TwinSpires Horse Racing Review

TwinSpires Horse Racing Review

Published: Sep 28, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022


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Twinspires Racebook
Twinspires Racebook
Twinspires Racebook
Twinspires Racebook
Twinspires Racebook
Twinspires Racebook

Horse betting has been an immensely popular game since times immemorial. The only difference in recent times is that much of the betting happens online. If you are interested in online horse betting, then you must have come across Twinspires. It is the official online betting website of Churchill Downs Technology Initiatives Company, established in 1996. To offer you a comprehensive Twinspires review, the website successfully combines the latest technology with a great racing content. It lets you wager on every Quarter Horse, Harness, and Thoroughbred race all over the world.

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    This Twinspires online review covers everything that you need to know about the website before giving it your time and money. Right from promo codes Twinspires, betting types, to latest developments, all the bases have been covered in detail. So, without further ado, read on to find out more about Twinspires.

    Twinspires Promo Codes & Bonuses


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    Twinspires has welcome bonus offers for all its newly registered accounts. You will get $100 as a sign-up right when you open your account. You can double this sign-up bonus by using the Twinspires Promo code ‘BET200’. Twinspires rewards the players with several other weekly and daily bonuses, so keep an eye out to make the most of those opportunities. Also, you can gain more through TSC Elite program and VIP benefits.

    The TSC Elite program

    horse betting

    The TSC Elite program has been effective since 1996 to this day, rewarding the players for their loyalty to Twinspires. Players don’t need any promo codes from Twinspires to join the program. All account holders at Twinspires automatically get the TSC Elite points while placing wagers through the site, regardless of whether it’s over call or online. They get one point per dollar bet on each track offered by the company, and four points per dollar bet on Miami Valley Raceway, Arlington, Fairgrounds, and Churchill Downs.

    Every point stays valid for twelve months after you earn it. Failing to redeem the points within that time will make them expire automatically. If you are trying to redeem the points, it will start from the oldest ones you have earned.

    Loyalty Program

    Twinspires offers a VIP program for its loyal players. But, a thorough Twinspires review reveals that the program comes with pros and cons. To be fair, it’s a good news for all players that they will get rewards and bonus codes at each level. However, the problem is that you only get the best rewards after you reach the highest levels. In fact, you can’t even get access to the Platinum Level without invitation. The benefit offered at the top tier is nothing compared to even the middle one.

    Given below is a table outlining things you need to do to gain entry to each of the four VIP levels of Twinspires. You can gain an entry to every level either through annual online wagers or by wagering a certain amount in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd quarter of the current year.

    Twinspires VIP LevelsAnnual online wagersAmount to be wagered in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd quarter

    Here is a brief overview of the benefits offered each level of the VIP program to give you a good idea about it.

    Bronze level

    • Free admission to all TSC Elite off-track or participating betting location
    • 20 percent discount on every products
    • Monthly VIP bonus points
    • Special benefits found at particular TSC Elite locations

    Silver Level

    • All Bronze level benefits
    • One free program every day, either simulcast or live

    Gold Level

    • All Bronze and Silver level benefits
    • Invitation to exclusive VIP events
    • Access to special areas such as VIP Gold rooms

    Platinum Level

    • All Bronze, Silver, and Gold level benefits
    • Concierge services for Kentucky Derby tickets
    • Exclusive Platinum VIP program privileges

    Twinspires Horse Racing Types

    As one of the legal race betting sites, it lets you bet on every thoroughbred, harness and quarter horse race from locations across the world.

    Thoroughbred racing

    online horse betting

    Thoroughbred horse racing is a global sport that involves the racing of thoroughbred horses. It is one of the most popular forms of horse racing that is run in two kinds of distances, namely, routes and sprints. A route is more than one mile in length and a sprint is a mile or less. Twinspires lets you bet on a number of thoroughbred horse racing events organized all over the world. Of course, you can bet on the Kentucky Derby, but there are other famous options available too, such as the Pegasus World Cup Invitational, Belmont Stakes, and Kentucky Oaks. You can now bet on more thoroughbred races being organized across Mexico and Sweden, along with the already existing options from America, UK, Ireland, Australia, and Japan.

    Quarter racing

    Quarter racing is generally organized for a quarter of a mile on a straight course, and hence the name. The quarter horses have to propel themselves frontward at high speeds to have a chance at winning the races. You can visit Twinspires directly to know more about the status of live betting for various quarter bred horse racing events across the world. Nearly a hundred racing events across North America, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and South Africa are covered by the website. In fact, it has extended the racing coverage to new races from Mexico.

    Harness racing

    Harness racing is the kind of racing where the horses run at a particular gait, which is either a pace or a trot. Only Standardbred horses are used for harness races in North America, though European horses often come with Russian or French lineages. Twinspires gives you a brief overview of all the major harness racing events happening all over the world. You can also take advantage of the Platinum Harness PPs Xtra feature to know more about the stats of the horses, jockeys, and more. You will get enough data from the site about the upcoming races to make an informed decision. Our Twinspires review really appreciates the fact that the website offers enough guidance and suggestions to both new and seasoned players on where to put their money on the weekly thoroughbred, quarter, and harness horse racing. You can get access to free tipsheets and PPs from Sweden and Mexico. In-game live betting options are available for races from Sweden for every day of the week, and on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the races from Mexico. Moreover, the races from Mexico and Sweden are live streamed on the website.

    Top Twinspires Online Racebook Bets

    Twinspires is one of the best online betting sites when it comes to the ease of placing bets. The thoroughbred, quarterhorse, and standardbred wagers available on Twinspires have been discussed below.


    It’s a simple bet placed on a horse to win. You win the wager when your chosen horse comes first.


    Betting on a horse to come first, second, or third. You win the wager when your chosen horse shows up in any of the top three positions.


    Exacta, Quinella, and Trifecta are the three exotic wagers. An exacta is all about placing a wager on horses for the first and second place. You will win the bet only when the horses come in your predicted order. But, you will also get a chance to box the exacta wager. This will ensure that you can still win in case the wager is boxed and the top two horses rank in any possible order. A box exacta costs twice as much as your usual bet.


    A quinella is similar to exacta, and you place a wager for the horses to come first and second in any rank. The cost is the main difference between a box exacta and a quinella. Placing a box exacta costs more than a quinella, and usually, the payout is bigger, as well.


    A trifecta is all about choosing three horses to come first, second, and third. They should finish in the exact rank for you to win. A box trifecta wager is also possible. This will ensure that you can still win if the top three horses rank in any possible order. However, placing a box trifecta costs more, and typically, the payout is bigger, too.

    Twinspires Racebook


    Superfecta is mainly popular in the USA and Canada. You will have to pick the first four horses of the horse race in the exact winning sequence. You win the wager when your chosen horses show up in that sequence, or you can place a box superfecta.

    Pick 3 and Pick 7

    Pick 3 is when you select the winner of three consecutive races, even before the first race in that sequence starts. All three horses picked by you need to win the races for you to win the wager. Pick 7 is similar, with the only difference being that you pick the winners of seven consecutive races. The stakes are much higher in pick 7.

    Reviewing the Twinspires Com Mobile App

    legal horse betting options

    Twinspires free mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The website has seamlessly converted the web version into its mobile app for greater convenience of the players. You can place wagers on more than 150+ tracks globally through both the versions. You can wager from your existing account or create a new one for the mobile app.

    If you are someone who regularly places wagers on horse racing, using the app would be easier for you than relying on the Twinspires website. The app comes with seamless user interface and advanced graphics to offer you a comfortable experience while gaming. Moreover, you will get daily notifications about bonuses and promos, along with tips and data about upcoming races.

    How to Download the Twinspires Mobile App

    Signing up for Twinspires Android app and iOS app is super-easy and it will hardly take you more than a couple of minutes, you can download it from the Play Store and App Store. Use the same account that you had for the website login, and you can get to use the app even faster.

    You’ll not be asked for any ID checks or personal documents. Simply fill up your details to create a new account or login to an existing one. The website will send you a confirmation email, and thereafter, you can start placing your wager. The intuitive interface of the app lets you place bets and look into upcoming and ongoing races easily.

    Banking And Withdrawal

    horse racing bets online

    EZmoney is the preferred deposit method of Twinspires. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward method that lets you fund the Twinspires account from your personal bank account. You will not have to pay any additional charges to use this deposit method, and it’s the one you need to use to gain quicker access to the sign-up bonus. You will have to deposit at least $25 via EZmoney to get started. Twinspires also accepts online credit card deposits for a flat $5 fee. $1 is the minimum deposit amount for all credit card deposits. Wire transfers, money orders, PayPal, and checks are all acceptable deposit methods to fund your Twinspires account. You can even walk-in at Churchill Downs to deposit your money. How convenient is that?

    The withdrawal methods are equally convenient. You can easily withdraw your money online or by phone. Submit your withdrawal request from the app or the site, and funds will be transferred to you via EZmoney or PayPal, as per your chosen deposit method. Similar requests can also be made over phone, and the check will be mailed to you within five business days. In fact, you can even withdraw from a couple of on-site locations.

    Twinspires Online Betting Customer Service

    Twinspires customer service is prompt and highly reliable. You can get in touch with them through Twinspires horse racing phone number, email, or live chat. They can be contacted over the phone from 9 a.m. to midnight each day. Their contact details are given below.

    • Call: 1-877-SPIRES-1 (1-877-774-7371)
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Live Chat and FAQs:

    State-wise Restrictions on Twinspires

    Though you can use Twinspires as a US citizen or a resident alien, wagering services are not legal in all states in the United States of America. The licensing requirements vary widely across the fifty states of the USA. So, before you download the app and create an account, make sure that it’s legal in your state. Moreover, you need to meet your state’s age restrictions for registration. You cannot have a Twinspires account in Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nevada, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

    Twinspires Betting App Market Reputation


    As mentioned before, Churchill Downs is the official racebook of the Churchill Downs racetrack. It is a legal online racebook in the USA, and enjoys immense popularity among the horse racing fans. The good thing is that you would get the same customer service with Twinspires as you would get if you were at Churchill Downs on the day of an exciting race. The fact that it is the official partner of Kentucky Derby further adds to its market reputation. If your interests are centered solely on horse races, then Twinspires will not disappoint you.

    Welcome Twinspires Pro!


    If you want to place your wagers even faster, then resort to Twinspires Pro that is available only on the desktop version. You will not need to pay anything extra to use the Pro version. Just a couple of updates to your existing software and internet speed will get you started. You will have to install Adobe AIR version 2.0 or more and have an internet speed of at least one Mbps to use Twinspires Pro. It’s a good idea to use Twinspires Pro, if you don’t want to resort to using the mobile app, but want to enhance the functionality of the current desktop version.

    Twinspires’ Reaction to The Coronavirus Pandemic


    The pandemic has affected every business around the world. With gatherings being banned and lockdowns imposed across countries, the pandemic has been hard on the horse betting companies, and Twinspires is no different. However, it seems like Twinspires is making the most of the situation and has really risen up to the occasion. Twinspires has been constantly updating the users on the latest changes made in the horse racing schedule due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. They have an entire webpage dedicated to the updated schedule of the races, and regular notifications are being sent to the apps.


    Twinspires review can assuredly conclude that this is a great website to rely on for every betting enthusiast out there. They are highly professional in their operations and what they offer is 100% safe and legitimate. As it comes from the same company that is the owner of Churchill Downs, they know enough about real money betting to keep things safe and convenient for the players. The only complaint you might have about Twinspires is that they focus solely on horse racing, and don’t offer fantasy sports or greyhounds. However, if you are looking for an exclusive horse betting website, then you’ll love Twinspires for sure.

    Choosing the right racebook is a complicated process that requires you to check different platforms before you start playing. Fortunately, we prepared all information in our reviews, so it is highly recommended to read these articles to learn more about other websites in the US and pick up the best one:

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    Twinspires racebook- FAQ

    Is Twinspires online racebook legal in the US?

    Twinspires is protected under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). It is a legal racebook in the US, and it’s going to remain legal till it continues to offer its services online.

    How can I check odds for horse races?

    Twinspires has the pari-mutuel betting system, which means it’s not like the usual odds format. The Twinspires racebook odds uses the mutual payoff lists, which means the payoff includes the amount of profit and the original investment.

    Is there an app for Twinspires?

    There is an Android and iOS app for Twinspires. You can get the same functionality with added convenience from the Twinspires app.

    Can I bet on greyhound races on Twinspires?

    You cannot bet on greyhound races on Twinspires. It is solely meant for thoroughbred, quarter, and harness racing. Twinspires is solely meant for online horse race betting.

    How can I deposit money on Twinspires?

    Twinspires offer multiple ways to deposit money, such as wire transfers, money orders, PayPal, and checks. However, EZmoney is the preferred deposit method of Twinspires. You can even walk-in at Churchill Downs for the deposits.

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