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Massachusetts Online Lottery Bills are in Need of a Miracle

Andy Brown
Published: Feb 17, 2022 Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Despite the poor background history of the state’s gambling expansion, Massachusetts still has its online lottery bills in working condition.

The state is exponentially surrounded by states who have already legalized their online lotteries. However, there is an exception – Vermont. If the proposed gambling legislation receives validation, it will probably be because of Bay State. Nevertheless, the issue is enormously doubtful.

The deadline for legislation to get out of joint committees was February 2, 2022. Since the legislation stands a chance of becoming a law in the current year, it must exit the joint committees.

However, as many as 7 million citizens across several states are eagerly looking out for online lottery options. For the same reason, lawmakers have to withstand substantial negative news and point out problems in distinctive gambling studies. 

If any miracle happens on Groundhog Day, then the proposed legislation is sure to make it out of the committee. According to a significant rule of Massachusetts, the first Wednesday of February is considered the deadline for the second annual session of the legislature, called – Joint Rule 10.

If there are chances that the bills of the online lottery don’t exit the joint committee, then the proponents of the bills have to be reintroduced again in the following legislative session.

Amendment as Per February 2, 2022

The proposed legislation in the ongoing year has been exponentially dead, so the Massachusetts Legislature of 2023-2024 is to be reintroduced. It will determine whether or not it is required to introduce an online lottery bill.

On the same day, SB 203 stayed within the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure in the ‘study’ status, and it did not proceed for a vote.

The deadline of Joint Rule 10 to move bills out of the committees was on Groundhog Day. So there was a possibility that the lawmakers would consider legalizing the online lottery bills in 2022. However, it did not happen that way in Massachusetts.

A Year in the Making of Online Lottery Bills

The Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure witnessed the proposals of online lottery in June 2021. Despite the bills being introduced in the previous year, which stalled in committee, they are listed as “current.”

Online Lottery Enemies

At the time of the hearing, back in June 2021, the lottery retailers forced the status quo. The land-based ticket sellers mentioned that the legislators’ lottery sales made it possible for them to remain in business even during the pandemic. 

Nevertheless, the retailers had the belief that they would lose someday.

Allies of Online Lottery

Retail casinos became allies of online casino operators back on January 19, 2022. The retail casino owners terminated their objection to the online casino legislation, as they found out that online gambling caters to their bottom lines.

Gambling History of Bay State

Ever since Massachusetts joined the ranks of retail casino states long back in 2011, it had many woes. Thus the slow pace of the legalization of online lottery in the state is very well understood.  

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