A Guide to the Best US eSports Betting Sites Online

Until May 2018, electronic sports betting was illegal in the United States of America due to the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. Now, the sport is legal in certain states, including Nevada. The entire game is very lucrative and encourages a wide variety of gambling options. If you're a fan of Esports, this write-up will be very helpful for you. It discusses all the helpful information you may need for a successful bettor in this industry.
Published: Aug 27, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Esports betting is an increasingly growing market. The game is typically known for its organization and order. Also, competitions are in multiplayer modes between two or more players. In the late 2000s, gaming experts started participating in these events. Spectatorship for this game also increased over time. The year 2010 marked a major period in the popularity of Esports.

Best eSports betting sites

888 Sport

888 Sport

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Empire City Bets

Empire City Bets


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Most video game producers began the production of new ones for the tournaments and events. Some popular games supported are first-person shooter (FPS), battle royales, card games, and real-time strategy (RTS). Few people question the game as a real sport, but true fans remain loyal to the game. The International Olympic Committee considers including the sport in future Olympic events. With over 400 million regular viewers, the game is legitimate for sports bettors. For a long time, Esports betting was unacceptable. Primarily, the legality was a problem due to players’ potential for ‘match-fixing’ and underage betting.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Best Esports Betting Site

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Esports is not a very regular sporting competition. Hence, it hasn’t completely gained popularity compared to other sports in the market. Thus, bettors should choose ‘where to place bets’ carefully. Before deciding to use a specific betting site, certain factors should be analyzed. Please note that betting sites provide a lot of services to attract new players and make the old ones stay. The very best offers are the ones that require little to gain a large ground. Here are a few of the factors that bettors should analyze in betting sites:

  • Betting options
  • Bonuses
  • Loyalty programs
  • Security
  • Banking methods

All of the factors above are usually different depending on the betting site one considers. Some websites provide many Esports betting options, while some websites do not offer a lot. Bonuses are essential, especially for new players and old ones as well. Some platforms have awesome bonus offers, while some only offer the average bonus offers to new and old bettors. Loyalty programs include different schemes that encourage constant and loyal customers. Other things that are helpful to study before making a choice include the available banking methods and the platform’s security.

Betting options

One of the most important factors to consider before choosing a site for betting is the options. The more the options are offered, the higher flexibility of the site is. Betting options also determines the overall user experience on that specific platform. There are several Esports games that bettors can utilize like Dota 2, Battlefield, PUBG, Street Fighter, Smite, World of Tanks, and others available. Since these are only options, bettors don’t necessarily need to know about them as long as they understand one of them.


A website without a welcome bonus and other extra offers is not the best website to choose for Esports gaming. Every notable platform provides welcome bonuses and other offers. Great bonuses attract new players and also encourage old ones to stay. The best platforms are the ones that offer great bonuses for both the new players and the old ones. Some websites allow players to claim as high as $25 for simply opening an account on the platform.

Loyalty programs

It’s safe to consider loyalty programs as a reward for great and consistent betting. It is critical to choose a site that offers a great deal for their loyalty program. In most cases, every bettor is ‘qualified’ for the loyalty program. The more loyalty points, the more a bettor can earn a lot from a specific deal. Most betting sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, Betfair, William Hill, and Betrivers only invite players to their VIP programs. Please note that this usually depends on the total loyalty points earned.


One of the most critical things to analyze the security of the platform. Since you’re dealing with real money sites, it is essential to always stay safe and secure. Several websites make use of 128-bit encryption, making it safe to store data and hard to hack. This encryption technique is vital in making sure that data remains safe and backed-up. Asides general protection of the website, you should also look deeply into their payment methods (both withdrawal and deposit).

Banking Methods

Once a bettor is certain of their banking method, he or she can confidently make withdrawals and deposits. There’s a long list of trusted payment methods like Netteller, PayPal, Skrill, and the likes that offer great services. A wide variety of banking methods reduces the probability of getting stuck to any and provides the advantage of flexibility. Overall, it’s always important to look out for sites’ banking methods.

USA eSports Websites

bet on sports with SugarHouse

There are so many places to watch an Esports competition. Most of the problem usually comes from where to place the bets or participate in legal Esports betting. This game has a very promising future as it can get more recognized as time passes. Choosing an online Esports betting site is not as easy as it may sound. Several factors go into making the ultimate choice. Most people consider the overall user experience as the most important determining factor. Esports betting sites are common in the entire country. Each of these websites offers different bonuses, loyalty programs, and banking methods. Out of the multiples, here are a few of the top Esport betting sites:


Draftkings Sportsbook

Originally starting as a fantasy site, this platform has grown to be one of the best sites to offer Esports betting. Mobile gaming started early in 2018 in the state of New Jersey. Since its launch, the site has continued expanding massively to states like Colorado, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

DraftKings is popularly known for its attractive signup bonus and other great deals, and it’s one of the best Esports betting sites. In Esports betting, bettors are capable of enjoying great deals like a 20% match worth up to $500. Other bonuses like extra money additions after placing the first bet also apply to new and old users. Esports is available in their licensed states, and it only takes a few days to withdraw winnings using the available methods, including PayPal.


FanDuel Sportsbook

There are several things they are great at, and things they need to improve. This platform is known to have over a million paid users, and it’s can make a high level of payout in 2022. In Esports betting, FanDuel remains one of the best in the entire industry. Currently, the site actively operates in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Interesting bonus offers to include a $20 additional reward after a real money deposit and a $20 referral bonus when bettors make a successful referral. Most players love this sportsbook because of the great interface. Out of most other sportsbooks in the US, FanDuel is well known for its great user interface. Players claim their winnings by utilizing a withdrawal method.



This site has been in the entire gambling game for a long time. 888sports was created as far back as 1997 for casino lovers. Later in 2008, the sports betting side of 888sports started to develop. Within the United States of America, 888sports is effectively-known for great gambling options in sports. The company is only allowed to accept users from states with licenses.

888sports offers attractive bonus offers for new and old players alike. They primarily offer two different welcome bonuses, including one for the signing up and another for the bettors’ first deposit. With the signup bonus, new players can get a free $10 off just signing up on the platform without making a deposit.



This company is a sister company to PokerStars, a legendary online gambling platform. Betstars was created at the end of 2015 and has been in operation ever since. This platform offers up to 25 different sports, including the Esports. One of the company’s major goals is to bring the same passions players have for poker sports into sports betting.

They offer amazing bonuses that don’t require the use of promo codes. One of their many bonuses includes the Spin & Win up to 10x of odds. A lot of Esports lovers find the entire bonus offers attractive and a great fit for their purposes. Bettors can claim winnings by using any of the available withdrawal methods. Betstars as a platform encourages mobile Esports betting.


betfair casino

Like most of the other platforms that encourage Esports betting in the USA, Betfair is one of the most useful sites for Esports betting. The company was initially made in 2000, but it has gained good popularity ever since then. Several players consider this platform as one of the best in the entire market. Betfair allows for trading bets and supports different kinds of trading options.

Punters love getting bonuses. Betfair understands the need for bettors to get great bonus offers to keep them. They offer a bonus of over 131 dollars and also support exchange bets. Punters may make withdrawals via any of the available withdrawal methods.

William Hill

William Hill Sportsbook

This sportsbook is one of the largest in the gambling market. It is also one of the legal Esports betting sites in the USA. Although physically based in the UK, the site offers services to many customers in the United States. It is primarily based in New Jersey and Nevada. Possible bets they offer include straight bets and others. They wager on money lines, and totals.

The company offers several eye-catching bonuses which include 100% up to $150 at first deposit. Please, note that their bonuses are not awarded as money itself but real bets. Bettors are eligible to claim their winnings by using acceptable withdrawal methods and following the simple terms and conditions.



This sportsbook started as a casino known as the “Rivers Casino.” The success of this company was predictable as they always took the necessary steps. Now, they offer sports lovers a wide variety of games, including Esports.

Most people love their user interface compared to most of the other sportsbooks in the market. Bettors can earn as high as 100% up to $250 match bonus by utilizing their promo code. After opening an account, bettors are implored to make deposits and enjoy the experience.


bet365 NJ

Lots of bettors appreciate the level of security Bet365 offers. This sportsbook is regarded as one of the best on the entire internet. It stands as one of the most trusted platforms in the world. Also, it accommodates bettors from as much as 140 countries in the entire world.

This platform allows users to participate in a bonus offer of $100 when signing up with the company. It provides great services, which include the number of games offered on the platform. The user experience is very encouraging. It provides different options for placing wagers.

How to Watch eSports

Before you bet on any of the available betting sites, it is vital to know how you can watch the game itself. There are available methods of watching this game which include:

  • YouTube: There are several ways to keep track of this game by watching, and one of them is the use of a common platform for video streaming. This platform offers live streaming of matches. So, at the moment you are certain of the streaming time, you can enjoy your game on this platform.
  • Twitch: People know Twitch to be one of the best platforms for live streaming. People love watching what they like on the platform. Hence, they can comfortably watch Esports. Bettors may need to login to the site and choose to stream Esports matches. Several Esports matches are usually available for streaming so that bettors don’t lose a moment.
  • Facebook: Using Facebook may require players to have a specific link that leads to the game. An alternative method may be to search for the game using the google search engine and follow it up from there. Please, note that bettors need to carefully choose the game they wager on to avoid any confusion.

eSports Games That Bettors Can Utilize

The importance of a large range of betting options is critical and helpful for versatile gamers. Here are a few games that are

  • League of Legends: In Esports, playing deals with all expert gamers of the MOBA game, League of Legends coming together for the championship. This game includes a beautiful artistic department that makes the graphics and designs great. It also has a great music department for the best user experience.
  • Dota 2: Like most other games, this one deals with a multiplayer online arena. Valve developed the game. It is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, a mod for the Witchcraft III video game.
  • CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive): As one of the many Valve creations, this game is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. In the entire Counter-Strike series, this game serves as the fourth game. Overall, the game pits two different expert players in Esports.
  • Overwatch: This game is one of the commonly played games in Esports. Blizzard Entertainment was created and assigned a player into a team of six by choosing from thirty characters. The aim may be to defend control points or escort a payload.
  • Call of Duty: This game focuses on a World War II setting. Sometimes, it may also depict the cold war, outer space, or future wars. This awesome game is a creation of Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games in 2003, 2005, and 2011.


Possible Bets to Wager on eSports

Here are some of the possible bets to wager on Esports:

  • Moneyline: Most bets that are placed on matches are typically Moneyline bets. Esports Moneyline betting is straight-up betting that only involves choosing a match result between two different options. Most times, new bettors mix up the pluses and minuses for their best teams.
  • Map winners: Here, the player is betting on who wins the map. When there’s no map played, then the bets placed are ignored. Also, the bets are void when a player is awarded the map winner by default or without having a match.
  • Map score: The map score is very similar to the map winners. This type of betting is determined by the map score, just as it implies. This type of betting is determined by whether or not the player correctly predicts the final map score.
  • First dragon: Basically, this type of bet requires the player to kill a dragon first before the other player. Please note that this applies to the League of Legends in Esports. Another name for the dragons is drakes, and killing them gives a great boost in performance.
  • Totals: This type of bet is a single wager based on two outcomes. Will the run total of that game be over, or will it be under? In Esports, the total wager indicates that bettors only care about the total points.
  • Futures: A future bet means a bet that is executed for the nearest future. Unlike other types of betting, this one is determined by what takes place after a long time. For instance, who wins a championship in Esports.

Biggest Tournaments in eSports

There are several Esports tournaments which include:

  • LoL Worlds: This competition takes place annually, and it typically involves the professional League of Legends players. The total price of winnable is about $8,948,000
  • Fortnite World Cup: This tournament is based in the Fortnite video game, and it takes place yearly. Across all competitions, the total winnable prize money is $64,338,000.
  • The International: Unlike the other types of tournaments, this one deals with the Dota 2 video game. The total price of money for the tournament is $46,150,000.

Helpful Tips for Esports Betting USA

  • Avoid betting Moneyline favorites
  • Make calculated predictions
  • Encourage intensive research to avoid mistakes

Best eSports Betting Site Welcome Bonus

There are several things to analyze and consider, especially when dealing with this sort of betting. It is crucial to take advantage of the bonus offers that most sportsbooks or bookmarkers provide.

  • Deposit Bonus: This kind of offer is very common in this game. Here, the bonus credits a percentage of the amount and sends it into your account. A 100% first deposit up to $250 will allow players to deposit $200 and get $200 as a bonus.
  • No-Deposit Bonus: Here, the bookmarker gives a specific amount of credit without having to make any kind of deposits to your account. They have very sensitive wagering requirements.
  • Freebies: In most cases, bookmarkers use this to attract new bettors in the gambling industry. There are certain terms and conditions every new bookmarker must follow to get these types of bonuses.

What’s New Regarding Esports Betting

best sites to bet on esports

There was no immediate effect of the pandemic on Esports. It had a significant effect on the entire system. In early 2020, most sporting activities needed to be stopped. For instance, during a 2019 tournament, there was a record of spectators above millions. The game itself doesn’t involve physical contact, but the viewers may get involved in certain touching degrees, which led to the closing of eSports betting for a while. Most of the competitions in Esports betting currently take place online, and it has led to a spike in the general gambling market.


Esports is a great gaming activity. It has been created for a very long time, but it has increasingly become more prominent in the gaming industry. A kind of game like this requires bettors to carefully choose the possible betting platforms. Some platforms that offer eSports betting include DraftKings, FanDuel, 888sports, Betstars, Betfair, William Hill, Betrivers, and Bet365. One of the most important things in these entire types of betting is the bonuses they offer and the amazing tournaments. Overall, it’s a great game that needs to become more prominent in these times.

Don’t forget to read our detailed reviews on the best sportsbooks for a great experience with esports betting:


Is it legal to bet on Esports online?

Several bookmakers help bettors wager a bet. As long as you are of a legal betting age (21), you may participate in Esports betting in a licensed state.

Where can I bet on Esports?

Betting on Esports requires players to make use of certain bookmakers. Examples of common bookmarkers are DraftKings, Betfair, and Bet365.

How can I bet on Esports betting?

There are several ways to bet on Esports betting. You need to start by signing up for a specific bookmarker and following the necessary steps.

What are the most popular Esports events to bet on?

There are several available Esports events that players can bet on. Some of them are map score, map winners, and first dragon.

Can I win real money with betting on Esports?

Esports betting offers real money winnings to deserving players. You should start by signing up for the appropriate sportsbook.

What is the biggest tournament in Esports industry?

There are several amazing and big tournaments in the Esports industry. Some of them are LoL Worlds, Fortnite World Cup, and The International.

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