Brook Lopez’s Contribution Helps The Milwaukee Bucks To Get One Step Closer To The NBA Finals

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Published: Jul 5, 2021 Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Thursday night was a joyous day for the Milwaukee Bucks as they won Game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks. Even though Giannis Antetokounmpo was not present, the Bucks did an excellent job and jumped 20 points ahead within the first half. Milwaukee Bucks are currently leading the series by 3-2. With the Game 5 win, the Bucks are presently an inch away from the NBA finals for the very first time since 1974.

Brook Lopez’s Contribution

Brook LopezBrook Lopez stands out as the primary contributor behind Buck’s Game 5 win. His 33 points have helped fill up Antetokounmpo’s absence and beat the Hawks by 123-112. Lopez was considered a low-post threat before being a stretched big man. He scored over 20 points four times when he was a part of the Brooklyn Nets. The NBA has become a bit smaller, and Brook’s blend of skill and size has become a lot more-deadlier. 

The Bucks did an excellent job by placing Brook Lopez in a position to score easy baskets for Game 5. The majority of the points, which Lopez scored through pick-and-roll and five of his dunks, came from the variations of the play. 

When All-Stars Aligned

Even though Brook Lopez performed excellently, players like Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton played brilliantly for their team. Game 5 stood out to be the first-ever postseason for Holiday and Middleton, where both of them scored over 25 points within one game. Middleton and Holiday benefited heavily through the extra space on the floor in Game 5. They easily got into the rhythm as the ball handlers and because the majority of the offense was funneled through them. Also, when Giannis returns, they will be able to carry out this particular momentum with them. Even though Antetokounmpo was the main point of the game, engaging Middleton and Holiday should be the main priority. 

Did Bogdan Bogdanovic Return?

NBA bettingThe players from Atlanta Hawks have suffered a wave of injuries this postseason. But Bogdan Bogdanovic’s joint soreness had an extensive impact on the offense position for the Hawks. This divested the Hawks off their dependent ball-handler, and the absolute pressure was placed on the head of Trae Young to carry out the offense. Young played brilliantly in those games, but he went down in Game 3. Even though Bogdanovic was not in good condition, he played an essential role in the offense area. 

Bogdan played six games where he scored single-digit points in Game 3 at the Milwaukee series and Game 5 at the Philly series. He showed some sign of hope during Game 4, where he scored 20 points, but 18 of the points were from behind the line. Game 5 was the same story as well, where he scored 28 points, out of which 21 came from behind the line. 

What To Expect From Game 6?

The Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks will go up against each other in Game 6, which will occur in Atlanta on Saturday. The Hawks will get the chance to play Game 7 held in Milwaukee on Monday if they win Game 6. But if the Bucks win, Phoenix Suns will be waiting for them in the finals of the NBA.

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