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Covid-19 Cases Surge: Concerns Galore For Las Vegas Casinos

Andy Brown
Published: Jul 26, 2021 Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Springtime was supposed to be successful for the Las Vegas casino sector. It’s because the gaming revenue and customer visits have reached historic levels in May. But during the start of the summer reason, there have been some brand-new uncertainties within the tourist mecca. As the COVID-19 cases are resurging at the highest levels within the country, the government has issued new orders and instructions related to masking. 

Words From The Clark County Board Of Commissioners

Las VegasClark County in Nevada has reported an increased number of illnesses. But there is no indication whether it will deter all the gambling-oriented vacationers from their continued uptick in driving or flying across the country. The Southern Nevada Health District has stated that people should wear a mask for safety and health purposes within indoor areas, regardless of their vaccination status. The statement was issued last Friday. 

But on Tuesday, the Clark County Board of Commissioners conducted an emergency session where they voted and said that all the employers, including the casinos should make all their workers wear a mask in public areas. On the other end, businesses must put signs that publicize the health district’s recommendation of suggesting every individual to wear a mask. The casinos have quickly assured that they will comply with the requests if they haven’t already. 

Impressive Figures In May, Let’s Wait For June To Be Announced

The casino sector across the country was affected heavily due to the COVID-19 shutdowns in March. On the other hand, the general public were having second thoughts of returning to these places even after the re-openings. This was pretty devastating for Nevada, especially for Las Vegas, which is a destination center that relies heavily on the public’s zeal to fly in from across the country and gamble.  

In May 2021, the biggest COVID-19 fears disappeared and were seized with a pent-up desire for travel and recreation. People started to visit the Las Vegas Strip and the casinos located across the US. The casinos in Nevada saw a monthly gaming revenue of $1.23 billion net during May. Along with that, the casinos also saw a gaming revenue of $655.5 million on the Las Vegas Strip, which is 26.7% higher than in May 2019. 

Currently, the revenue figures for June will be released next week. These strides will also continue in July without the help from convention business and international travel. 

What Does Stephen Grogan Have To Say?

The vice-president of the Las Vegas-based consulting firm Spectrum Gaming Group, Stephen Grogan, said that it’s good to see Las Vegas is back on track. He also said it’s suitable for all the casinos in Las Vegas that the public is getting used to wearing a mask. He also said that the recent increase of the COVID-19 cases would have a slight impact on the revenues as it might slow down the steady influx of players. Since the country is going through multiple waves as these variants pass through, people have to be a lot more careful than before. 

What’s Next?

The newly issued recommendations can surely help reduce the number of COVID-19 cases within the country. The vaccination rates have increased significantly, and the level of the transmission of the illness in Nevada has also decreased. Quite naturally, that brings good news for both players as well as the Vegas casinos.

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