Washington Online Gambling: Casino & Sports Betting

Published: Oct 29, 2022 Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Can I place legal wagers online as a resident of Washington? The state has one clear-cut answer to this question. While many states across the US consider online gambling a dark area, Washington is renowned for its outright stance against it. The state laws consider placing wagers online a crime punishable under law. Although, this doesn’t imply that there’s no way to play online poker and other online gambling games legally. Washington residents can still bet and sign up with real money casino sites. Let’s show you how!

The state is the first in 2020 to sanction sports betting but is limited to Washington tribes. After ESHB 2638 got passed, the tribes and states have started working on the gaming compacts. Hopefully, soon players from the state will be able to play by visiting the Washington tribes casino.

In 2020, sports betting was finally sanctioned, but that is not all. Two sports betting options were put forward; one involving mobile and retail sports betting and other tribal casinos and card rooms. Legalization has taken place for the ones where betting can be done at tribal casinos. But about mobile sports betting, there are no proceedings yet.

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    Washington Online Gambling Laws: The Problem


    Washington State gambling laws have a crippling hold on the industry within the state. While the state allows residents to wager with land-based casinos, online gambling is prohibited. This strict rule has been a problem for residents, and many have to resort to wagering at traditional gambling houses instead.

    However, Washington doesn’t stop residents from placing bets at offshore sites. As a lover of online gaming, you can take advantage of this and wager with offshore casino sites that are acceptable under the laws of the state.

    Due to the rampant number of offshore gambling sites, it can be easy to make the wrong choice. If you desire a wagering experience that you can always anticipate, here are different aspects you should consider making the best choice.

    Aspects to Consider While Choosing a Gambling Site

    • Banking Methods: Online casino sites offer players a variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Affirming that your choice includes your preferred mode of payment as part of their accepted banking method is ideal.
    • Security: With online casinos, you’ll have to provide your personal and financial information. Therefore, there should be provided proper security measures to prevent the loss or theft of these kinds of information. You can read reviews to confirm the security level before you start playing.
    • Promotions and Bonuses: All online casinos have mouth-watering welcome bonuses and promotional offers for new players. These offers make your gaming experience even better. However, be wary of unrealistic offers and don’t consider rewards in isolation.
    • Reputation and Legalization: There are agencies responsible for giving licenses to online casinos while ensuring they maintain the highest standards. Usually, casinos licensed and regulated by top regulatory bodies such as the United Kingdom Gaming Commission can be trusted. You can also use their online reputation as a measure to judge trustworthiness.
    • Loyalty Programs: Not only new players get offers, but regular players also have time-based offers that make their gaming time all the more enjoyable. With rewards such as free spins, deposit bonuses, etc., you can enjoy every minute.
    • Customer Support: Online gaming clubs ought to be able to attend to and resolve consumer complaints as quickly as possible. There should be different communication channels between the player and the establishment. You should be able to reach out to a customer representative via Live Chat, phone number, email, and even social media platforms.
    • Choice of Games: You’ll find multiple collections of games at most online casinos. Gaming doesn’t have to be about numbers – it should be able to offer you your favorite games together with others you can enjoy as well.
    • Apps: Aside from assessing the online gambling site through PC and mobile phone, you can do it with an app – it will offer mobile users an even better user experience. An app for iOS and Android devices will also go a long way to inform you of the commitment to their gaming service.
    • Software: As a player, you want to ascertain that all your gaming results come without bias. Online gambling sites often have software for random result generation such that every game is truly random and fair.

    Online Gambling Washington And Social Casinos

    Chumba CasinoAnother way to have a casino gaming experience is through social casinos. Social casinos are platforms where you can play games strictly for entertainment purposes. Washington laws allow gamers to sign up with social casinos since you’re not gambling with real money. However, they’re not a waste of time because you can win real cash prizes from these sites. Examples include LuckyLand and Chumba Casinos.

    LuckyLand is a recently launched website where players can play slot machines using sweeps coins. You can convert your winnings to real money after playing. Chumba Casino, on the other hand, offers casino games that you can play and win actual cash prizes.

    Though regular online casinos are prohibited, you can still enjoy gaming online with these social casinos. Play casino games and win real money as though you were playing for real.

    Land-Based Casinos in Washington

    As you may have well figured by now, gambling isn’t utterly illegal in Washington. The state, however, has a tight leash on gambling activities. However, the state has several land-based casinos. These tribal casinos offer all kinds of state-of-the-art casino games as well as live table games. You can enjoy gaming all day and night as they are usually open 24 hours every day. However, most of these casinos have a minimum gambling age of 21. Only a few admit a minimum age of 18.

    Top Casino Games That Would Likely be Offered after Legalization in Washington

    Online gambling is strictly illegal in Washington. There’s hardly any state that stands by these laws as much as Washington. But what if the state someday decided to legalize online gaming? Here are typical games. Washington online casinos would likely offer when that happens.

    The Registration Process At Washington Sportsbooks

    Keep in mind that you can only register on sportsbooks operating within Washington tribes. You need to sign up on the best sportsbooks in Washington as without signing up and registering, there is no way you can gamble for real money and win.

    That’s why the priority should be to finish off the registration process first. You have to enter the details on the registration page. It includes details like name, email address, phone number, card details, identity proof, etc. You have to enter a username and password that will always be required to sign in and play. Wait for a few minutes for the account to get verified and then start playing.

    Washington Teams To Bet On

    Seattle will be welcoming the expansion of the National Hockey League franchise in the 2021-2022 season. This team has not been given an official name. But they could be a favorite team in the state’s sports betting market.

    In Major League Soccer, the Seattle Sounders FC will see a decent handle on the games.

    College Sports

    At this point, it is difficult to say whether placing bets on college teams will be allowed or not. In some states, it accepts betting, while in others, sports betting on college sports is not possible. But in this state, there are no specific details. Bettors have to wait until the operators come up with the launch and allow betting online.

    Horse Betting In Washington

    Yes, horse betting is legal in the state, and only two tracks are available. They are Emerald Downs and Sun Downs. One off-track betting is permitted in every county in Washington. 

    Sports Events In The State That You Should Bet On

    • NHL: In the National Football League, the Seattle Seahawks is the most popular team in Washington. They enjoy the best home-field advantages and could see some strong support during the game days.
    • NBA: After the Seattle Supersonics went to Oklahoma, there is no pro basketball team. However, the Portland Trail Blazers could be one of the favored teams in the state.

    DFS In This State

    Washington state is one of them where DFS operators do not accept tournament entries. Office sports pools, bracket pools, and fantasy sports are illegal, as per the Washington State Gambling Commission.

    Latest News

    Coronavirus Impact on the Development of Legalization of Online Gambling in Washington

    Play+ Online Casinos Pros

    The world is yet to recover from the pandemic’s effects. Industries and businesses are still reeling from its impact, the gambling industry too. In Washington (like all of the US), tribal casinos have been locked down because of the pandemic. However, normalcy is beginning to return, and these casinos are beginning to open again.

    During the pandemic, some of America’s states which permit online gaming continued to allow players to make wagers online. This action helped to serve as a form of entertainment and prevented a complete loss to the gambling industries in those states.

    Washington, on the other hand, continues to stand strict on its laws against online gaming. Different moves have continually been made over the years to turn these laws around, but the state is still unyielding. However, it’s only a matter of time. As more American states continue to open up to online gambling, Washington would have to give in too. It’s only a matter of time.

    Impact of the US 2020 Presidential Election on the Development of Policies for Gambling in Washington

    The US’ federal law leaves states to regulate gambling activities. If this continues to be so, the state of Washington may not be under any pressure to legalize online gambling anytime soon. However, with the US 2020 presidential election fast approaching, there may be a slim chance of that happening. The Trump administration tried to clamp down on the gaming industry in late 2018. This move puts every state-regulated online gambling at risk. The gaming industry may experience a continuation of limiting restrictions such as these if Donald Trump is reinstated. However, Joe Biden has moved to challenge the administration for its “unnecessary restrictions to the gaming industry.” The challenger appears to be in support of gaming and could advance policies supporting online gambling. But, with nothing decided yet, this future of the gambling industry may go any of the two ways.

    Impact of the Biden Administration on Gambling Policies in Washington

    The Trump administration DoJ tried to put a stop to online gambling by reviving the Wire Act, but they failed. Now that the Biden administration is in place, there is hope that legalized and regulated online gambling can begin in Washington DC. No bill can pass the state floor unless it has bipartisan support – and it is highly probable that 2021 lawmakers will take steps to legalize online gambling within the region. Even though DC has no legal online casino right now, many of the nation’s most well-known enterprises are poised to make their entry into the market just as legalization goes through.

    State Sports Betting Numbers

    The pandemic had a significant impact on every sector, and the country’s economy has gone down by a considerable amount. Considering that, sports betting was legalized. It is expected that expanding sports betting to racetracks and card clubs can generate $50 million in state taxes annually. The exact number can be said after the tribal casinos start operating.

    Future Development Of Sports Betting In Washington

    Placing legal sports bets in Washington is allowed technically but on tribal land only. The legislature preferred a slower approach than other bills that would have sanctioned sports betting through mobile sites. In recent times, the Washington State Gambling Commission approved tribes in renegotiating compacts in the state.

    This information is a key to the greatest Washington Gambling experience ever. With our reviews you will get everything you need to bet on sports online safely and play casino games without any troubles in the following states:


    Are online casinos legal in Washington?

    No. Washington stands against online casinos.

    Can I bet legally on horse racing in Washington?

    Yes. The state allows horse race betting.

    Is sports betting legal in Washington?

    No. Washington doesn’t legalize sports betting.

    Should I be 21 years old to have the right to play online casinos?

    No. There are casinos with a minimum age requirement of 18.

    Is it legal to use European sites for online gambling in Washington?

    No. You can’t gamble with European sites since online gambling is considered illegal.

    How can I start placing bets in Washington?

    To place bets on sports in Washington, you must complete the registration process.

    Who can bet on sports in Washington?

    Gamblers fulfilling the age requirements can gamble through Washington online sports betting.

    Who oversees sports betting in Washington?

    The Washington State Gambling Commission will look after sports betting in the state.

    Can I bet on sports with my smartphone in Washington?

    Yes, you can wager on sports through your mobile phones.

    Are offshore sportsbooks legal to use in Washington?

    No laws are there that will talk about the effect of whether it is legal or not. So, it is difficult to say something about this right now.

    How do I get started with sports betting in Washington?

    To start with, you are allowed for in-person betting at Washington online gambling within tribal casino properties.

    Are Daily Fantasy Sports betting allowed in Washington?

    No, it is 100% illegal in the state.

    Is eSports betting allowed in Washington?

    Yes, the state has accepted sports betting, but it is allowed on the premises of tribal casinos.

    How much revenue does sports betting generate in Washington?

    As per the states, the annual state taxes can accumulate $50 million.

    Are FanDuel and DraftKings legal in Washington?

    No, it is not legal in the state.

    How do I download a sportsbook app?

    Before downloading, check whether the Washington online sportsbook has an application or not. With that, you can proceed to the Google or Apple Play Store to download.

    Do I have to be a Washington state resident to play?

    No, you don't have to be a state resident to bet on sports events.

    Do I have to be inside the Washington state to play?

    Yes, you have to be within the state borders to play.

    What are the age requirements to bet on sports in Washington?

    Yes, you can wager on sports if you are 18 old. But casinos serving alcohol accept players who are 21 years old.

    Can I bet on sports legally in all states?

    It depends on the state and its laws.

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