The Best Sports Trading and Betting Exchange Apps in 2022

Published: Oct 30, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Sports trading and betting are quite popular in the United States, and it has rightly supported the economy and strengthened it further. You need to know plenty of things about sports trading, a betting exchange in the country. You can explore many US sports betting apps that will give you an insight into the industry and let you trade-in events. Many of the leading investors in the country are also taking a keen interest in games’ trading. There’s a common confusion between the exchange betting and a sportsbook. Although many sports traders are always engaged in both of them, they are not aware of the basic difference. If you are indulged in any sort of trading and betting, this article is highly helpful for you. In this article, you will get to know the basics of this trading and the best US sports trading apps that are currently running successfully. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

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What is Sports Trading?

Without going any further, it is important to get a basic understanding of the term sports trading. It is also called the betting exchanges, which allow you to bet on events just similar to the stock market operating. An exchange is a type of marketplace that enables the bettors to make betting outcomes. It is similar to stock trading; instead of selling and buying shares, you have to buy and sell the bets on different events. There is no winner or loser. When stock traders aim to buy low and sell high, the sports traders lay low and back high, which will help in making a profit, irrespective of the outcome.

How Sports Trading Works?

Exchanges are quite similar to the working of financial markets. Sports traders from across the globe utilize the exchanges to place their bet. The exchanges work as a referee. These exchanges make sure that the winners from events get paid according to their winnings. When you place the bet on a bookmaker, they will allow you to both lay and back at the same time. The only downside of this trading is that there are additional charges. Just like stock trading, this trading has opening bet, closing bet, and hedging. The sports trading companies allow the traders to trade in real-time, as and when the events are happening. Being a prominent part of US online betting, trading is quite popular in the country, and betters are inclined towards it every day. They keep looking for a higher profit margin and invest in the team that is leading in the game. These sports trading platforms make their revenue in the form of commission from the sports traders on their winning.

Before you start earning your winnings, it is important to know how to trade sports on betting exchange. A sports betting trader visits the betting exchange’s site and creates a betting exchange account for trading purposes. Now the trader has to buy or sell the bet on a particular gaming event. The performance of the team or player in the event will determine the position. The closing and the opening bet will determine the winning percentage of the trader.

Best Sports Betting Exchange Apps

Betfair Exchange

It is the largest gambling company that facilitates the largest online bet exchange. It is providing better opportunities to trade in sports events. All the new signups will receive a bonus of $20 that will further help in placing the bet. It is an all-encompassing bet exchange that has sportsbooks, casinos, sports trading, and much more gambling opportunities.

Molly Bet

It is an exclusive platform that is meant for professional players. With the evolution of sports trading in the US, Molly Bet has been providing better with an amazing platform to exercise their skills. Molly Bet covers a wide range of sporting events that include tennis, football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby union, boxing, cricket, etc.

Sport Trade

This platform is a combination of fantasy sports and stock trading that allows better to maximize the gains and minimizes the losses. The better can trade-in teams’ stocks and bet on the different sports events. You can also get tips and betting odds on this site that will help you make better decisions regarding the trade scenario.


The Smarkets design the SBK app. It combines the better pricing of the exchange and the intuitive interface of the sportsbook. Smarkets is the operator of the world’s largest exchanges and has made around $18 million with the sports trade. SBK app can be directly downloaded to the Android or iOS device from the respective app stores. All the new customers signing up for the platform will receive a $10 bonus offer.

Ballstreet Trading

It is a trending sports betting app that facilitates day trading on live sports events. You can buy and sell shares of different teams’ competition in a sports event. For instance, if you believe in a team, you can buy 70-80 shares of the team and increase your winnings as the shares increase with time. Throughout the game, the shares will keep increasing and decreasing, and by the end of the event, the winning team’s shares will be 100. The market decides who the winner is.

How Are The Sports Trading and Exchange Betting Developing in the Country?


Sports trading has created a revolution in the industry. It has allowed the better to enhance their skills and venture into a much broader landscape. It is quite similar to stock trading; the only difference is that different sports events replace stocks. Instead of one-on-one bet exchange, or wagering on sportsbooks, sports trading is a competition against several players. Several sites have sprouted up in the past few years that have further strengthened the industry. It is anticipated that soon it will become a prominent part of the financial market.


When bet exchanges were a hit in the country, sports trading was the next logical evolution in the gambling market. When there are two competing sides in sports betting, the market allows the traders to trade in 360 degrees with other traders on the sports events. A quick reaction is key to winning the bets. You need to have high prediction skills in the game that will allow you to place higher and fruitful bets. If you fail to act fast, you will lose the bets, and your decision can end up in disaster. So, make sure that you study the market and keep the opening and closing bet in the mind while playing. The above mentioned were all the vital information about sports trading that will get you through. The top-rated apps are the ones you can always try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online betting legal in the USA?

Online bets are legal in the USA that has been strengthening the gambling industry. There are many legal sports bet sites in the US that you can use to place your bets on sports events and other gambling opportunities.

What is the legal age for online betting in the US?

In order to bet legally on sports, you need to be at least 21 years old. A majority of the country's sportsbooks and casinos have put the legal age for placing bets at 21 years.

What is sports trading?

Similar to stock trading, sports trading allows you to buy and sell bets on different sports events. There are both opening and closing bets in sports trading.

Is sports trading gambling?

Yes, it can be categorized under gambling as it involves betting on sports events. You just need to find the best app that can provide you with all the features.

What is the best betting exchange?

There are plenty of platforms in the US that you can decide to invest in. Some of the popular names are Betfair Exchange, Molly Bet, Sport Trade, etc.

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