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Online sports betting is presently illegal across the region of Arizona. However, for the first time in many years, new developments are giving hopes of getting a legalized platform for sports betting in Arizona. The Supreme Court of the United States in 2018, removed the Federal prohibition on sports betting. This allowed different states to make their laws as regards sports betting. The motion to legalize sports betting in Arizona has been proposed twice by the lawmakers – failing to pass hearing on both occasions. A third bill is underway and is expected to meet serious consideration in the year 2021. Local Sports betting in Arizona has been through the Native tribes and their tribal casinos. They run several casinos with their gaming rules but do not offer a sportsbook. Tribal Casinos are legally allowed to run in the state due to the historic background of natives in the region. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed in 1988. Though online sports gambling is illegal in Arizona, there are still avenues to enjoy such services. This article explains in detail, all you need to know about online sports gambling in Arizona. What to look out for, the various games that could become available, and the popular companies that would enter the sports betting market in Arizona.


Online sports betting may be illegal in Arizona, but gambling services are legally rendered by land and tribal casinos. There are several land-based casinos available in Arizona where you can make your bets. This section would take you through many of the biggest and top-rated casinos, their locations, and how you can place your bets. The top 6 landed casinos based on popularity in Arizona are:

  1. Casino del Sol, Valencia Rd, Tucson, Arizona.
  2. Apache Gold Casino Resort, San Carlos, Arizona
  3. Apache Sky Casino, Pinal, Arizona.
  4. Resort and Casino, Parker La Paz, Arizona.
  5. Cocopah Resort Casino, Somerton, Arizona.
  6. Cliff Castle Casino, Camp Verde, Arizona.

The procedure for patronizing these casinos are standard for most of the casinos in Arizona. You are required to meet the legally required age, which is 21. You also must be at the land-based casino to make your wagers physically. Visit the casinos, and you get to play many of the available table games such as – slots, blackjack, poker, and others. The legalization of online gambling has been a problem for a while because the state has not changed its stance regarding the law prohibiting online betting in the State of Arizona. This does not translate to total unavailability, as there are land casinos to play at. Horse race betting is one of the more popular and available options in Arizona. The state has one online legal site available for horse racing, which is The state also has plenty of track games available as well.


Specific features and services should be considered when choosing a favored online betting platform. Some of these online betting websites may not offer the best service possible in every aspect but knowing the best will help you set your priorities and select based on that which improves your user experience.

Banking methods

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an online betting site is the banking methods or payment methods employed when you want to make your deposits and withdrawal. The best banking method, and probably the most secure, is the use of Bitcoin. The use of Bitcoin is quick and secure; you just must pay directly from the wallet into your account. Also, your earnings or winnings can be paid directly into your wallet. Another fast payment is the use of Ewallet. Ewallets are relatively quick but incur charges for every transaction. Debit cards are another safe option, and it is deemed a secure option as well. However, it may be a strenuous feat when verifying your account for the first time. Some banks do not process transactions termed as high risk. Pick based on what is convenient for you and what criteria you take as a priority.


Most sites have the industry-standard security protocol. Some make use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This security protocol gives an end to end encryption of your transactions and personal information you input. Online platforms have a bit risky, but this security measure ensures the user is fairly safe.

Promotions and Bonuses

Some betting sites have many promotions and bonuses, including weekly bonuses, welcome bonuses for new members, monthly tournaments, and lots more. Some of these bonuses are lucrative and are an added incentive to play. There are special offers for each game that you choose to play. For example, the Bingo Loyalty Program on gives players a chance to earn 1200 in a month picking a chip on the kiosk to win 3 worth $200 up to $765! In certain scenarios, the wagering requirement and other terms and conditions involved before you can redeem winnings from using the bonus offers are quite complex. You may eventually be able to meet the requirements but, the bonus becomes void. While you lookout for exciting bonus offers, make sure you understand the needs.

Reputation and Legalization 

When you sample other players’ opinions that have been members of a betting site, you learn more about their reputation. Signing up with a legal and licensed betting site offers you protection in case of any issue. You can also rest assured that the site will continue to do all in its power to maintain that reputation.

Loyalty Programs

Online betting sites have different kinds of loyalty programs. The most common form is the VIP program. In the VIP program, players are awarded special privileges based on their activities and transactions on the site. Knowing about the loyalty program will help you decide if you want to be a long-term member of the sports betting site.

Customer Support

In certain cases, online sport betting sites offer fast and easily accessible customer support services. Some offer around the clock live chat, while some make use of email. Other forms include a local and international phone call, use of social media platforms, and lots more. For optimal customer support experience, it is advisable to play on a site that offers support on 2 or more of these platforms.

Choice of games

Some betting sites form a partnership with gaming software providers to give players different types of games. Software providers like NetEnt, Playtech Casino, and Novomatic, are certified in this field with years of experience. Look out for your favored games and the different varieties available. This will determine the user experience, whether favorable or vice versa.


Most online betting sites allow you to download app versions of the site while some offer instant play features. Check if there is a desktop app and a mobile app available. This allows you to access the site with ease anywhere and at any time of the day. Usually should be supported on iOS and Andriod platforms.


Another thing to look out for is the type of software employed by the betting site. Does it make use of the latest HTML version? Another aspect of the software is to check if it is compatible with different operating systems. When you change your devices, you can continue to enjoy the offers from different sites.


Once online sports betting becomes legalized in Arizona, you can expect that many popular and renowned betting sites would establish their companies in the state. Some of them include Bovada Sportsbook, BetOnline, XBet, MyBookie Casino, and many others. The process of launching the online casinos will undoubtedly call for the launching of the mobile casino to make transactions and gaming convenient for state residents. The current bill proposed, however, does not have any consideration for mobile betting just yet, so it might take a while before we get to see mobile betting in the state. It is expected from a fiscal point of view, that mobile casino will be a success in Arizona when it is launched.


The use of private information in registration is needed to ensure a secure experience. It is a standard procedure before you can successfully register your account. You will be required to include your Social Security Number; this is needed to verify your identity and confirm that you are meet the legal age requirement – 21. Certain sports betting sites like Bovada, do not accept the use of more than one account by a player, so it is required that you confirm your identity to ensure that you are a new member. Other personal details include your name, age, residential address, postal address, email address, and photocopy of an officially recognized ID Card. Submitting a photocopy of your debit card to confirm the identity of the bank account you want to use for your transactions may also be required. This process comes with the expected risk. No information is perfectly secure on the internet, and this information could be used against you if there is any breach of website security. To guarantee customer’s safety, online sports betting sites use standard internet security from Besedo, VASCO Data Security, and Wirecard Technologies AG. They do not share information with any third without the prior consent of the owner. Only a section of company workers have access to clients’ information, and it is only available for account processing only.


Once sports betting becomes legal in Arizona, you can be certain that many popular sports would be offered. Some of these include The National Football League, The Basketball League, and The Cricket league. These sports are popular among the residents of the state.


The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed brought a halt to many aspects of the economy. Still, it has also given a lot of platforms, many exciting opportunities. The legalization of online betting in Arizona will make it easier and safer for players; it will serve as a source of revenue for Arizona. Other factors like the upcoming presidential election in November will most likely delay any hearings as regards a third chance at the legalization of sports betting in Arizona. So, residents will have to wait until 2021 to get another opportunity.  

Information is a key to the greatest gambling experience ever. With our reviews you will get everything you need to bet on sports online safely and play casino games without any troubles in the following states:


Are sports betting legal in Arizona?

Online sports betting is still illegal in Arizona. However, there are licensed tribal casinos that run operations legally.

Can I bet online on sports in AZ?

Arizona has neither banned online sports betting, nor has it legalized and regulated it. As a result, there are no licensed and regulated sports betting options inside the state.

When will mobile betting be launched in Arizona?

This will most likely be after the legalization of sports betting itself. Though there is a proposal to legalize mobile betting in the submitted bill, one can assume that mobile betting would not be far off once online betting is legalized.

Should I be 21 years old to have the right to bet?

Yes. Based on the national requirement, you must be 21years and above before you can bet in Arizona.

What companies will possibly offer mobile sports betting in AZ?

Some of them include Bovada Sportsbook, BetOnline, XBet, and MyBookie Casino.

What is the biggest casino in Arizona?

Casino del Sol.

Is it legal to use offshore sites for online betting in AZ? 

No, these sites do not have jurisdiction within the state.
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