League Of Legends Online Betting

Since 2009, the rise of the League of Legends has been remarkable. Today, it is undoubtedly among the most popular and biggest esports in the market. The emergence of this competitive game has resulted in the growth of a plethora of League of Legends betting sites in the world. The league is most popular in America, China, Korea, and Europe. In this informative guide, we will be discussing League of Legends online betting sites and much more.
Published: Oct 13, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Best Sites for League of Legends Betting

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What Exactly is League of Legends?

League of legend is referred to as the free-to-play multiplayer digital battlefield created, published and managed by RIOT Games. The primary mode of this game is the 5V5 mode known as Summoner’s Rift, but there are other modes as well, including Twisted Treeline. The betting market for LoL has grown exponentially over the course of years. And you will come across plenty of betting websites to choose from. But how will you determine the best among them?

Factors To Consider When Choosing LoL Betting Sites

The availability of massive choices can make the whole process a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we have compiled a list of factors that you should look into while comparing differing betting websites.

  • Bonus and Promotions: Bonus and promotions are both important parts of any betting platform. An LoL betting website should regularly come up with interesting bonus programs to attract new players. There should also be interesting reward programs to motivate their existing players to bet more. This allows players to leverage these offers and get chances to boost their winnings.
  • Good Betting Odds: Odds determine your winning chances in League of Legends betting sites. So it goes without saying that you need to choose a platform that offers better odds. Compare different websites and determine which platform offers lucrative odds. Since every bookmaker creates their own odds, you will come across plenty of options to assess and determine.
  • Versatile Banking Methods: Banking options provided by an LoL platform impact the customer experience it provides. A betting website should come with multiple payment options to offer seamless deposits and withdrawals. Consider the online LoL betting platform that offers a wide range of banking options that include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cheques, e-wallets, etc.
  • Reinforced Security: Security is among the most important factors that you should be considering when choosing an online gambling platform. To begin with, ensure that it is among the legal League of Legends betting sites. It should be administered by a relevant state regulatory body. Also, consider LoL betting websites that are SSL encrypted. This will ensure that the data you share with the platform is not accessed by any third party.
  • Access to Mobile Betting: The emergence of mobile betting has changed the course of the online betting realm. It has allowed players to be more in control of their gambling experience. A mobile app allows bettors to initiate betting anywhere and anytime, thereby increasing usability. A good LoL betting website would allow you to have seamless gambling experience across different screens. So we recommend you look for a website that offers a mobile app.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Great on-site gambling experience is a facet that you should not overlook. An LoL betting website should tout a streamlined and engaging user interface. A clean interface makes it easier for players to use the website. And using graphics the right way makes sure that the bettors spend more time on the betting platform.
  • Uninterrupted Customer Service: If you are experiencing a technical issue or unable to understand something on the platform; how will you reach out to the company? LoL, betting websites should boast a reliable customer support system. Customers should be able to contact the platform through various channels, including phone lines, emails, live chat, etc.

Best LoL Betting Sites Ruling the Market

There is no dearth of LoL betting websites in the US market, but following are some of the top LoL betting sites out there:


It is one of the first platforms to offer online sports betting. DraftKings was launched in 2018 with its first operation in New Jersey. It is among the best esports betting sites for the United States. The platform offers a great scope of LoL betting. There are tons of betting options and reward programs on the platform.

  • Sign-Up Bonus: This welcome bonus allows you to get a 100% match on your first deposit up to $500. But before acquiring these deposits, you will have to place a wager on the website.
  • Loyalty Program: Players can get up to 20% bonus on their next deposit of up to $500. This bonus program is offered via a 25-1 playthrough requirement.
  • Present Bonuses and Promotions: These reward programs come in the form of improved lines for certain esports. Players have to access these offers from promotions. page and choose the featured bets. If you win the bets, then the boosted profits are included in your final winnings.

Fan Duel

It is another popular online sports betting platform operating in different parts of the USA. FanDuel has its presence in New Jersey, Colorado, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. The betting websites come with interesting bonus offers for their players, and they are generally time-bound.

  • $5 Deposit Bonus: Once you have made the first deposit, you are eligible to get a bonus worth of $5. This Bonus is limited to new players and is active for 14 days post the deposit. While the money cannot be withdrawn, you can use it to place bets on the platform.
  • FanDuel Players Club: This is the program where loyal players of the site get a chance to win interesting rewards. Players are enrolled by the platform itself depending on the points that they collect. Each $1 bet will provide you 5 FDP. You will be eligible to get rewards after you collect at least 50 FDP.

888 Sports

888 Sports is among the popular betting websites that you will come across. It is run by Cassava Enterprises. It covers a lot of esports  and offers various betting options. With the live streaming feature, you can bet on your favourite esports while they are in progress. The experience you receive in respect to each game is seamless. Also, you will find a lot of interesting bonus and reward programs that continue to change.

  • Wager $10 and get free net worth of $35: There is a decent bonus option for newly registered players. The current offers make players eligible to get a bonus worth $50 when they make a minimum deposit of $10. The bonus amount is divided between free bets on sports and casinos. It is not merely an esports centric platform, and the betting portion is redeemable on conventional sports events as well. There are different promotions that provide enhanced prices on specific games every week.
  • VIP Reward Programs: High-performing bettors will get to leverage promotion benefits and free bets. The more they play, the better will be their rewards. Similar to many other LoL betting platforms, there are certain wagering requirements that you should be aware of. You need to wager the bonus amount 30x within seven days to withdraw the amount along with the winnings.


BetStars online sportsbook was launched in New Jersey in September 2018. Presently, BetStars has rebranded itself to FoxBet. Bonuses and rewards are strong points for the platform. And it continues to bring something new for its new and existing players.

  • Welcome Bonus Up To $500: This welcome bonus is not offered as money after making the first deposit. Instead, the bonus is extended in the form of free bets once you have placed a wager. When you place the first bet, the platform offers you the same amount of free bets up to $50. And after that, you get $50 as a free bet for up to $450.
  • Weekly Free Bet: Bet $25 and Get $5 — The platform will offer you an additional $5 free bet if you wager $25 in a week. This is a quick way to earn some free bets to explore the site.


While BetFair is yet to gain a strong market reputation, it is backed by a prominent developer. Betfair US is a segment of a gaming giant known as Flutter Entertainment. It is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. In the USA, the platform is currently available in New Jersey. Along with versatile betting options, players also get to enjoy exciting rewards and promotions.

  • Sign Up Bonus: All new players are offered free bets worth $10 for merely signing up. You can use this to bet on any game on the platform.
  • 100% Deposit Match Up to $2,500: When you make the first deposit, the platform will match the same amount as the bonus up to $2500. There are different wagering requirements based on various sports.
  • Loyalty Program: With every real money wager, you get bonus points and tier points. The latter is used to determine the level of the players in the VIP program. On the other hand, bonus points are redeemed for cash and other forms of benefits. The more you play, the higher will be your rewards.


BetRivers was launched in Pennsylvania in the year 2019. Presently, this sportsbook is operating in Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, and Indiana. It is a mobile sport betting application provided by Rush Street Gaming. You will come across different types of Bonus and rewards.

  • 100% deposit match up to $250: The platform allows new players to get a chance to avail a 100% match on their deposit up to $250. And there is only 1x wagering requirement, which makes the bonus more lucrative. You can use the bonus code 250MATCH.
  • iRush Rewards VIP Program: The VIP program offered by the BetRivers is deemed as iRush reward. The basic idea of this program is similar to other loyalty programs. The more points you earn by placing a real-money wager, the higher will be your reward.

As you collect points, you will get to higher levels and unlock various benefits based on the volume. Some of the perks of this program include free spins, sports betting money back, reloaded bonuses, etc. After the 10th level, there is the highest level called ELITE, which you can only join by invite.

William Hill

William Hill is a betting company that began its operations in the year 1934 in the UK. Presently, it is among the leading sportsbook operators in Nevada. The online betting platform was launched in Nevada in 2019, but later its presence expanded to Iowa, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. There are tons of bonuses and promotions available for both players.

  • Deposit and Non-Deposit Welcome Bonus: When you sign up to the platform for the first time, you acquire a $10 welcome bonus. You do not have to make any deposit; it can be solely used to explore the website. Also, the platform will match your first deposit up to $150. But there is a wagering requirement of 1x that includes deposit and bonus amount.
  • Promotions: You will come across a lot of promotion programs that continue to change based on the events and seasons. Pucky Parlay Protection, Gridiron Love, Hail Mary Parlays, Saturday Upset Special, Trifecta Sweep, etc. are some of the programs.


bet365 is among the dominating platforms in the online sports betting market of the USA. It is basically a European platform that also operates in New Jersey. There are always tons of existing bonus offers extended to the players.

To begin this, the platform will match 100% of your first deposit up to $100. The minimum deposit limit stands at $5. Moreover, you must wager the bonus within 30 days. The other promotions constantly tend to change based on the events.

Types of LoL Wagering

When it comes to betting, the kind of wagering you choose will play a significant role. In LoL betting there are different types of wagering options, and below we have discussed a few-

  • Match Winner Bet: Match winner bets are quite straightforward and extremely popular in League of Legend. All you have to do is predict who will win in a one-on-one match between the two teams. You will have to constantly monitor the player matchups and determine who is playing well, the current meta, etc.
  • Maps Handicap: If you want to minimize risks, you should consider handicap bets. In handicap betting, the bookmakers make the contest even by giving advantage and disadvantage to specific competitors. By adding points to the underdog side, the bookmaker makes the content even.
  • Maps Total: Map total over/under wager is a form of bet, which allows you to be a part of the action even if it becomes extremely challenging to predict the winner. In this form of bet, you will be asked to determine the number of rounds in a particular match. It is an ideal form of bet for people who do not want to favour a single team.
  • Correct Bet: It is among the complex betting types. In this, you will need to comprehensively understand the strategies used by the teams. You must have a strong hold on factors such as champion pools, in-game versatility play, drafts, etc. The risk of betting the exact score is going to be high, but the correct bet comes with massive profits if you get it right.
  • LoL First Blood/Dragon/Baron Bet: This type of bet is also known as prop bets. In this, you have to place a wager on specific aspects of the game which is not directly related to the outcome of the match or particular round. Props vary based on the sportsbooks, matches, competing teams, etc. First blood, baron, dragon, etc. are some of the examples of the common props.
  • LoL Tournament Winner Bet: A majority of the LoL bookmakers will allow you to bet on the winner of the tournament. In this, you simply place the bet on the team that you are sure will win the tournament. It is recommended to place your wager on bigger tournaments like LCK, LPL, LCS, NA/EU, etc.
  • LoL Risk-Free Bet: Risk -free bets offer players, especially the new ones, a safe place to start their gambling journey. When a new player signs up on a platform, they are provided with free-bets as a bonus or promotion offer. These bets vary from one bookmaker to another, but they are commonly a part of the deposit bonus.

Some Important League of Legends Betting Strategies

Choosing the right strategy is very important when participating in the League of Legends betting. Following are some of the important strategies that you should focus on:

  • It is Either Early or the Late Game: Teams who prefer the current draft would try to capitalize as early as possible. For the ones who prefer the late game, wait to survive the early game and reach an even state. That’s when they start to play more aggressively. To place you bet you need to understand where the strength of the team lies. Based on how they perform at both the timeline, you should place your wager.
  • Understanding the Context: No team or player is equally strong or plays consistently throughout the game. They are all trying to get ahead of each other. And, you have to keep a close track on the performances of the players and teams and determine whether or not they are improving. Do not merely rely on the statistics; instead, understand what is going on in the game.
  • Prediction Will Take You So Far: There are a lot of rules and laws that govern the esports landscape. And you only see the players for an hour or two every week. That does not give them much time to showcase their talent. In LoL it is more about the team than the players. This is why it is important to understand the overall journey of the player and team. To become a successful LoL bettor, you have to spend some time understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team you would want to bet on.

League of Legends World Championship to Be Held in Shanghai in September

In a recent announcement, Riot Games has revealed that it will be hosting the League of Legends World Championship 2020 from September 25 to October 31. The company will be hosting the event at one site instead of various sites so that they can closely monitor and control the environment. The finals will take place at Pudong Soccer Stadium. Considering the global pandemic, there will be no in-person audience. Whether or not the audience will be included in the finals is yet to be confirmed.


League of Legends is among the most popular esports in the world, and every year it collects billions of dollars in revenue. Considering the popularity it has generated, the scope of esports betting on League of Legends has also increased significantly. If you wish to be a part of LoL betting domain, you need to invest some time to understand every aspect of it. Above we have shared some vital information regarding LoL betting that will help you get the right gambling approach.

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Is it legal to bet on LoL online?

The legality of the LoL betting depends on the region you belong to. You cannot access LoL betting in states where sports betting is not legalized. New Jersey, Iowa, Nevada, Indian, Colorado, Pennsylvania, etc. are some places that have legalized LoL online.

What is the biggest LoL tournament?

The biggest LoL tournament is the League of Legends World Championship which is held annually. This tournament is all set to start in September 2020 in Shanghai.

Can I win real money betting on LoL?

Yes, there are many real money betting platforms that facilitate LoL betting. But make sure to choose a reputable betting platform for the same.

Can I bet on LoL on offshore sites?

If your state has not legalized sports betting, then you should wait for revised orders. Offshore sites are neither legal, nor it is safe as they are not regulated. The chances of landing yourself in a risk situation are greater.

What is a map handicap in LoL betting?

It impacts the odds presented by the bookmaker. And based on the odds, bettors have to determine who will win the match.

Can I bet live on LoL?

Yes, live betting is available for LoL. Many leading sports betting platforms offer live betting where you can place the wager while watching the live game.

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