Hard Rock Indiana Casino Records Massive Revenue In Its First Two Months Of Operation

Hard Rock Indiana Casino Records Massive Revenue In Its First Two Months Of Operation

Andy Brown
Published: Jul 23, 2021 Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana is among the prominent players in the gambling landscape of Indiana. The casino was launched in May, and it did not take long to become one of the most successful casinos in the state. With June’s revenue revealed, we can delve deeper into the performance of Hard Rock Casino

Soaring Revenue Of Hard Rock Indiana Casino 

Hard Rock CasinoThe Hard Rock casino, popularly known as Rocksino, opened its door on May 14th. During that month, it only had a few weeks of operations. But even with a short window, the casinos managed to collect adjusted gross revenue of $20.9 million. In fact, it held the sixth-highest mark in the state.

This was impressive for a business that had just opened two weeks ago. Things went really well for Hard Rock casino in its first month of full operation. In the month of June, the property collected a whopping revenue of over $26 million. This bumped Hard Rock Casino to the third number position on the casino rankings. Apart from Hard Rock, online Horseshoe Hammond and Indiana Grand had a lucrative month of operations. 

Indiana Grand always stays on top of the most profitable Indiana casinos, owing to its closeness to Indianapolis. Another Indiana casino in that region is Ameristar East Chicago, but Hard Rock has already outperformed it. Ameristar collected $21.6 million in revenue in the month of June. The Hard Rock casino’s figures look very impressive for one and half months of operation. But the numbers are likely to stabilize over the course of time. This is because the opening of a new casino typically generates a lot of buzzes. Gamblers tend to travel to new casinos in the excitement of trying something new. This might be the reason for the temporary inflation in the revenue stream of Hard Rock. 

However, it is also possible that the growing revenue of the Hard Rock casino is here to stay. It is always going to be newer than the existing competitors in that region.

The Massive Contribution Of The Slot Machine 

A substantial amount of revenue of the Hard Rock Casino in June was derived from electronic gaming devices. These include games like electronic blackjack, roulette, and, most popularly, slot machines. The casino in Indiana has more than 1,200 slot machines, and these machines cashed in for the casino in the previous month. 

Out of $26 million of Hard Rock Casino revenue, $20.5 million was derived from these electronic devices. The coin in numbers was over $200 million in June. Evidently, the gamblers have been eager to play slots since the casino launched. Other than electronic devices, the casino also had a profitable month from its table games. It recorded $5.3 million from table games in June, which was the second-best collection in the state. The best-performing game was blackjack, with a revenue collection of $1.7 million. 

Although it is a stellar start, Hard Rock Casino still has a long way to go before it can reach the record of top-performing casinos in the state. 

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