Best UEFA Champions League Betting Sites Online Guide

When it comes to football tournaments, the UEFA Champions League has a massive fan following in the US. Thanks to online betting sites that have allowed bettors to participate in the game and get more reasons to love this sports league. UEFA Champions League betting has been popular in the country for years now. UEFA Champions League is a football competition hosted by the Union of European Football Association. It includes all the major European clubs who compete against each other in the different knockout format before finally finding the winner. Since legal sports betting has started flourishing in the country, many real money betting sites have emerged to cater to the diverse betting requirements. In this UEFA Champions League online sports betting guide, you will get all the information you need to get started.
Published: Oct 4, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best UEFA Champions League Betting Sites Online

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

$500 risk free bet

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook


How Does UEFA Champions League Work?

The teams in the league are selected according to the result of club representations. Two streams include teams either qualified by domestic league champions or coming fourth in the domestic champion league. Five teams from the streams will bag a place in the group stage. The remaining teams will either qualify as defending UCL or defending UEL. The qualified team will go through a double round-robin format, i.e., group stage. The teams are called UEFA Champions League groups. The winners and runners-up will round to 16 teams who qualify for the knockout phase. After that, knockout Phase legs and tiebreakers will decide the final winners.

Top UEFA Champions League Websites


It is the top-rated sportsbook that players love to wager on. When the UEFA season kickstarts, bettors land on this sportsbook to place some winning bets. When you first sign up at the platform, you will get a $1000 bonus that you can use to wager. DraftKings is best known for its exciting contest, promotions, intuitive gaming interface, and plenty of payment options.


Another sportsbook in the United States that has been catering to diverse requirements of players is FanDuel. The welcome bonus of a $500 risk-free bet is certainly a catch for bettors. FanDuel is preferred for its great bonuses and promotions. It is categorized among the legitimate sportsbooks in the US that has a massive fan following.


Though PointsBet has not been a long-player in the sportsbook industry, it has bagged ample limelight in a short span of time. Players love the unique betting options and exciting rewards here. All the new players are eligible for a $200 risk-free bet that is indeed quite impressive. The platform is licensed in New Jersey, Iowa, and Indiana. You can also get a wide range of payment options here.

William Hill

This particular sportsbook has made quite a name with its land-based establishment. Its online sportsbook is equally lauded amongst the players. All the new sign-ups will receive a $50 welcome bonus from the site. It is a trusted and experienced bookmaker that knows how to attract bettors. William Hill covers all sorts of sports events and offers a variety of bets.


The sportsbook establishment of its casino platform, BetMGM, has been doing a great job. GVC Holdings and MGM launched it. The user-friendly interface and smooth app are certainly worth falling for. You can also avail of the sign-up bonus of a $500 free bet when you register on the platform. The wide range of payment options is also a major takeaway for players.


A name that doesn’t need any introduction is definitely the Caesars. The casino and sportsbook establishment that has been entertaining players for a decade now has entered the online betting sphere. It provides a whopping sign up bonus of $10 free bet and a $300 deposit match bonus to all the new entrants. Caesars is a trusted brand that you can wager on without any doubts.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget has also provided ample opportunities to bettors for making their best bets. The welcome bonus here is a $100 risk-free bet that will help you kickstart your journey. The streamlined interface makes it super easy for the players to use the site and mobile app. The platform allows you to bet on different sports events. You can also expect a wide range of wagering options and payment methods here.


Over the years, this sportsbook establishment has claimed plenty of popularity in the market. All the new players are eligible for a $250 risk-free bet on their first deposit. There are different contests and wagering options available here. You can also download the mobile app for convenient wagering.

Note: All these are the trusted names in the industry that you can choose to wager on. It is important to understand that each sportsbook offers UEFA betting odds and European soccer betting lines.

Types of UEFA Champions League’s Bets Online

  • Futures: As the name suggests, it is a bet you place on a future event that is likely or unlikely to happen. You need to place this before the tournament starts.
  • Head To Head: It is a common bet you can place in UEFA. Simply, you need to wager on a team that you think will win the tournament. Head To Head comes in handy in European football.
  • Over/Under: Here you need to bet whether the team will score over or under the points set by the sportsbook. You can even place this on the number of bets.
  • Winning Margin: It is a safe bet where you need to predict which team will win by how many goals. The winning margin is easy when you know the nitty-gritty of betting.
  • 1st Half Score: This bet is exactly what it sounds like. You need to wager on the exact score a team will accumulate during the 1st half of the match.
  • Team With Both Halves: It is a self-explanatory wagering type where you need to wager on a single team to win both the halves. This bet can get a little tricky unless you have a thorough experience.
  • Tip: Always check UEFA Champion League winner odds before placing any bet.

What Are The Betting Tips For UEFA Champions League?

Here are the UEFA Champions League betting tips that you must keep handy:

  • Read The Odds Carefully: UEFA Champions League odds are important to check before you start betting on any team. It is imperative to read the odds correctly to make good use of it. The odds are basically numeric representations of outcomes in a match. They will let you know if it is profitable to bet or not. #How To Read: If you see + sign on any team, that means you can win more by betting less on it. The – sign denotes you will win less by betting more the team.
  • Watch Out For Player’s Statistics: Who comes in, who goes out, how do they play, and what outcome they bring us to the team? Everything makes significant changes to your wagering. Hence, it is always essential to keep a close eye on the statistics of the players.
  • See The Injury Reports: Being a competitive game, injuries are quite common. You need to pay close attention to the regular injury reports to know which player has been kicked out or who won’t be able to give his best shot.

Betting Tips

  • Do Not Listen To Opinions: You must not base your wagering decision on public opinions. There are many factors that influence opinions that might not help you even a bit.


Champions League and Europa League matches are set to happen in the coming times. It is reported that fans might be able to attend the matches following social distancing and hygiene norms. The UEFA Super Cup was conducted as a trial event with only 15,000 fans in a 67,000-capacity stadium. So, there is still hope the major UEFA matches to be held in 2020-21 can invite the crowd. When it comes to naming the championship stars, it would definitely be Real Madrid C.F and F.C Barcelona. They have claimed their current fame with consistent and magnificent performance. The underdogs that you need to watch for include Internazionale Milano, AFC Ajax, and SS Napoli. Some massive changes have been made in the team and playing strategy that might result in some great outcomes. With an all-new season of UEFA Champions League Betting USA about to kickstart, it is high time that you choose your favorite and start practicing to place your bets. The above-mentioned guide will certainly help you understand the nitty-gritty of sports wagering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on UEFA Champions League online?

Sports betting is legal in the US, so yes, you can wager on this league.

How does over/under work in UEFA Champions League betting?

You need to bet either over or under the total points set by the sportsbook. It is the most popular type of bets you can place on football leagues.

Can I bet on the UEFA Champions League with a mobile app?

Mobile sports betting has become highly popular these days. You just need to find a sports betting app that can provide you a dedicated mobile app.

What is the best team to bet on in the UEFA Champions League?

You can select the best team on the basis of their current trends. It would be best to refer to the UEFA Champions League odds to decide. Some of the best teams you can wager on are Real Madrid C.F, F.C Barcelona, Juventus F.C, etc.

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