Everything About NASCAR Online Sports Betting

Published: Oct 13, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Online sports betting is gradually finding its legal footing in states across America, and lovers of sports betting are enjoying wagering on different sports. Football, America’s most loved sports, enjoys the most significant number of bettors, but in recent years, more people are beginning to pay attention to other niche sports like NASCAR. Today, the motor racing sport has become a popular bet option with online sports betting sites embracing it with the blessings of NASCAR itself. If you’re a lover of sports betting, maybe a soccer fan looking for another exciting sport to put your money on, NASCAR, with its various auto racing series, offers many opportunities, and this article will spell them out. This is also where you’ll get up to date information about which of the online betting sites is most profitable and offers the most rewards. In the end, you’ll have enough information to make a well-informed decision. However, before we get into all that, let’s consider all the things that make the ideal sports betting site.

Best Sites to Bet on NASCAR

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


Caesars Sportsbook Review

Caesars Sportsbook Review

$300 free bet


Aspects To Consider While Choosing The Betting Site to Bet On NASCAR

One of the most important sports betting decisions is the choice of where to place wagers online. There are currently many sportsbooks where you can wager on NASCAR online. In selecting the ideal one, here are aspects of each website which you should consider first.

  • Bank Payment Methods: One of the most significant advantages of placing wagers online is the number of acceptable payment methods, compared to traditional land-based sportsbooks. Your ideal betting site must be able to provide you most (if not all) of the popular payment methods such as credit or debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, etc. Find a betting site that supports the payment, which is most convenient for you for a great payment experience you won’t have to complain about every time.
  • Security: Before you place your bets with just any sportsbook, they must be able to offer security. User’s personal information, such as name or social security number input on their website, should be secure against intrusion. Online transactions should also, while payment methods must also be protected. You can be confident that all our recommended betting sites are secure platforms that safeguard all user information against intrusion, theft, or loss.
  • Promotions and Bonuses: Many online betting sites offer betters a variety of enticing benefits and bonuses to attract their attention. Because these sites are usually in competition with each other, there are a plethora of options you can choose from. Ranging from lucrative welcome bonuses for new players, free bets, and other offers to regular players, there are many benefits to consider, and you should carefully make a choice. Fake sites also often deceive players with mouth-watering offers, while there are also perfect sites that offer meager bonuses too. We recommend you read the terms and conditions carefully to affirm that the offers are really what they seem, and the websites you visit are real money betting sites.
  • Reputation and Legalization: The first thing we do whenever we’re trying to make up our minds about something, maybe visiting a new spa or trying out a new product, is to ask people who are familiar with it. Sometimes, this may include friends or reading user reviews online. We invest the time to assure ourselves about the reputation of the object. This should apply to online betting sites too. Invest your time to ascertain the reputation of every site under consideration. A good reputation may imply that they’re trustworthy. Regulatory bodies can also make your decision easier. These are agencies that give operator licenses to online sportsbooks, enforcing strict regulations and standards. A sports betting site licensed and regulated by a trusted governing body will be easier to trust than one without any.
  • Loyalty Programs: Sportsbooks offer loyalty programs to repeat players to keep them committed to their platform. Loyalty programs should be one of your top considerations. Every bettor loves sites with rewards that can significantly boost winnings for regular customers. These loyalty programs vary across bookmakers and could be in the form of bonuses, free bets, concessions, etc. Find trusted websites with suitable offers to enhance your winnings more considerably.
  • Customer Support: A common aspect of a trustworthy website is its openness to customer relations. No genuine bookmaker will shy away from availability for customer inquiries, complaints, and requests. Before you sign up with a betting site, research into their support responsiveness. Some online betting sites also have an active online presence on social media to give their customers more communication channels. No matter how attractive a site is, it’s essential to find out how easily you can reach out to customer support representatives.
  • Options to Bet: Though many online betting sites offer NASCAR odds with differing odds, not all of them intensively focus on wagering on races. If you’re a fan of racing sports, your preferred betting site has to be one that allows you to place bets on individual NASCAR races. This will give you more betting options, and not just the popular ones.

Best Websites to Bet on NASCAR in The United States

Across the US today, several betting sites actively receive NASCAR wagers. Here are the most trustworthy sportsbooks with their unique offers.


DraftKings is one of the top sports betting providers in the US known for changing perspectives about traditional fantasy sports. With DraftKings, you have a variety of betting choices that are complete. These include props, futures, and driver matchups. As a new player, DraftKings offers a welcome bonus of up to $1000, which comprises of a matched first bet and deposit bonus at $500 each. DraftKings is gradually spreading across the US because of its user-friendly sports betting app, which users find more convenient to use.


FanDuel is owned by Paddy Power Betfair, a top international sports betting and gaming operator. They offer a straightforward registration process and a $500 risk-free bet as a welcome bonus for new gamers. Risk-free bets imply that you can wager on any game you desire and claim your winnings. But if you lose, the money will be refunded into your site account. With FanDuel, your minimum and maximum deposit amount are $10 and $10,000, respectively.


The online sportsbook is one of America’s fast-rising bookmakers, and it also offers NASCAR betting. With PointsBet, as a new player, you can claim up to $250 instantly when you deposit into your account. The site also gives its regular users daily offers and reduced-juice bets. PointsBet accepts a minimum deposit of $5, and the least amount you can bet is $0.50. PointsBet also offers live betting. A feature in which you can wager on an event that has already kicked off.


SugarHouse Casino and Sportsbook offer new players a 100% deposit bonus up to $250 with the lowest possible deposit of $10. You’d have to use the bonus code, “PLAY250,” to claim the deposit bonus. However, there’s a $1000 wagering requirement that players have to meet to access the full bonus. For regular members, there are such rewards as free bonuses, prize wheels, virtual scratch cards, and bingo.


Caesars, one of the top gambling brands popular for its casinos, also takes NASCAR bets. The sportsbook offers new users a sign-up bonus up to $300 on your first cash bet and a $10 free bet with no deposit requirements. From time to time, Caesars rewards regular bettors with different benefits.

MGM Sportsbook

This sportsbook offers the best of live NASCAR action, and you can get right down to gambling from your phone with their mobile sports betting. New players can get a 100% deposit bonus up to $500 on their first deposit. But they’ll have to make a $25 minimum deposit within seven days of creating the account. However, you’d have to use the bonus code, “PLAYBONUS” to get the welcome bonus. There’s also a BetMGM app for iOS and Android, with every website function adequately optimized for your smartphone.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, but it’s also famous for its betting offers. Golden Nugget allows you to wager on your favorite races through their website or the Golden Nugget Sports App, which is available for iPhone and Android users. New players get a $100 risk-free bet on sign-up, and you can do whatever you decide with your winnings if you bet correctly. If not, you’ll receive the amount you wagered up to $100, which you can only use for further betting.

William Hill

William Hill sportsbook is owned by one of the oldest gambling platforms. They offer a broad range of sports for betting fans to wager on, which includes NASCAR. William Hill offers new players $30 of free bets and $10 for first bets, amounting to a 300% bonus on initial bets.

How to Claim Bet NASCAR Winnings

Depending on the site, claiming your bet winnings should not be a complicated process. Upon signing up, you’ll be assigned an account wallet where you can make deposits and withdrawals using any acceptable payment option of your choice. After logging in and verifying your identity, you can proceed to request a withdrawal. Processing your withdrawal may take hours or days, depending on the online betting site. Usually, you’ll receive your funds through your regular means of deposit. Most sportsbooks accept several payment options. Some of the more popular options include credit or debit cards, eWallets, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, etc. Some sportsbooks charge fees depending on the payment option chosen.

NOTE: Most sportsbooks often have a withdrawal limit, so if you have a lot of funds stashed up, you may not be able to withdraw all of them at once.

Types of Bets to Wager on NASCAR

NASCAR has grown to become one of the most popular sports in America today. If you want to enjoy placing bets on events, you’ll need to understand NASCAR’s type of bets.

  • Race Winner: This merely involves betting on who’ll win the race. Some NASCAR fans prefer this bet option because of its straightforward manner. Each NASCAR driver has betting odds listed, and fans can wager on their most likely winner.
  • Prop Bets: Prop bets are not concerned with how the race ends, and who wins it. Prop bets involve betting on the condition of the race, e.g., the number of caution laps that will possibly be available in a race. Getting the prop bet usually depends on the sportsbook you select because not all integrate as much flexibility to allow for all kinds of prop bets.
  • Futures: Futures is also a kind of prop bet, but it involves making predictions and wagers way before the event occurs. An example could be betting on who will win NASCAR finals when the season is just beginning.
  • Head-to-head Matchups: Head-to-head matchups are types of bets you can consider if you don’t fancy betting on the winner. You can wager on driver matchups, pitting one driver against another and betting on who’ll finish ahead of each other.
  • Group Matchups: The group matchups are a combination of head-to-head matchups and futures. It merely involves betting on the best finisher from a group of drivers. Each group commonly consists of four NASCAR drivers.
  • Top place Finishes: The top place finishes allow for choosing if a NASCAR driver will finish in the top three or the top five. This type of bet is beneficial for the bettors because it’s easier to predict that a driver will finish in the top three than to bet on the winner simply.

Top Events Where NASCAR Betting is the Biggest

NASCAR is a passionate sport with many fans across America. NASCAR betting is now seeing many wagers in the country, but there are certain events where fans make even more wagers than ever. Some of the most popular ones include the following:

  • NASCAR Cup Series: This is NASCAR’s peak racing series for professional stock car racing. The schedule usually contains specific dates, time, and broadcast details. Players can place all kinds of wagers on the series.
  • All-Star Races: NASCAR All-Star Race is an exhibition race held between winners of different seasons—the previous, the current, and past winners. The event is all flashy and fun, but it’s majorly an exhibition event so a win doesn’t affect standings.
  • Xfinity Toyota 200: The Toyota 200 NASCAR is a racing event series that core NASCAR fans anticipate because of the ample betting opportunity it offers.
  • Gander Outdoors Truck Races: This is a pickup truck series endorsed by NASCAR. Ten drivers start the series from the playoffs and can compete in five races. After disqualification rounds, four drivers will be pit against one another, vying for the championship in the season finale.

Betting Tips For NASCAR’s Bettors

One of the biggest mistakes regulars make with betting is to place bets without any calculated projection. While betting is gambling, winnings are more often not by chance, contrary to popular beliefs. It requires a deliberate and methodical approach. Here are betting tips that will help you make good NASCAR bets.

  1. Make a careful choice of your sports betting site. This can be the difference between huge winnings and little ones. So, only settle for a trusted sportsbook with beneficial offers.
  2. Have a betting budget. Draw out a budget of how much you intend to bet with. Try disciplining yourself to stick with it even if you keep winning. Winnings can be a bait laying in wait if you’re not careful
  3. Don’t wager on every game. Be selective of races you’ll wager on because more bets imply more losses. Carefully watch out for ideal opportunities and bet on it.
  4. Learn lessons from every winning or loss. Winnings shouldn’t make you overconfident, nor should losses depress you. Consider each one a lesson to help you improve your wagering ability and stakes.
  5. Don’t spend all your time betting. Create a habit of taking regular breaks to do other things.

Latest News

Coronavirus Impact on NASCAR Betting

The Coronavirus pandemic left the sports industry in uncertainty, and this has impacted NASCAR Betting too. The pandemic caused a halt in sports leagues just around the most intensive period of the season. One of the most significant impacts on the industry is the drastically reduced revenues generated from wagering on races. However, NASCAR has kept fans occupied during the period with their iRacing events. The iRacing series are online video games sanctioned by NASCAR. These games are a simulation of cars and real racing events designed to adopt auto racing rules. During the lockdown, iRacing’s popularity shot up. It became an immediate success because the fans of NASCAR (and others) welcomed it since the physical sports couldn’t hold. A virtual race was broadcast on March 22, and over a million people tuned in to watch. As the races continued, more people continued to tune for entertainment. But, even with the iRacing’s influence, NASCAR betting still recorded much lower returns compared to previous seasons. As the world slowly begins to reopen and allow free movement, NASCAR, together with other sports, is starting to resume activities. The 2020 NASCAR Cup series continued on August 2, but with several protective measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic. NASCAR betting has also fully resumed, and sports fans can now place wagers, betting on NASCAR online. The world will continue to feel the impact of Covid-19 for some time, but gradually, things may yet get back to normal again.

What Upcoming Events Should Be Noticed by NASCAR Fans?

The season suspension caused by the Covid-19 pandemic changed the prior dates for some NASCAR events. Presently, the NASCAR Cup Series, as well as a couple of other series, are currently going on. However, fans are not allowed to attend all NASCAR events and have to resort to tuning in to watch online. Besides the ongoing cup series, here are upcoming NASCAR events that are noteworthy.

  • Michigan International Speedway (August 8 – 9)
  • Daytona International Speedway (August 16 and August 29)
  • Dover International Speedway (August 22 – 23)
  • Xfinity 500 Playoffs- Round of 8 (November 1)

Stars and Underdogs of this NASCAR Season

The NASCAR season had only gone four matches before the league, and pretty much everything was suspended. However, since the resumption, the series has run on for over half of the series with many incidents. Presently, Kevin Harvick, 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series leads the way after recording five wins so far this season, taking his NASCAR career win totals to 54.  Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski follow closely behind with five and three wins consecutively. For the rookie standings, Cole Custer stunned everyone by seizing the win at NASCAR’s Quaker State 400 races, his career first. The win shot him above Tyler Reddick, who had been consistently leading the rookie standings, and Christopher Bell, who has been having an inconsistent season. There are yet a few matches left to complete the season. Therefore, there’s still a chance that the rankings may end unpredictably.

Other Auto Races Fans of NASCAR Will Love

NASCAR may be the most popular auto race, but it’s not the only exciting one. There are other races that fans of NASCAR will find fun and can place bets on. Here are two of the most prominent auto races.

Formula One

Formula 1 is an international auto racing owned by the Formula One group and endorsed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). F1 uses single-seat, turbo-charged cars sponsored by some of the biggest names in the automobile manufacturing industry. You can place wagers and sit on the edge of your seat as you watch each thrilling adventure. NASCAR fans will find F1 as exciting as their favorite.


The IndyCar is an auto racing series popular in North America, and which includes a mix of high-speed ovals, road courses, and temporary street circuits. The IndyCars, like F1, are open-wheel racers, but unlike F1, they mainly contain components from Honda and Chevrolet. Of all types of motor races in America today, the IndyCar is the fastest, and its events often make for an exciting series to anticipate.


Today, NASCAR is one of the most popular auto racing series in America with a teeming number of fans. As a result, the number of sportsbooks that have embraced NASCAR betting continues to rise unabated. NASCAR is an electrifying sport that keeps you completely enthralled with each race. But besides its fascination, it also offers you multiple betting options that are missing from many sports. With the NASCAR betting apps, you can have a more enjoyable experience placing wagers, and with this comprehensive review, you won’t have any difficulty even as a novice bettor.

The best betting sites for wagering on the:


Is it legal to bet on NASCAR online?

In America, while there are many states in which online betting is legal, it’s not yet legal in every state across the US.

Where can I check NASCAR odds?

You can find NASCAR betting odds on most sportsbooks. Any of the sportsbooks reviewed here offer different NASCAR odds, but you can trust that they’re real money betting sites.

What are NASCAR playoffs?

NASCAR playoffs are a series of elimination systems that NASCAR uses exclusively for its three major national series.

Can I place a bet on multiple drivers?

Yes, you can bet on individual NASCAR races to increase your chances of winning. While you may not win all the bets if you bet on three different drivers to win, there’s a chance that one of them may succeed.

What does NASCAR stand for?

NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

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