A Guide to the Best Overwatch League Betting Sites Online

Just like most of the other eSports games, Overwatch is typically regarded as the game for future gambling. If you're a great fan of Esports gambling, you need to read through this review. There are also several things that you may need to look out for as a player or bettor. By using a reputable gambling site, there's nothing to worry about regarding Overwatch betting. In Esports gaming, the game is legal in a set of states.
Published: Oct 13, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Anyone in love with Esports games will know the popular Overwatch. This game is splendid, and it’s also appreciated by many bettors. As a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game, it’s quite impressive. The amazing game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. In the game, players get assigned into teams of six, where each player selects a character from a list of over thirty characters. Blizzard has Overwatch as the fourth of its major franchise after the engaging game “Titan” was canceled. Gamers showed a high level of love for the game after the launch at the 2014 BlizzCon event. Please note that the 2014 launch was close data unveiling.

Showing the degree of love gamers and bettors have for Overwatch, the company got as high as $1 billion in revenue during the first twelve months of release. Also, the game had millions of players in just three years. Lovers of the game and critics refer to Overwatch as one of the best video games in history. Blizzard Entertainment was rewarded several times with awards like the game of the year. The new game released in 2019 includes a PvE multiplayer environment (with a shared competitive multiplayer environment) that enables players from both games to engage each other.

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888 Sport

888 Sport

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Overwatch Betting Site

Punters need to choose a legal gambling site carefully. Not minding how reputable the game is, a wrong gambling platform could ruin a lot of things. Esports betting on Overwatch is fun. Bettors do not need to go over sessions of critical thinking to make a perfect choice. There are certain aspects of gaming that need analysis. Please note that the sites that do not provide any one of these aspects may not be the perfect website to use. Below are a few of the things that punters shouldn’t ignore:

  • Betting options
  • Loyalty programs
  • Banking methods
  • Overwatch betting options
  • Security
  • Coverage of Overwatch contests

Online gambling sites provide different betting options that are vital for punters. You may find out that some sites also have a wide range of options, and some do not. The same principle applies to their loyalty programs; websites with high bonuses are logically preferable to those with low ones.

  • Betting options: You may be primarily concerned about just one game. It is equally important to review all aspects of the site, which includes their gambling options. Please note that the betting options don’t mean the game’s specific options. Awesome gambling platforms offer other Esports games like CS: GO, Call of Duty, and League of Legends.
  • Loyalty programs: A loyalty program is one of the most important bonuses considered after the common welcome bonuses. Platforms that offer great and considerable loyalty platforms are both essential and trustworthy. A great loyalty program is vital for punters and the Overwatch fans. New bettors are usually able to qualify for the loyalty program immediately after sign up.
  • Banking methods: Some platforms offer a wide range of gambling methods, while some only offer a few deposit and withdrawal methods. The flexibility of this category is crucial in order to help punters from far and near. Some of the common payment methods are Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and others.
  • Overwatch betting options: Overwatch has about three interesting options compared to some of the other Esports games. These gambling options include the Handicap, Outright Winner, and Match winner. It has a small meager compared to the high amount of prop and unique wagers available in other Esports video games. One of the easiest and most common is the match-winner. It simply means the best between two teams while the outright winner implies placing wagers depending on the winner of the tournament.
  • Security: Security is one of the most important aspects to review in Overwatch betting sites. The security level of a website is vital for both the punters and the website owners. Since bettor’s place bets with money, each deposit should be accounted for on the betting sites. The 128-bit encryption is commonly used in websites for safe and backed-up data.
  • Coverage of Overwatch contests: Most of the Esports games use the same method of coverage. Live streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube, and Major League gaming are popular and reputable. Watching an Overwatch contest is simple and straightforward. Please, note that some sites may require account registration.

Best Overwatch Gambling Sites In The United States

online betting

The United States of America has several legal online gambling platforms. It’s typically a hard task when people try to decide which of the sites is the best to wager a bet. Choosing a website for Overwatch betting is not that difficult. The first step is to analyze each site you have in mind and check if they meet the set of requirements like those ones above. Most of the betting platforms provide several options, and the best ones offer almost all of the possible options. For these sites, the user experience is essential. Aspects bettors may find different are the loyalty programs, welcome bonuses, and banking methods. Please, note that it’s tricky picking the best Overwatch betting site as each has its individual pros and cons. Here are the top Overwatch betting sites:


Originally starting as a fantasy site, this platform is one of the best in the gambling industry. Also, it is one of the most impressive sites to play the Esports video game. Mobile gaming was prevalent in 2018, particularly in New Jersey. Ever since then, there has been a rapid expansion rate. Now, punters can wager on Overwatch games in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and West Virginia. The site operates like no other. DraftKings is well known for its welcome bonus and other great offers. It is regarded as a reputable site for Esports gaming, especially for the Overwatch series. One of the attractive deals offered is the 20% match up worth up to $500. Asides this offer, other deals are available for old bettors and new ones alike. Punters can claim their winnings by using one of the common withdrawal methods.


Most bettors love the level of improvement of FanDuel in all aspects of gaming. It is one of the best Esports betting sites for the United States. Their platform provides a lot of Esports gaming options, including the Call of Duty video game, Dota 2, and the CS: GO games. FanDuel is one of the best online gambling websites in the entire U.S.A. Punters can wager on their video game bets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. For the new and old bettors, FanDuel considers them by giving impressive bonus offers. Asides their bonuses, they also have great loyalty programs. An example of their bonus is the additional $20 they give after a real money deposit. Referral bonuses are provided to those who invite new people to the platform. FanDuel has one of the best user-interfaces in the gambling industry. Players are able to claim their winnings by using any of the acceptable means of withdrawal.


This online gambling website started out as a casino gambling company in 1997. 888sports later divided into online sports betting much later. In 2008, 888sports began to rapidly grow and expand. Now, it is one of the best online sportsbooks for Overwatch bets. Bettors who use this platform are only allowed to be in any of the acceptable states. They must also be above the age of 21. Interesting rewards are available on the platform for the new and old punters. The new ones are able to enjoy the welcome bonus offers like a welcome bonus. There are two major kinds of welcome bonuses that 888sports provide. One of their many welcome bonuses deals with a reward upon registration, and the other deals with a bonus after an initial deposit. Bettors can get a $10 bonus after registration without a first deposit.


The year 2015 was a historical start for Betstars. Along with its sister company, PokerStars, they have both successfully worked on expansion. The site currently offers twenty-five various sports, including the Esports video game. The objective of this platform is to create a level of love and affinity for the game. It is officially one of the legal Overwatch betting sites in the USA. Enjoying the bonuses doesn’t require bettors to have a promo code. Most bettors are indifferent about this specific benefit, and some find it very exciting. For instance, their Spin & Win up to 10x of odds bonus doesn’t need promo codes. All punters can claim their winnings by using a suitable method of withdrawal.


Gamers from a lot of areas in the United States of America respect this platform, especially when talking about Overwatch. It is one of the reputable real money betting sites in the USA. This site has gained a certain level of recognition since 2000. In the entire gambling industry, punters see this platform as one of the best. Their user-experience is top-notch and impressive compared to those of most other platforms. Betfair provides amazing bonus offers typically higher than a lot of the other gambling platforms in the U.S.A. It legally supports online gaming in certain states in the United States of America. Both the new and old punters have a lot of benefits and bonuses to gain. They can offer a bonus over $131. They support exchange bets.

William Hill

One of the most interactive and engaging games is Overwatch on the William Hill platform. The method of operation of this website is highly impressive. In the United States, this website is respected as one of the reputable online gambling sites. Their services also extend to the United Kingdom; Bettors can be from any of the acceptable states, which include New Jersey and Nevada. Other possible bets are totals, moneyline bets, and straight bets. There are several amazing bonuses that William Hill provides, including a 100% match up to $150 at the starting deposit. Instead of money, bonuses are usually awarded in real bets. It’s easy to claim winnings on this site. All punters need to follow the laid down rules of the company and proceed to withdrawals.


This online gambling platform did not start out as an Esports platform. Initially, Betrivers was once the “Bet Rivers Casino.” One of the most reputable things about this platform is the vital steps they took when beginning in the industry. The introduction of online betting was one of the many critical steps this company took. Other Esports games are available on the like CS: GO, Dota 2, and Call of Duty. The user-interface of Betrivers is very impressive as one of the online Overwatch betting sites. Lots of bettors are strongly attracted to the site’s user interface and its general operation. One of the other things that punters love is their great bonus offers and amazing loyalty programs. An example is bettors earning a 100% up to $250 match bonus. Please note that punters may need to use the promo code to claim bonuses.


When talking about a secure gambling platform, Bet365 is never out of the discussion. In the gambling industry, this site is one of the most reliable. The site is reputable in above 140 countries and stands as one of the best platforms worldwide. Betting on Overwatch is straightforward and easy because it allows a variety of Esports games. To participate in a $100 offer, punters need to successfully register on the platform. Other available gambling options make the site very suitable for both the old and new punters. Bettors specifically love the number of bets available on the platform.

Possible Bets To Wager On Overwatch

There are different kinds of bets that bettors could wager on this Esports video game. Some of them are:

  • Moneyline: Overwatch moneyline betting is unique.  Bets are placed only on single matches, and it concentrates on whether a team will defeat another team. The entire process is easy and straightforward. To know the strength of a team, bettors can check the odds.
  • Outright bets: Futures market is another name for outright bets. They are also as easy as the moneyline bets. It usually depends on the result of a tournament, like whether a team reaches the finals of a tournament.
  • Accumulator bets: For this kind of bets, punters wager on single bets. When every single bet is successful, it leads to a higher payout. This kind of bet is specifically unique to the other possible bets.
  • Special bets: In this kind of bet, punters need to understand the game and the players. If punters do not have a deep understanding of this type of bet, winning the bet will be difficult. Players can bet on several things regarding the in-depth aspects of the game.
  • In-play bets: Another name for in-play bets is the live bets. Predictions made by the punters are dependent on specific events. Just like the special bets, punters make predictions based on their knowledge of the game.

Overwatch Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are essential for new bettors. Every vital online gambling site has several amazing bonuses.

  • Deposit Bonuses: Most of the common types of websites operate with a deposit bonus. In this type of welcome bonus, a certain percentage is sent to the punter’s account. For instance, an initial deposit as high as $200 lets bettors deposit $200 and get a bonus of $200.
  • No-deposit Bonuses: This kind of welcome bonus operates in a relatively different technique. Bookmakers offer a specific number of credits that do not require deposits. Please note that there are sensitive wagering requirements for the no-deposit bonus.
  • Freebies: One of the most common ways of attracting bettors is by using the freebies method. In this type of welcome bonus, bookmakers need punters to follow the appropriate terms and conditions.

Biggest Overwatch Tournaments

It’s more or less expected that the Esports video game has several tournaments. Most of the big fans of Esports love Overwatch. Here are some of the common Overwatch Tournaments and Leagues:

  • Overwatch World Cup
  • ELEAGUE Overwatch Open
  • ESL Atlantic Showdown
  • MLG Las Vegas
  • Intel Extreme Masters

Out of all of the different available tournaments, the Overwatch World Cup still stands as the biggest. It brings several competitors from different locations together for a unique goal.

Overwatch Betting Tips

  • Try to place selective bets (Don’t always bet on all matches)
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the abilities of the player
  • Don’t keep up with just major events
  • Try specializing if possible (Focus on a specific part of the game)

Who Is The Best Overwatch Team?

Most bettors calculate and analyze before placing bets. One of the various things they consider is the team. The best teams are:

  • Shanghai Dragons China
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Philadelphia Fusion
  • Guangzhou Charge
  • Paris Eternal
  • New York Excelsior
  • Florida Mayhem
  • Hangzhou Spark
  • Chengdu Hunters
  • Atlanta Reign

Latest News On Overwatch Betting

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a major turn of events in Esports gaming worldwide. A lot of Overwatch League matches were canceled due to these happenings. Viewers are unable to watch the game at specific venues to avoid breaking the law and getting infected by the virus. Online games are very much available. Ever since sports were on hold, there was an increase in the number of people that watch and bet on Esports games. The growth of Esports at this moment is geometric and mind-blowing.


Overwatch is one of the most loved games by gamers worldwide. It is also one of the major Esports games viewers love to watch. Starting in 2014, the game was solely for the entertainment of game lovers. Now, it is a game that punters love to wager on and expect reasonable results. Betting on Overwatch may require the bettor to place reasonable bets on reputable platforms like DraftKings, 888sports, Betstars, William Hill, Bet365, Betrivers, Betfair, FanDuel, and Betfair. Most platforms support a deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, and freebies for Overwatch games.

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Is it legal to bet on Overwatch online?

It is completely legal to bet on Overwatch online. Bettors need to ensure that they wager on reputable sites like DraftKings, Bet 365, and the likes.

What is the biggest Overwatch tournament?

There are several competitions that are available on Esports betting platforms. The biggest of them is the Overwatch World Cup.

Where can I bet on Overwatch?

Gambling on Overwatch is simple and straightforward. Bettors can make use of any of the online betting platforms that support the game. Examples are Bet365, William Hill, and the likes.

When does Overwatch league start?

There are different suitable times for Overwatch leagues. For the 2020 version, it began on February 8, and it is meant to end on August 23.

What is the most successful type of bet to place on Overwatch?

There are several types of bets on Overwatch, which include the outright bets, moneyline bets, and accumulator bets. Most punters love wagering outright bets.

Can I bet live on Overwatch?

One of the betting options for Overwatch is the live bet, also known as the in-play bet. It allows bettors to make certain predictions when the match is ongoing.

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