Opponents Argue About The Ohio Sports Betting Bill: Unfair For Youth And Minorities

Andy Brown
Published: Aug 19, 2021 Updated: Sep 17, 2021

As sports betting is legalized and running in several US states, Ohio is all set to resume its debate over sports betting. Opponents have started to organize and prepare their arguments too. The major arguments go around the impact and adverse effect of this bill on the youth and minorities of the state, as said by the opponent groups.  

This Tuesday, two groups represented the case, arguing against the bill passed by the Ohio Senate in June, stating the unfair target of the bill on youtube, minorities and low-income groups. The arguments by the legislators and opponents draw great responsibility for the bill to get passed with proper regulations and limitations.

Information On Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill By Legislators 

sports bettingThe Ohio Senate House was adjourned this summer before any decision on sports betting, and it is expected to resume the agenda in the next fall.

The legislators have put strong arguments stating the failure of incurring state revenue compared to surrounding states like Indiana. ‘In May, the casinos in Indiana incurred revenue of more than $250 million alone, says the legislator. This revenue in Indiana includes more than $50 million in its Southeast region’s two sportsbooks, he added.

The Ohio sports betting bill, if passed, will channel most of the revenue to the state education fund to boost the poor condition of the state’s education sector.

President of Ohio Conference NAACP, Tom Roberts, says the funds drive from sports betting would be a pivotal source to boost statewide education.  

This senate proposed bill would also allow the professional sports teams like FC Cincinnati, Bengals, and Reds to have gambling kiosks at the stadium, giving them the right to bet only on game days.

Arguments On Ohio’s Sports Gambling Bill By Opponents

Les Bernal, the Executive Director of Stop Predatory Gambling, says that a study in England shows more than 50% of the teenagers aged 16 years had sports betting apps before gambling was legalized there.

Bernal insisted the Ohio legislature take responsibility for protecting the minorities of the state from the impactful and mind-corrupting advertisements and marketing of commercial gambling operations in the state, similar to the protection of kids from tobacco advertisements.

“Education needs to be the very strong foundation of Ohio, which is weak now, so funding from sports betting can be helpful. But the inquiry and disparity in the issue still remain,” Robert said. “The bill also targets the lower-income group disproportionately. The state-sanctioned gambling preys upon the low-income folks”, Bernal said.

Statements Given By Ohio Professional Sport Coalition

Several Ohioans bet on sports at offshore gaming sites that are outside the reach to protect every consumer.

The coalition suggests that proper law should be there that enables the experienced Casino Control Commission in Ohio to issue limited mobile betting licenses and retail licenses to experienced and credential gaming operators. To be precise, these operators should strictly abide by the guidelines and regulations to benefit consumer protection.

Andy is a skilled recreational gambler for more than 11 years. His primary focus is on the regulated US online casino and poker markets. Editor-In-Chief at Gamblerzz.com.
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