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DraftKings Stepping Towards The Crypto Space And Represents Another New Game For The US

Andy Brown
Published: Sep 15, 2021 Updated: Sep 16, 2021

In the United States, DraftKings Casino is working towards bringing exclusive content. On the 8th of September, it announced the release of the newest casino game, Rocket. In addition, the brand is looking forward to watching the NFT and cryptocurrency spaces for ideas. However, this is unclear, but the new game has been played in unregulated cryptocurrency casinos.

What Experts Have To Say?

It is the first time a regulated and legal real money casino has introduced the game, at least in the US gambling market. Jason March, DraftKings VP of iGaming, said that, by creating Rocket, their team continues to launch new games offering a unique iGaming experience. At DraftKings, the designers believe in offering exciting and new ways to bet, and the latest game will surely provide that. Presently, on DraftKings Casino NJ, the game is available and will soon be introduced in West Virginia and Michigan.

About DraftKings Rocket

The new game, DraftKings Rocket, has a social element where several bettors can wager on the same game. They have to choose bets to start the game, and punters can see the Rocket taking off and beginning to sail upwards. While doing this, there is an increase in multipliers, and any of them can prefer to bail out any time. However, the Rocket can explode at any time, and bettors abroad will lose bets.

What Happens If The Rocket Does Not Explode?

When the Rocket reaches 1000x multipliers, the game will end, and everyone on board will get the maximum payout. The maximum size of the wager is $1000, with which they can win up to $1 million. Gamers do not have to worry about not being able to cash out while choosing the game. This casino title will give enough opportunities to set the maximum multiplier and payout automatically. 

The Crypto Connection

Cryptocurrency users have inspired this DraftKings game. It has a theme that refers to the famous phrase to the moon. Crypto users indicate that the currency is skyrocketing in terms of value. In addition, it resembles the boom-and-crash cycle of cryptocurrencies. In the end, DraftKings operators revealed that it’s time to get on the Rocket to find out if you can get a ride to the moon.

Cryptocurrency: The US Gambling Market

In the US gambling market, cryptocurrency has no place at this point. The US Government does not consider Bitcoin a legitimate currency, so many regulated gaming sites cannot accept it to make transactions. But it is said that this form of payment is popular among gamblers, especially males. After experiencing the craze among them, DraftKings has stepped forward to go ahead in the crypto space. A month ago, the brand introduced its marketplace for sports-themed non-fungible tokens. It uses similar technology as cryptocurrency and is quite popular among players.

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