Florida Government Banned Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports

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Published: Jun 14, 2021 Updated: Sep 16, 2021

On the 1st day of Pride Month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed the law banning all transgender athletes from participating in female sports. Transgender students will also not be eligible for taking part in school or college-related sports activities meant for females. The law was measured on Tuesday, and it states that the girls and women must play on the teams of biological sex, as mentioned on their birth certificate. Activists from the LGBTQ community have denounced the entire movement as discriminatory, and one of the groups has vowed to establish a legal action. 

Looking At The Governor’s Side

Women's SportsAfter passing the bill, Governor DeSantis said that all the uprightness of these competitions should be protected. Mr. DeSantis signed the law within a Christian school in the city of Jacksonville. He also added by saying to go based on biology rather than ideology when it comes to sports. Florida stands out as one of the least states among all other states within the US to pass such a law. 

He also said that he would do everything in Florida, which is suitable for corporations, and said no policies would get dictated in this state [Florida]. Due to this action, all the Republican-led states have pushed back against all the pro-LGBT policies supported by the Democratic US President Joe Biden and his administration. 

What Does The Law State?

The law passed down by lawmakers in Florida aims to maintain the competitive balance within women’s sports. According to the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, the law says that the sports team made for girls and women are not meant for the male sex. But it’s not fully apparent whether or not all female athletes have to provide their birth certificate before becoming a part of a sports team. 

Also, the law will not bar all female athletes from playing within a men’s or boys’ sports team. It is also mentioned that students are eligible to take legal action against their school if he/she believed that they were deprived of their athletic opportunity. Individuals who have shown their support to the bill have declared that all transgender female athletes carry an unfair advantage. 

Executive Director of SAVE, Orlando Gonzalez, said that it was not out of necessity or need and claimed that the law was to throw the meat in the open to rally the base of anti-LGBTQ supporters. The law didn’t sit well with the critics and has called the banning of transgender girls and women from women’s sports inequitable and useless. This law will get applied to all private and public schools, universities, and colleges after its effect on July 1st, 2021.

How Did The Democrats React?

Transgender AthletesAfter Governor DeSantis issued the bill, Carlos Smith, a Florida-based representative who identified himself as gay and Latino, expressed his dissatisfaction. He called the bill appalling and said that laws like these fuel up transphobia. Furthermore, Carlos also added that it puts all the vulnerable children at risk for no reason. Following Carlos Smith, many other Democrats have reacted negatively towards the bill. 

Shevrin Jonesit, a lawmaker, has scrutinized the law by calling out the time of signing the bill as insulting. The law was signed on June 1st, 2021, which is Pride Month, which is a yearly celebration for the LGBTQ Community. HRC or Human Rights Campaign, a community that defends all the LGBT-related rights, has openly declared to challenge the measure within the courtroom. 

HRC’s President Alphonso David said that the Florida lawmakers and the Governor have legislated on discriminatory and false premises. He also added that the law puts the well-being and safety of all LGBTQ kids on the line. Mr. David also stated that the transgender girls are girls, and the transgender kids are also kids, and deserve to play sports with their team and friends. 

What Do Supporters Of The Bill Have To Say?

Women's SportsRepublican State Senate Kelli Stargel, who openly supports the law, also provided her thoughts. She immediately denied the law to be discriminatory and claimed the bill to be a way to make sure that women can safely compete in sports. She also continued by saying that the law will help ensure that all the women receive the opportunities and get to excel within a sport physically they are trained, worked, and prepared for. 

On the other hand, Connecticut track athlete Selina Soule also showed her support for the bill. She joined Governor DeSantis in a news conference and said she couldn’t advance to the competition after she went up against the transgender athletes. She even called her loss “unfair.” 

From The Desk Of The President

 The move made by the Florida government comes out as pro-equality measures. It has gained a lot of momentum at the national level. On the 1st day in office, US President Joe Biden issued an executive order to discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation. To make the executive order more firm, the US House of Representatives declared the Equality Act. 

The Equality Act has proven to be the most pro-LGBTQ bill within the history of the United States of America. On Tuesday, President Biden also encouraged Congress legislators to issue the Equality Act. Mr. Biden has already proclaimed to mark the starting of Pride Month. But without support from the Republicans, the bill will get published through the upper chamber, which is the Senate. 

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