Handicap Betting in Summary

Published: Oct 30, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

As a punter, if you’re breaking down a sporting event with strategies on choosing a winner, you’re handicapping prior to online wagering. It’s a little easy to comprehend that definition. However, beyond that point, things start to get a little tricky. For this reason, you should know more about this kind of gambling before engaging in it. Please note that all bettors should be capable of creating a functional system. So, this style of betting is crucial to everyone. In this article, you’d learn about an effective system to follow for online wagering using this technique of gambling and more. Let’s get right into it.

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Overview of Handicap Betting

There are so many things that are interesting when you’re talking about this gambling. Another name for handicaps is point betting or line betting. So, you may find this type of gambling common in point-based sports. Examples of some of the point-based online sports include rugby, basketball, football, and tennis. Many bettors in the US love engaging in what handicap betting basketball provides.


Asides those sporting events, you may come across it in racing as well. What exactly is the definition of handicap betting? It’s a form of gambling where the bookmaker turns a sporting event in which there are varied odds into an even money contest. Now that you know the meaning of handicapped betting let’s move on. How does it happen? The bookmarker offers an advantage or disadvantage to some competitors to even the field. What are the types of handicap betting? Here are some of the types of gambling:

  • No draw handicap match betting
  • Handicap league betting
  • Asian handicapping

In Asian handicapped betting, teams are scrutinized according to their form. Why does this happen? Primarily, this is because stronger teams need to win more goals. We can liken the Asian handicapping to a point spread in American football.

For the no draw handicap match betting, it deals with a handicap in a decimal number. It eliminated the chance of a draw because there are no half goals in football. Lastly, handicap league betting is closely similar to the normal handicapping. However, for this, you need to wager on a specific team’s performance across the season.

Types of Handicappers

As a bettor, you may be familiar with handicapping. However, if you haven’t engaged in it, you aren’t a handicapper. Who are handicappers? In simple terms, they are people that engage in handicap betting or studies wagering on sporting events. Here are some of the different types:

  • Basic: These kinds of handicappers are new and unready to devote lots of time to it. Instead, they are after quick answers and fast selections to place bets.
  • Intermediate: These people typically put more effort into sports gambling to achieve consistently good results.
  • Advanced: Handicappers, at this level, have an adequate level of experience in sports betting. They are good at using strategies that they feel is best for them.
  • Research-driven: There’s a close relationship between these sets of handicappers and the advanced ones. However, the difference is that these set of people devote more time to handicapping.
  • Source-based: Unlike other kinds of handicappers, these love sourcing others’ opinions as they work towards forming theirs. For instance, they may utilize subscription resources to make their choices.
  • Keep it simple: These types of handicappers understand the act of sports betting, and they have a great deal of experience. However, they thrive on simple strategies.

Points to Consider as a Handicapper

There are a few handicap betting tips to comprehend. However, these are only different points that a lot of handicappers always analyze. Here are the things you need to understand:

  • Homefield Advantage: Please note that home-field advantage is a great advantage. However, sometimes, the road teams also excel in some cases. Make sure you take the time to look out for these two teams. For instance, the handicap 1:0 means the home team has the goal advantage at the start of the match.
  • Opening odds: At the moment, the release of opening odds, you can start looking for possible appealing opportunities. Please note that once the US handicapped markets react, the odds may begin to adjust.
  • Team strength: You must look into the stronger team. Ensure that you picture these two teams facing on a neutral basis without home advantage. There are power ranking systems that help rank teams according to strength levels.
  • Check for recent plays: There’s a high probability that a team’s recent game will determine many consequent ones. However, remember that’s not a guarantee of the immediate matches. It can do an excellent job of studying overall performance.

Few things to Always Look Out for as a Handicapper

There are a few things that all gamblers should consciously analyze. With these things, you can quickly analyze the match and the outcome. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • News and Notes: Taking time to digest the crucial information or news about a game can make a huge difference. For instance, you can check if any players are injured and more.
  • Line Movements: Keep an eye out for changes in the lines. Please note that the betting market can react, so you need to understand how the lines are moving.
  • Public betting action: It’s essential to understand the side in which the public is gambling online for specific games. Please take a close look at the ones where a lot of people move towards and analyze it.

Basic Principles of Handicapping the Lines

There are some basic principles that you can follow for handicapping the lines. You can start by undergoing the normal handicapping process. Check for the home team and road team performance, matchup issues, and recent play. If everything has been analyzed in those areas, you need to examine both teams’ “team strength.” To check for the team strength, you can make use of some power ranking sources available. Please endeavor to learn from trusted sources if you can’t create your power ranking.

How to Develop a Useful Handicapping Strategy

If you’re thinking about how to piece all the information together, you can follow a simple gambling strategy outline. Please note that this strategy is straightforward, and it doesn’t require an abstract approach. Here’s what it entails, including the high odds betting tips:

  • Analyze the odds
  • Look out for news and other information
  • Check for home advantage
  • Strength and weaknesses of both teams
  • Recent play history
  • Consult power rankings for overall strength
  • Look out for line movements and be ready to place bets
  • Look out for what the public thinks about a game


Handicap betting is more interesting than it looks. Lots of bettors engage in this kind of wagering. However, some of the handicappers are basic, advanced, intermediate, or source driven. Players can choose between the Asian handicapping, Handicap league betting, and no draw handicap match betting. Please note that no matter the kind you engage in, ensure that you stick to what works for you. Remember always to analyze the odds of the game.


Is online betting legal in the USA?

Online gambling is legal in the United States of America. However, please note that each state has its gambling laws. Hence, you need to confirm what the betting laws are for your state.

What is legal age for online betting in the USA?

USA online betting legal age is 21 years and above. Some states allow players to be of the age of 18 and above.

What are handicap bets?

Handicap bets are easy to comprehend. It involves bets in which the bookmaker turns a sporting event with varied odds into an even money contest.

What does +1 handicap mean?

Using two teams as an example; Everton (-1.0) v Crystal Palace (1.0). If you're backing Everton, you need at least two goals from them to win your bet.

How do you win a handicap bet?

Winning this bet requires specific strategies. To win a handicap bet, the team that scores the most with the handicap applied is the winner.

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