Greyhound Online Sports Betting Sites Review

Published: Oct 13, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Dog races date back to the nineteenth century and hare coursing. The idea was to make hunting more sport-like and fun. In our day, an artificial bait is used for Greyhound betting, and this kind of sport is legalized and popular in the various states. You have to know that Greyhound betting is allowed in 21 states – Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Texas and West Virginia dog racing is legal and live racing is conducted. In Connecticut, Kansas, Oregon, and Wisconsin live racing is legal but not conducted – the states conduct simulcasts instead. Simulcasts of greyhound races also are conducted in Massachusetts, Colorado, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. This article will be helpful for newbies and old-timers of Greyhound betting – the newcomers get a lot of useful information, and some details of the text could be helpful even for those who are interested in dog races for quite a long time.

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Greyhound Betting: The Beginnings

Free Slots BonusesYou can pay attention to several aspects to make your experience of betting on Greyhound races more pleasant and beneficial. The first aspect is the availability of various options to bet. It seems that everything is simple with that – you choose a dog that is most likely to come first. However, this specific type of race can offer much more different options, depending on a particular site you choose.

Talking about offers, you must not forget that Greyhound betting sites often offer bonuses to attract the newcomers. There can be welcome bonuses, for example, $25 or 100% for the first match, absence of fee for the first deposit, additional money for the invited friend and that one who invited them, and some other options that can make your profit higher.

Also, let’s not forget that bonuses can be provided not only to those new to the sport but to the regular members as well. Greyhound betting sites offer loyalty programs, and inform about that from the very beginning. Thus, if you consider the possibility of becoming a regular member of such a club, you will need to pay attention to the loyalty programs of its site.

However, looking at all positive offers, you must not forget about your security. Online betting is quite a profitable business, and some sites want to take their share by flouting the law and endangering their users. Therefore, while choosing the site you want to use to bet on the right tipster, you have to check if it is legal and if the organizers have the necessary license.

One more aspect for you to get more out of it is banking methods. Greyhound betting sites often provide the various options for the users to fund and get their win. However, it will be better for you to be acquainted with the options of the particular site to be sure that they are convenient enough for you.

Best Greyhound Betting Sites in The United States

Dog race betting is available via the sportsbooks – both online and physical ones. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, physical sportsbooks allow people to get more social contacts with those who share their interests. On the other hand, such sportsbooks can be limited to the sports and races, while the online ones, in the majority of cases at least, provide much more sports and races to bet right there and now. In addition, online sportsbooks are more convenient because they allow you to bet easier and faster, usually just in a couple of mouse clicks. There are many websites that provide the possibility to bet in the Greyhound races, but this article will focus on two of them.


This site meets the newcomers with two beneficial offers. The first one of them is Fee Free Deposits. This promotion refunds the $5 TVG processing fee for first debit/credit card, PayPal, or TVG PrePaid deposit of $100 or more each promotion day after opting in. This offer is quite pleasant for anyone who is new to the site and who faces the system of fee and deposits for the first time. The second promotion includes the bonuses for both sides when a newcomer is invited to TVG by a friend. A new person can be brought to TVG with a referral code sent by email, Facebook, or Twitter. Once a newcomer uses the link to open an account and makes their first deposit, bonuses will be provided to them and to the one who invited them.

You can be interested in the ways to make a deposit on TVG. The sportsbook offers to use Debit and Credit Cards, BetCash, PayPal, the TVG Prepaid Card, PayNearMe, Green Dot MoneyPak for it. The depositing process on this site is very easy – all that you have to do is find the link “Deposit” in your account and use the intuitive interface of the site. Aside from depositing, you might also be interested in withdrawals, as, while betting, we all expect that sooner or later we will be lucky or smart enough to win. TVG offers a wide list of options for withdrawals. The online ones include Visa Debit Withdrawals, PayPal, BetCash (ACH) Transfer, TVG Prepaid Card, Wire Transfer, Check Withdrawal Request, Overnight Check. Each of these options has its time of processing and some of them include the fees. TVG provides detailed information about all these aspects.

TVG withdrawals are not limited to the online services only. The sportsbook has track partners that can process cash withdrawals in California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington. The list of TVG partners with biography details and addresses can be found on the site. For successful Greyhound betting you have to pay attention to the laws of your state, because dog racing is permitted in most of the states, but there still are some exceptions. Wagering on your favorite hounds via TVG is available and legal in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Wyoming.


This is another site that is one of the best options for Greyhound betting. This one meets its newcomers with the promotion code valid during the whole 2022. You can register on BetAmerica with the promo code PLAY500 when making your first deposit, and receive a 25% deposit match up to $500. As for the means of making the deposits themselves, BetAmerica offers such options as EZMoney, Credit Card, PayPal, MoneyGram, and PayNearMe to make one’s deposit on the site. You can see that the sportsbook provides a wide range of choices to its users to choose an option that will be the most convenient for them. BetAmerica offers Electronic Bank Transfers and those made by mail for withdrawals. The advantages of the first option are the absence of fees, fast processing of withdrawals, and the fact that the money is available back on your verified US Checking or Savings Account. The advantages of withdrawals by mail are that this option is available worldwide, its minimum withdrawal is only $5, and there is ability to expedite delivery if needed.

Types of Bets to Wager on Greyhounds

It seems that everything is simple with that – you choose a hound that you want to come first in a race and then get some money or lose it. However, Greyhound betting can offer some more interesting options, each of which has its name.

  • Win – the most simple and usual option. You chose a dog to come first in a race.
  • Place – a little wider option. The hound you choose has to come in first or second.
  • Show – the option that is even wider in the win range than the previous one – you chose a greyhound that has to finish first, second, or third.
  • Across the board – a combination of the first three options. You can place a win, place, and show bet all on one greyhound. You can collect all three bets if the dog wins the race. If the greyhound places second, you collect place and show bets, and in the case if your hound of choice finishes third, you collect only the show bet.

Still, except the listed options, there also is a list of exotic bets that mostly come from our Mexican friends:

  • Quinella – you choose two greyhounds to win the first and the second place. As long as they both finish in the top two positions, the order that they finish in does not matter.
  • Exacta – you choose two hounds to win the first and the second place, but this time, you also choose the specific order of their positions.
  • Trifecta – choose three dogs to finish in the top three positions in a specified order.
  • Superfecta – you choose four greyhounds to finish first, second, third, and fourth in a specified order.
  • Daily Double – this option is a first-place bet for two separate races. Usually the Daily Double refers to the first two races of one day.
  • Pick 3 – this is a first-place bet for three races instead of two. Some tracks can also offer options to Pick 4 (four races), or Pick 6 (six races).
  • Jackpots – in the context of Greyhound betting, jackpot usually involves a rolling prize associated with winning a Pick 6.
  • Boxing bets – it is rather a tactic than an offer. When you have a clear idea of how multiple dogs will perform but are not sure about the specific place that each will finish in, you can bet on a quinella, trifecta, or superfecta.
  • Keying bets – this is a tactic similar to boxing bets, except that you pick a single – the “key”- greyhound to finish first.
  • Parlay – placing bets on multiple races and if the first one is a winner, the winnings roll over to the next bet until all events of the parlay are complete.

Greyhound Tracks, Events, And Races

Greyhound Tracks

There are several dog racing tracks in the United States. Southland Park Gaming and Racing is located in West Memphis, Arkansas. Florida has three tracks – Derby Lane Greyhound Track in St. Petersburg, Orange Park Kennel Club in Orange Park, and Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach. One of the tracks – Q Casino in Dubuque – is in Iowa. Two tracks are located in Texas – Gulf Coast Racing in Corpus Christi, and Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque. And one more track is Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack in Wheeling, West Virginia. However, except these tracks, there are also many international ones that are available via the online sportsbooks for watching and betting.

The Biggest Events

Considering the most important Greyhound betting events in the United States, you can pay attention to Derby Lane in St. Petersburg. This track has a long history and is one of the biggest among the other American tracks. Its events draw the attention of the dog races betting fans across the whole country. However, the significant events of dog races betting are not limited to the United States only. The Greyhound Derby in the United Kingdom is a big event as well – it has existed since the beginning of the past century and includes dozens of dog races, spans an entire month, and grants the winner over £100,000. One more great event is located in Australia. The Melbourne Cup has a prize pot of nearly AU$350,000 and attracts the competitors from all across the country. The Greyhound betting events in Australia usually encompass much more than The Melbourne Cup alone. The Association Cup is a significant event as well – it has AU$250,000 in prize money, and the unique track of 720 meters, which is more than 200 meters longer than in the common Greyhound races.

 How To Watch Greyhound Races

bank onlineOf course, the most exciting way of seeing the bets succeed or fail is to go to an event and watch the dog races with your own eyes, experiencing the overall adrenaline and excitement. However, there are only several states in which Greyhound races take place, and not all people can go to another state or abroad to watch dog races because of lack of time or finance. The bright side is that the majority of the sportsbooks offer their users to watch live streams of Greyhound races for free. For example, BetAmerica offers free live video streaming of the dog races. TVG offers live streaming races in their application and broadcast channels.

Greyhound Betting Tips

Indeed, one of the most interesting points in Greyhound betting is how to win. There is some advice that can help you to feel more confident in the process of placing a bet. First, pay attention to the age of the greyhound – their peak is around two years old, and the hounds before and after these ages will hardly win the race. One more step is to become a little more familiar with the dog races betting before making your choice. Luckily, nowadays, you can find almost any information on the web. You can read about different races there. What is more, you can look up the information about certain greyhounds, their successes and failures. Remember that a dog that has a list of winnings has more chances to add some more items to this list; but it does not mean that the greyhound that won the race will necessarily win the next one. Also, keep in mind that your betting options are not limited to choosing one dog to come first.

Also, everyone wants and needs to avoid mistakes while betting on those running dogs. First, focus on your safety. Choose only legal sportsbooks of which you can be sure. Do not hurry to provide money to the people who offer you information about the future winners – on the web, there is enough free data that can help you to make good choices without additional expenditures. At least in your mind, make your limit to not spend too much money on the Greyhound races. Be prudent is the best way in dog betting.

Coronavirus Impact on Greyhound Betting

The pandemic of COVID-19 has had an impact on the whole world nowadays, – and Greyhound betting is not an exception. Even though there was an idea to continue dog races behind closed doors with only essential participants and compliance with all safety rules, in the end of the day, the races were cancelled. As the official site reports, 2020 Schedule of Greyhound Events Hauls will be cancelled until further notice due to the Virus. Therefore, for the hound races fans, the only option is to wait until the pandemic will be over and races will resume.


Even though dog races are suspended due to the pandemic, sooner or later, they will start again. Greyhound betting remains an exciting and interesting sport that allows you to admire the beauty and speed of the dogs – and win real money – that is, if you are lucky and smart enough to guess the greyhound to win a certain place. Online sportsbooks allow you to watch the races and bet, which can be an exciting and beneficial entertainment.

The best betting sites for wagering on the:


Is it legal to bet on Greyhound online?

Generally, it is legal, but it is better for you to pay attention to the license of the site that you use to bet and the laws of your state.

Where can I check Greyhound odds?

In most cases, you can check it on the site you used to bet. If a site does not provide such data, you can easily find it on the web.

Can I win real money betting on Greyhound races?

It depends on your definition of real money. If it means real currency, then yes, you can. If real money means the amount of the win for you, it depends on your own luck.

Can I place a bet on multiple tipsters?

Yes, you can.

What is the best greyhound tipster?

It depends on the particular sportsbook you use. Usually the sportsbooks provide the lists of their best greyhound tipsters in the free access, so you can easily find them and choose the best one.

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