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Best Tips to Win Real Money Online Poker

Andy Brown
Published: Oct 14, 2021 Updated: Oct 19, 2021

One of America’s favorite pastimes is to play online poker for real money in the US. In fact, poker is a classic table game and is a favorite of anyone who is a fan of gambling. If you have always wanted to play but were overwhelmed by the rules, then this is the perfect starting point for you! Here are some of the best poker rules and tips for real money gambling – ones that’ll launch you into the game directly!

Play Online Poker in US

Poker is not just a game to gamble on – it is also a game of skill! While playing in-person poker, you have to rely on your observational skills from time to time. You also have to be good at reading people. Online poker is a great starting point for anyone who wants to play classic poker someday. Before launching into the rules and strategies, it is a great idea to appreciate the game and its many facets.

The Types of Top Poker Games

There are many variations of poker that you can choose from, and most of these are available online. These variants of poker usually come up because of geographical boundaries, but there are also differences in the rules, betting method, and the size of bets.

  • Straight Poker: Each player at the table is dealt a complete hand of cards, and all of the players have to place their bets in one single round. However, raising and re-raising will be allowed within this single playing round.
  • Draw Poker: Each player at the table is dealt a complete hand of cards, but this is done so in a face-down manner. There is one round of betting, after which players have the chance to discard their cards and be dealt new ones. 5-Card draw is very popular online.
  • Stud Poker: There are several rounds of betting involved, and players are provided with face-down or face-up cards. The order of this depends on the prearranged rules of the game. Seven-card stud is a very popular variety of online poker.
  • Community Card Poker: This is a variant of stud poker. Players are provided with a hand of face-down cards, while there are some face-up “community cards” provided at the centre of the table. Texas Hold’em is a popular community game.

How to Play Poker and Win Big

online pokerIf you want to win big while playing poker, then you need to know the various styles of the game. Here is a concise explanation of the most popular real cash casino games.

  • No-Limit: This is a form of poker where players are allowed to make any bet they want. There’s no betting limit provided, although most games have a minimum bet amount rule. This is very popular with most online Hold’em games.
  • Limit: This is a type of poker where the bets have been restricted by the house. You cannot make any wagers that exceed the limit. This is not very commonly seen in poker tournaments and online poker, by the way.
  • Pot-Limit: This is a type of poker where players can make bets that are smaller than the total value of the “pot”. The pot is the total amount of money that has been wagered by all of the present players.

How to Win Big in Poker

The objective of each and every player at the table is to create a hand that is better than all of the other hands at the table. A “hand” is a combination of cards, and the rules of poker have come up with a clear hierarchy of card combinations. Check out this list of poker hands to know which ones you should bet on.

  • Royal Flush: This is the best possible combo of cards – containing an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and a 10 – all from the same suit. This results in very high payouts.
  • Straight Flush: A straight flush is a combo of 5 cards, all of which come sequentially and from the same suit. For example, a combo of 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3 from the Diamonds suit is a straight flush.
  • Four of a Kind: This is a combo of 5 cards, in which four are of the same type. A hand having four Queens or Kings and a 7 is a good example of the four of a kind hand.
  • Full House: A full house is a combo of 5 cards – with three of the same kind and the remaining two being a pair. For example, a hand that has three 4 cards and two Aces is a full house.
  • Flush: A flush is a hand that contains any five cards belonging to the same suit. They don’t have to be sequential in this case.
  • Straight: This is a combo of 5 cards that are sequential but not from the same suit. A hand that has a 5, 4, 3, 2, and a 1 from different suits is a straight.

Play Poker for Real Money – Make Your First Bet

online pokerIn real-person poker, the dealer will start the game by first dealing cards to everyone in the table. If you play a stud game, the first round of cards are face-down. In some variants of the game, the players sitting next to the dealer have to make blind bets. In online poker, these players will be assigned randomly. Once everyone has all the cards, the round of betting is officially starting.

When you can bet depends on your “position”, or how far you’re sitting away from the dealer. In online poker, a random player is called the “button”, and they assume the table position of the dealer. The player immediately on the left of the button is the first one to place a wager. Every player has one of three choices –

  • Call: The call is a move where a player wagers an amount matching the current bet that is going around.
  • Raise: The raise is a challenge movie where the player wagers an amount greater than the current bet, thus increasing the size of the pot.
  • Fold: The player can also “fold” their hand, which basically means that they’re giving up. In other words, they’re forsaking their claim to the pot.

Some Poker Strategies to Win Big

Let’s take a look at the most profitable poker strategy that you can use.

Tip #1 – Fold When You Are Unsure

Another great piece of advice is that you should fold the moment you are unsure. This sounds very simple, but even the most seasoned professionals have trouble with this part of poker strategy. Calling too often and bluffing is one of the easiest ways to lose money in poker – which is why you should learn to fold your bet whenever you are unsure.

Tip #2 – Take Advantage of Your Seating Position

Remember that the seating position in a poker game is a huge factor. People sitting closest to the dealers have the smallest advantage – since they don’t know anything about the cards that their competitors have been dealt. People sitting somewhere in the middle will have more than enough info to make some solid bets. Take the seating position seriously and try to sit somewhere where you can glean info from previous bets.

Tip #3 – Make Use of Software Tools

Online poker is actually one of the best ways to prepare for real-life poker. Make sure to restrict yourself to just one table with low odds, so that you can make risky bets without losing a lot of money. This is actually one of the best ways to get attuned to the rules. It is also a good idea to watch videos, read articles like these, and look at great poker players in action. This will help you pick up the game quickly.

Summing Up

This is all you need to know to start playing online poker. Find the best place to play, and make use of the rules and the most successful poker strategy to win big!

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