable excuse.

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