Review of the Best Call of Duty Betting Sites

Published: Oct 12, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

As a first-person shooter game, this is one of the best video games the industry has to offer. The very first version of Call of Duty was created in 2003 by Infinity Ward. Also, its primary focus at that time was World War II. Later in 2005, Treyrach worked on a new series different from the initial two by Infinity Ward. Over the years, there have been great levels of improvement. Slegdehammer Games has also been a big part of the game since 2011. Call of Duty averaged over 250 million copies, and their sales topped $15 billion. Regarding the gambling industry, Call of Duty was incorporated in Esports in 2006. At that time, it started with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which was a new release. Most of all, Call of Duty games are typically played in Esports leagues. Some of them are Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and many others.

Players compete in tournaments or ladders. So far, this game has been very successful in the esports betting industry. Due to the constant growth of Esports gambling, this video game comes as one of the most common and best. Although the teams may be small, bettors still have favorites. Consequently, underdog bets may pay off more in this kind of betting due to the popularity of upsets compared to other Esports tournaments. Esports betting on Call of Duty is possible by using a good online betting site. Most importantly, future bettors only need to register into any of the reputable platforms. In Esports, the game is legal in certain acceptable states. Bettors are allowed to play the game at the age of 21 or above. This game has a high level of popularity, just like the League of Legends, CS: GO, and Dota 2.

Best Sites for Call of Duty Betting

888 Sport

888 Sport

$88 in free bets

Empire City Bets

Empire City Bets


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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Call of Duty Betting Site

Bettors need to choose a betting site carefully. Choosing a site is not a difficult task. There are specific fundamental factors that every bettor needs to analyze to use the best platform available. Different sites have several available options for betting Call of Duty. Here are some of the few things to analyze before making a choice:

  • Betting options
  • Loyalty programs
  • Withdrawal and Deposit methods
  • CoD betting options
  • Security
  • Coverage of CoD contests

Various platforms offer different kinds of betting options. You may want to go through the various betting options before making a decision. Regular bettors typically prefer great bonuses and loyalty programs to help boost their earnings.

  • Betting options: For the sake of flexibility, a site that offers a wide range of options is the best. A great online gambling platform offers several games for bettors. Examples of Esports games that may be available are Dota 2, CS: GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends. These options make it possible for bettors to play several other games asides Call of Duty.
  • Loyalty programs: Most platforms give consistent customers certain rewards to keep them. Qualifying for these programs is usually automatic. At certain levels, the sites may need to invite bettors. Loyalty programs are vital for every Esports gambling platform, especially for CoD betting fans. How do they work? Sites like William Hill, Betfair, and the likes give great bonuses to attract bettors.
  • Withdrawals and Deposit methods: The more the available methods, the more suitable it is for bettors. Some websites offer a limited range of options for both withdrawals and deposits, while some offer a lot of them. Some of the common payment methods are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and likes.
  • CoD betting options: CoD has lots of interesting options. The most common gambling options are outright winner, match winner, handicap, and special bets. Gambling based on the outright winner is simple and straightforward. It simply means placing wagers that depend on the tournament winner. Usually, this section is unavailable when the tournament starts. Match winner simply means the favorites between two teams. Other amazing betting options are available and suitable for bettors.
  • Security: There are several things to consider when choosing online Call of Duty betting sites. A major example is the security level of the website. Every deposit should be accounted for in the platform. This goal may not be possible if the website doesn’t pay extra attention to the important security details. Most websites use the 128-bit encryption to ensure data is safe and backed-up.
  • Coverage of CoD contests: Esports is a great activity, and it supports several kinds of video games. Most Esports games are commonly watched on live streaming sites like Twitch. Other websites that support live streaming can also be utilized. YouTube, Major League Gaming are also some of the trusted sites.


Best Call of Duty Betting Sites in The United States

There are several online gambling platforms in the U.S.A. Most times, people find it a little difficult to choose one of the Call of Duty betting sites. Most of these platforms have different available options. For these websites, the overall user experience is important. Other things that are different in these sites are their withdrawal and deposit methods, bonuses, and loyalty programs.  Below are the top Call of Duty betting sites:


This platform specifically started out as a fantasy site, and it has developed to be one of the very best betting sites for Call of Duty. In 2018, mobile gaming became prominent in New Jersey. There has been an increased level of expansion ever since it began operation. Bettors can wager on CoD bets in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. It currently stands as one of the best Esports betting sites for the United States. This site is commonly known for its amazing welcome bonus and other amazing offers. It stands as one of the biggest sites for Esports sites for CoD gambling sites. One of the amazing deals includes a 20% match up worth up to $500. Other additional bonuses are available for both the new and old bettors. Players may claim their winnings by using the available withdrawal methods.


One of the most impressive qualities of this platform is the strength of their gaming features. Also, FanDuel constantly works on improvement and getting everything in perfect order. It remains one of the best sites for gambling in the U.S.A. It’s also one of the top legal Call of Duty Sites in the USA. At the moment, bettors can wager on CoD games in West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. FanDuel gives impressive bonus offers for both new and old fans. They offer a 20-dollar extra reward after a real money deposit and a referral bonus as well. Call of Duty betting is great but requires a site with an amazing user experience. FanDuel impressively has one of the best interfaces; Players may claim their winnings by making use of an acceptable method for withdrawal.


Ever since 1997, 888sports has set the ball rolling for gambling. They did not start an online betting platform early, but sports betting categorically started growing in 2008. At this moment, bettors that intend using this platform can only make use of it in any of the acceptable platforms for gambling. The website offers several amazing rewards for both the new and old bettors. It’s one of the amazing real money betting sites that offer two types of welcome bonuses, which includes the normal one that new bettors get for registration, and the one given after a first deposit. New players are able to get a free $10 by just registering without an initial deposit.


PokerStars and Betstars are both sister companies in the industry. In 2015, Betstars officially started operation. The site offers as high as 25 different sports, which includes Esports (encompassing CoD). The company primarily focuses on establishing a certain level of passion for Esports and CoD. This goal has been amazing thus far. What’s great is that bettors do not necessarily need to use promo codes for all of their bonuses. A major example of their bonus offers is the Spin & Win up to 10x of odds. Call of Duty lovers find this bonus offer quite attractive and interesting. It’s easy to claim earnings on this platform simply by following their terms and conditions and laid down rules.


There’s a great level of respect awarded to Betfair for its amazing options for CoD betting and Esports. Created in 2000, they have gained a high level of popularity. Lots of bettors vouch for this platform as a great platform in the entire betting industry. They offer several trading options and an impressive user experience. Betfair is a great online sportsbook for Call of Duty bets. Just like most of the other platforms in the U.S.A that support online gaming, Betfair gives amazing bonus offers to keep both the old and new punters. In their platform, they support exchange bets and a bonus of over $131. Punters can claim their earnings by making use of the available withdrawal methods.

William Hill

CoD gambling is via William Hill is relatively engaging. As a gambling site, its method of operation is impressive. It’s also one of the largest sites for betting in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Legal CoD betting in the United States using this platform is possible in Nevada and New Jersey. Other possible bets they offer are straight bets, totals, and money line bets. William Hill provides amazing bonuses like a 100% match up to $150 at the initial deposit. The bonuses awarded are in the form of real bets and not money. Punters can claim their winnings by following the legal terms and conditions and making use of their available withdrawal methods.


Initially known as the Bet Rivers Casino, this company began as a force to be reckoned with in the gambling industry. They took vital steps in their early days to help expand. The introduction of online betting, as opposed to physical casinos, was the main step. Their industry offers several kinds of Esports gambling games, including the amazing CoD video game. Compared to other sites, Betrivers has an amazing user interface. Most punters are specifically attracted to the site due to its user interface. Talking about attraction, they also give great bonus offers to each one of their new customers and old bettors alike. Players may earn a 100% up to $250 match bonus by using their promo code.


Several punters appreciate the level of security the platform provides. This website is one of the most trusted in the gambling industry. Bettors can reliably use this website from about 140 countries. Betting on Call of Duty is easy and straightforward since it allows a wide range of Esports games. New users can participate in a $100 bonus offer after a successful registration. Several amazing services are available on the platform. Punters specifically love the number of available games on this site. Also, the general user experience is excellent.

Possible Bets to Wager on Call of Duty

There are several types of bet that punters could wager on CoD. A couple of them are:

  • Moneyline: Call of Duty moneyline betting is unique. This specific kind of bet is easy and straightforward. They simply imply a kind of bet that is placed only on single matches. It simply focuses on whether a specific team will beat another team. Punters can know the strength of the team by checking out the odds.
  • Outright bets: Another name for this kind of bet is the futures markets. The bets are typically placed on the result of the entire tournament. They can be placed on a team by predicting the team that may end up reaching the finals of a competition.
  • Accumulator bets: These kinds of bets deal with different single bets. If each of the single bets is won, they result in a larger payout. In this option, the entire betting process is relatively different from the others.
  • Special bets: Unlike the other types of bets available in different gambling platforms, this one requires a different approach. In special bets, bettors need to have a deep idea of the game and the players. Without an idea of these important factors, the bettor may be unable to analyze the important things in the game like specific map kills, etc.
  • In-play bets: Just as the name ‘in-play’ implies, this type of bet begins during ‘play.’ Another name for in-play bets is live bets. During the play, the punter makes specific predictions that are dependent on his or her knowledge of the game. Players can bet on events that may occur during the match.

Call of Duty Welcome Bonuses

For the sake of new bettors, there are a number of promotions that are suitable:

  • Deposit Bonuses:  A deposit bonus is one of the most common types of welcome bonuses. A percentage of the total is typically sent into the bettors’ account. An example is an initial deposit of up to $300 allows punters to deposit $300 and get $300 as a bonus.
  • No-Deposit Bonuses: Bookmarkers provide a particular amount of credit without the need to make any sort of deposits. In a no-deposit bonus, there’s a highly sensitive wagering requirement.
  • Freebies: The use of freebies is a valid way of attracting bettors. Please note that bookmakers require bettors to follow laid down terms and conditions.

Biggest Call of Duty Tournamnets

It’s no surprise that the CoD video game has several interesting tournaments. Most Esports betting lovers are also strong fans of the game. Call of Duty is specifically divided into different tournament stages. Activision hosted one of the largest Call of Duty events since 2013. In this championship, players place bets from all parts of the world. The regional tournaments are held in Brazil, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Another championship is The Call of Duty World League that holds as a qualifier for the Call of Duty Championship made of two divisions.

COD Betting Tips

  • Have a good knowledge of the game and the players you bet on.
  • Avoid betting on majors
  • Understand the player or team
  • Ensure you bet selectively
  • Focus on a single game or genre

Who is The Best Call of Duty Player?

It’s typical for punters to research on the best CoD team. This act is usually to ensure there’s a favorite you can trust. The common top CoD teams are:

  • L.A Guerillas
  • Seattle Surge
  • Paris Legion
  • Toronto Ultra
  • N.Y Subliners
  • Optic Gaming L.A
  • Florida Mutineers
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Chicago Huntsmen

Latest News

Esports gambling takes place online and in-person. The Call of Duty tournaments (2020 CDL) had an irregular delay due to the pandemic. At the moment, the league successfully operates online, even in the current situation of the world. Certain bettors and viewers prefer the physical in-person matches but, most of them have adapted to what’s available and legal. In the new system due to the coronavirus, there are eight of the league’s twelve teams competing in a tournament that lasts for three days.


CoD remains one of the most played Esports games. Originally created in 2013, the game stands as one of the best games bettors can wager on. There are different game versions that are available in Call of Duty, which include the World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Black Ops II, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare. The most current game that was once useful in a tournament is the Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Although, at the end of 2018, punters wager on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There are a lot of great websites that bettors can use, which include DraftsKing, Bet365, Betfair, and many other reputable sites. New bettors are typically attracted to the amazing bonuses like the No-deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus, and the Freebies.

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Is it legal to bet on Call of Duty online?

Call of Duty falls under the Esports gaming category. It is legal to bet CoD as long as you are within the legal location. 

What is the biggest Call of Duty competition?

CoD offers a great number of competitions using different versions of the game. The regional championship remains one of the biggest as it brings players from around the world.

Where can I watch Call of Duty?

Just like most of the other Esports games, CoD can be streamed live on any of the reputable live streaming sites. Bettors may use Twitch to view the game online.

Who is the most successful player in CoD?

There are lots of CoD players with different skill levels. In first place, from the major tournaments in June 2020, is Crimsix with 33 wins.

Can I get a bonus for betting Call of Duty?

Bonuses are vital in gambling. As a new bettor, you can get a bonus easily by making use of one of the reputable online betting sites.

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