A Guide to the Best Serie A Betting Sites Online

Italian football is immensely popular worldwide, and with time, many online gamblers are placing bets online. Introduced in 1898, Serie A is one of the most prestigious and oldest football leagues in the world. Initially broken into various divisions, Italian soccer was combined into a single eighteen team in 1929. The team begins their season by playing against each other and qualifies for the final match. Seeing the popularity of the match, many online wagering websites have come up with soccer Serie A betting. In this article, you will get to know everything about Serie A championship odds, promotions, etc. Once you have the essentials, you can place the wagers accordingly.
Published: Oct 4, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Serie A Betting Sites Online

888 Sport

888 Sport

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Empire City Bets

Empire City Bets


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Pointsbet Sportsbook
Pointsbet Sportsbook




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Serie A: Essentials

A Relegation and promotion system exists between Serie A and B, where the bottom-three finishers are sent to Serie A down, while the top three finishers are sent to Serie B. It offers a strong incentive to teams so that they finish strong and instigates the opposite team. Inter, known as Internazionale, holds the bragging rights for surviving for so many years before getting a lower position. The top four winners of Serie A get the spots in the UEFA Champions League. UEFA is one of the most prestigious continental club soccer tournaments across the world. The winner gets a bid to the European League if they haven’t qualified for the Champions League. Well, this is the entire process of how Serie A works.

List Of Serie A Online Betting Websites

Before you know about the rewards offered by mobile apps or sportsbooks, this table will give a short introduction. Take a look!

Name Of The SportsbookPromotions
William Hill USAType WHGAMBLER500 to get a $500 as a bonus
PointsBetGet a $1000 match bet and a $20 free bet and use promo code 1000POINTS
BetMGMUse AMERICANGAMBLER to get a 100% match bonus
SugarHouse Betting AppTo get a match up a deposit of $250, use SUGARGAMBLER
CaesarsGet a 100% match up to $300 with a $25 bonus
FanDuelEnjoy $500, a risk-free bet of
DraftkingsUtilize a $35 free bet and a $200 match bonus
Golden NuggetGet a $1000 with a risk free bet of a $500

William Hill USA

The most preferred site by bettors to bet on individual Serie A games is William Hill USA. You get a deposit of $500 and use the promo code WHGAMBLER500. Various bets are offered by them to keep the players engaged so that they do not look for any other betting website.


The gaming website is uniquely created with a section stating How to Bet on the Serie A. It’s an Australian app where you can playoff odds with a free play bonus. It has exclusive graphics and a smooth navigation system, which is why players prefer to play on the website.


Known to be one of the foremost websites in the wager on Serie A futures markets, and it provides a 100% match bonus. Launched in 2018, and since then, the website has earned a huge response from the fans.


The sportsbook is listed in one of the names among reputed and renowned providers. The rewards offered by the website are unique, and even existing players can also make most of it. The promo code to be used here is SUGARGAMBLER, and the offers are: refer a friend, bonus store, bonus bank, loyalty program, free bonus bingo, etc.


Win the bets by placing the wagers on Caesars and go for a trip to Las Vegas. Many punters may not believe it, but it is true as you can go for a tour if you win totals. The leading website also offers a 100% match bonus of up to $300. After making the first deposit, you can see the amount on your betting account.


Undoubtedly, FanDuel is also a certified and secure website to place your bets. It’s a safe sportsbook that comes with updated odds, a simple deposit, and withdrawal process, and has lower minimum deposit and withdrawal charges. Many payment options are also available on the website, so when it comes to making payments it becomes easier.


It’s always important to go for a regulated and licensed website, and concerning that, DraftKings is apt. It offers $35 in free bets with a matchup of $200 and is an excellent app for iOS and Android users. Signing up on the website is simple, and the website is popular because of its interior design.

Golden Nuggets

On this sports betting website, you can place your bets on Golden Nuggets. Special offers and new promotions are offered weekly to the existing players with newbies. The popular website has owned “Casino Operator of the Year” for the previous four years. Get a $1000 deposit match and a $500 risk-free bet when you place your bet on the topmost website.

Types Of Serie A Bets

Before you try placing the bets, make sure that you are aware of the betting types on the online sports betting sites.

  • Under/ Over: In a match involving two teams, betting on the number of goals is worthy of taking advantage of. Many betting websites offer players a chance to play a certain number of goals over and under. A number will be stated by the retail sportsbook, and you need to check if the score of the winning team will be higher or lower than this.
  • Handicap: Normally, it is available on various Serie A betting USA when there is a standout favorite surrounding the match.
  • Full Time / Half Time: Here you can bet on the scoreline at both full and half time that offers potential returns.
  • Double Chance: In double chance, bettors can bet on two potential outcomes, containing a draw or win, away draw or team win, away win or home win.
  • First Goalscorer: If you know about the Serie A odds, you would know that the likes of Fabio Quagliarella and Cristiano Ronaldo are the favorites to open the scoring.
  • Total Corners: Some betting sites also provide bettors the opportunity to place bets on different corners awarded during Serie A groups.

Serie A Betting Odds

When placing the Serie A winner odds on the top betting website, you will notice the longer odds for teams. Making strategic Serie A soccer odds can be difficult if you are unaware of it. You need to have enough data in your hand to place an educated sports bet. The positive value of the live betting odds indicates that its underdog and the negative value states the club favoring to win the games. For example, if Sampdoria is listed at +350, they are underdogs. If Internazionale is stated at -110, it’s favorite. When the Champions League ends in a draw or tie, it is represented at the third line underneath.

  • Moneyline: When it comes to mobile sports betting bets, the moneyline is a popular betting option. In the real money betting sites, you need to choose who will win the match.
  • Futures: It is a wager, usually in anticipation of a big matchup, championship, and the payoffs. In this Soccer Betting in the USA, players will bet on the club that’s going to win European Cup finalists or Coppa Campioni d’Italia.

How To Read Odds For Serie A?

Calculating and reading the odds are not at all difficult, and understanding it is the key aspect. The sports betting app displays the odds in various formats. By using the odds, you can calculate the implied probability before you pace the bets on events. Different types of odds are American, Fractional, and Decimal odds.

  • American Odds: In this category, a three-digit number will be there with a negative or a positive sign in front of it. The sign indicates the progressive odds and if you are betting on the underdog of the favorite.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are the simplest odds and are displayed as 2.44 or 1.66. Calculating the soccer betting odds is comparatively easy as you need to multiply the decimal odds with the wager. Make sure that you check in which way a particular website is revealing the odds.
  •  Fractional Odds: Mostly used in the top online UK websites, and they are the funny-looking odds. It is like 3/9 or ½, and here the number on the left-hand side indicates “the book expects the relevant outcome to fail” and the right-hand side number indicates the expected outcome you must have to win.

Betting Tips For Serie A

The Serie A betting tips may vary depending on the players, but if you are a newbie, the tips that you must consider are:

  • Intensive Research: Before placing the bets, you must have enough information about the payers. Collect the details of the player, how they have performed in the past, etc. Most importantly, find if they have met any accident, which can affect the game. The more information you have, the better it is for you.
  • Prepare A Strategy: Before anything else, the first thing is to prepare a strategy and stick to that. Initially, you may find it difficult to win, but once you start placing the bets and understand the odds, you will start winning. Do not copy your friend’s strategy as it will not help you win, but you will lose.
  • Go Through The Instructions: You must spend enough time reading the instructions and understand what they want to say. Check the wagering requirements so that you do not lose any amount. If you keep the above in-play Serie A betting into consideration, placing the bets that you can win is not difficult.

Latest News

For the sports fans, the good news regarding the all-star game was Italy allowed 1000 visitors to watch the match. Initially, due to the pandemic, no one was allowed, but afterward, the government allowed around 1000 sports betting fans. The Italian fans were happier after getting the news, and some of them could also watch the match live.


As bettors have gathered all the information now about European Soccer Betting Lines, they can start placing bets. Ensure that you select a licensed and regulated app for iOS and Android. Simultaneously, do not forget to check the safety aspects of the Serie A betting apps. Prepare a betting strategy and understand the betting types and odds. Definitely, once you have all the necessary information, nobody can stop you from winning the bets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on Serie A online?

Yes, it’s legal to bet on Serie A online.

How does over/under work in Serie A betting?

In Serie A Finals, the over /under bet is a number specified by the betting on Serie A online website. You need to say if the score will be higher or lower than the specified number. If it’s higher, select over; otherwise, under.

Can I bet on Serie A with a mobile app?

Yes, for wagering on Serie A, you can do it through your mobile.

What is the best team to bet on in Serie A?

The best team to bet on in Serie A is Juventus F.C., Real Sociedad, FC Barcelona, Levante UD.

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