Best Arkansas Online Sports Betting Sites

Betting on sports was made legal after the Arkansas voters amended the state’s law approving four casino licenses. Arkansas also became the first state to have approved sports betting with a vast public referendum. Oaklawn Racing Casino Resorts Hot Springs, a former racetrack, hosted first sports bet in Arkansas back in July 2019.

Also, South land Park, West Memphis, known for the live greyhound racing, launched its sports book to welcome the Super Bowl bets. A remarkable momentum after the amendment was the conversion of two licensed locations into full-fledged land-based casinos. Conversion majorly included the infrastructural updates and extensive gaming options.

The third facility is under construction, i.e., Jefferson County, which was going to welcome casino enthusiasts by June 2020. Due to the current pandemic situation, they cannot open their doors to the public. Hopefully, once things are improved, Jefferson County casino will open at full swing. The fourth and last casino facility, which was licensed during the amendment, is struck in a legal war between casino stakeholders and local officials. It is predicted that in the coming few years, the casino won’t be able to take the bets.

It is important to note that mobile sports betting sites are not a part of the official Arkansas Casino Amendment. With casino amendment, only the above four land-based casinos were legalized. There are signs that in the coming years, these four prominent casino marques will bring forward their online alternatives regarding the Arkansas online sports betting. Till then, these four licensed casinos are the legal sports betting platforms in Arkansas, that will remain dominant in the casino industry. Any individual 21 or above years can legally participate in sports betting in the state of Arkansas.

Which Sports Are Currently Available for Sports Betting in Arkansas?

The four land-based casinos in the state of Arkansas are currently restricted to horse racing and greyhound racing. All the casinos are always keen to organize tantalizing tournaments that give ample chances to make the bids. You will come across many monthly and annual tournaments and racing events that invite bettors from different states to participate and increase their winning probabilities. When the government body legalizes Arkansas online sports betting sites, we can expect the inclusion of other popular sports like hockey, baseball, fantasy sports, etc. People are awaiting the real money betting sites to be made legal in Arkansas to utilize the opportunity of bagging huge rewards perfectly.

The Future of Arkansas Online Sports Betting?

Arkansas has always remained a reserved country when it comes to approving licenses to new ventures. It was only a few years back that land-based casinos were licensed and regulated by the government. It was a significant turning point for Arkansas to expand its casino industry.

United States is a popular casino hub, but there are many states like Arkansas who are not ready to embrace the online sports betting ritual. It doesn’t mean that there are no scopes for future possibilities of legal online poker and casino games. With the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the land-based casinos are either running on losses or completely shut down that compelled them to take their games online.

Such grave situations call for the need for online alternatives so that casino enthusiasts can play for real money and relish the benefits of online sports betting as well. The United States has been providing casino enthusiasts with an abundance of brick and mortar casinos and online poker sites, and its high time that Arkansas should also step into online sports betting and legalize poker sites.

Alternatives That Cannot Replace Best Arkansas Online Sports Betting Sites

With the prevailing situations, Arkansas mobile sports betting apps are not a far-fetched dream anymore. People can soon switch land casinos to legal sports betting sites. There are plenty of offshore mobile sports betting apps where you can conduct wagering; these sites are not legalized in the state of Arkansas. So, it is best advised not to fall for such offshore gaming sites if you do not wish to get entangled in legalities.

How To Choose Best Arkansas Online Sports Betting Sites?

While Arkansas is not open for online sports betting, the casino enthusiasts of the state are looking forward to welcoming it in the near future. Best Arkansas online sports betting sites will indeed be introduced soon, so it is essential to be prepared for the scenario. One of the crucial things you need to consider while getting exposed to online betting sites is choosing the adequate platform. With the abundance of options available, it might become a little strenuous to make a decision. Here are a few factors to measure the credibility and potency of an online betting site:

Banking Methods

Banking Methods majorly include all the deposits and withdrawals process that takes place in a betting platform. The safe and secured practice is an ideal sign of a reliable platform.

You need to look for a platform that has plenty of payment options for deposits and withdrawals, like mobile wallets, direct transfers, debit or credit cards, internet banking, etc. Check with their deposit and withdrawal conditions before dealing.


People are always apprehensive about security when it comes to online gaming or betting. It is imperative to be aware of the security protocols. You will be sharing your personal information as well. It is essential to understand how well the platform is facilitating security. A reputed online betting platform will always prioritize high-level security that includes SSL-encrypted websites.

Promotions And Bonuses

One of the primary reasons why online betting websites are highly popular among people is their amazing rewards and bonuses. These platforms conduct regular promotions and offer bonuses to their players which eventually enhance their gaming experience. Always go for a website that provides you plenty of bonuses and promotions that will mount up your rewards and winning probabilities.

Reputation and Legalization

As online betting is not currently legal in Arkansas, you will have to look into its reputation and legalization once approved. You need to ascertain the veracity of the platform before you can entrust it with your money. Checking the reviews and the number of users who have already joined can give you a fair idea. Also, don’t forget to check the legal licenses that will ascertain their legality.

Loyalty Programs

Another major benefit of an online casino game is that it has loyalty programs for their consistent players. You can be eligible for the loyalty program once you are regular on the site. Make sure to search for platforms that are keen to provide a loyalty program to their regular players. It is anticipated that once online sports betting in Arkansas become legal, the online platforms will make every possible move to avail of a prominent space in the industry.

Customer Support

Another efficient trait of a reliable online betting platform is comprehensive customer support. Being new to online betting, you might face issues while playing, and you will need an expert solution every time. Hence, a platform must have staunch customer support to help their users.

Choice of Games

Online betting platforms generally offer a wide range of online casino games that entices the players to stick to the site. You need to look for that attractive package in a platform. It is quite frustrating to switch between different real money betting sites. Instead, you can just choose a platform that works for all and provides you with a wide selection of games.


Apps have simply made our lives better with their on-the-go use. Arkansas online sports betting sites must have their dedicated apps to increase the gaming quality and bring in more crowd. Always prefer the site that can offer you its sports betting app, so that you can play your favorite casino game wherever and whenever you want. Make sure that the app has a user-friendly interface that strengthens your gameplay.


It is the core component of a sports betting site that determines its quality and reliability. All the platforms must be built on the upgraded software that will minimize the lag and maximize your gaming quality.

Information is a key to the greatest gambling experience ever. With our reviews you will get everything you need to bet on sports online safely and play casino games without any troubles in the following states:


Is Sports Betting Legal in Arkansas?

After the 2018’s amendment, four land-based casinos have been legalized for sports betting in Arkansas. You can easily bet on different sports through these casinos. Online sports betting is yet to get legalization. 

Can I Bet Legally on Horse Racing in AR?

Yes. You can legally bet on horse racing and grey hounding through the four licensed casinos in Arkansas.

Does Oaklawn Have Sports Betting?

Yes. Oaklawn was the first legal casino in Arkansas that was dedicated to horse racing. It was also the venue for the first horse racing sports bet in Arkansas.

Should I Be 21 years Old To Have the Right To Bet?

According to the casino amendment, you have to be 21 years or older to make yourself eligible to bet. While online casino websites provide the age limit of 18 years, but it will depend on the platforms once online sports betting is legalized in Arkansas. 

What Companies Will Possibly Offer Mobile Sports Betting in Arkansas?

The current four land-based casinos are anticipated to be the players in the online casino as well. They are predicted to dominate the mobile sports betting in Arkansas right after its launch. 

Can I Bet Online Legally in Arkansas?

No, online betting is still not legalized in Arkansas, but in the coming years, you might be able to enjoy legal online betting. 

Is it Legal To Use Offshore Sites For Online Betting in Arkansas?

No. While there are plenty of offshore betting websites that lure players into betting, it is best advised not to fall prey to these sites and indulge in illegal betting. 
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