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Published: Oct 30, 2020 Updated: Aug 14, 2021

The Bahamas have a long and interesting history of online gambling. However, it was only recently that betting legislation was passed in this Caribbean island near the United States. At present, the Bahamas online gambling, sportsbooks and racetracks are all regulated by properly defined regulations. Gambling has been legalized all over the country. In fact, the islands have some of the best and the biggest casino resorts of the world. Being a prime tourist destination for people all over the world, gambling has flourished even more in the Bahamas since the legislation was passed. On that note, let’s take a closer look at the history of gambling in the islands, along with what the casinos here can be offering, and how the future of online wagering looks like for the locals and tourists.

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    The Bahamas Gambling Regulations Explanation

    Illegal gambling had been a way of life in the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas for the longest time. The illegal casinos have been flourishing here since the 1920s, even after lotteries were banned back in 1901. Finally, the Lotteries and Gaming Act was announced in 1969 for regulating gambling in the Bahamas. The increasing popularity of the Bahamas online gambling led to the Gaming Act of 2014. Some games have been legalized under this law, even though online sports betting is largely illegal in the state of the Bahamas.

    Play+Bonuses for Online Casinos

    The casinos here can apply for a license to allow some in-house online gaming. Under restrictive interactive gaming licenses, players are allowed to bet online within the property. However, poker sites are not legal in the Bahamas. Betting kiosks (web shops) are there all over the islands to let the locals bet on overseas lotteries. All forms of gambling are overseen and regulated by the Gaming Board for the Bahamas. This board not only issues licenses, but also oversees standards. Licensed and legalized casino resorts can operate here. A state lottery like pull-tabs, scratch tickets, keno, and electronic bingo has also received legal status.

    Things To Know Before Choosing Legal Online Poker Websites

    poker-3If you have been planning to try your hand at online games, you must have noticed that there are hundreds of websites out there that you can go for. But, how would you know which gambling site to trust, and which ones to avoid? Well, the easiest way to choose a gambling site is to look at the features and facilities it offers. For instance, a reliable website would be licensed and keep your private information secure, with advanced geo-location software usage and an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android. Along with great welcome bonuses, you will also be able to earn rewards through regular promotional and bonus offers. Furthermore, all popular casinos have loyalty programs to provide special services to the users with VIP membership. In addition to that, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of the number of games offered by the best casinos. Finally, dedicated customer support and easy deposits and withdrawals are also the marks of a good gambling site.

    Taking a Peek Into The Land-Based Casinos in The Bahamas


    Poker rooms and land-based casinos are legal in the Bahamas, unlike online poker. In fact, a significant portion of the GDP of this country comes from its casinos. The operator licenses for casinos might have been released in the1960s, but gambling establishments like the Bahamian Club in Nassau were popular long before that. Casinos are strictly regulated in the Bahamas in every possible way. The minimum age to play at a casino is eighteen years, and there are strict age verification processes in place. The gambling law specifies the maximum amount that a player can win or lose in one session. The residents of the Bahamas, including their spouses, are not allowed to take part in gambling. There are seven licensed and regulated casinos in the archipelago at the moment, which are spread across various islands. Most of these legal gambling casinos are situated inside large hotel resorts that offer multiple varieties of entertainment for the guests. The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island holds the distinction of being the largest land-based casino in the archipelago. We will get into the details of such casinos and sportsbooks in the Bahamas in our next section.

    Bahamas Casinos and Sportsbooks: Where to Play for Real Money?

    The restrictions on the Bahamas online gambling scene will not bother you much, once you take a look at the glamorous gaming resorts of the country. From blackjack, slots, poker, to roulettes, and more: come and play it live in these casinos and sportsbooks.

    Atlantis Casino & Sportsbook

    Atlantis Casino & Sportsbook on Paradise Island is the most renowned casino in the Bahamas. It spans an entire lagoon, and has more than eighty-five gaming tables. It might not have an app, but that won’t be a problem. The sports and racebook will more than make up for it. You will get some pretty amazing bonuses here as a new player, such as $500 Free Slot Play, without the need to carry any promo code. During the opening hours for sports betting, the minimum bet is set at $10.

    Baha Mar Hotel & Casino

    Baha Mar, the famous casino resort, has the distinction of hosting several major poker tournaments in recent years. At present, it is the biggest casino in the archipelago, with more than 120 table games and 1,100 slot machines. All the new members get to play a free slot as a bonus for signing up. Moreover, members are given exclusive offers for tournaments, events, return stays, and weekly promotions. In fact, once you start playing, even drinks are complimentary at Baha Mar (except premium drinks).

    The Treasure Bay Casino

    The all-inclusive, swanky Grand Lucayan on the Grand Bahama Island is the perfect combination of a luxurious living and top-notch gambling. The Treasure Bay is the name of the casino under this resort. It has more than thirty table games and four hundred slot machines to keep you entertained. The casino has monthly and weekly promotions for all the players, so make sure to check their website before visiting the place. You will get to enjoy offers like free spins, 3x point Wednesdays, and slot tournaments.

    The Latest News About The Gambling In The Bahamas

    In 2019, Hurricane Dorian placed a major challenge on the gambling scene in the Bahamas. The islands of the Caribbean were badly hit by the devastating hurricane, which stopped tourists from coming to the casinos for quite some time. Though the islands recovered as fast as possible after the calamity, they were again hit by the coronavirus pandemic this year. After remaining completely closed to the public for months, and incurring heavy losses in the process, the casinos have recently started opening up. However, there are still no talks about changing the laws and making way for online lottery or the Bahamas casino app.


    So, you now have all the information you need about the Bahamas online gambling and land-based casinos. It will certainly help you in placing bets or trying casino games from the archipelago. Though mobile applications and online casinos are still not on the cards for the Bahamas, what it presently offers is enough to make you happy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are online casinos legal in the Bahamas?

    The Bahamas online gambling sites are not legal or licensed, which means online casinos are illegal in the country. However, the lack of proper enforcement of such laws has led to the rise of betting kiosks or web shops. These are like the American internet Cafes, and are used by locals to access real money sites.

    Can I bet legally on horse racing in the Bahamas?

    Wagering on various sports, including online horse gambling in the Bahamas, is allowed for the tourists. However, they can only place their bets from inside a casino, and not through a mobile casino.

    Should I be 21 years old to have the right to play online casinos?

    The minimum age to play at a casino in the Bahamas is eighteen years, and there are strict age verification processes in place. So, it is better not to try any unscrupulous means in this aspect.

    Which country has the highest rate of gambling?

    China, more specifically the Macau region, tops the list of the countries with the highest rate of gambling. Though gambling is illegal in the rest of the country, the rules are a bit different for Macau. However, The Bahamas is also not far behind in the rate of gambling because of a considerable number of tourist populations flocking the country every year.

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