Xpressbet Review

Xpressbet Review

Published: Sep 28, 2022 Updated: Mar 6, 2023


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Xpressbet Racebook
Xpressbet Racebook
Xpressbet Racebook
Xpressbet Racebook
Xpressbet Racebook
Xpressbet Racebook

Xpressbet, a 2002-founded American company with an authorized horse racing site, is one of the leading online horse-racing sites.

It hosts more than 300 tracks worldwide and gives players bonus money for every $100 wagered – up to $10. Not only does it offer international coverage and wagering tools, but it also provides live-streaming videos for an improved user experience.

With Xpressbet, your online horse racing experience reaches new heights.

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    In this review post, you are going to get a comprehensive outline of Xpressbet horse racing – starting from its promos & bonuses, special offers, loyalty programs, betting types, how to download the app on different devices, banking withdrawal, customer support services, state availability, to latest news concerning Xpressbet. Also, the post will elaborately answer all FAQs. So, let’s get started without further delay before you visit Xpressbet directly.

    Xpressbet Horse Racing Promos & Bonuses

    Xpressbet opens doors of opportunities for online horse betting enthusiasts, as it offers a dedicated mobile application. It also stands up to the expectation of its entire fandom by offering interesting promo and bonus codes. Here is the narration of the three different deposit bonus types:

    • $500 Bonus: Customers require using Xpressbet promo code XB500 in order to earn $10 in their bonus money. It is applicable for every hundred dollars of betting. Customers are enabled to earn about $500 in total by using this bonus code.
    • $100 Bonus: Users get a fascinating betting experience by using the XB100 Promo code. It helps them in earning around $100 bonus, only after wagering $500 within ninety days of signing up on the site.
    • $20 Bonus: Customers get this bonus by using the XB20 promo code where they get a $20 bonus, only after waging $20 within thirty days of signing up.

    Here’s the tabular compilation of the three types of deposit bonus:

    BONUSXpressbet PROMO CODEPossible Earning Amount
    $500XB500$10 for every $100 (can earn up to $500)

    While selecting a bonus, it is imperative to be more realistic about the decision. It is also important to decide when to assess a particular amount of money that one wants to wager on an average. Referring to the $500 bonus, it might sound most tempting, but it requires wagering $5,000 in total in order to clear the bonus amount. The largest Xpressbet bonus, nonetheless, is left for long-term and serious bettors. However, the new player welcome bonus offer is more exciting!

    Additionally, the $100 bonus is more straightforward and seamless to clear. It needs $500 in the wagering activity. Customers who are not sure of the amount to be required in betting can easily go for the $20 bonus. This bonus is Xpressbet’s easiest choice, which requires only $20!

    The site never fails to credit all the bonuses to the account of the player in ten dollars increments as the wagering credit. It is noteworthy to mention that this money is not a cash bonus. Bonus funds are never withdrawn because they are exclusively used on Xpressbet’s betting site to bet on the horses.

    Besides the benefits that welcome bonus offers customers, Xpressbet also brings forth a multitude of promotional offers. These promotions are open to both loyal & established customers and beginners. While promotions do not remain unchanged, there are money-back guarantees and offers through handicapping contests, occasional trip gateway, and more.

    Xpressbet Loyalty Program and Rewards

    xpress bet bonuses

    Just like the interesting Xpressbet promo code and bonuses, its loyalty programs and rewards for race bets are also fascinating.

    Xpressbet Rewards

    The site offers a loyalty program, which is better known as Xpressbet Rewards. It offers a sliding slew of benefits entirely based on individual wagering activities of customers. Wagering each $1 with the site will get users to the XB Rewards Points. Users get the liability to redeem the points for the sorts of extras like wagering credits, track discounts, handicapping tools, gift certificates at the Stronach-operated tracks, and iPads, to mention a few. Furthermore, if you want to earn XB Rewards Points, it will advance you through the 4-level VIP club. Every level provides standout benefits like FedEx withdrawals for free of cost, increasingly faster-earning rates with more XB Rewards Points, and VIP customer services.

    Refer-a-Friend Program

    As an Xpressbet gift card, customers are offered a ‘refer-a-friend’ program. When you sign up for mobile betting accounts on Xpressbet, referring to a friend will help you to earn fifty dollars in wagering credits for each referral made. To find the referral link in the account, land at the bottom of the page to click “XB Friends”!


    Xpressbet online betting bonus



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    Enrolling for the referral program will give you the license to get an exclusive XB Friends number. Contacting the friend and giving them the Xpressbet referral code becomes seamless here. After your friend signs up for the account & deposit $100 for 30 days, the site will drop another fifty dollars in your account. You are allowed to use your built-in referral system to make Xpressbet send the pre-written mail to that friend(s). In total, $50 bonus gets deposited as the wagering credits. So, this means that withdrawing the money on an immediate basis is not possible. These are credits to be used for betting on horse races. The money that you win through betting credits is exclusively yours, and you can withdraw it as and when you wish.

    Xpress Racing Online Opportunities

    Xpressbet race betting has an extensive menu, including Harness, Quarter, and Thoroughbred Horse races beside a multitude of tracks. Here’s to diving into the three types of racing that Xpressbet US racebook offers.

    Thoroughbred Horse Betting

    horse bettingIt is a horse racing that involves racing of Thoroughbred horses. Traditionally, the sport comprises two forms. While one is flat racing, the other is known as jump racing. If you want to partake in the popular events like Pegasus World Cup, you can choose Xpressbet and bet from this site. Thoroughbred Horses are wealthy and healthy, as they are owned by rich individuals. Choosing Xpressbet to bet in a Thoroughbred Horse betting is a remarkable decision.

    Harness Online Betting

    When horse races at a pace or trot, the event is known as harness racing! The online world of harness racing has captured fans’ attention. So if you want to enjoy betting through a reputable online site, you can trust the authenticity of Xpressbet. You can take part in significant events through reading Xpressbet Kentucky Derby wagering guide. You can also win dimes by taking part in the harness online betting through Xpressbet. Pacing and trotting are two significant types of harness racing.

    Quarter Betting

    American quarter horses are regarded for excelling at sprinting shorter distances. It is one of the most prominent and popular breeds of today’s age. Quarter betting has become a prerequisite sport in the US horse racing industry. These horses are best for racing, and if you want to earn money through betting, you can give quarter betting a try through Xpressbet. You can easily find your style of quarter betting by referring to the online website of Xpressbet.

    Best Xpress Racing Betting Types

    Xpressbet US betting site offers a wide range of types when it comes to betting. bet on horses online With the advent of parleys in the site, customers are entitled to get a multitude of picks across the horse races. You can select one in regard to the betting types, as mentioned below.

    • Win: This bet offers a return only and if the selection appears to be the first in the event. This type of bet can be placed on a single event.
    • Place: Place is a bet that produces after the selection gets finished first or even within the predetermined number of positions or places of the event’s winner. Its return is most often based on the proportion of the winning odds of the particular selection.
    • Show: This betting type is similar to the first two, unlike just one thing. When the selected horse wins thrice, then the player wins the bet.
    • Exacta: When you pick up two horses for two races, and the horses win in the exact order as your selection, then you become the winner. This is what exacta refers to.
    • Trifecta: When you pick three horses for three rounds, and those three horses win in the exact order, then you are the winner.
    • Parlay: It’s a single-sport wager involving two or more bets that are combined together. It includes money lines, points spreads, futures, totals, or prop bets; until the time bets are on different games.
    • Superfecta: It’s a complicated horse race betting type. Here, the bettor requires picking a fourth-place finisher besides win, place, & show. It requires picking the first four horses and winning the four games in exact order.


    • Daily Double: This exotic horse betting type requires picking up the two winners of the consecutive races. Usually, it might either be the first two races or the last two races of the day.
    • Pick /4/5/6: Over the past years, the trend of picking four horses in a bet has been getting popular. It has evolved as one of the most prominent exotic wagers amongst horse-racing betting types.

    Xpressbet App

    online horse betting

    Xpressbook mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. The two different OS versions provide the entire set of intriguing features, like the desktop version. The features are remarkably revolutionary, and these include the live betting options, tracks, video replays, forthcoming racing information, past results, and more pieces of information like track conditions, runner, and so on. The one thing that customers would love getting on their mobile app is the availability of the three different wagering pads. It is not provided for customers using the mobile app. The app has incorporated a single-betting interface. It is designed to make the best of the limited screen of the smartphone.

    Players get more betting options upon selecting the application and choosing the track. You have the credentials to change the betting type. For this purpose, the app requires you to follow two steps – choosing the menu and opening the dropdown list. It might become partially laborious once players start creating exotic wagers. But, its mobile version offers the least complicated interface to manage the task of building those exotic wagers convincingly. With simplified and straightforward graphics, the app makes the experience seamless for all users of iOS (smartphone and tablet), and desktop (PC and laptop) devices.

    How to Download Xpressbet App on Android?

    mobile app

    Xpressbet cannot offer an Android app at the moment. Instead, they can use a mobile version of the website. No ID checks are required besides one confirmation link. The initial registration process is convenient and quick.

    How to Download Xpressbet App on iOS?

    iOS users can download Xpressbet on their devices through simple steps. Signing up on the app is straightforward. The only requirement for iOS users is the device used. Customers can download the app for iPhone, iPad mini, and iPad on the App Store.

    Xpressbet Banking Methods

    Deposit Options

    Given below are the deposit options available through the Xpressbet wagering guide:

    • Bank Transfer: With Bank transfer, players can transfer money from their bank account to the account that they hold on Xpressbet. It is free of cost.
    • Credit Card: Players who have credit can opt for this method. The money will only get transferred to the Xpressbet account. But this option is worth $5, given that it is not a free payment mode.
    • PayPal: PayPal can be a great payment mode for players to transfer their money to the Xpressbet account. Choose PayPal and select the amount to deposit. Again, this requires $5 to transfer money.
    • PayNearMe: Through this option, players can get the cash in hand and participate in betting. Select PayNearMe and choose the amount to acquire a slip. Betteos can even print a slip and save it on the phone. Henceforth, they can pay the cashier for funding the account.
    • Greendot at the Register: One can also pay through this method and get a remarkable experience by betting through Xpressbet.
    • Green Dot MoneyPak: The ones who are registered with the Green Dot corporation bank holding company with MoneyPak can also deposit money in their Xpressbet account.
    Bank Transfer$0
    Credit Card$5
    Green Dot (at Register)$0
    Green Dot (MoneyPak)$0

    Withdrawal Options

    Following are options that players get to cash out their respective winnings:

    • Bank Transfer
    • PayPal
    • Paper check in the mail

    Xpressbet Customer Service

    bet on sports with bet365

    Xpressbet customer service offers a standalone support system that is quite reliable. The professionals answer all software-related queries and Xpressbet true XPressbet racebook odds updates. One can contact the team through their official mail ID and phone number. The following are the ways:

    • US phone number: (866) 889-7737
    • CA Xpressbet horse racing phone number: (866) 901-2315
    • Email ID: [email protected]
    • Address: US Postal Service: Xpressbet, LLC, 200 Racetrack Road, Building 26, Washington, PA 15301

    Which States are Available for Xpressbet Racebook?

    Xpressbet welcomes customers from the USA and Canada except for the following ones:

    AlaskaDistrict of ColumbiaGeorgiaHawaii
    MississippiMissouriNevadaNew Jersey
    North CarolinaPuerto RicoSouth CarolinaTexas
    US Virgin IslandsUtah

    Market Prominence of Xpressbet Racebook

    best horse betting site

    Xpressbet is one of the leading names to offer financial aid through betting to the underprivileged. Ever since horse betting got its critical acclaim, it has continued to extend the possibilities of players to make more incredible strides in the industry that such big players represent as TVG, Twinspires, and Nyra Bets.

    Besides offering significant benefits to bettors across the US, it is also working steadily to conduct handicap events and help individuals win cash worth $30,000 and other rewards.

    Ever since 2002, the platform has kept its notions high and managed to deliver a plethora of betting services to each and all across the US. The market prominence of the platform has been going high as it continues to work on the following:

    • Best handicap tournament: Slowdown
    • Xpressbet conducts online live-money tournaments
    • Players can compete for cash prizes and grab a seat at ‘Fun In the Sun’ Final Table
    • Popular with Beat the Host Tournament


    To give closure to this Xpressbet review post, it has managed to attract more and more customers to the platform. Right now, with significant marketing prominence, the app’s mobile version is winning the hearts of many. Everything on the platform, starting from its welcome bonus, Xpressbet gift card, Xpressbet handicapping events, and Xpressbet customer service to race betting revenue, everything is progressively intriguing for online betting enthusiasts to try for bigger wins daily.

    The loyalty programs, bonuses, or refer-a-friend features grab the bettors’ attention. With so many offers under one umbrella, the online horse-racing experience becomes enthralling.

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    Is Xpressbet online racebook legal in the US?

    Yes, it is legal in the US. However, Xpressbet is legal only in parts of the US. The places where it can be accessed are the ones where the platform has gained legal prominence.

    How old should I be to bet on races?

    In regard to the legal gambling age, you need to be 21 years or more to enjoy your legal race betting experience online.

    How to download apps for Xpressbet?

    Xpressbet has two different app versions for two operating systems – Android and iOS. The app is not available at PlayStore. Select an authentic source to download the application on your Android device.

    How can I be sure that my money is safe with Xpressbet?

    As required by Xpressbet’s terms of license with the Oregon Racing Commission, the platform ensures that the account holder funds are held & maintained properly in the custody account at the FDIC-insured bank.

    Is Xpressbet legal in New York?

    It is legal in New York. One can indulge in horse race betting in New York.

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