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Rush Street Interactive Launches City-Specific Video And Audio Podcasts On Sports Betting

Andy Brown
Published: Sep 20, 2021 Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Starting in September 2021, Rush Street Interactive Inc., a Chicago-based gaming and sports betting company, is launching city-specific video and audio podcasts on sports betting for brands like PlaySugarHouse and BetRivers across the U.S. This local-based ‘CityCasts’ on sports betting is getting aired on weekdays for delivering news, insights, and analysis on multiple platforms to extend their hand of help for sports bettors to make more informed smart decisions.

Some of the experts have also stated these CityCasts are local-specific, which has the constant strategy to ensure Hometown Sportsbook for players, and offer genuine and credible news and analysis specific to the host’s city market. The expert evaluation and analysis from the hosts will help PlaySugarHouse and BetRivers bettors to make informed sports betting decisions, whether they are amateur or experienced to the action.

CityCasts ensures insight into the local teams, their players, and matches schedules with the industry’s most knowledgeable experts to ensure a unique perspective on current betting lines and updates and what’s moving them. The hosts and the bookmakers of the two brands deliver information on the day’s significant sporting events and content on local sports betting to entertain and keep informed of the increasing number of sports bettors in the U.S. 

Every CityCast utilizes the production staff and area talent to provide a local perspective on the city-specific contents. The CityCast is currently premiering live in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, with soon arrival in coming weeks in Denver, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

The latest podcast series of BetRivers is locally produced five days a week and available in both video and audio podcasts on multiple channels like Apple Podcasts, BetRivers Blog, VSiN’s website, Spotify, and more. The local experts highlight what’s going on in their city, sharing expertise and tips on sports betting for the best predictions across MLB, NBA, NFL, and other local sports events.

Forward-Looking Statements

The article consists of ‘forward-looking statements’ within the provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995.

RSI’s actual results may vary from their estimates and expectations, following that you must not rely on these forward-looking statements as the prediction for future sports betting events. The forward-looking statements include the expectations of RSI on its local arrangement with VSiN, along with the advantages and timing of the CityCasts.

There are some significant uncertainties and risks involved with the forward-looking statements that can impact the actual results from the one you expected to be.

About Rush Street Interactive Inc.

Rush Street Interactive Inc. is a trustworthy and reliable gaming and sports betting company based in Chicago focused on expanding the business across the regulated markets in the U.S. and Latin America. With its brands, namely, BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse, the company made entries in several regulated jurisdictions. Now, it currently lives with real-money mobile and retail operations across ten U.S. states. This company is also active on the international market, regulating its online sportsbook and casino games on the market of Colombo via RushBet.co.

Wrapping Up

These CityCasts from Rush Street Interactive have started to take the hit in most cities and will soon be a hit over the majority of the U.S. states.

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